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  1. RyujinSeaLord

    [F01] <DHA> Emerald Splash! (KoC + Symph)

  2. RyujinSeaLord

    [F01] Training Your Friend

    I spent the next several minutes using my sword to point out very specific places on the body that would deal the most damage and i attempted to get him to bark at the spots as i pointed at them to let me know if i was close to it or really far away from it. 1 meant close. 2 meant far away. After i figured he had a basic understanding what i had him do was i had him target them from a distance so he could remain out of combat but still help me without getting hurt. I would tap the blade to the straw dummy and i would have Dante bark at the spots to make sure he understood the previous lesson. I felt like it was working but i would only be sure once we put everything together in one final test. But we were far from over at this point.
  3. RyujinSeaLord

    [F01] Training Your Friend

    I brought Dante down to the first floor and he stuck by my side the entire time. He was a very loyal member of my team. I brought him to a very nice area that I knew inside of the first floor. We walked in the door and were greeted by the arcade owner. This was not your traditional arcade with video games and quarters, instead this was a arcade where you payed money to do a certain challenge. Specifically this game was for those who wanted to learn how to throw knives so there were targets already set up for us to use. "Alright boy, what Im going to teach you how to do first is I'm going to teach you the parts of the body and what parts are perfect for sword strikes." I spoke to Dante making sure he understood the lesson ahead of him. He barked in what i could only imagine was understanding.
  4. RyujinSeaLord

    [F01] Training Your Friend

    It was finally time. Finally they had released skills for our familiars who used to do battle in combat with us. Now they are more of a support but its still awesome that i can now take my long time companion and train him how to help me in combat. When accepting the quest I received a list of things I could do to train my wolf companion Dante and what abilities he can learn. "Hmm, Keen Senses, gives your animal companion the ability to spot weaknesses in the enemy and increase your ability to hit them" I read the list to myself as i made my way to my shop to grab Dante for some training. "Hey boy how are you?" i say excitedly as I open the door to my shop and he stands up to greet me. "Come on, we are gonna start doing some training so you can accompany me into the field."
  5. RyujinSeaLord

    [F11] Natures Treasure

    Today seemed like the perfect day to just sit back and relax without any kind of interferences but thats not exactly how life works around here now is it. I spotted a rather cute red-headed girl in the fields behind me. She was picking things up from the grass so i kinda just watched her. Not in a creepy way but more in the sense that i had nothing better to do while waiting for the fishing reel to make noise or indication that something was biting. She seemed to be enjoying her time out here which was great but she also seemed younger than most other players he had met but definitely not much younger than he was. I heard the reeling of the fishing line behind me and turned to pay attention to it. ID# 114651 LD = 5 Nothing. "Well dang it, the fish just aren't biting today are they?" I said out loud completely forgetting about anyone in the distance at the moment of time. I put my fishing rod down for a moment and just took a second to breathe. I was getting frustrated at a poor games AI and RNG and this is how i was choosing to take it out. No thats not okay. I picked up the fishing rod once again and cast it back into the water with a soft ploop noise when it hit. I sat there with my hands over my head just trying to breathe in the nice air. I ended up laying down on the rock staring up in the sky. It was still a beautiful day. @Kirbs
  6. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] Passing of Knowledge

    "You see Aincrad has its own jail inside of it in which people who get put there, typically remain. Zelrius had a guild to lead and decided that jail was better than being dead...i could have easily killed him but i choose a second option. Jailing crystals, or the items that used to do it, are extremely rare or no longer exist..." I explained to her the issues "So basically if you had a jailing crystal, you had 1 if you could even find it. So murder was literally the only real option. Some of us took it to heart, some of us tried to justify what we were doing...back then you only turned orange if you killed someone. It was a weird system, but Kayaba kept pushing out updates." "The second floor boss....was an Armored Bug named Kabutomushi of Sorrow and Despair. He had a really soft underbelly which was his weakest point. If you struck him anywhere else, you either did 0 damage or half damage..." I said as i continued to tell the story of how we stumbled upon the door and how Shark ended up being the tank or the thing and i ended basically being the hero the girls needed once again. After a few moments of telling the story i stopped to wait for more questions.
  7. "Thanks but no thanks. Im probably just going to embarrass myself just like i did at the meeting and its probably not worth the time. I just kinda wanted to try and come back to the front lines but seeing how organized you guys are already kinda makes me feel i shouldnt have even some and gotten involved. I will say good luck to you all and that i hope you make it out just fine. Cant wait to be another step to beating this stupid game and getting back to the real world where im still a nobody, but a nobody that his family care for. See ya later" I said to @Hestia without much hesitation in between her response and mine. I knew i would have gotten killed if i had walked in there without a plan. Maybe it was for the better if i had died, maybe it would be better to sick back and watch players finish this game without me. Who knows. Who care. All i knew is that i had a long trip back home and i wasnt going to waste it thinking about how stupid i was for trying -Ryu Has Left The Thread-
  8. Taking another Hiatus. Might still participate in boss fight might not.

  9. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] Passing of Knowledge

    "Im surprised you havent heard of them seeing as you are speaking to their Guild Commander right now." I say gesturing to my white and blue outfit. "Another guild to add to your books would be the Eyes of Nightshade....it was a guild of assassins that I used to lead. We were a group of contract killers but wee refused to kill green players only the orange ones. The list of members were..." i trail on and on about the guild members (OOC i dont remember their names) "Ah the questions i was waiting to hear. So the systems back in the day were much different than they are today." I say to hear going on to list some of the major differences upto and including the implication of sword arts and unique skills. "The front liners back in the day were less of huge groups of people in multiple parties but more of a few banded together friends who go lucky. Puppet Master Hanzo was the first floor boss...he controlled players...forced them to fight against each other if he hit you with his skills. Turned one of us against us and tried to use her as a shield. made her think she would be free in the real world if she sided with him...it was tough..." i said taking a moment to reflect and calm down as i took a big swig of my drink emptying it and waving for more.
  10. It was a last minute decision for myself but someone had to put the KoC back on the grid especially in the front line. I joined the group of people with my arm resting on my katana as i listened to them chat among themselves. Not trying to be ignored but also trying not to be noticed at the same time. I sent a message to Neo and Hikoru whom i could see from the back of the group letting them know that i had shown up. I was a little nervous at the same time. I wanted to make the guild proud but i didn't want to die so i brought a teleport crystal in case something went awry. I looked over the crowd again. I noticed a few faces i recognized from before and some faces were completely unfamiliar to me. I lifted the cowl over my head and lifted my face mask just above my nose. Only my different colored eyes and the scar across my eye was no visible. The Ninja gi was white with blue trimmings. No noticeable armor on the outside. What Ryu brings to the table:
  11. RyujinSeaLord

    [F11] Natures Treasure

    Today was a very strange day going on here. The sun was definitely high in the sky but it didn't quite feel like noon. I grabbed my fishing poll from my inventory and I activated the natures treasure quest and walked out into the field knowing not a single monster would harm me on my day off. Today i was wearing my KoC outfit (OOC: See Journal) because well i really liked the color scheme. I found my way to one of my favorite fishing spot on this floor. A nice big flat rock, that kind of looks like Pride Rock from the Lion King but not nearly as big and also missing the cave behind it. I took a seat on the edge of the rock and tossed my line into the water and i waited for a bite. I felt something tug on the string and i reeled it in. ID# 114633 LD = 10 Nothing found. Hmm i swore something was biting. It must have let go just before i pulled it up. Oh poo, well you win some you lose some. I tossed the line once again and waited for something to happen. @Kirbs
  12. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] Passing of Knowledge

    "Yeah Zelrius when i met him was a smug sob but her was a smug for different reasons. After i lost contact with my friends he died. I sent him to jail but we bailed him out because he was a decent person. He also kinda helped us beat some of the lower boss floors." I explained to her not sure if that much mattered "Im glad the Clarence is still alive, at least there is some hope for my friends." I commented on her nod the Pengoo. "Shark is actually alive, he's the legendary leader of the Knight of Christ Guild from when they formed on the first floor, he abandoned the game on the 11th floor after not being able to hit the 11th floor boss. He's just recently come back after some...motivation" i coughed between "some" and "motivation" "And by motivation i mean i found him and kicked him out of the cave and told him to stop moping around." "So...what kind of questions do you have because there is clearly something youd like to know about us as the oldies...or the legends i guess we get called now" i said taking another sip shrugging at the word "legends"
  13. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    I stepped into the shop after receiving the message from Hei i made my way to his shop to pick up the items i ordered. I stepped in to the slightly familiar atmosphere and walked up to the counter to use the pick up ability. "Thanks for the hard work my friend, I'll make sure to give you commendations. Not only does the armor look excellent but the service time was phenomenal" I said to him as i took my item from the inbox. I examined it thoroughly just to make sure it was the product i had asked for. I opened the stats page and it was exactly as ordered. I thanked him once again and left the shop item in hand
  14. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] Passing of Knowledge

    Death. Death was a major part of this conversation and it had barely even begun. Death was such a daily concept in my life that i was afraid to talk about it more and more each day. "So you wanna talk about remembering people while we can huh?" i asked her placing my glass down. I opened my inventory and pulled out my own miniature notebook. I flipped to page one. I slid the book over to her. "Go ahead. Flip through it. Those are the names of my friends...who used to be on my friends list" I opened my menu and flipped it to screen share mode. A list of 5 names were there. Neo. Heathcliff. Symphony. Clarence. Shark. Thats all that was left. Thats all that mattered. "One of them is still missing. Clarence. I have no idea where he is. Shark was found a few weeks ago and Heathcliff basically lives in his Guild Hall. So i have lots of stories in there." In that list of names, the name Zelrius may or may not stick out. (OOC: i dont now if Hestia knew Zel). "So you're writing a book about these people so they wont be forgotten about huh?" i asked her trying not to sound mean. "Well I'd be happy to answer any and all questions you have for me." @Hestia
  15. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] Passing of Knowledge

    The young lady walked in wearing a sleeveless black shirt and grey pants, with her familiar in tow. She apologized for showing up in her everyday clothes. I chuckled and took a sip of my drink. "No no, nothing fancy going on here, i didn't even wear my good pants. No today Im on duty so i have to wear these colors." I respond to her silly apology. I gestured to the chair across from me and waved over the waiter so she could order something to drink. "This is in no way a date" I say taking another sip of my scotch. "However" taking yet another and setting my glass down. "The bill is on me, whatever you decide to have during this little interview or whatever this is." I swirled the liquids in the glass knowing full well that i cannot physically get drunk but I can still taste it. "So what is it you want exactly from me? Hints? Hidden Quests? Maps of the areas?" i didn't know what else to list but i left it at that. "There aren't a whole lot of people who like me or want to talk to me, so what use do I have to you?" i asked her. I kinda sounded like an asshole but i was just being blunt @Hestia