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  1. Simmone

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Purchase 1*Immolation Potion for 300 Col Merchant Exp: 3
  2. It was late, so very late. Simmone was fast asleep as beauty such as hers required ample rest. A ring of her menus alerts her "Who dares contact me so..." she snaps as she lifts a black velvet blindfold from her eyes, tapping it aggressively reveals it to be the elusive guild master. "Ah monsieur, it's you..." she remarks with a growing sharpened smile, a building curiosity to what it was regarding. Shuffling up a look down to the comatose NPC girls in their own bedding, wrapped upon each other with a grumble. "Relax dears, I'll be back before you know it." Simmone remarks to small eyes that flash open from pink hair "Get your sleep we have busy days ahead of us." as she runs a softened touch through her locks. A smile grows wide as her eyes shut. Simmone exits the Black odyssey and snaps her fingers which alters her attire to her battle equipment in the form of her black jumpsuit. Through the dead town of beginnings under blued light, the warp gate rips her to floor 2. She finds the emboldened red of the wanderer's robe, and with a query "You rang?"
  3. Simmone

    Simmonè's Evaluation/Liquidation/Purchases

    Purchase 200*T1 Materials 600 Merchant Exp
  4. Simmone

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Purchase 200*T1 Materials 600 Merchant Exp
  5. Simmone

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Simmone took a sip of a creamed tea from a porcelain white cup "I am sure it will be no time now dear, you'll find those frontliners are a...tenacious lot." recalling the few that had blessed her shop, of all shades and gear types. Moro and Maru took to the girl's side, to offer a hand if she would need one with an eagerness plastered upon their faces. They were clearly NPC's but they seemed to have a personality that mimicked humanity so flawlessly that times it was easy to forget the fact. A small sound as Simmone placed the cup back to the silver platter for such a thing, taking another long drag of her cigarette with a soft exhale into the ceiling. A snap of the black lotus's fingers with confirmation of Arabelle's order, the bags of coin quickly shift to a bright gold glow before they break, creating a field of stars in gold color. Reforming as they fire back toward the explosions nexus, creating sacks of materials designed to mirror the profession who opened them up.
  6. Simmone

    Simmonè's Evaluation/Liquidation/Purchases

    5/25/20 Material Purchase: [Customer] 50*300=15000 Col
  7. Simmone

    [F1-PP] Working together (Forth Lessons)

    A bit waterlogged and reeking of the fish she had to manhandle, Simmone felt gross after today's escapades. She needed a bath, and as the boat came to dock Eruda finished the quest for them. Passing a portion of food to Gaius, moments later shouting something Simmone couldn't quite make out as she was peeling herself from the vessel. Simmone walks along the docks, taking special care to distance her hands from her face as much as she could. A look to Gaius she asks "What was all that about?" with interest as usually Eruda was much more cool headed. She had hoped that it was not Gaius had done, he had a habit of causing problems with everyone including her but seemed rather tame today. She supposed she would have to wait and see what was to come of this, and whatever would come after waited on the horizon.
  8. Given to Arabelle: 100*T3 Materials
  9. Simmone

    [F1-PP] Working together (Forth Lessons)

    A sudden shift causes the boat to rock as she turns and sees the blonde tank struggling. Eruda had it on the line, Simmone shuffles over quickly to help drag it into the vessel before it struggled free. "Well done Eruda, don't let it go!" As she grasps the flailing beast in its soggy tail trying to wrestle it to the boat. "Gaius help us get it up here and put it down." she turns to look to Gaius to beckon him to aid them. He rushes over with a hop, latching himself to it as well bringing it up in tandem. A few soft steps behind the group have Simmone assuming it was Setsuna to help the grapple but a sudden blast of blue light causes it to fall limp before it turns to pieces. "Oh my..." Simmone exclaims as it drops to the floor into a broken silhouette leaving a decapitated carcass behind ready for transit.
  10. Simmone

    [F1-PP] Working together (Forth Lessons)

    The black cat was not enjoying this boring chore, as the lapping of water along the vessel as it cut a path across the water. The pole skid along the water with no activity, to which it just lists through casting ripples as its drug along. "Well this is going to be interesting." Simmone exclaims with a sigh, as this manual labor was rather bland and she considered it beneath her. A yawn as the boredom coupled with the state of the day was doing a fair job of helping to make her drowsy again. Hopefully this would be the last, and silently she was looking forward to the quest with Raidou, the very same broadcasted by Eruda. Her thoughts drift even further back to the black odyssey and the modifications she would have to make to accommodate Sam and to the girls and what she may be doing in her absence. ID# 151005 results: Craft: 4
  11. Simmone

    Item Compiling for Firm Anima!

    Supplied for Crafting Today to Firm Anima: 10*T1 Materials (Shiina) 4*T1 Materials (Gaius) 11*T1 Materials (Kasumi) 22*T1 Materials (Setsuna) 13*T1 Materials (Griswold)
  12. Simmone

    [F1-PP] Working together (Forth Lessons)

    Simmone got the gist of what Eruda was trying to convey before her speech cleared, a moment's pause to allow her to finish the explanation. "Alright dear, lead the way then." she responds to the blonde in heavy armor allowing her to take the lead, intrigued at the notions she was setting forth as she was troubled with some sort of insecurity. To the docks and a rather ragged looking NPC with age painted upon liver spotted skin. Eruda handles the finer point as Simmone finds her way to the rather unstable looking vessel next to Setsuna. The girl was quite silent, with a feeling of unbroadcasted aggression in her cool demeanor. Care taken to not be too close to the girl, remembering the response Sam had received attempting to touch the girl and was not going to stoke the fire and take a repeated backlash. These journeys seemed rather turbulent and Simmone could not help but find the truth to Raidou's first statement.
  13. Simmone

    [F1-PP] Working together (Forth Lessons)

    Checking the stalls around the town of beginnings, quite the sum of coin in her pocket but not for personal purchase which was a shame. But given the wealth and luxury, the guild was offering she could hardly complain not being allowed to spoil herself. Not that anything these imbeciles were pedaling was worth a second glance, Simmone shoves the bag back into her sleeve. A sudden message rings into her HUD a small blue icon in the shape of an envelope. "Back to business." Simmone chuckles and with a snap of her fingers her merchantile yukata evolves into her combat oriented black jumpsuit. "Duty calls." as one of the players who manage to see her figure in the quick change drops his jaw, she speaks toward him with a smile. A short jaunt with a softened and swayed step. "Good morning girls, wheres our idiot at?" she says with a smile, as Gaius was beginning to grow on her.
  14. Simmone

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Purchase: 20*Immolation Potion [300*20=6000] 20*Field Ration [300*20=6000] 21*Field Ration +1 [600*21=12600] 20*Field Ration +2 [900*20=18000] 20*Water Canister [400*20=8000] 20*Teleport Crystal [800*20=16000] 20*Glowstone [200*20=4000] 20*Spyglass [800*20=16000] Grand Totals: 86600 Col 483 Merchant Exp