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[EV-26] The Ladonian Rebellion

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The Ladonian Rebellion

It seemed to happen all at once.

That was, of course, intentional. Those involved in the plot had carefully positioned themselves throughout the city, so when they finally cried out, their voices would envelope the entire city. Their chants would reach every single person, striking fear into the nobles who cowered in their ivory towers. More importantly, they would seek out those who had spent their lives in the shadows - the commoners, the refugees, the forgotten, and the discarded. Like moths to a flame, they would be led into the light of a new day, the dawn of a new era. 

Soon, Grand Imperator Razwell III and his three spoiled sons would pay for what they did to Galtea. They, along with everyone like them, would have everything torn away from them. They would be reduced to nothing, forced to live among the trash and the sewer rats. Really, it was more than they deserved.

In moments, barricades appeared in the city's chokepoints, alien masses of broken barrels, overturned carts, and mismatched furniture. Black smoke spiraled into the air from various small fires; some were planned, though most were accidental. Flags declaring the Galtean crest unfurled from windows, and even those who had never set foot in the ruined nation joined the sea of bodies steadily marching toward the Central Tower. Their voices, raised in protest, rose and fell like the ocean in a storm.

While the true king reclaimed his throne, his subjects would take back their city.


                      Rebellion has broken out in Ladonia.                   
               The Central Tower has been left unguarded.             
           Will you take advantage of this rare opportunity?         

                           O       X                           




1. The Ladonian people, led by Galtean refugees, are rebelling against the city's elite. To read more about the city's history, visit the floor guide.
2. A cryptic message has been sent to all Players, inviting them to take advantage of the chaos, and explore a new part of the floor.
3. Players will be tasked with venturing as far up the Ladonian Central Tower as possible.
4. Every round will present Players with both a narrative objective and a mechanical challenge. For example, Players may need to build a bridge (narrative) by rolling a combined LD of 100 (mechanical).
5. All rolls will be natural - skills, mods, consumables and gear will not affect the outcome.
6. The round will last until the group is successful, then the next round will begin. The exception is the first round, which will have a time-sensitive deadline.
7. There will be no strike system, or penalty for missed rounds, but lack of participation will hurt the event's forward progress.
8. There will be no stats-based combat, so Players run no risk of dying. However, writers must still post a complete stat/equipment work-up for their character, as usual.
9. Any character participating in the Floor 26 Boss Fight may not join, as the two events run simultaneously. However, Frontline writers are welcome to put an alt in if they choose.
10. All writers are allowed one character for this event.
11. Some rounds allow more than one post. Be sure to avoid double-posting by letting at least one person post before you do again.
12. Participants may join in at any time during the event, but their rewards will reflect their level of involvement. They will "fast-travel" to whichever challenge/location is currently in play.
13. Be sure to pay close attention to each round's introductory post. Special rules may be put into action.
14. Reaching the top of the Tower will positively impact the battle being fought by the Frontliners.

Round One: Do You Hear the People Sing?
Navigate the chaotic streets to reach the walls surrounding the the Central Tower.
There is no mechanical challenge in play at this time.
All Players may make no more than three posts.
The round will end on Wednesday November 10th at 1 AM EST.


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Oji, The Uncle of Aincrad
Level: 1
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 20/20
EN: 20/20

Damage: 1
Loot Dice: 1

Equipped Gear:

Custom Skill:

Searching R1

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:


Oji was not a fighter, that he wasn't. He was a tinkerer, a talker, a wise sage in some situations. But a fighter? No, no combat experience, no weapon backgrounds, nothing. However, he knew that sometimes even those unprepared had to do the right thing, and when he received the cryptic message from the game, he knew he had to act. He hadn't left floor 1 much, let alone the starting city, but he quickly made his way, a bead of sweat across his forehead, to the first floor teleporter. As he stood, he felt his legs shaking a bit. He was nervous. Going out of the first floor was daunting enough, but here he was going to the highest floor that they've unlocked thus far. He was crazy to go there, but he knew he needed to help

It was the right thing to do, right?

"T-teleport, Floor 26." He said, and his first moment of using a teleporter left him in amazement, and feeling sick to his stomach. It was such an odd feeling, one he was not yet used to. He almost fell to his knees once he appeared on the 26th floor, but he held strong. As he looked, he was that there was chaos all around him. The indicator from the quest that he accepted pointed him forwards, towards what looked to him like a giant castle. He was amazed by the architecture that the floor had, but right now he couldn't take any closer looks right now. Right now, he needed to press forward and advance to the giant castle, and figure out how he could help in this situation.

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rare opportunity? for what?

oh, a rebellion. she hadn't been to that floor before, but a ruler wouldn't mention a lack of otherworldiness to anyone but themselves. still, though. the term rebellion should've put a chill into her bones...

...if the term had actually been used against her. which meant that the ruling powers of that particular region had disintegrated. seconds after reading the message, nian understood all there was to know about her necessary attendance at the forefront.

"make way! make way!"

and follow the little red dot around the circumference of the city, the woman trying to weave herself into the crowd of infidels and auxiliaries, annoyed grunts pressed out of her when people around found themselves shoving and pushing their king around. so annoying! with one burst, a shove outwards to the rabble against her, and two pitch pillars were summoned, sleek stoic figures cutting through the daylight, the last rays of sun fallen upon her exact position caught in sheens of her authority. and the monarch yelled, pushing herself off the ground just as she had been so used to, before the torrent could collect themselves back upon her position.

no, she wasn't going to trap herself here, here, with the lowlifes, before seeing this to its conclusion.

so she couldn't cut a path amongst the people. too bad. a light landing upon a building's rooftop was then followed by a heavy settling of metal, thick and unwieldy, upon ancient and sturdy brick. red eyes squinted towards the distance. following the direction of the crowd. a landmark. the central tower.


claws sank into the gaps between metal rungs, and the system complained, as though acknowledging the str in her fist. and likewise, nian hissed at it. so much for cardinal if it were to complain under a bit of pressure.

within bounds overhead, the king flung herself over towards her destination point.

forging one's own direction had always been the way of heaven's favourites.


 [[ N I A N ]] 
NIAN | HP: 60/60 | EN: 24/24 | DMG: 8 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | MIT: 12


  • Heaven's Decree
    • +2 ACC
    • +1 EVA
  • STR
    • + 3 DMG
  • Fur-Hooded Down Jacket
    • + 12 MIT
    • + 0 REGEN


  • Cold Brew Coffee (5) | HP RECOVERY III | [link]


  • CLAWS | RANK 2/5


  • -



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 Level 31//Paragon 21

1150/1150 HP 130/130 EN

23 Base Damage 30 Mitigation

Accuracy Evasion 

32 Blight Damage (20 Mitigation loss for duration) 

48 Bleed Damage


50 Battle Healing 

Survival (10% increase to healing effects applied)



Witchfang : Tier 4 Demonic One Handed Straight Sword // CURSED / BLIGHT / BLEED / PARALYZE

"Forged from the fang of a Black Dragon, this blade promises ruin to
those who are struck by it. The blade's edge is fashioned of Obsidian and
invested with a myriad of afflictions."

Cloak of the Wanderer : Tierless Perfect Light Armor // EVASION / EVASION / EVASION

 "Tattered from the wear of many battles, this cloak was once worn by a warrior who faced the trials of the Castle
  and through the flames found the strength to walk again."

Eye of Osiris : Tierless Perfect Accessory // ACCURACY / ACCURACY / ACCURACY

 "A pin fashioned in the style of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, depicting the eye of the god Osiris."


Imugi's Inspiration : Mass HP Recovery

ID: [157448]

Fruit Infused Tea : HP Recovery III

ID: [158815] | [158819] | [158822]

The seconds that ticked away until the battle were even more prominent in his mind. In the last Floor Boss battle he faced, Alkor was certain that nothing would go wrong. Experience and time had taught him to value life more than that. The anxiety that came with gambling one's life for the chance at freedom was exacerbated by the stinging uncertainty that surrounded the encounter ahead. He hadn't gone to the meeting, or even considered coordinating with the others because he was afraid to face them. He still had yet to reveal that he was alive to many of the others, and the confusion that it caused might rattle them. No, that meeting was a time for strategy, not for making dramatic entrances.

Which meant he was woefully unprepared. 

Armed with his hard work and dedication to training, he felt confident that things would go well as the fetid stench of sewer water overwhelmed his senses. He felt his eyes watering as he navigated the turgid mire, following the sounds of movement in the distance. The splashes of many footfalls, the voices of a group, surely this was the clear team sent to deal with the floor boss. The underground was a labyrinth in the truest sense. Just as he begin to see shadows taking shape against the stone walls by torchlight, the telltale sound of a system message stole his attention away.

               Rebellion has broken out in Ladonia.                   
           The Central Tower has been left unguarded.             
      Will you take advantage of this rare opportunity?     

He froze. There were a million possible meanings for this, but the most likely of them was that everyone was being prompted. The frontliners had breached the boss room, and now the game was reacting. The world of Aincrad was lashing out again. Alkor stared hard into the flickering shadows as they diminished. While they needed all the help they could get with the boss, there was always the chance of greater danger to those outside. Players who were not ready for the trials of the frontlines would be called up, unexpecting prey for the unforgiving Cardinal system. With a frown on his face, he turned his back on the clear and present mission. Several words echoed through his mind as he turned back, breaking into a sprint that would bear him to the overworld. 

Your duty is to the people of Aincrad.

His fingers moved deftly through the air and dismissed the message by fiercely tapping the blue circle.

Quest Accepted.


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Level: 6
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 120/120
EN: 30/30

Damage: 8

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Vanity Whip
Armor: Vanity Armor

Whip R5




"Hey, watch it!"

Lilik's pretty face curled into a snarl as an NPC shoulder-checked her. Were it a Player, she likely would have thrown a punch, or at the very least, delivered a hard shove of her own. She was in the middle of a city, so it wasn't like she'd go orange or anything (though, really, who gave a flying fuck if she did?). But considering that the man was just lines of code, or whatever, Lilik determined he wasn't worth the energy expended. She did, however, glare a hole into his retreating back. When a second man shoved into her, she sucked in a surprised gasp, stumbling forward a step before whirling on her attacker.

"Are you shitting me?" she demanded, hands balling into fists. This time, she was going to throw those hands, NPC or not. But surprise dampened the mad as Lilik watched the NPC dutifully follow the first. Suddenly intrigued, the woman spun a slow three-sixty, finally noticing the odd way in which the NPCs filed past her. They flowed past like a river, parting around her as if she were a boulder in their path. One or two still bumped into her, but this time, she did not bother to shout.

"Where are you little ants going?" Lilik murmured, golden eyes flashing devilishly. She allowed the crowd to swallow her up, moving briskly along the streets of Ladonia. They weren't quite running, but there was a rolling, no-nonsense feel to their gait. Anticipation, she decided, long legs pumping to keep up. These guys mean business. But where were they going?

This time, it was Lilik who plowed into the NPC. With a hard oof, her face rammed into his sturdy back, face planting between his shoulder blades before she stumbled backward. A curse and an insult tanged on the tip of her tongue, but she bit it back as she peered around the tree-trunk of a man. They had stopped. No, they had been stopped, by an enormous form taking shape fifty feet away. 

"Oh god," Lilik muttered, gazing up at the hulking barricade that loomed overhead. "It's some weird Les Mis bullshit."

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Krysta had merely heard rumors of the twenty-sixth floor, and what she heard had caught her attention. Perhaps the fact that she was at the level cap might assist her when traversing this floor. She made sure to bring her best equipment with her, for this floor was the latest one to be unlocked thus far. It was likely that the floor would be teeming with dangers beyond a settlement.

Little did she expect to arrive at a scene of chaos.

Soon, she saw a prompt appear in front of her, speaking of a rare opportunity...

She'd be a fool to not accept, for it was likely that this tower had great significance to something, and now was her chance to find out. She accepted the prompt, and now she had to find out how she was going to get there. It was likely that she would encounter hostility, so she drew her weapon, Alediel's Grace, and began searching for a way to reach her destination. Any hostiles who sought to prevent Krysta's advance towards said destination, would do so at their own peril.


Stats and Equipment:


Level: 31

Paragon Level: 7(paragon stat bonus totals: +20 HP, +2 EN)

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 10% of EXP earned in that thread.


Battle Stats:

HP: 640

Energy: 84(Base[64], Energist[20])

Base Damage: 21(THSS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], Meticulous[1])

Mitigation: 78(Lumino Regalia[48], Light Armor R5[30])

Accuracy: 1(Alediel's Grace)

Evasion: 0

Loot Die: 3(Andvari's Blessing)

Holy Damage: +8 Damage on BD 9-10

T4 Bleed: Inflicts Bleed on BD 9-10, deals 48 DMG per turn for two turns


Additional conditions:

-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



[T4] Alediel's Grace(Holy, Accuracy, Bleed)[Equipped]

[T4] Lumino Regalia(2 MIT, 1 REC)[Equipped]

[T1] Andvari's Blessing(3 LD)[Equipped]



Teleport Crystal x1



Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Battle Healing Rank 5(30 SP)

Energist(8 SP)



Extra Skills:

First aid Rank 5(30 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Healing(10 SP)





THSS Ferocity(6 SP)

Purify(4 SP)

Barrier(6 SP)

Field Medic(6 SP)

Meticulous(4 SP)



Resolve(6 SP)


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Something's afoot?" he stared at confusion. Plini knew his boss, or rather the person he calls boss has a knack to say weird things out of nowhere and this one is a great example of it. He wasn't sure how to react and inside Night's Watch he was already getting a gist of ho Shirogane and Crozeph does things. "Hey Shirogane, boss wants us too-" then he realized that Shirogane was up to something else about creating a shield for their group. "I guess she wanted to do a full support build" he thought. 

He quickly opened his messenger and messaged Shirogane, there's no use disturbing their boss and all he needs to do is check what Crozeph wants to be checked.

To: Shirogane
I'm leaving the shop for a while, boss sent a message I'll forward to you later.

Plini picked up his sling bag and loaded whatever vanity item he has right now and hoped that it would help him. Night's Watch was in floor ten and that would mean it would be a big leap for him "maybe Orca can help me, but should I be asking help for a woman posing as a hot nun somewhere?" he shook his head. The image burned in his mind of how Orca looks is proving her point that Plini was indeed vulnerable but for now...

Floor 26. Ladonia

"What in the flying fuck?!" his first words where uttered as he came out of the teleport plaza. A place in shambles, it was like a scene in a movie and since Plini isn't Crozeph, his references where drifting to something else "a-are these people toppling the nobles? some kind of Marie Antoinette shit going on?" he thought. Most of the time Plini is cool-headed but with how a lot of where his eyes can see is on fire, it would be tricky to stay cool quick.


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A sea of madness swallowed the city.

Where once the turmoil existed only in the form of cracks across chiseled marble, now Ladonia was fractured obsidian, blackened by the flames of rebellion. Alkor navigated perilous streets, dodging and ducking the charred detritus of former Imperial holdings. The citizenry cast off their chains, and the things that collared them were kindling for the blaze that set the backdrop to the floor boss battle. The dull roar of a crowd became mind-numbing screams, chanting, and cheering as they trampled guards. En masse, their unpolished and unrefined numbers swallowed the rank and file. 

One after another, they threw themselves at the seat of power on the floor. They were rebuffed and then gained ground in a bloody waltz, painting the streets red. Guards that once stood to bar his way no longer had interest in him as the First Knight of Aincrad fought his way through the struggle. If the worst feeling associated with being trapped inside the game was helplessness, it now blossomed within him more than ever. "For Galtea!" came a scream of defiance from somewhere nearby, "for freedom! For vengeance!"

If their were shouts to the contrary, they died on the lips that conceived them. 

"Razwell will fall this day!" the certainty in those words brought both hope and despair. The determination was admirable, but the resignation that followed was palpable. The die had been cast. It was the Frontliners who stood to  lose everything from failure. If there was any way to prevent that, any way to increase the odds of victory, or decrease the odds of player death from the outside, Alkor was resolved to find it. His sword was in one hand in a flash of steel, diverting a blade away from one of the commonfolk who was awash in the sea of chaos. The woman was dazed, staring up at her assailant with abject fear in her eyes.

"No harm will come to those who have no part to play in this act," Alkor said solemnly. The woman shook violently, but fear rooted her in place. The owner of the parried blade turned on him. Ladonian, Galtean- all words, all divisive terms for two sides of a single coin. Aincradian. "Go," he called back over to his shoulder to the woman, who turned to look at him. He did not face away from his opponent. He did not turn his face from death. "Blood waters the fields that prosper in the wake of rebellion," he said, "but someone must live to tend those fields. Hurry."

After a moment of uncertainty, his words seemed to dispel her shackles, and she fled the scene. 

"The Imperator protects!" screamed the guard as he raised his blade and made to strike at Alkor. Two swathes of crimson appeared across his chest in a cross pattern as Alkor executed his Sword Art, no longer hindered by a ward in need of protection.

"When you see him in hell," Alkor muttered as the man scattered into fragments, "tell him to do a better job of it."

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Krysta continued her advance, but only one thing would stall her for the time being.

A citizen who had no part in either side of the conflict was under attack, by one of the city's own soldiers, as it turned out. Krysta stepped in to intervene. "That citizen has done nothing against you, leave her alone." She declared.

The corrupted knight looked over to Krysta. "And who says you have any right to give me orders? This one here is a rebel, no law-abiding citizen would dare conspire against the Imperator!" He countered.

"And have you any proof of this?" Krysta asked. The knight was silent. "Please, have mercy and just let me go..." The citizen pleaded. The corrupted knight swatted the citizen. "Silence, you!" He roared. Krysta gripped her blade tightly. This was injustice. "You have not answered my question." Krysta noted. "I shall ask you again, do you have any proof for your claims on one's possible wrongdoing?"

The corrupted knight seemed exasperated. "You have no right to question me with such authority, girl. Keep this up, and I'll see that you both receive the punishment you deserve." He growled. Krysta readied her weapon. "It would seem you have spoken no valid reason to properly justify your actions, and you have avoided my question twice. It was but a simple question, and you saw fit to ignore it. You surmise that this unarmed citizen has done wrong, and rather than focusing on what may be a larger problem at hand, you seek to commit petty violence against your own people." She prepared her sword art, but would not attack unless properly provoked. The corrupted knight was now agitated, and the cursor above him turned red. "I've had more than enough of your words." The corrupted knight decided. He drew his own blade, and Krysta disrupted his attack with her Sword art, Radiant Strike. Holy energy increased the damage dealt, and the corrupt knight didn't feel like quarreling with Krysta anymore. "J-just who do you even think you are?" He demanded. Krysta stood firm. "One who is sworn to protect the innocent and defenseless." Krysta answered. "To hell with you...to hell with all of you!" The corrupted knight yelled out. But instead of attacking further, he fled. Krysta walked over to the still shaking citizen. "Are you alright? Let me help you." She asked. She helped the citizen back up on their feet, and tended to a few minor injuries. The citizen thanked Krysta and fled from the scene.

Krysta had been sidetracked longer than she needed to. It was time she got moving again.

She looked over to the structure she needed to reach. It wasn't that far now, hopefully she could still get there in time.

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Like zombies in a horror film, the NPCs fell on the Imperial Palace. Their bodies pressed together, seeming to form a single entity that surged against the stone walls and sturdy gates. Guards dressed in heavy armor, and adorned with the royal crest of Ladonia, stood just out of the crowd's reach. Occasionally, they swiped their blades toward hands or weapons that plunged through the iron bars, but beyond that, they did very little. The central tower was the most well-protected location in the city, meant to withstand attacks from well-armed, well-trained enemy soldiers. This unruly mob of dirty peasants and pitiful refugees would pose no threat whatsoever. For this reason, Grand Imperator Razwell did not fear for his life. Instead, he feared for his seat of power, and the hold he had on the city. He had worked too hard, and paid too dearly, to let a bunch of illiterate commoners ruin everything for him.

It is unclear who first let slip the Imperator's plan. Perhaps one of the many spies relayed the information, or a guard spoke a bit too loudly. Or maybe the great minds behind the rebellion simply saw it coming. But when the warships began to mobilize, drifting down from their perches atop Ladonian Skyport, the barricades were already in place. The many soldiers stationed throughout the city found their journey to the skyport first hindered, then halted altogether. Aside from scaling the tall buildings, fighting their way over the barricades, or convincing the right rebels, their mission seemed impossible. The skeleton crew who resided within the skyport could only man a handful of the military ships, but they soon glided over the city like great black sharks. As all eyes turned to the skies, now clouded with suffocating black smoke, dozens of private and commercial airships stood forgotten on the skyport's lower decks. Were any skyrat pirates, or clever Players, able to secure one of these vehicles, the entire city would be their playground.


Round Two: The World Turned Upsidedown
Reach Ladonian Skyport by any means necessary.
Collect a combined LD score of 125. Note the group's total, along with your roll, at the bottom of the post.
Double posting is not allowed. Please be mindful of other participants, and give everyone an opportunity to contribute.
The round will end when the requirement is met.

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"GET the hell out of my way!" Celeste rips a single wide slash through the crowd of soldiers wearing prides of Ladonia. Like a driving nail right through a plank of wood, she tears through them like butter. The promise of loot was way too damn good to pass up. "Get the fucking lead out." The redhead yelps back toward @Lium who like typically was lagging ass behind her. The port stocked to the brim with floating and abandoned vessels in the chaos, as the woman approached they started to attempt to undock.

Merchants aboard the boat she'd set her eyes on were trying to leave. Sails unfurling, and blue gemstones affixed to the sides beginning to glow. "Oh no you don't" Her blade glows, and she heaves the fucker toward the boat like a missile. One of the crew gets knocked away from the anchoring lines, as Celeste slides to an awaiting ballista. "You better hold on tight." She quips pulling the trigger, a single javelin piercing the side in a spray of wood. A taught bit of chain linking it to the ground, she grabs @Lium's arms and forces him to hold on to the end still hanging out the gun.

Right onto the chain she hops, she was taking that fucking boat.

ID:201742 | Battle:6, Craft:12, Loot:3 (3/125)

Celeste | HP: 620/620 | EN: 80/80 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 63 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BH: 12 | BRN: 56 | HLY: 16 | PHASE

EXP Tier: 4


Celeste, The Crimson Tide
Level: 31
Paragon Level: 1
HP: 620/620
EN: 80/80

Damage: 23
Mitigation: 63
Evasion: 1
Accuracy: 4
Battle Healing: 12
BRN: 56
HLY: 16

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Wash in Cardinal - Reaver [T4/Hammer/Demonic] - Holy 2, Burn 1, Phase
Armor: Red Woven Wave - Stampede [T4/Light Armor/Perfect]: Mitigation 2, Evasion 1
Misc: Platinum Buckle [T1/Trinket/Perfect]: Accuracy 3

Custom Skill:

Hammer R5
Light Armor R3
Battle Healing R2

Active Mods:
Surprise Attack (Assassin)

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:
Hiding R5

Battle Ready Inventory:
Liquor of Light (Potion) x5
Raspberry Smoothie [T1/Dessert/Perfect] - Loot Dice 3 x1
Immolation [T1/Unique] - Thorns 10 x1

Housing Buffs:

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.


Edited by Celeste
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Holding the Ballista tight as she walks the chain, her weight was nothing so he had no issues. "Okay smart ass, what about me?" Luim watches the redhead jump off the chain as he jerks forward a bit. Glancing around quickly, there was nothing around the area to lodge this cross bow looking thing in so he does the next best thing. Pulling the chain backwards as the pull the ship back just a bit, but the chain detaches. "Shit..." as the chain fell into nothingness. Folding his arms now tapping his foot on the docks he would wait. In the distance he could hear screaming as blades clashing, at that point he knew that Celeste was winning. After a few minutes he started to see the ship turn back very slowly. Lium just shakes his head as he looks around for another Ballista, it wasn't hard. Aiming at the ship, reattaching another chain, he began to turn the wheel rolling the ship back to the docks. Arriving safely he hops onto the craft himself glancing around at the body count before they burst into data. "Okay, so where to now, that treasure... do we even know where that might be."

ID:201744 | Battle:10, Craft:8, Loot:20 [23/125]

Lium | HP: 40/40 | EN: 22/22 | DMG: 4


Level: 2
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 40/40
EN: 22/22

Damage: 4

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Basic Polearm

Custom Skill:

Polearm R1

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) x1

Housing Buffs:

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:


Edited by Lium
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Chaos continues to unfold, it was too obvious that everything will fall to ruin if no one makes a move to stop them all but the question is , can they all be stopped?

It was an absurd idea for Plini, he wasn't a good negotiator and add to that him being quite aloof when in comes to socializing "what would Orca do? what would boss do?" he thought as he tried to rack his brain for any excellent idea. The path anywhere he looks was either blocked and barricaded or set on fire. He saw people getting pushed back violently by the guards "a futile effort, these people are like those undead beings who just push forward. I need to think of something." He turned around, trying to find another path "if boss was here he'd be scaling up buildings or rushing through barricades-" in an instant he thought of something, he looked up and remembered that Crozeph was telling him to investigate "this floor has a skyport" he said. Plini quickly ran towards a direction where he can find a way to the port, it would be hindered by a lot of things he doesn't know but he needs to do it.

He ran past people who are wailing as if they're asking for justice, some suffers from wound inflicted by the riots and the guards. There were even children crying, it was a sight he only read in novels or saw in movies but now he's a part of it. He continued until he saw someone.

"Milord" he quickly said as he saw her.

No doubt it was her, the girl with a kingly attitude and for some reason he's playing along so well with it as if it was natural in the first place. "Milord! w-why are you-" he saw @Nian move as if she's trying to reach a place "milord! may I suggest-" he got interrupted as he yelled. A guard grabbed him by the collar "you must be with them!" Plini lowered his sling bag and swung it at the guard's helm. "I have no time for you" he said and dashed forward following Nian "Nian, oh shit, milord. The skyport!, we might know something in the skyport!" he yelled. 

Was it worth the effort? no one knows yet but Plini has to do something.

ID: 201743 | LD: 20 [43/125]

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Krysta was surprised to see airships taking to the skies. Trying to travel on foot would prove difficult due to the city being in such a state of chaos, and these airships would make it that much more difficult. Perhaps it was time she traveled to the source.

NPCs seemed to be clustering and fighting near the source of the airships when Krysta got there. The guards seemed to be holding the line there, and Krysta wouldn't be able to reach the airships without force...

   Krysta needed to push through somehow, without ending up as one of the many who were clambering on one another fruitlessly. She looked carefully at the crowd and their movements...yes, there was a way through. She would then make her way through the crowd without being too forceful...until she reached the barricade where she'd need to use it. She struck with her sword art, once again it was Radiant Strike. Krysta then managed to rush past while the guards were distracted trying to block the leak she'd made.

     Some of the guards began to chase after Krysta. "She's going for the airships, stop her!" She heard one call out. The airships were in sight and rather close by when the guards managed to catch up with her. "Oh no you don't, little miss." One guard said, managing to grasp her by the shoulder. "Hmph, never did I imagine people like her would throw their lot in with such pitiful rebels." Another guard commented, probably making an assumption based off of Krysta's appearance and apparel. Krysta readied her next Sword Art, Celestial Sweep, kicked the guard who grabbed her shoulder in the crotch to loosen his grip on her, and once free, she'd activate the Sword Art, striking the four guards at once. Two of the guards sat there dumbfounded as Krysta prepared to face the First Guard, who was rushing towards her with his weapon drawn. "What are you two sitting around for, get her!" The third guard told the dumbfounded ones while Krysta finished off the First Guard with her current best Sword Art, Regal Fury. "Or perhaps you three would prefer that you live to fight another day instead?" Krysta countered, seeing that she'd just killed one Guard in front of them. "Blast it all, this woman's far above my pay." One of the dumbfounded Guards said before retreating...or more accurately, returning to the barricades, hoping for easier opponents. The other two seemed to believe they still had a fighting chance, and ran after Krysta. "As you wish." Krysta decided, attacking again with Celestial Sweep, and with a bright Holy Light, both the guards were slain.

   With her enemies routed, Krysta turned her eyes to the airships that still remained. She looked towards one of the Private Airships, and she began her advance towards it. Hopefully she wouldn't have to commandeer it all on her lonesome, and hopefully she would be able to reach it before any hostile plunderers got any ideas...

ID# 201745 LD: 11

Progress: 54/125

Edited by Krysta
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Amongst the screaming, the army crashing against the rebellion, and the crackling flames, Oji stood amongst the chaos. He didn't know what to do, and he felt his knees turning to jelly beneath him. The chaos was something he was not accustomed to. Giant airships, large crowds of knights and fighters, flames roaring all around him. He suddenly felt that he would regret choosing to come to this, but at the same time something within him was surging with adrenaline. It was an interesting feeling.

He noticed in the corner of his eye, a few actual players sprinting towards the ship. He decided that honestly, following them would be his best bet. He sprinted behind the group, soon catching up, seeing a crazy girl use a ballista to strike into an airship and start to walk across. He felt a bead of sweat dribble down his forehead as he walked closer. "Um, mind if I join?" He asked tentatively to @Celesteand @Lium "This is... definitely an interesting way to take the ship." He spoke, finding his balance as he started his long stride towards the ship, the chain holding tight beneath him.

"Shit, this is way more dangerous than I thought.." he muttered to himself, avoiding looking down to the chaos beneath. He slowly felt the lick of the flames leave his body, the air feeling a few degrees cooler the higher he got in the air, but the smoke made it harder to keep oriented on the chain. He wobbled a few times, but he would find his footing after a few seconds and continue on, until he belly lopped onto the deck of the ship, letting out a small groan.

"Made it..."

ID: 201746 LD: 13

Progress: 67/125

Edited by Oji
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One more body to the pile seemed insignificant, but the weight of a life was never any less heavy. His duty to protect the innocent was not a license to take life. Even though the guards were data in the game, their purpose designated and outlined to the digit, they were not altogether mindless slaves to the system. They were doing a duty, no different from his own. This twisted world had its way of ripping pieces of the fabric that made up every individual away, leaving frayed remnants of the person they were behind. How many ribs were left in the fabric that comprised Alkor before the person he was before ceased to exist? He left those dark thoughts in his wake, burning with Ladonia.

It was the low groan of Airships that caught his attention. As they went winging into the firmament, the impending dread that seized the people mixed with their resolve. Nothing made sense anymore. Whether they lived or died, they had decided. With the Skyport behind them, the war machines glided into place. A rain of iron foretold their advance. 

Whether the sky was blotted out by ashen clouds or day had forsaken them in truth, not a soul knew. Alkor made his way through the charnel piles that now leaned against ramparts and barricades, shoveled out of the path to make way for the Imperator's guardsmen. Blood rivers swelled between cracks in the cobbled street and pockmarks stained the once immaculate thoroughfare. With freedom on one side and tyranny on the other, equilibrium exacted its unfeeling tax.

Still, he advanced.

Alkor knew what had to be done the moment he saw that the Empire had chosen to take to the air. They could not be allowed to establish that kind of superiority. As the Skyport grew closer, he thought he could see other Players already on their way. Good. He would not be alone in this.

[LD: 201747 // 13]

Progress: 80/125

Edited by Alkor
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And what commoner was speaking to her now? She was busy, couldn't they tell? Nian squinted, searching through the crowd midair, as she made a land towards the nearest rooftop. A peep over the ledge as she made her stop; she couldn't even be faulted for keeping up appearances tucking a long lock of hair behind her ear. Just to hear better.

"Nian-- Oh shit, milord. The skyport!"

It was at the identification of the other player within the masses that her scowl deepened. So *that* was the source of the noise. Of course, her frown faded away quickly, with the king slipping down to a safe area from her heights; a lower ledge, her grip tight from the obsidian claws, and she extended her metal arms towards @Pliniwhen she made sure, up close, she had the right man.

"Arbiter," she greeted him with a nod. There was command in her voice, a strict stupor awash her expression, almost. "I assume you don't want to be in the losing lot, do you? Come, take my hands. You're not afraid of heights, are you--?"

ID201748 | LD19 | progress: 99/125

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"Do I look like a Ladonian guard or something?" As she spoke, Lilik motioned to her appearance - black leggings and a light jacket. "What about this makes you think royalty?"

Still, the burly NPC blocked her path, his hairy hands clenched into fists at his sides. "Nobody goes in," he informed her in a voice like an ax cracking wood. "That's how this is going to go."

Something about the way the man spoke really chewed Lilik's ass. As her golden eyes sparked, she drilled a finger into the man's hard chest. "Oh-ho no way," she scoffed, "you do not tell me how 'this is going to go.'" This time, she planted her finger into her own chest, and continued, "I am the Player, you are the NPCYou take orders from me, do you understand?" He didn't, of course, as Players and NPCs were abstract concepts he couldn't possibly fathom. But Lilik still felt damn good reminding him of who was in charge. She lunged to the right, attempting to slip by the brute, but he easily side-stepped into her path.

"Listen, Hulk," she seethed, "you gotta let me through." With a wave of her hand, she gestured to the dark sky, and the black warships circling there. "That's my ride to the Central Tower, and I'm going to be pissed if they all leave without me. So move. your. ass." Ducking her shoulder, she plowed into him like a linebacker, but only succeeded in making a fool of herself. All around them, voices rose like instruments in a symphony, each contributing to the soundtrack of the Ladonian Rebellion. Sharp cries of pain or fear mingled with low, explosive cries of triumph, and chanting still carried like a consistent back-beat. None of it mattered to Lilik as she glared holes into the NPC's chest. Suddenly, she she gasped, pointing to the man's right. "Is that Inspector Javert?"

When the beast of a man turned to follow her gaze, Lilik ducked under his opposite arm, sneakers sliding across the stone as she exploded into the tangle of chairs, barrels, and other assorted furniture items. As she blew past him, she reached out and dragged the coiled bullwhip from the man's belt, tucking it into her armpit for safe keeping. It wasn't as if she had any knowledge, or even interest, in using it. She just didn't want him to use it. "Insurance!" She cried out, long limbs flailing as the Player scampered over the barricade.

She hit the ground with a jarring thud, the wind whooshing from her lungs as she struggled to stay upright. Skyport, she told herself, arms pumping as she began to pick up speed. Have to get an airship. Have to fly it to the tower, and get to the treasure before everyone else. Or, at least, she assumed it was treasure. What else did a bunch of nobles with sticks up their asses keep in the top of a locked tower?

As Lilik turned onto a main street, she became aware of two things at exactly the same time - the Player who ran in front of her, and the guard who ran behind him. Blowing out a breath between her clenched teeth, the woman used her system-increased speed to drop behind the guard. What do I do now? she asked herself, staring at the soldier as his armor glinted in the firelight. It would be easiest just to let the other Player fend for himself, but there was something sick about a line of code attacking a human from behind like that. 

So without giving it much thought, Lilik yanked out the bullwhip, and pictured Indiana Jones a she let it fly. She'd hoped to give the man a solid thunk on the back, potentially shoving him off balance. Much to her shock, the whip coiled around the  man's throat, and when she instinctively gave it a hard tug, he was yanked completely off his feet.

Surprise came first, but soon, victory soared through the woman. Had she finally found her weapon, after half a decade in Aincrad?

"Watch your ass, Blondie," she called out to the Player, falling into step beside him. "Guard almost got you. You're lucky I was here."

201749 | LD: 8 | 107/125


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Plini ran as fast as he could, dodging wild swings of civilians and guards as they battle it out in the muck of rebellion. He wasn't sure of the whole story about this chaos and that's what he needs to do, a task given to him by his boss. carts flared as the people set fire on it to hinder the deployment of troops, others held spears and pitchforks. These was all too much for him as his current reality.

"Good, I think she got I want to say" he thought.

He dodged a barrel. ducked when a carriage toppled over as it slammed towards crates scattered around, he even looked at the wounded or are they really wounded? it's hard to tell in this virtual world.

As Nian greeted him and called him an arbiter, Plini gave a sigh of relief finding someone he knows. He turned around and saw the ongoing tug of war for supremacy and it seems it's all far from over.

"Obviously, it's hard to tell which one is the losing side here but I'll take my chances on your side" he told her. with Nian asking him if he was afraid of heights, Plini swallowed hard, grabbed Nian's hand and held tight.

"A little bit but that can dealt with."

ID: 201750 | LD: 15 [122/125]

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Latching on to a throat, as merry men in sailor attire. Billowing white sleeves, atop leather jerkin. Easily play the part of seamen despite the clouds. She'd brutishly and carelessly rushed the tight rope, rattling all the while. Lifting the vessel's head up, she was outlandishly strong. A pair of hands fight the black gloved fingers, as it aims to crush his windpipe. "You have two options, get the hell off my boat or I'll throw you off the side. But it might not be one with solid ground." Celeste stared him down with an intensity that could shatter any spirit.

His first mate, rushes the girl without arms and a blade in hand. Carving a nice size gash across her eye. Turning to him, before her face twists to a smile. Without even a second pause, she slams her head into dudes. He vaults ass over teakettle on a nearby crate, collected against the mast.

"Guess your going off the side then!"

While revolution played in the streets some odd 200 ft below, the white noise alone heard as a roar beneath them. Where other players lingered in the street fair, protecting one side or the other. This brute of a woman saw but one single thing, reward. Anything that got in her way died, simple. Celestia Tatiana was nothing more than a reaver, her way or the highway. Neither it be peasants with pitchforks or guards in full plate armor, the fact was she could smear them all over the place regardless. They were just NPC.

Heaving the guy toward the dock, simply by accident because it was the closest side. A belly flopping oldish looking man @Oji. "Well yeah, the fuckers were trying to set sail. The only way to catch a fish is to hook it. I figured the bastards had some defense against enemy airships and..." She ushers a gloved hand toward the ballistas. "If there wasn't anything, I woulda just jumped. You either die trying or you aint livin'." Right to the wheel, she rocks it to the side, and the whole damn ship begins to drift in toward the wooden platform. The red head corrects, after sliding a bit and clutching onto the helm. Her eyes ferrow into a glare, as she moves right to the damn crystals affixed on its deck.

She kicks one

The whole thing sputters and goes black, and the ship immediately starts to fall on one side. Cargo and the only NPC that were willing to try and resist see the ship going down and get the hell off of it. Now barely hanging on, she punches the thing and corrects the damage she had done like the Fonze. It starts to glow and stops as if gravity was again disabled, the whole floor now at a 45 degree angle with every person still brave enough to be aboard sliding and holding on to shit for dear life.

It is here where she spots the blonde. Scanning @Oji & @Krysta & @Lium she yells in outrage "Any you fucks know how this damn thing works!" 

Edited by Celeste
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