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    Kiluia is interested in various things that range from anime to carving wooden animals. His main hobby is collecting rare coins from different ancient civilizations. Currently, however, his objective is to keep diving into the virtual world as much as possible for his own personal reasons

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  1. Whoa. Different Outline... Hi People!

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    2. Koumori


      *Pretends I know you* Hey how you doin, buddy? Haven't seen you in a while. 


    3. Rebekah


      Welcome Back :)

    4. Kiluia Seiko
  2. College work is brutal yo.

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    2. Kiluia Seiko

      Kiluia Seiko

      my degree is in engineering technology computer science :/

    3. Zeri


      Mine will be computer engineering

    4. Azrael


      I'm in Nursing. I'd rather do A&P all day long than CS XD

  3. Popped on to see what's up. anyone wanna do something ?

    1. Mari


      Like what? I am at work till laters though

    2. Kiluia Seiko

      Kiluia Seiko

      I dunno. Some rp lol

  4. om nom nom nom...o.o that is all.

  5. I'm kinda bored. :P Suggestions?

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    2. Calrex


      That is true O_o

    3. Zeri


      Use your imagination

    4. Draterion


      Nope, but nice to have you back! (Alex)

  6. Staring into a plethora of new people.

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    2. Kiluia Seiko

      Kiluia Seiko

      I know you xD didn't I accept you into the game? :)

    3. The Black-White Human

      The Black-White Human

      Yes you did actually xD It's good to see that your back though ^_^

    4. Kiluia Seiko

      Kiluia Seiko

      Oh I don't know how long I'll be here but it would be nice to drop a line

  7. *dusts off his dusty clothing* seems like I've been brought back from the dead.

  8. Thanks everyone! I'm no longer a GM so don't message me lol I can't do anything. I'm leaving Sao but I hope to run into you down the road sometime! <3 bye! Oh and I still get messages lol

  9. Kiluia Seiko

    Moartea "The Unknown One" ~Retired~

    Approved. Could go a little easy on the definitions. Just stating. Good luck and happy hunting
  10. Navagation is difficult xD

    1. Life


      You'll get used to it eventually xD

  11. This is strange :o

    1. Lessa


      Yeah, but it's great to have you back!

    2. Kiluia Seiko
  12. Kiluia Seiko

    Marisa's Journal

  13. Welcome to SAO. You are now trapped inside a death game. Please start at the town of beginnings and make your way to glory or face death. You have been selected to join. Approved.
  14. Kiluia Seiko

    Jester's journal

    I'm hoping this isn't done. But elaborate on all of it...