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  1. Elessar

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Reviving an old account I had for the updates in equipment changes. OLD: Item: Light Armor Name: Dragon Vest Enchant: Damage Mitigation ( 3 ) New: Item: Light Armor Quality: Perfect Name: Dragon Vest Enchant: Damage Mitigation ( 2 ) , Thorns ( 1 ) OLD: Item: Bracers Name: Bracers of Accuracy Enchant: Accuracy ( 2 ) New: Item: Bracers Quality: Perfect Name: Bracers of Accuracy Enchant: Accuracy ( 3 )
  2. Is the skype group still alive? I would like to pay a visit :3

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      If you want I can add you on skype and add you to the chat; alternatively if you know someone already in the chat they can add you to it

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      Alright. My Skype ID is on my profile

  3. Wow, this place changed a lot >.<

  4. Elessar

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Quest accepted.
  5. Elessar

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    Quest accepted.
  6. Elessar

    Selds Repair and Smithy

    '' Sorry.. I don't have any mats right now.. So i will pay with col. '' he says with a smile looking at Seldentar. 2000 col removed
  7. Elessar

    Selds Repair and Smithy

    After checking all the store around, Eléssar notices the Selds Repair and Smithy as his last, he was looking for items for himself and couldnt find what he was looking for. Slowly walks inside while looking around, noticing all the weapons and armors that displayed on the wall and inside the counter. He gently greets the shop owner and smiles, deciding what he was going to buy afterwards. He notices the bracers and the one handed sword. Thinking that they would be perfect for him, he turns to owner. '' Hey.. I wanted to buy these ; Bracers of Accuracy: +2 Battle Dice Knights Edge: 1 Handed Sword, +2 Damage. I guess its all 2000 col. '' he says while placing the col needed on the counter.
  8. Elessar

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    I love sharks and im proud if it. Sharks are the 2nd greatest and the coolest things in the whole universe. First is unicorns for sure. Oh and; Elèssar x Nova
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    Profile » Username: Eléssar » Real name: Mikoto Suoh » Age: 21 » Gender: Male » Height: 6' 8 '' » About: Mikoto was a normal teenager. He used to hang out and do teenager stuffs. But he liked to play video games too, in the video games he was the bad character. He was killing for fun, stealing new players begginer items only to delete them. He was dreaming about playing with the nervegear since he first heard it.He even made a perfect plan to steal a nervegear from a random guy, he got in the game this way. Before the announcament his plans were pretty much the same, it was a game afterall. He was going to annoy every player he met, but then it got serious. He didnt had the chance to die and respawn back in town, he had to becareful. General Appearance: Mikoto is a tall, muscular man with red hair and amber eyes. His red hair is kept short, ruffled, and spiked, with two strands of hair near the opposite sides of his head falling over his face, as well as distinct sideburns. As a teenager, his hair, while still short and kept ruffled, was messier and his bangs fell across his forehead. Since at that age, there have been light creases under Mikoto's eyes, which he still has. He wears a black, leather jacket with a fur collar and a white V-neck underneath. He wears dark blue, denim jeans held up by a simple brown belt, with a silver chain attached from the belt to his back pocket, additionally with black shoes to top off the rest of his outfit. Mikoto wears other jewelry pieces with his clothes, primarily silver: a silver ring, and a star-shaped necklace. He also has a piercing in his left ear , which once belonged to his brother. » Virtues: Courage - He has a brave personality, willing to face even the strongest with a stick. He uses this virtue to protect innocent and rookie players, sometimes it turns to a flaw because he tries to complete his quests solo all the time. Curiosity- He wants to know and learn about everything. He loves exploring new places, discovering infos either about items or places. Especially curios about players and their roles. Wisdom - He is pretty smart,this helps him on surviving and on the battles. Also helps him to understanding the game without a problem, getting used to it in no time. » Flaws: Impatient - He hates waiting, he hates being slow. He hates everything about progressing slowly, making him fight with players almost all of the time. Crowd: Sinth hates crowd and being in a crowded places. Greedy - He always wants more. Mostly battles,he risks his teammates lives. Profession: Tailor Skills Non-combat: » Sewing - The effectiveness with which a player can craft lightweight cloth, leather, and monster hide armour. Higher level of skill allows the crafting of high-level armours. Passive: » Sprint (Passive & Sword Skill) - This skill is both an activatable burst of speed, and a passive increase in the player's effectiveness at dodging strikes. »Tracking - Raises effectiveness while hunting monsters. Can be used to pursue a player whose name is known by displaying their footprints from a certain time. Greater mastery of the skill will allow the user to see the recent Combat: »Parry - The ability to use an attack to block an opposing strike. Maximum level makes it possible to destroy an item currently at less than half of the maximum durability; anything with a durability above that will not be damaged. <> - This adds a +1 to the attack it is used for, but has a 5 turn cooldown period. Weapon skills : » One-handed Straight Sword - The effectiveness with which a player can use longsword-like weapons (e.g. short swords (arming swords)). - 3 - Expert » Light Metal Equipment: The effectiveness with which a player can use Light Metal Equipment and Light Metal Shields. For each skill point invested in the Light Metal Equipment Skill, incoming damage is reduced by 1 damage point. 1- Novice Inventory Warglaive / +3 Damage Bracers of Accuracy / +2 Accuracy Dragon vest / +3 Damage Mitigation Weapons/Tools: » 4x Health Potions Roleplays ; - [PP-F1]<> - Completed - Lion meets the cat - Completed - Learning The Basics - Completed - <> - Completed - The Desert of Mysteries - Completed - <> - Completed - <> - Completed - Material Gathering- Completed - Breaking the unbreakable - Completed - Learning the Swords - Completed - <> - Completed - Getting Started - Completed - Exploring - Completed - Quest for Strawberry Cake - Patrolling the open fields - Welcome to the jungle