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  1. Day 6 EXP Total: 78+38=116 Result: +38XP (20, +6+12), -6 Tier 1 Materials, Uncommon Salve (1), Rare Salve (3)
  2. Day 5 EXP Total: 57+21=78 Result: +21XP (9, +4+8), -3 Tier 1 Materials, Uncommon Salve (2)
  3. Day 4 EXP Total: 46+11=57 Result: +11XP (8, +3), -3 Tier 1 Materials, Rare Salve (1)
  4. Shye watched for the moment when she opened the chest, anticipating the rewards within. Though, when Simmone opened it up, she ensured that it wasn't something special. "That's okay!" Shye smiled to the other woman as she cast the line back into the water. "Anything is better than nothing I would say. More materials and Col can't hurt. Though you have to pay for those keys, don't you? Shield uses them all the time and he's a merchant so I know he just buys them for himself all the time." The bobber splashed back into the water, and nearly instantly caught something on it's end. Shye was s
  5. The closet was dimly lit for the girl, but thankfully it kept her safe from the monkeys that were under the witch's command. If she was just a little stronger, she could probably handle them without a problem, but taking that risk was a little to dire for her. A message popped up on her screen with the notification that combat had finally concluded and Shye could leave her hiding spot. She stood from her seat in the closet and unlocked the door, peering into the hallway just in time to see the monkeys explode into data and it was finally quiet. "H-Hey guys, did you get the thing you
  6. Being watched he was, and not because she was particularly interested in watching the man, but because the outburst her made was rather loud and disturbed all the fish in the lake. The shuttled away as quickly as possible. Shye sighed heavily. Nothing was biting anyway, so maybe it would be best to just start gathering the old fashioned way. With her shitty luck, she was soon to fish up a monster that she wouldn't be able to take on herself anyway. Quickly packing up her things, she makes her way over to the jock who had disrupted her quiet fishing and started taking a look for materials.
  7. Shye smiled as Felix ran off to do his business again. She was very much a cat person. "I still haven't looked into getting my own familiar. I should really do that. Judging by how yours and Shield's are so helpful, I could get one to help me as well. They seem like such a hassle to get ahold of-" The girl yelped as a tug on the line nearly threw her out of her own chair. She resisted the catch, winding it in to the best of her abilities. "Holy shit!" She called out over the winding of the reel. "What the hell did I catch?!" With a mighty heave and a groan, a big splash sends water f
  8. Initial Application: [Here] Room(s) Being Added: Attic: Bedroom(Searching Expertise); Extended Workshop Room(s) Being Upgraded: Basic Workshop Room(s) Being Re-Assigned: All Rooms assigned to Shye Total Cost: 35k
  9. Shye tugs against the current of another catch and winds it in. Unluckily, it isn't a big batch, but its better than nothing. "Felix hunh? That's a pretty cute for a little cat like him. I still haven't gotten a familiar myself. I need to work on that." Shye mentioned, recalling that both Shield and the paladin tank protege of his both had ones. They all have different effects that made them special and they could come in so many different shapes and sizes. "It's a deal then! If I get a chest, feel free to open it open. I'll just do my best to keep the fishing up." Another cast into the w
  10. Day 3 (1)Fail: 1 (2)Salvage(LD:11+): 0 (3)Uncommon: 0 (5)Rare: 0 (8)Perfect: 2 EXP: 17+3; Total: 46 Custom Ambition Tool +1 EXP
  11. "Well, I am just starting my own shop, so my guild master suggested I check out an area where I can quickly gather materials. I decided to do it here cause the Tier 3 materials are more usable items for front liners, and these ones are much more expensive than lower leveled ones." She listens as Simmone says she's searching for chests and a few extra materials. She was fine with that. "I know you can often find chests while fishing. If you have the Picking skill, you should open them as you're more likely to find the better stuff. We can split the rewards if that's fine by you." Another h
  12. "Uh, sure." The girl says taking the snack from the new arrival who seemed to have come to do the same thing. What harm would there be in letting another player join her? Safety in numbers of course. Eyeing the small cat, she clasps her hands together and calls for it. "Ah, you are adorable!" She reaches down to pet Felix with her free hand after casting her line into the water. Placing the rod in a setup to hold it down while she did other things, she picked up the black cat and pet it happily. Soon, the rod began to tug like something was stick on the line. She quickly grabbed the pole
  13. Walking through the wild of Floor 21, Shye needed to get some materials to help make potions for the front liners until she can level up enough to help them fight floor bosses. The fear of being on the most dangerous part of Aincrad had put Shye on edge, but if it wasn't for the fact that she was with a powerful guild like Jacob's Ladder, she would probably be shaking in her boots. She started off as such a scared-y cat, and frankly, she still kind of was, but slowly she was working on her ability to keep calm in dangerous situations. Finally, she had come to the lake that Shield had told
  14. House Name: Perfect Perfumes Location: Floor 24/Paraneze Description: A small house on water in Paraneze. It's contructed over the water and the only way to reach it is to take a pier to the building. Plot Size: Townhouse Room(s): Fishing Pond; Kitchen(Shye) Room Upgrade(s): N/a Total Cost: 68k
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