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  1. Eating her sandwich and writing a bit she really wasn't paying attention to what was happening around her. She didn't even know that she was talking to someone. She turned a few pages back to her notes in the beginning of her book. Looking closely there were keyword in there from appearance for a character, Bunnyfolk with pink long hair, Magic user of fire and wields a Katana. It was almost a spot on disqription of herself, at least in appearance. Then next to those notes she started writing more notes. "Villian that would betray my heroin, Sounds interesting, anyone can be a villian, maybe th
  2. Yena was writing in her book while she was waiting for her food. From time and time again the sun reflected onto her blade and into her eyes stopping her from hyper-focusing on writing. what should I write here, this sentence seems too complex for her to say, but on the other side she would probely wanna jump in here to make new friends. she thought as she wrote her book. To her this was an escape, to write about the character she made before all of this happened, and kind of dropping her in Yena's shoes and see how she would end up, Yena sadly knew she would never be like her character of th
  3. With the sun rising early this morning, Yena was moving about trying to get to her location. With the information, she has gained from someone she kind of knew where to go to find a few quests for her to clear. Knowing what sitting around doing nothing was not gonna help her much more than sitting still and waiting for something to happen. But luckily for her, something did happen, the world turned black and once her vision was back everything seemed a bit different. She didn't know what happened and she kind of didn't want to know, Only thing she knew what that she was going to get out and ge
  4. Anyone Interested in helping me get started with RP with the first lessons as escrord 


    1. Hirru


      Wouldn't mind helping out, haven't actually done the Lessons quest line, so I should be able to work around it.

    2. Crozeph


      I could escort if you don't mind a slightly slow moving post

  5. Stats Level: 1 | HP 20/20 | EN 20/20 | DMG 3 | MIT 12 | EVA 0 | ACC 0 Skills Battle Ready Inventory Inventory Consumables Weapons/Armor Col/Materials Special Items
  6. Character Info In-Game Name: YenaZoul Real-Life Name: Yeshiro Nakamoto DoB: 16/7/1999 Age: 21 Gender: Female Height: 188 CM / 6'2 F. Personality The Yeshiro or Shiro-chan people will know is not the Yeshiro most people started with. Self-centred and at points just straight up rude to others. But now that whole Idea seemed to have faded over the last two years of her life. People who knew her before saw the change and they all will tell you that the Yeshiro they knew was not this caring and loving, mostly looking out for herself. This is the Yeshiro people will get to know, a
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