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[PP-EV-F10] Dungeon of Eschaton

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<<A Val-halla of a Time>>

Buffs Consumed

  • T3 Divinity's Wait [153074] : +45 MIT
  • Liquor of Light [160459] : +3 DMG
  • T3 Divinity's Protection [154610] : +135 MAX HP
  • Udon with Veggies [167733a] : +2 EVA
  • Ramen and Veggies [170341] : +2 ACC
  • Kobe Steak [166721] <<FILLED>> : +3 DMG, -45 MIT

Hidden | HP:1405/1405 | EN:124/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70


Name: Hidden
Level: 62
HP: 1405/1405
EN: 124/124

Damage: 23
Mitigation: 79
Evasion: 4
Accuracy: 6

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: <<Nato's Might>> (T2/Demonic/Dagger): HLY II, ACC I, VAMP OFF I
Armor: <<Shadow's Silence>> (T3/Perfect/Light Armor): MIT III
Misc: <<Shadow's Blossom>> (T3/Perfect/Trinket): ACC II, EVA I

One-Handed Dagger [Rank 5]
Light Armor [Rank 5]
Battle Healing [Rank 5]
Hide [Rank 4]
Extended Mod Limit -

Extra Skills:
Familiar Mastery: Fighter


Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystal*1
T3 Cold Brew Coffee (+180 HP)*5

Housing Buffs:
Rested: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Skylight (Hiding): +1 Rank to the Hiding skill.
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:

The tenth floor was where she went to sit and think, out by the waters of the Stygian. Eyes cast to the reflection in the water, her thoughts reflecting the recent events. She had done so much up until now to get where she was, and she was afraid of where she would be at the end. She had friends now... friends that expected the best out of her. They expected her to become better, warm up to the world. She had put her all into it thus far. Everyday, she was finding the courage to walk into the public, feeling the stares on her back. She was still an orange player, and despite Are's promise: The name Hidden was still a target on the Bounty Boards. 

A cool breeze interrupted her thoughts, drawing her eyes up. A thick fog had begun to settle on River Styx, something she hadn't noticed before. She stood from her original  position of hugging her knees. "What's that? Some kind of storm rolling in?" She asked in a mutter. The girl in black squinted her eyes, capturing something in the distance, slowly being covered in fog. Hidden walked along the banks of the river, getting as close to the entity in the fog as she could. 

A ship was rolling towards the shore of the Stygian River and she was the one who stood before it. She quickly made a choice, sending a message to Yuki. 


To: @Zajcica

Hey, some kind of event is going on the tenth floor. Any chance you can help me find out what its all about?

@Crozeph @NIGHT @Baldur @Calrex

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"Some kind of noise over the stygian"
"Is this a boss battle?"

"Damn the Stygian is at it again"
"Anyone want to party up with me and check it out?"
"Anyone saw Luffy and Zoro?"

Chattering, it went on and on inside the town of Yomi. Some people didn't like it while others are ecstatic to try out some sort of event that is happening on the shore of the Stygian River. Despite these mixed reactions, however, wasn't enough to motivate a lot to actually go by the shore and check things out. Game as it may seem, there is no respawn button in Aincrad and that alone is enough to make them wary of partaking.

"aren't you going, mister?" a little girl with an ocean blue hair said to him as he ate a bowl of ramen on the doorstep of his shop. It was a very delicious meal and he liked it. "Give it up Hatsune, this guy is not a heroic type of person" another girl spoke. The twins watched him as he savored every string of noodles and the meat on it as if he was tasting wine. "You know  Zatsune, I've never seen someone eat ramen with such passion," Hatsune told her twin to which Zatsune shook her head as if she knew more than her twin "of course, he told us it was made by his wife, you know those obsessed guys over their girlfriends? this guy is one of those. Looking at his ambiguously made katana is enough to qualify him as a yandere"  Zatsune spouted fire as if she was possessed by a djinn to the brown-haired guy who is eating ramen.

"Damn these two annoying brats, disturbing a quiet guy as he eats a delicious meal..." Crozeph continued to eat "kids these days are let off easily, I'll tie their hair together if there's no 1435661716_T3Crow.jpg.7edf2aa5d34b971aab74ab4b220cb456.jpgone here, that should make them conjoined twins" he added. The two girls look so alike that they had to change their hair color to their liking. "Since when did we become friends?" Crozeph asked them "I don't remember having two cowards as friends, I'll spread your moniker if you like..." Crozeph finished his bowl of ramen and stood up. "...the city-hopping spineless twins, seriously, you two are worse than Shirogane" he added. He stood up and grabbed his 3 feet long katana and strapped it on his back. His armor remained lightweight but his attire was more akin to the Meiji era with some kind of imperial seal on his turtle neck collar. The black color of his cloak blends with the black uniform he is wearing and the blood-red strip of fabric which serves as Skadi Alter's sheathe was eerie enough to ward off unwanted attention "I had to eat buffs because unlike you welfare kids, I work hard and prepare hard for when shit might go down" he told them. Zatsune didn't like what she heard "w-we're not cowards and we're not kids! we're of legal age!" she replied to him "your height is telling lies" he retorted before walking away from them "if Yuki or Hidden..." Crozeph placed a finger on his lip "...even Mari or Night heard me say that they might hack me to pieces." Hatsune waved her hand as Crozeph walked towards the Stygian "be careful mister and if you ever need a venue to fight Miss Night again just call us, we're neighbors here in Yomi" she uttered before walking with Zatsune on a different direction "as if I'd fight Night on a duel again, maybe" he thought as he began making his way to the Stygian.

Stygian RIver...

Crozeph saw only a ship arriving at the shore of the godforsaken-homunculus-and-chimera-spawning river of Floor ten. "Eh? I was expecting some kind of Leviathan to appear and not the Going Merry ship" he said as he stood by the shore. Crozeph's attention was fixated on it that he didn't notice some players, especially the white-haired girl who was typing some kind of message. Crozeph's black cloak fluttered a little as he watched and then he took a deep breath before spouting nonsense at the approaching ship "Oi! get out of here! we don't want you! go back to what lagoon you're from and never show us your assface ship again!" he yelled a the top of his lungs and followed it with him panting for breath "damn I haven't raised my voice that much in a while" he thought but his words meant nothing because the ship continued to approach the shore.

Crozeph consumed/used the following:
Ramen Bowl rare [+2 EVA]
Udon Bowl rare [+2 ACC]
Fiery Dragon roll T2 perfect [+30 MIT]
Le Beefus Healthus Pointus T2 perfect OH [+90 max health]
Liquor of Light [DMG III]


 Crozeph [Level 53]
  | HP: 1090/1090 | EN: 106/106
  | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30]
  | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1

  Total SP: 231
  Allocated: 217
  Remaining: 14

** Rank 3 Merchant - The Night's Watch
** WARNING: Mitigation cannot fall below 0!
  Hide contents


  • Regis Arma: Skadi Alter [T2 Perfect]
    -- Freeze +1 
    Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Frozen opponents lose any evasion properties. Striking a frozen enemy before the effect ends will end Freeze and deal an extra (12 * Tier) unmitigatable damage. [Must hit to activate the status condition.
    -- ACC +1
    -- Burn +1 Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) deal (12 * Tier) unmitigated burn damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Burn damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. [Must hit to activate the status condition.]
    -- A huntress trapped in Dun Scaith, she survived and emerged victorious earning the respect of its ruler, Scathach. A huntress carrying the cold and harsh winter with her yet a ferocity likened to a flame now seen in her eyes. Skadi Alter combines two elements and fires it in one go should the wielder harness the same hunting instinct the huntress has. Either one would freeze in from its fierce flames or burn in its searing coldness.
  • Cloak of the  Evening Bells [T3 perfect]
    -- MIT +1

    -- EVA +2
    "Once worn by a king or a monarch, whichever it was it doesn't matter for anyone who dons this cloak is tasked to take the head of anyone who dares to cross the line and kill, be it humans or monsters." A black cloak with fabric at the collar. It is worn to cover the dominant hand of the wearer and put up an air of monarchy. It can also serve as a protection against attacks though not as efficient as heavy armor but boast its lightweight features to add speed to the wearer.
  • Ars Paulina
    -- Recovery +1

    -- ACC +2
    Description: "There is a time for everything and to that there is also an end but there is no need to fret for it is to be accepted." A pocket watch made by a powerful mage who possesses ten rings. This silver watch has no intricate designs outside yet its structure inside is powerful enough to restore energy and even make time dilate making its user see things slightly slower than the usual. 

[Battle-Ready Inventory]

  • Blessed Marble [+1 EVA +1 Life-Mending]
  • Hypnosis 2 Masterpiece/mass x2
  • Lullaby 2 masterpiece/mass x2
  • Imugi's inspiration [mass healing crystal] x5
  • Imugi's inspiration [mass healing crystal] x5
  • Dimensional Backpack: Hekireki Issen [T3 katana [ACC/ACC/Para]


  Hide contents

Mod Count: 3/8

  1. Katana | Passive | RANK 5/5
    > Finesse R3 -3 EN on SA > Precision +1 ACC
  2. Light Armor | Passive | RANK 4/5 
    > Athletics +1 base damage I +(10*Tier) HP
  3. Battle Healing | Passive | RANK 3/5 [+27 HP regen]
  4. Curved Sword | Passive | RANK 1/5
  5. First-Aid | Active | RANK 5/5
  6. Extended Mod Limit | Passive | RANK 3
  7. Searching | Passive | RANK 1 +1 LD


  • Survival | Passive I +15 Regen OOC
  • Meditation | Active I +10 EN
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter | Passive | RANK 3/3 +6 base damage

Misc. Buffs

  Hide contents
  •  Relaxed | Passive | House buff


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An event happening on floor ten? That's where Crozeph's store was. Hopefully nothing would wreck his shop, that would be awful. At any moment, a mob could destroy her home since it's outside the safe zone and events made things so unpredictable.


I'm heading down right now. I'll call some others to help us just like last time. Not missing out on event gear.


There were a number of people that she could bring along, like Raidou, but Yuki hadn't seen Night in awhile. She hoped that she was getting along okay. After all, she was the one who wanted her to take a break from everything. The paladin was ready to get back into the grind though. Another person who came to mind was Baldur. Him and Crow were good friends, so it would be rude to not invite him as well.


An event is happening on floor ten. I don't have any information yet but there's bound to be rewards for it. If you're in, meet me on floor ten and we'll group up there. There's room for one person in the group. One of you two bring someone along so they can get the rewards as well.

To: @Baldur @NIGHT


Name: Zajčica
Level: 68
HP: 1570/1570
EN: 136/136

Damage: 2
Mitigation: 202+30
Evasion: -1
BH: 78
THRNS: 54+30
FR. THRN: 21
REC: 2
FL. AURA: 30

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Casseur de Logistille (T3/Perfect/Shield): Thorns II; Fr. Thorns
Armor: Jack's Plate (T3/Perfect/HA): Fl. Aura II; Taunt
Misc: Frosted Necklace(T3/Perfect/Trinket): Life M. I; Rec: II

One-Handed Straight Sword [Rank 1]
Heavy Armor [Rank 5]
Two-Handed Assault Spear [Rank 5]
Battle Healing [Rank 5]
Parry [Obtained]
Howl [Obtained]
Block [Rank 5]
Extended Mod Limit III [Obtained]
Searching [Rank 2]

Extra Skills:
Familiar Mastery: Defender

Vengeful Riposte
Emergency Recovery
Focused Howl

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleportation Crystal*1
Sand Armor Potion <Using

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Squeaky Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down)
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Tasty: Turn 2 identical food items into a Lesser Feast. A Lesser Feast contains 4 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Angler: +1 material gained when fishing
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.

Scents of the Wild:
Tanos Statue: +15 Mitigation for a thread.

Wedding Ring:


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The wooden clack of bokuto vs bokuto rang through the hall of the massive dojo at Baldur's estate as the gaijin samurai circled the ultramarine knight: Aincrad's strongest player. Under any normal circumstance, Baldur could never stand a chance against his friend and student, Cal-kun, but under their house rules, with the wooden swords and no sword arts, Baldur could hold his own, and even win from time to time. He had taught everything to his kouhai, though Calrex had stopped using the Katana for now in lieu of his fancy battle axe and fisticuffs, but the heart of what Baldur taught him, the heart of katsujinken, was not how to swing the sword, but how to fight with your whole being. Calrex had once had two forms, the friendly neighborhood kouhai, and the cold, deadly warrior. Their time together taught him how to become the warrior when it was needed, and then how to sheath the sword once the battle was done.

Then a chime rang through the quiet of the dojo. Baldur lowered the blade, and Cal didn't need any other indication before doing so himself.

"I got a message of Yuki-chan." The up-and-coming tank would soon be something akin to Baldur's sister in law. He considered Crow a brother, and nothing less than a brother in arms... so that sort of made Yuki a sister-in-arms-in-law... right? Step Sister in arms maybe?

He navigated his HUD one handed to pull up the short message.

"Hey @Calrex, put on a shirt. It looks like there's an event going on down on floor 10. We should check it out. They've been giving top tier rewards out like candy."

There was something about the Halloween events that just gave really good rewards. Baldur pulled a towel off the sword rack near where one of the shoji panel walls opened up out onto the ponds and let in a breeze. He didn't need to towel off the sweat, but it was a ritual his mind used to calm down and cool off after they had just been battling it out.

"You probably don't have to worry about survival, but I would come armed for bear. The fights have been getting harder and harder lately, and good damage will be important. Besides, if Yuki-chan is there, she'll want to tank. So you should take the chance to show off a bit."

Not long after, they were emerging from the teleportation plaza at Yomi on the 10th floor.

Baldur | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 144/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped


» Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai vWKwiqS.png

  • Modified HP: 1560
  • Modified EN: 144
  • Modified MIT: 49
  • Modified ACC: 8 Zan/7MM
  • Modified DMG: 24 WF/27 MM
  • Modified EVA: 2
  • Battle Heal: 78
  • Search: +0
  • Temp Buff: Tier 2 Over-Health Potion | +90HP
  • Temp Buff: Max Damage Crystal | +3 DMG
  • Temp Buff: Accuracy Snack | +2 ACC
  • Temp Buff: Protein Snack | +2 DMG -30MIT
  • Temp Buff: Filling +1 ACC
  • Temp Buff: 

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1470
  • Base EN: 144
  • Base MIT: 79
  • Base ACC: 4 (5 and does not automatically miss on 1s with Zanshin)
  • Base DMG: 19 (with fighting familiar)
  • Muramasa Base DMG: 22 (No bonus from familiar)
  • Base EVA: 2
  • Battle Heal: 74 HP
  • Search: +0

» Items Equipped:

  • Warden's Fury - Absolute Accuracy/2 Paralyze
  • OR Ethereal Thether: Zanshin - Absolute Accuracy/Keen/Freeze/Burn
  • OR Muramasa - +12 Damage
  • Montsuki haori - 54 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION
  • Emerald Matagama | Perfect | +3 Accuracy
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Nihilim's Anguish | Perfect T3 | Fallen/Fallen/Accuracy Katana
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x1 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x7 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • Max T2 HP Recovery Crystal II x5 | Perfect T2 Item | +180 HP
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • HB: Max Vitality Snack x2 | Rare Tier 2 | Grants +12 Energy
  • EWL: Medium Antidote Potion x1 | Rare Tier 2 | Immune to negative status effects for 2 turns
  • EWL: Muramasa
  • EWL: T1 Mitigation Crystal | +15 MIT
  • SC: Warden's Fury

» Skills:

  • Battle Healing | Rank 5/5 | While in combat, recover 1% per rank (45HP) at the beginning of your turn
  • Charge | Rank 5/5 | +1 base damage per rank (+5 damage) once per opponent per combat
  • One Handed Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | Novice
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | Grand Master
  • Light Armor | Rank 5/5 | +25 Mitigation
  • Concentration | No Ranks | Gain +1 BD for a single attack | 5 Turn Cooldown
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter |  3 Ranks | +9 base damage (Does not stack with equipment)
  • Survival | Purchased |  Increases out of combat health regen to (15xTier) 45 per post
  • Extended Weight Limit | Purchased | Increases Battle Ready Inventory by 3
  • Parry | Purchased | 3 Turn Cooldown | 5 Energy | Reduces incoming damage by 50%
  • Quick Change | Purchased | Swap Equipment as a free action | 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Extended Mod Limit | Rank 2 | Increase Active Mods by 2
  • Meditation | Purchased | Recover 15 Energy if not hit, takes a post action

» Mods:

  • Athletics: +1 DMG +30 HP
  • Katana Precision: +1 to Accuracy
  • Katana Ferocity: +1 damage on katana sword arts
  • Sprint & Acrobatics: +1 Evasion
  • Finesse: Rank 3 | -3 Energy cost to sword arts
  • EML: Bull Rush | Stuns target on successful charge
  • EML: Emergency Recovery | if dropped below 25%, heal 10% once per thread

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Rested: -1 EN on first 2 uses
  • Tasty: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 BR item slot
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Angler: +1 Mat when fishing


Edited by Baldur
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NIGHT hated the tenth floor.

So it was natural that fate would have her return to it time and time again. At least on this occasion, the player thought to herself, it was to investigate an abnormality in the region rather than to settle her own personal grudges. Perhaps the distance from a day settled on her would be more than welcome, she reasoned.

The Stygian River was a hard sell for the player, but out of most locales in the cavern, it was one of least concern to her. At best, she'd stray away in her thoughts while making quick work of the sorry souls here. At worst?

Well, she'd come face to face with a goddamned boat sailing the stupid river for nearly zero reason. And-- what, she was supposed to jump onto the ride?


Just take the road next time, damned spirits...!

Thankfully her gathering of like-minded investigators-- err, loot hungry end-game players were nearby, watching the vessel sail around the river bed. She quickly fell into their ranks, humming her presence with a mild (read: extravagant) dissatisfaction.


  | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 167/167
  | ACC: 6* | DMG: 25 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 7 | BH: 77
  | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | LD: 5
  | Stealth Detection: 5 | Stealth Rating: 7

* [Filling] used to provide +1 ACC.


  • Jack's Executioner
    -- [ Burn I | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 36 unmitigated burn damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
    -- [ Blight II | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 72 unmitigated blight damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
    -- [ Bleed I | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 36 unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
  • Sleek Shift
    -- [ Mitigation I | +27 MIT. ]
    -- [ Heavy Momentum II | +6 DMG on an unsuccessful attack. Buff is removed on a successful attack. ]
  • Silver Crescent Necklace
    -- [ Accuracy II | +2 ACC ]
    -- [ Evasion II | +2 EVA ]

[Battle-Ready Inventory]

  • Tsukuyomi's Odachi (Alpha)
    -- [ Fallen I | On a natural roll of 6-8, gain 6 fallen damage added to your total base damage. ]
    -- [ Accuracy II | +2 ACC. ]
  • Dragon's Gaze
    -- [ Keen | After a successful attack, gain +1 BD until your next successful attack, at which point this bonus is removed. Another successful attack will reactivate this enhancement. ]
    -- [ Paralyze I | Natural successful attack rolls of 9-10 remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Paralyzed opponents lose any evasion properties. ]
    -- [ Absolute Accuracy | +1 ACC. Attack rolls of 1 no longer automatically miss. ]
  • [T1E3] Teleport Crystal (2) | Instant | TELEPORT
  • [T1E3] [ref] Waltz of the Damned (2) | Instant | INCARCERATION
  • [T3E3] Cold Brew Coffee (5) | HP RECOVERY III [+180 HP]
  • [T3E2] Spherical Yam Ball (5) | VITALITY II [+12 EN]
  • [T1E3] Imugi's Inspiration (5) | Instant | MASS HP RECOVERY [+30*Tier HP]



Mod Count: 8/8

  1. Two-Handed Straight Sword | Passive | RANK 5/5
    Ferocity, Precision, Finesse
  2. Light Armor | Passive | RANK 5/5 
    Athletics, Sprint&Acrobatics
  3. Searching | Passive | RANK 4+1/5
    > Reveal
  4. Hiding | Passive | RANK 5/5
    Blindside, Vanish,
    Surprise Attack: Trickster
  5. Extended Mod Limit | Passive | RANK 3/3 
  6. Battle Healing | Passive | RANK 5/5
  7. Energist | Passive
  8. Quick Change | Active
  9. Parry | Active
  10. Charge | Active | RANK 3/5


  • Survival | Passive 
  • Concentration | Active -- CD: 3
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter | Passive | RANK 3/3

Consumed Buffs

  • Kumatetsu Statue | +1 DMG

  • [T1E3] Poached Egg | ACCURACY II
  • [T1E3] Well-Done Steak | PROTEIN II
  • [T1E3] Titan's Strength | DAMAGE III
  • [T3E3] Viperion | TOXIC VENOM | [154860-2]
  • [QR] Venom Vial | Unnamed DoT: 10 DMG/4 turns
  • [QR] Bottled Banshee Scream | PARALYZE

Misc. Buffs

  • Dimensional Backpack, Item Stash
    | +2 Battle-Ready Inventory Slots.
  • Well Rested
    | -1 EN for the first three expenditures of each combat. 
  • Relaxed
    | +(5 * Tier) HP per out-of-combat post. Full energy restoration occurs after two turns out of combat.
  • Squeaky Clean
    | -25% DoT damage taken from the first DoT applied to this player in a thread.
  • Skylight: Searching
    | +1 Expertise to declared utility skill. Cooldown of 30 days to reassign.
  • Multipurpose
    | +1 LD/Prosperity/Stealth/Detection to one post per thread. Can be applied after a roll.
  • Filling
    | +1 T1 slot to a food consumed by this player in a thread. Can exceed Cook enhancement caps.
  • Col Deposit
    | +5% col from loot-minimum mobs, +10% col from treasure chests.


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HP: 1805 | EN: 176 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 116 ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | TNT: 1 | ACH: 0.5 (See Achilles in Skills/Mods for details)

Equipped Gear:

Grand Gauntlets III: +9 Unarmed Damage

Grand Chariot III: +81 Mitigation

Rebellion of Sapphire: +3 Evasion | +1 Taunt

Battle Ready:

x1 Grand Guard III: +28 Thorns & +3 Heavy Momentum

x1 Grand Legionbane: +9 Damage

x1 Grand Skypiercer II: +1 Taunt & +2 Paralyze

x1 Basic Teleportation Crystal: Upon use, teleport to the nearest town next turn

x5 Safeguard Potion: First Attack Negated

Skills & Mods:

Two-Handed Battle Axe [Rank 5]

One-Handed Assault Spear [Rank 5]

Heavy Armor [Rank 5]: Athletics Mod

Charge [Rank 5]: Bull Rush Mod

Battle Healing [Rank 5]: Emergency Recovery Mod

Block [Rank 5]: Rampart Mod


Parry: Vengeful Riposte Mod

Extended Mod Limit [Rank 3]

Familiar Master: Accurate [Rank 3]

Martial Arts [Rank 5]: Precision Mod

Quick Change





Achilles [Rank 5]:
- 50% Damage Reduction (All Incoming Damage after MIT and Rampart/Parry reduction multiplied by 0.5 (Ex. [150 DMG - 50 MIT] /2 ACH = 50)
- Counter and DoT damage is exempt and doubled (Stonewall reduces DoT effects by 25% rounded down)
- Status effects that removes player action last twice as long

"Once I find a new training outfit that feels better than my current one I'll be sure to do so."

The bluenette gave a small laugh as Baldur poked fun at his topless form. Even though the outfit itself had a open cloak attached by game logic to his shoulders, it did still show a good amount of skin, especially when they were in combat. Calrex stretched his arms before heading over to the wooden sword rack, gently and almost ceremoniously resting his own bokken in the empty space just below the top slot. Swiping on his menu his form was encapsulated with bright light, obscuring his figure before dimming, revealing him equipped with his raid armor, the Grand Chariot III.

Attached over the hands and forearms of the heavy armor were the Grand Gauntlets III, his amplifier for the Martial Arts technique he would utilize. However, he still kept his alternative forms of attack in his battle ready inventory, namely the massive axe-sword the Grand Legionbane, which he would use when contributing area of effect damage. To complete the third part of his "weapons triangle" was his defensive array, the Grand Skypiercer spear and Grand Guard III. "That being said, showing off isn't really my style. Besides, it's not like my particular tactics are really noteworthy."

Even though he was the supposed strongest player in Aincrad, the Ultramarine Knight was more than aware there were people that were coming close to or even had surpassed him in specific aspects. His all-rounder design could easily be overtaken by specialists: Shield being a great example for tanking, and any frontliner who had focused on damage dealing for his other points. Comparatively, he would have considered himself closer to a foundation that other players in his part could build on, someone who could provide a strong baseline when in battle.

Time slipped by as the two made their way to Yomi, the familiar dim cavern setting filling his vision as he gave a small sigh, "Alright Roc, you're up..."

A glint many stories above the two could be briefly seen before his blue peregrine falcon familiar materialized, soaring overhead. With that Calrex gave a nod to Baldur, "Well, let's see what this new event has to offer."

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 "Oi! get out of here! we don't want you! go back to what lagoon you're from and never show us your assface ship again!"

A crude voice brought her eyes away from the figure of the vessel slowly emerging from the fog. Just for a moment, a hurt expression sat on her face as she turned to see the voice that called in her direction. A familiar oddly well-dressed brown-haired boy stood there. Upon the realization of whom it was, the hurt in her eyes was replaced with a mild degree of annoyance. Holding off her anger, she slowly walked towards the boy. Now within melee range, she flashed Crozeph a smile. However, the smile was simply a distraction. A distraction for the swift full-powered open-handed strike to the boy's face.

"Hey dumbass, who do you think you are? You're lucky that I'm busy with something else right now..." She turned away, amethyst eyes trained on the ship that now came ashore. It was then that she noticed something. "Wait a minute, I didn't invite you here. I invited Yuki. If you're gonna stick around, try not to embarrass me or yourself when she gets here. She's a good friend." 

A girl, clad in black, would await for the person she invited to arrive. She wouldn't stop Crozeph if he wanted to tag along, but she didn't want him causing problems in front of the people she affiliated herself with. 

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Crozeph had a smug expression on his face, feeling like he outdid himself with that insult towards the ship. He was a resident of Yomi if that's to make sense about it and he didn't like how a ship would just appear especially when it seems like it's only bringing trouble. His act however was as reckless as a drunk driving while reading texts because a girl was also in the direction of the ship. Crozeph looked at her and quickly recognize the face. For some reason, he was glad to see a familiar face, but also he was terrified of who it was. He didn't want to see another melting face but running this time would seem rude and she seemed to be in a good mood too. "Oh hi Hidden, I wasn't expecting you here. Are you planning to destroy that ship approa..."


He wasn't ready for that "hey, that's not how you greet people..." the Hidden began lashing out as if she was the recipient of his words he spoke earlier "I- I think I'm Crozeph" he replied to her. "Y-yeah I didn't get an invitation but my shop is here so I visit from time to time" he added as he tried to feel his cheeks. He heard a familiar name and that made him smile a bit "hehe Yuki, that's the name of my girlfriend also though I think she'll be here with another party like with Night or something" he told Hidden "weird though because she's not inviting me too, am I getting the boot?" he muttered as they stood together while the ship continues to loom over the area.


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Stepping onto the darkness of Yomi's shadow, Yuki sighed deeply. She would have to pick up Crozeph on the way to the event. It seemed so dreary to keep your shop on such a floor. Did any of the NPCs here actually use the services that shop owners provided?

Nevertheless the girl would make her way to Crozeph's shop. Before she could even go in an find him, she had realized the ship that was making it's way to the harbor. Crow was no where to be found in his shop either. Perhaps he went down to go check out the ship?

Her assumption was right, and not only that, he was there with Hidden. "Oi! I'm here! Event is going on? Like I would think about missing out on free rare loot drops. Hey, Crow. Hidden, this is my fiance Crozeph. I've got at least two more people coming."

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Oh, why even bother to show up in the first place if the players you were to party with never even acknowledged your presence? NIGHT watched the trio gather almost brewing with anguish the moment her eyes settled on Yuki not even taking but a glance her way (I thought we were partners, the hell?) until she noticed the status effect hovering over her vision for the second time in a row.

She stopped stewing after that. How did she keep managing to slip into stealth without even realizing it? It was with a loosened breath that she sobered up from her world-loathing and brought a text out over to the bulwark. At the very least, she should maintain her lack of presence, if only to prepare for what might lie ahead of the party in the upcoming investigation.


NIGHT: im here too
NIGHT: just assume im right behind u ok


ID: 172523 | LD: 20 (13, +7) | Entering Stealth.

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Baldur and @Calrex waited at the teleportation plaza, but no one was there to meet them. While they had idled about, he suddenly caught sight of Yuki teleport through the plaza, but she immediately rushed off. He called out to her, but she must not have been able to hear him over the din of the crowd.

"Come on, Cal, let's follow her."

The gaijin samurai beckoned for his friend to follow, and they raced off across the lightly crowded plaza towards the bubble gum haired tank. Pushing through the throng of people, they eventually broke free of the settlement of Yomi, and that was when Baldur could see the tops of the ship off in the distance down on the river.

He came up short a moment, and spoke to Cal, though really it was more to himself.

"That river again, eh? What is it about it.." He shook his head and raced down the banks towards the group. There, he saw @Crozeph waiting, just as he had expected.

"I should have known Crow, that you'd be involved if it had something to do with this river." He gave a small chuckle, "I always seem to find you here."

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The bluenette was scanning the area around the teleportation plaza when he heard Baldur speak, looking over as the western samurai started walking. Taking a couple of quick steps to catch up his gaze oriented forward to see who they were following. From what he could tell, it might have been the well armored player with vividly pink hair, making her stand clearly from the other heads in the crowd. "Guess that's one of the other people we're supposed to be meeting up with?"

As moments passed the Ultramarine Knight saw the Stygian river come into view, "Geeze this floor never fails to have the creepy vibe going for it, although I don't believe I've been by this river that often in the past..."

Watching Baldur start sprinting down the bank he felt a bead of sweat form on the side of his head before giving a small sigh, moving into a jogging pace so that he didn't lose sight of the man. It wasn't long after that he saw a familiar face come into view as Crozeph's form became more clear. "Is this where we're supposed to be meeting up then?"

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"Hehe Yuki, that's the name of my girlfriend also though I think she'll be here with another party like with Night or something" 

Hidden turned, visible confusion in her eyes. "Wait wha-" 

 "Oi! I'm here! 

Hidden spun on her toe, eyes meeting with Yuki. 'Wait. Why.' Her eyes fell back on Crozeph. 'Why him? You could have done so much better. What can he even offer?' Her gaze fell to the ground. "H-hey Yuki." 

Hey, Crow. Hidden, this is my fiancé Crozeph. I've got at least two more people coming."

She felt a mental punch to the gut as the words left the girl's mouth. 'They're engaged!' She looked over to Crozeph, a mixture of emotions sent his way. 'Was he secretly all of this time some lady-killer? Or did he somehow brainwash the innocent girl.'  "uh... yeah. I've seen him a time or two." Her eyes finally fell on Yuki's company. Two men that she had seen on the frontlines before, but she knew not their name. They most likely wouldn't know her name either, which was fine with her. Who knew, maybe they would try to turn her in or some shit. She wasn't sure of their level, but if it came down to it she doubted she could take both on. 

Her eyes fell on NIGHT and her mood slightly shifted. 'tch.' Of course she was brought here. Why would Yuki settle for her if NIGHT was just a better version of her? However, if she was here it gave Hidden another chance to show that she was still worth keeping around. "I guess i'll go into hiding now." She said before creeping back into the shadows, unseen by the others.

173308 LD:8+7=15 Stealth Rating


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It's like that movie where everyone just happens to meet because of the convenience of the plot. HIdden wanted to get something from the event, Crozeph was acting like he grew up in Yomi and it needed to be protected. Yuki, on the other hand, was invited by Hidden, if his gut feeling is reliable Night should be arriving soon, or maybe not. The last two to appear was his guild leader along with Calrex, he knew the guy because they are guildmates and that Baldur has mentioned him before as one with a really nice build for his character and also his body.

"Hey we're like the Guardians of the Galaxy" he uttered as he saw them all.

Crozeph pinched Yuki's cheek as soon as she arrived "I knew you'd be here and..." Crozeph was then surprised when she introduced him to Hidden "wha- you knew each other?" he said. Hidden's expression was like how Cranston looked at Franco and Crozeph wasn't liking that "yeh, Yuki and I are getting married soon" he told her.

Baldur's arrival along with Calrex also a good thing for him and as Baldur told him again about how the river was always a bait for him, Crozeph scratched his head "I know right? this river is like a black hole pulling me in from time to time" he told him "nice you see you here too Cal, it's reassuring to see a veteran here with the group" he added. Now it weirded him out not seeing NIght, Yuki's partner and it added more to the feeling when HIdden decided to hide "well, we're off to a good start" he told himself.

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Yuki grinned when she saw Night's message. That girl basically lived in her shadow at this point, way too literally. Whenever they did anything together, Night was always hanging around to ambush their target. Her shadow was always longer in Yuki's light. The brighter she shined, the better night performed. They were a really deadly duo.

Yuki: Gotcha. Do what you do best.

Hidden and Crozeph were waiting for her arrival and the rest of the group. Hidden seemed to have something bothering her, but before she got the chance to even ask about it, Hidden had faded into the darkness just like Night. She turned to Crozeph and gave him a smile. "You and this floor have too special of a connection. We'll help make sure nothing terrible happens to it." It wasn't her cup of tea, but Yuki would do anything to help Crow.

It was then that Baldur and his company came up behind her. "Oh, Sensei. I'm sorry I didn't see you there. Thank you for coming along. This fight we'll be exceeding easy with all of us." Her eyes turned to the blue haired boy. A pearly white smile over took her face. "Hey there! Yuki, Level 68 tank and front liner. Nice to meet you. I'm to be your shield today, stay behind me. Shields only work from the front after all!"

Once greetings were all out of the way, Yuki pulled her sword from the sheathe for amount, allowing it to collect light before putting it back.

Yuki activates <Vengeful Riposte>

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Baldur watched as their rag-tag band of guardians assembled themselves for the newest all hallows eve event. He knew Yuki-chan and Crow-kun, and obviously his kouhai Cal-kun, but the other names, Hidden and Night, he was unfamiliar with, though he could only see an outline of their figures when he focused on them due them being in a party, he could clearly see the orange crystal above Hidden. Something stirred in his memory of the floor 23 boss fight, but he couldn't remember clearly who that was.

"Alright, well we might as well be off then." Yuki seemed ready to go, but didn't appear to push the party forward. Well she was right about the tank going first, but if no one was going to kick this thing off, he would. After all, no one really knew what they were getting themselves into here.

"Calrex-kun and Yuki-chan in the front, Crow-kun and I can take the rear guard."

The ship loomed over them ominously. It didn't appear to be made out of wood but some kind of chitinous material, with spine like spikes sticking out of every surface. It would have been impossible to wield as a vessel in anything but a video game, but it did lend it an inhuman, eerie feeling.

The six of them strode up the ramp and into the hold of the ship. Though the chains in what must have been the slave hold were filled with limp skeletons, spectral chains held spectral prisons, who railed against non-existent restraints. Their suffering in life or the curse of the ship being all that truly held them in place.

His steel eyes peered uneasily about the ship, ready for some of the ghosts to attack them in a vanguard that never came, though he continued to press his thumb against the tusba of his katana just a fraction of force less than was necessary to draw the blade. He may not have the unique skill <<Battoujutsu>> but he was trained in the real world to possess those skills and would be ready to fight in an instant.

Finally they found another ramp up to the deck of the ship, but as they rose up to the top, they realized they were no longer where they had been. The gaijin's eyes flickered back the direction they came, but the ramp was gone and the ship was whole once more. Wind caught the sails and they lurched forward, sailing open seas of fog.

"Tsk." Baldur let out in annoyance.

Then clapping came. His eyes whirled in the direction of the helm.

"Welcome, mortals! To the Naglfar!"

As Baldur's eyes focused on the giant creature that came down toward them, the giant crystal appeared above his head, showing Baldur that he was a boss quality monsters, with the name of Hrym.

"Fy flate."

Baldur assumed his ready position.

"Alright everyone, get ready. This is a Jotunn commander. Looks like we're going to have a Ragnarok themed event now. Kayaba knows where they're taking us. Some instanced special event field. We don't know what's coming, but I doubt this is a simple tank and spank event. DPS, follow my lead. Yuki - like you said, you're on point as tank. Cal, if adds show up, I'll leave the AoE to you."

Baldur didn't so much as look at his comrades. He had an arrogant confidence that at the very least, Calrex, Yuki, and Crozeph would follow his lead. If the others were stealthed, they were going to do what they were going to do anyways, but they would look for an opening to use their skills, so he would give them one.

"I'll bull rush the big guy."

Baldur's tabi covered feet slid forward slightly as his thumb freed a half inch of the new, blade he held in his hands: <<Ethereal Tether - Zanshin.>> Who knew what this light would look like, but as that steel ware bared, energy and power swirled around Baldur's feet, the <<charge>> gathering it in and focusing it into the sword.

His steel eyes narrowed on the Jotunn, "It's time to live up to my name."

He focused his mind and his will. He did as he had taught Cal years ago, and began to teach his students. He created the flame in his mind, and fed to it all the fear, and anxiety, and distractions, and let it feed his will. His mind became clear. Some called it being in the zone. Or one might call it the state of Zen. He called his state of awareness Mushin. The flame, Fudoshin, roared to life inside of mine, uniting his mind and his spirit. Distractions fell away. There was only his team, the enemy, and their field of battle. He became one with them all in a state known as Zanshin. Awareness. Readiness.

Then he blurred. Light erupted from the ivory saya as he draw the steel purple blade. No, it wasn't light that trailed the blade. The blade cut the air as it traveled, leaving only the skybox behind the rendered graphics in its wake. Instead of the typical arcs of light which followed his sword, swaths of a night sky, stippled with stars, and colored with nebula was left in its wake trailing the gaijin samurai. The aesir and the blade as one crossed the distance to the joutnn in an instant, and a heart beat later, five separate slashed converged on the large form, and when they touched the giant's health pool was rent. The blue and white blur that was his haori finally resolved into the wanna be samurai as he came to a stop behind the monster.


ID: 173771 BD: 1 +8 (accuracy) -1 charge = 7 (hit due to absolute accuracy)
Base 24 +5 (charge) = 29x15=435 RAW - 75 MIT = 360 DMG Dealt

Baldur-san | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 134/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped
@Hidden-hikoku | HP:1405/1405 | EN:124/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70
@Crozeph-Kun | HP: 1090/1090 | EN: 106/106 | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30] | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1
@NIGHT-san | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 167/167 | ACC: 6* | DMG: 25 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 7 | BH: 77 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | LD: 5 |
@Calrex-kun | HP: 1805 | EN: 176 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | ACH: 0.5 | Stonewall
@Zajcica-chan | HP: 1570/1570 | EN: 136/136 | DMG 2 MIT 232 | EVA -1 | BH 78 | THRNS: 105

Hrym - The Captain of Naglfar | HP: 1640/2000 | DMG 300 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 75 | Horn 0/2 +1 Attack per Jötunn | Solidarity - 50% DMG REDUX 
Jötunn - 0/0


Unshakable [Passive] - Hrym cannot be affected by any disabling effects. (stun, paralysis, etc)
Horn of Battle [Passive] - Every 2 turns, Hrym calls an allied Jötunn to his side. For every Jötunn that remains alive on Hrym’s turns, Hrym gains an extra attack. Summoned Jötunn do not attack, but cannot be attacked themselves.
Solidarity [Passive] - Final damage to Hrym is reduced by 50% so long as one Summoned Jötunn as alive.
Tortured Spirits - Players may use a post action to commune with the spirits trapped aboard the Naglfar. By using the natural LD value, players convince the corresponding number of spirits to attack summoned Jötunn. 20 Spirits attacking the Jötunn will slay it.


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Pushing away the thoughts of what Crozeph have said, she followed the party onto the ship, a giant awaiting them. Of course as normal headhunters did, they began attacking immediately. The samurai attacked first, his blade casting a starry ripple into the air. She found herself watching the man fight. For as destructive as it was, the effects were smooth and clean. Making her move next, she darted forward after him. while he took attention in the front, she had snuck around. Targeting the Jotunn's knee, she slammed her dagger into the creature, dealing a good chunk of damage. Springing back to hopefully stay away from an attack, her eyes would cast around the battlefield in hopes of finding NIGHT. Was the woman exceptionally better than before? Was she more likely to be replaced?

Of course, she wouldn't find her until she attacked. She knew of her party's abilities save for the Samurai and the Blue boy. They would finish this quite quickly. With only the two of them, they had almost reduced the boss's health to half. 

ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time
174018 5 4 20 10 Hidden Msg_hover2.png Eternal Cyclone v. Hrym 2020-10-20 11:30:58

Assassin: Auto-hit, +3 DMG
DMG: 23+3=26*13=338-75=263 DMG
EN: 11-1(Well-rested)=10 Used. 1 Restored.

Baldur-san | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 144/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped
@Hidden-hikoku | HP:1405/1405 | EN:115/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70
@Crozeph-Kun | HP: 1090/1090 | EN: 106/106 | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30] | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1
@NIGHT-san | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 167/167 | ACC: 6* | DMG: 25 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 7 | BH: 77 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | LD: 5 |
@Calrex-kun | HP: 1805 | EN: 176 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | ACH: 0.5 | Stonewall
@Zajcica-chan | HP: 1570/1570 | EN: 136/136 | DMG 2 MIT 232 | EVA -1 | BH 78 | THRNS: 105

Hrym - The Captain of Naglfar | HP: 1377/2000 | DMG 300 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 75 | Horn 0/2 +1 Attack per Jötunn | Solidarity - 50% DMG REDUX 
Jötunn - 0/0

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"There's always something in the river but yeah, let's try to keep this place safe" he replied to Yuki. Yomi has been his hiding place from all the dread he felt for over 2 years of being trapped in Aincrad and it might be weird but somehow he did want to protect the place, even though one day monster won't yield loot for him anymore. Crozeph nodded his head as Baldur gave him his position on the group "rear guard it is" he muttered to himself.

Crozeph didn't like the feel of the boat, must be his fear of deep waters and hint of claustrophobia. While being in a tiny space is easily dealt with, he didn't want to know the feeling of sinking into the abyss. He was about to sink deeper into his own thoughts when someone welcomed them and then attacks flew to that jotunn. Crozeph also moved forward as soon as Baldur mentioned DPS "yep, I'm a dps for now" he said. He moved to a different direction but still headed to Hrym, Crozeph always had the habit of doing a blitz if he can. 

One quick pull of the blood-red fabric that is acting as a sheath for his katana as enough. He wrapped it on his arm and swung wide at Hrym. The target was big an so should his attack but not losing the lethality of aiming for its throat. two attacks connected and Crozeph finished it off by slashing at where Hidden sank her dagger.

ID: 174041 BD: 2 + 6 = 8 success I CD: 10 [Recovery proc] +3 EN
Crozeph dealt 21 x 15 San Ge = 315 - 75  = 240 damage to Hrym

Baldur-san | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 144/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped
Hidden-hikoku | HP:1405/1405 | EN:115/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70
Crozeph-Kun | HP: 1180/1180 | EN: 97/106 | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30] | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1
@NIGHT-san | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 167/167 | ACC: 6* | DMG: 25 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 7 | BH: 77 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | LD: 5 |
@Calrex-kun | HP: 1805 | EN: 176 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | ACH: 0.5 | Stonewall
@Zajcica-chan | HP: 1570/1570 | EN: 136/136 | DMG 2 MIT 232 | EVA -1 | BH 78 | THRNS: 105

Hrym - The Captain of Naglfar | HP: 1137/2000 | DMG 300 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 75 | Horn 0/2 +1 Attack per Jötunn | Solidarity - 50% DMG REDUX 

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No signals. She knew better when she would be needed, or so the player would like to think. Just as Hidden lunged out of the shadows, NIGHT waited her time, half expecting Hrym to lash out at where the woman was once at. That sudden bolt of its arm only lent the element of surprise further to NIGHT's own maneuvers -- when it had crashed down upon the metal flooring, that left its other side open for a strike of opportunity.

And the player took it. One stream of black tore through the field across the boat, a sliver of orange barely visible from the smear cut through the air. Jack's Executioner was raised high, right as Hrym might've been recovering, the blade piercing through its abdomen with a vicious spill of thick ghastly venom, that well flooding the wound and leaking across the boss' form.

She bounced back from its immediate range afterwards. There was no telling what this giant was out to do other than wreck shop, and NIGHT wanted no part of its tantrum antics upon her health bar if she could help it.


ID: 174075 | LD: 8 + 7 = 15 | Maintaining Stealth.
Stealth maintained. [Surprise Attack: Trickster] activated to apply [DoT: 178 DMG] (2) to the following target(s):

ID: 174076 | BD: 8 + 6 = 14 | <<Galaxy Destroyer>> vs Hyrm.
The strike lands! (-9 EN)
25 * 13 = 325 DMG | 325 - 75 = 250 DMG | 250 * 0.5 = 125 DMG

Baldur-san | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 144/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped
Hidden-hikoku | HP:1405/1405 | EN:115/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70
Crozeph-Kun | HP: 1180/1180 | EN: 97/106 | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30] | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1
NIGHT | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 158/167 | ACC: 6 | DMG: 25 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 7 | BH: 77 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | LD: 5
@Calrex-kun | HP: 1805 | EN: 176 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | ACH: 0.5 | Stonewall
@Zajcica-chan | HP: 1570/1570 | EN: 136/136 | DMG 2 MIT 232 | EVA -1 | BH 78 | THRNS: 105

Hrym - The Captain of Naglfar | HP: 1012/2000 | DMG 300 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 75 | Horn 0/2 +1 Attack per Jötunn | Solidarity - 50% DMG REDUX | [DoT: 178 DMG] (0/2)

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Ignore 174103 - missing Sword Art description Q_Q

ID: 174107
BD: 7 (Accuracy +4 / Charge -1) = 10 // (18+5) * 15 - 75 = 270 Damage

Sword Art <<All Might>> + Charge: -17 EN / 159 Remaining

Calrex gave a nod as everyone made their introductions, looking forward at the pink-haired player who addressed themselves as Yuki, "Nice to meet you. A frontliner tank huh? Then I'll leave my protection in your hands, but if at any point you need to switch feel free to call out. I actually also normally serve as a tank during the raids, so between the two of us we should be able to take the hits."

With everyone prepared to start the bluenette placed the Grand Chariot III's helmet on, the light blue slits indicating his eyes becoming visible as it secured to the base of the armor. The other two individuals outside of Crow and Yuki he would have to try and learn more about later on. With the raid approaching, it was clear no one wanted to waste any time with getting as prepared as possible. Boarding onto the boat he gave a small sigh while adjusting the gauntlets on his arms, "Front guard, got it."

Baldur initiated the first battle against their Norse-inspired foe, cleaving a powerful strike before Hidden, Crow, and Night also took their opportunities to deal a significant amount of damage to Hyrm, seeing the boss monster's health drop by almost half, "Geezes we really are going all in huh? Got it, I'll handle smaller mobs should they show up in time."

Clenching his right hand into a fist his arm began to shine with a bright blue aura of light while the Ultramarine Knight lowered his stance, giving a calming breath as he focused, his eyes locked onto the target's form. Tightening his legs he prepared them to spring forward, activating <<Charge>> before he felt the assisted system take over, jerking his entire body forward as he rocketed towards Hyrm like he was being drawn by a powerful magnet. As he drew closer he was pulled upwards towards the creature's face before <<All Might>> triggered, the powerful right hook slamming into the side of the boss' face before the repulsive force sent the blue armored player back to the deck, sliding to a stop.


Baldur-san | HP: 1560/1560 | EN: 144/144 | MIT: 49 | DMG: 24 | Absolute ACC: 8 | EVA: 2 | BH: 78 | Conc (3/3) | Parry (2/2) | QChange (3/3) | Zanshin Equipped
Hidden-hikoku | HP:1405/1405 | EN:115/124 | DMG:23 | MIT:79 | EVA:4 | ACC:6 | VAMP OFF:140 | HLY:8 | BH:70
Crozeph-Kun | HP: 1180/1180 | EN: 97/106 | ACC: 4[+2] | DMG: 18[+3] | EVA: 2[+2] | MIT: 45[+30] | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1
NIGHT | HP: 1550/1550 | EN: 158/167 | ACC: 6 | DMG: 25 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 7 | BH: 77 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | LD: 5
Calrex-kun | HP: 1805/1805 | EN: 159/176 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | ACH: 0.5 | TNT 1 | Stonewall
@Zajcica-chan | HP: 1570/1570 | EN: 136/136 | DMG 2 MIT 232 | EVA -1 | BH 78 | THRNS: 105

Hrym - The Captain of Naglfar | HP: 742/2000 | DMG 300 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | MIT 75 | Horn 0/2 +1 Attack per Jötunn | Solidarity - 50% DMG REDUX | [DoT: 178 DMG] (0/2)


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