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  1. Bruh how is this still alive

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    2. Bahr


      Behold the fruit of our time sink.

    3. Raidou


      Elessar an old face, agreed sir

    4. Morgenstern


      Hmm... I remember seeing you around but you  probably RPed mostly during my breaks or when I didn't pay too much attention owo

  2. Elessar

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Reviving an old account I had for the updates in equipment changes. OLD: Item: Light Armor Name: Dragon Vest Enchant: Damage Mitigation ( 3 ) New: Item: Light Armor Quality: Perfect Name: Dragon Vest Enchant: Damage Mitigation ( 2 ) , Thorns ( 1 ) OLD: Item: Bracers Name: Bracers of Accuracy Enchant: Accuracy ( 2 ) New: Item: Bracers Quality: Perfect Name: Bracers of Accuracy Enchant: Accuracy ( 3 )
  3. Is the skype group still alive? I would like to pay a visit :3

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    2. Elessar
    3. Mari


      If you want I can add you on skype and add you to the chat; alternatively if you know someone already in the chat they can add you to it

    4. Elessar


      Alright. My Skype ID is on my profile

  4. Wow, this place changed a lot >.<

  5. Elessar

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Quest accepted.
  6. Elessar

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    After completing his quests, Eléssar made his way towards the Black Odyssey once again in a need of materials. Slowly walking inside the shop as her servants opens the door for him to enter. '' Hey.. Me again, im sorry i wont be able to buy as much as i did last time.'' he said with a smile while walking towards her. His eyes locked on the displayed items, he noticed that she made some changed in her shop. '' I'll be buying 2 of the red iron ores.''
  7. Elessar

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    '' Alright.. '' he answered in a quite tone and moved his hand to back of his head, scratching the spot slowly while looking down. '' Well, if we consider how lazy i am.. I will be back in no time and buy more materials from you. And if you are really that interested, i may offer you a weapon for free materials.. Or armor.. We will see about that in the future, have a nice day Simmone.'' he finally stopped talking, turning away with a smile and leaving the stop with slow steps.
  8. Elessar

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Covering her face to her comment, he giggled and moved his hand away from his face. '' Yes.. I'm really in need of materials right now.. And a new weapon.'' he answered while getting over with the trade. '' Well, i thank you for warning me.. But you would be surprised how much i learned about smithing in this game.'' he added with a smile, watching her servats at hey walk over to her.Moving his eyes away from her while turning around just to be stopped again. Getting teased by the world '' Rebel '' again. '' Name is Eléssar.. And yours?'' he said as he stared back at her.
  9. Elessar

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    '' So, that guy just ran away was your customer then. '' he answered while walking towards the girl. Placed his hands on the counter and hit the glass slowly with the tip of his fingers while thinking about what to buy. Qucikly opens the list and scrolls down to check the list, noticing the ''4x Carbonite Ores '' finally. His smile widens as he decides, closing the list and sending his trade offer to the shop owner. '' Uh, thank you for your kind words.. he answers while turning his face to look at the girl, she seemed strange and mysterious. '' Those are worth 1600 col if im not wrong. ''
  10. Elessar

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Eléssar watched the player ran past him at full speed with his widened eyes, looking surprised and curious. Slowly turned towards the shop once again, he was in need of materials and he was too lazy to gather for himself even though he had low amount of COL.Slowly pushed the door while walking in with a smile, greeting the shop owner genlty while walking towards her. '' Hello.. '' was the first thing he managed to say while looking around and checking the materials on display. He had enough COL to buy 4 materials but he had to decide on what to buy first.
  11. Elessar

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    Quest accepted.
  12. Elessar

    Selds Repair and Smithy

    '' Sorry.. I don't have any mats right now.. So i will pay with col. '' he says with a smile looking at Seldentar. 2000 col removed
  13. Elessar

    Selds Repair and Smithy

    After checking all the store around, Eléssar notices the Selds Repair and Smithy as his last, he was looking for items for himself and couldnt find what he was looking for. Slowly walks inside while looking around, noticing all the weapons and armors that displayed on the wall and inside the counter. He gently greets the shop owner and smiles, deciding what he was going to buy afterwards. He notices the bracers and the one handed sword. Thinking that they would be perfect for him, he turns to owner. '' Hey.. I wanted to buy these ; Bracers of Accuracy: +2 Battle Dice Knights Edge: 1 Handed Sword, +2 Damage. I guess its all 2000 col. '' he says while placing the col needed on the counter.
  14. Elessar

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    I love sharks and im proud if it. Sharks are the 2nd greatest and the coolest things in the whole universe. First is unicorns for sure. Oh and; Elèssar x Nova