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  1. House Name: Glorius Hole Tavern Location: Floor 21, Tomioka Town Description: This place doubles as his shop. It is built into a stalactite like the rest of the buildings around. Walking in is the main area that is the tavern where he sells his wares. At the back of the room from the entrance is the bar. Behind the bar is a closest that leads to the rest of the cave. The rest is Weed's private quarters and estate. It does not look as big as it does as it is mainly deeper into the stalactite than what most can see. Plot Size: Estate Rooms: Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Attic (Bedroom)(Ap
  2. Threads: Complete | Ongoing | Deceased [PP-F1] Memories [Pre-SAO] - 3 SP (2 complete pages, 1 pandemic), 400 Col [PP-F13] Friend Finder [Familiar Quest]- 4 SP (2 quest, 1 pandemic, 1 Yui's Grace), 200 Col.
  3. Inventory Perfect 1 Handed Axe: Silver Horn Left [170447]- Taunt, Bleed 2 (8-10) Perfect 1 Shield: Silver Horn Right [170167]- Paralyze, Thorns 2 (18) Perfect Heavy Armor: Silver Hide [173390] - Mitigation 1 (9), Recovery 2 (2) (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
  4. Profile Username: Weed Real name: Nathaniel Peck Age: 24 -> 26 Gender: Male Height: 6'8" About: Weed is the oldest son of Peck security conglomerate. It is an international company dedicated to global peace of powerful figures. Any person that can remain in power alive for long periods most likely have a peck agent behind them. Hence from an early age he was given a strict education from business to advance combat. His father fell out of love with his mom and got remarried when he was six. His half brother was given the world while Weed was left on the sidelines. Not that h
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