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  1. Swift

    [PP-F1] Introductions [Jomei]

    As the player-- As Jomei introduced himself and talked about his profession being a performer, it did intrigue her. "You shouldn't be so modest about your talent. You have a real gift!" Swift exclaimed as she complimented his works once more. It was obvious based on his appearance that he wasn't some low leveled player like Swift was, in fact he looked much stronger than her and it was admiring to see someone of such a high caliber being down on a floor so low. Moving her hair, so that it was less in her face, she gave him a smile. "So what brings you to the first floor? Aren't you a little too strong to be on this floor?" she said as it followed with a chuckle. People all around had passed by the two as they were talking, yet nobody seemed to have really admired Jomei's music as much as she did herself. Was it the lack of good taste? Perhaps. However, most players are probably busy with their own quests and lives, why would they care about another player simply relaxing, right? As he ruffled his hair she realized that maybe he wasn't used to being praised so highly for playing an instrument. "I haven't really looked at professions yet, but who knows, maybe you may have just convinced me to strive for something." Admiring his lute that he had been playing, she saw how finely crafted it was and could see ever detail that a player put into making the musical instrument.
  2. Swift

    [PP-F1] Learning a Lesson

    Collecting the material that Illia pointed out beside her, she quickly managed to discover another one nearby. With the sun starting to fall past it's peak and more towards the evening hours, the blue hue up above was now a orange mixed with some reds and yellow somewhere in there as well. Taking a moment from the searching to live in the moment, she looked over at Illia. Her eyes scanned the sky and her hair flew behind her as a small wind gust picked up nearby. After taking in the sights for a moment and half, she began to walk again. "Isn't it beautiful? While I'm talking about the sky, I also mean how all of us players come together and work as one when it comes to a time of need such as life and death." While outside of this game, many people weren't exactly fond of being generous or helpful in public, in this game things were different. Many times she saw players helping one another out for anything. Either it was gathering material just like now, or perhaps it was clearing a dungeon, or to some extremes it was clearing the floor bosses alongside other frontliners. To see that such a terrible game had brought unity to many people, it was truly beautiful and an accomplishment at that. Sure, there were players who took to the evils of the world and killed one another, or others that had ended their lives early, that doesn't mean that everyone was like that. Swift wanted nothing more other than to see people cooperating to get out of the game as fast as possible to return to their ordinary lives. ID: 90341 LD: 13 (3 of 5 Material)
  3. As Hestia begins to lead the way, Swift is to follow as they had planned. Being asked what she's been up to outside of the inns and if she's met any people or found any sights that she's taken pleasure in, she thought for a moment coming up with little information to give back to the female. "I haven't been up to much, just really trying to level up as fast as possible. The sooner I can climb the ranks, the sooner I can return the glory of the Azure Brigade." She made sure to keep her weapon equipped in the situation that something came up, but by the looks of it the scenery looked empty. For now that was anyways. "The goal for me is to clear this game faster than the rate we are. Who knows, maybe I can even become one of the strongest players in the game someday. That's a long term goal though." During their walk, Swift realized that though they were on their way for a quest that doesn't mean she can't look around for tier one material on the way there. Unfortunately at the rate they were moving, she was unable to find anything of use. Shrugging it off as it wasn't much of a big deal, and that it would've been a nice bonus to have. "So what about you? What got you to start playing SAO? Everyone has a story, what's yours?" Now that she had answered Hestia's questions it was only fair that she got to return the favor to try and get to know her further. She needed to make some friends, and this was one step in the right direction to doing so. ID: 90306 LD: 5 (Nada) @Hestia
  4. Swift

    [PP-F1] Learning a Lesson

    (OOC: Since we are doing this quest as a party, you also have to find 5 material. The quest states it, so we need to find a total of 10) Swift turned her head as she heard the other player finally introduce herself. Nodding to acknowledge her words it was followed with a smile, "Pleasure. Hopefully we'll even end up in a guild together someday." Bold words, but honest ones at that. The rumors of an old guild, "The Azure Brigade" it was her goal to return it to it's former glory that people praised so highly. Perhaps she'd do things differently, and make it less of an elite guild, she still intended to make it a top quality guild at that. Making sure not to forget to look around her surroundings, she saw a shimmer of light that lasted merely a second which caught her attention. Making her way over to where she saw the shimmer of light, she leaned over and gathered one of the material she was searching for. Ironically, she could see why it was such a challenge to find these as it was nothing but a simple leaf with some different edges to it. Adding it to her inventory she stood up and searched for the player that she was partied up with, "Illia! I found some over here, come search in this area with me! Maybe we'll have more luck together!" She called out trying to see if maybe the two can have more conversation this way it was less of a tedious task and more of a meet and greet while completing a quest. ID: 90305 LD: 12 (1 of 5 Material found) @Illia
  5. A girl, probably a few years of age under her own approached her in a gentle tone asking her if she was in fact the person who requested for someone to assist her on the quest. Nodding her head, she reached her hand out to shake her hand. "The name's Swift, and yes I was the person who requested for help." As the girl explained her build path to her, she knew that perhaps this was the person that could be just what she needed for now. Although Swift felt awful for using her to her own benefit, she was sure that she had to get help if she wanted any chance of finishing this quest alive. Sending out a party request, she smiled. "Alright, so it's official! I'm assuming you know these floors better than I do, so perhaps it might be better for you to lead the way and then I can help if something happens. I'd rather not lead us to our own oblivion." Moving her fingers through her hair like a comb, she made sure to keep her wavy hair partially in front of her shoulders while the rest of it was behind her. She opened up her map and saw the waypoint, however she had no clue what enemies the duo would come across. Hopefully this doesn't get her killed is all she was hoping for. Worried that something might go wrong, she made sure to cover her own behind in case something went south. Standing up, ready to head out, she nodded to show that the two could head out at any point. "Ready to go?" @Hestia
  6. Swift

    [PP-F1] Learning a Lesson

    The youthful player before her talked about how she had her own intentions of fighting through the ranks on her own and then eventually go head to head with a player on the front lines. Nodding her head that they both have a goal she smiled and moved on. "Perhaps we'll see each other on the front lines someday and fight side by side more than just down here on these lower floors!" Swift kept an eye on the indicator on the map that she had in her menu to use it as a type of waypoint to her destination. Nearing the destination she saw a nearby boar, but didn't find anything of it. Though she was tempted to fight it to test her mettle, it clearly wouldn't be a true fight since she had someone by her side at the moment. Instead, she pressed onward for another what seemed like fifteen minutes of walking. The mark on the map had changed from a dot to a giant circle with a radius of 50 yards. "Perhaps we should split up and search for the material, that way we can cover as much ground as possible. If we come across any enemies that try to fight us, we call out to one another and we come aid as soon as possible." A plan of action had been set to action and Swift parted her way towards one end of the circle, leaving the other part to the girl, which she saw her name was Illia based on the party information. Searching near the area she had started, she didn't find much material at her location, which was rather a shame. ID: 90245 (Forgot to link the post) @Illia
  7. Taking a gander around the other floors, now that she feels confident with herself enough that she could at least stall out long enough for a player to come to her aid, she has been much braver when it came to exploration. She let out a sigh and continued walking about the third floor, with her weapon on her back as usual. Her gear may as well have been nonexistent, because quite frankly she had none. Approaching the quest board that was near the teleportation shrine in the center of the town. Her eyes scanned the board and none caught her interest, that was until she saw one notification for the quest Search for the Hoya. The objective seemed rather straight forward, to defeat one of two Minotaurs, however they are a little above her difficulty level when it comes to mob strength. For this quest alone it would be suggested that she finds a player strong enough to help tank for her and then at least she can contribute by dishing out some damage. She posted a request to the PRB where other players could see she needs another player strong enough to tank for her. She explained that she was too underleveled with not nearly enough gear, but she would still help by dishing out damage so long as somebody could at least tank for her. She offered to pay the player back if possible, that is if they even want the reward.
  8. Swift

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Will be taking this quest with Hestia!
  9. Swift

    [PP-F1] Learning a Lesson

    About to be on her way out of the Town of Beginnings into the wilderness, she was cut short by a woman who called out to her. She was positive that she had never heard the voice before, not by any means. Turning around slowly, she saw a girl before her with red hair and quality gear on compared to the remainder of other players, including herself. The girl had called her out on her lack of gear, which made her feel slightly subconscious of her lack of equipment. Then again, she shouldn't feel to bad since she's doing these quests in order to get some Col amounted so that she can get her own gear. "The name is Swift, pleasure to meet you!" She said with a smile on her face. She hadn't considered the option of the player joining her quite yet, but the more she thought about it the more it seemed like a solid idea. After all, the time of day was already past noon and who knew how long they'd be out there. It was probably a good idea to rather be safe than sorry. "Sure, I suppose a little extra muscle wouldn't be a bad idea, even though I'm only going material hunting!" Swiping her hand before her a few times, she finally used her index finger to push a button that sent a menu before the female player, requesting to form a party with the her. "I am curious though, why are you looking for lower leveled players? Why not work on getting up there to make it to the front lines as fast as possible? I hear they're always looking for extra additions to the team to clear the floors even faster!" @Illia
  10. Players around her scrambled together forming parties immediately after hearing the news that the game was in fact a death game. Unlike everyone else, Swift decided it would be a good idea to lay low a while. Spending her many weeks in the town of beginnings recent news from the front lines had just come along claiming that they are starting the next floor boss, thus meaning they are over one-fifth of the way to completing the game. Hearing such fantastic news was a motif for her. She wants to help expedite the process to escape, but with her being such a low level there was no possible way that she would be making it there anytime soon. She looked at quests that could be accepted on the map and surely enough there was a marker on the map that directed her to a small alchemists shop. Inside, was an old man with white text above him stating "Zakariah" which must've been his name. Her poorly equipped body pushed the door shut behind her. The man appeared to be rather- busy. Perhaps it was a better idea to come back another day. She didn't want to interrupt his work when he was working so diligently. He looked around the room to see potions shelved across walls and some put into display cases, all varying in color and sizes. "Excuse me." Swift managed to bring herself to speak up, only to be discouraged when the man didn't acknowledge her voice. Clearing her throat she tried again "Excuse me." This time louder than the last and with success as well. The man jumped up to his feet and turned around. "Oh I'm sorry darling, I didn't hear you. Old me must really have a difficult time hearing now." He said in a old, genuine tone. He let out a small chuckle as he wasn't upset at all, in fact he seemed quite the opposite. Finally being relieved, she mentioned to the man about a quest that he could offer her. With short small talk, and now talking about the quest, he directed her to obtain five crafting material in order to make a healing potion. He told her that the reward would be a few potions that could help her along her journey and with that information she set off with a smile on her face. Finally having accepted her first quest, she left the building only to be stumped by one more thing. She had no idea if she would be able to make it safely through the plains without being attacked by an enemy. Even though there were the standard Frenzy Boars, sometimes you would come across a wolf, or a goblin that lurked near the woods. Perhaps she was strong enough to take them on herself, but Swift had thought it would be smarter to see if someone was interested in accompanying her for safety purposes. Posting something on the player request board about her need for another adventuring partner, she couldn't promise much of a reward. @Illia
  11. I will be taking this quest with Illia!
  12. Swift

    [PP-F1] Introductions [Jomei]

    (OOC: OH MY GOSH I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT YOU REPLIED I'M SO SORRY!) The idea of starting a guild grew in her head, but she knew she was in no condition right now to be a leader of one. That would be one of her long term goals to strive for. While looking at the billboard of notes, quests, and guild posters her attention was quickly taken by ear. Turning her head in the direction of the melody that had started about from not to far away, she saw a player dressed in green playing a lute to a level of expertise. Making her way nearby, she stood and listened to player as he played his soul into the instrument. Creating a melody so elegant and graceful that warmed her heart just at the sound of it. Although she hadn't meant for it to happen, she quickly realized a smile came across her face as she simply listened in. Wanting to approach the musician, she didn't want to interrupt the beauty of the music that sounded magnificent. She began to sway from side to side as she enjoyed it her long, blonde hair now dancing with the wind and clothing moving all about her body. Continuing her dance, it wasn't long before the music had come to an end, and she clapped in awe. "I'd ask for an encore, but then I wouldn't get to know the name of such a talented player!" She said as she approached the player. Reaching her hand out to shake his hand, "The name is Swift! Pleasure to make your acquaintance and might I tell you that was absolutely amazing, do you do this often?" @Jomei
  13. Swift

    [PP-F4] Cold To the Touch [Vale]

    Swift watched as the female was fast with her motions, everything about her was elegant and graceful, yet she still managed to carry through so much finesse with heavy attacks that dealt massive amounts of damage to the Ice Elemental. Shuffling her way through the cold towards a tree nearby, but still far enough off, she watched as the combat went about. It was truly a sight to behold and it was more so an intriguing character she had met. "Vale" She thought to herself, something she did when she was trying to keep something in her head to remember for the future. The Ice Elemental appeared to be so massive in stature and stronger than any enemy she's ever encountered, but Vale was taking it on with ease, being sure to avoid any damage it attempted to dish out while capitalizing on every motion the monster made. The health dropped so quickly from Green, to yellow, now to a hue that was a mixture of red and orange, surely it was about to die within another attack. As tempted as Swift was to try and go in and fight as well, she decided it would be best to avoid the situation. Eventually she would be as strong as this player, but for now she best lay low and stick to her roots-- enemies that won't kill her with a single strike. After all, if it wasn't for Vale it was definite that Swift would be dead at any moment. She couldn't be more thankful that this person had been around at the right moment.
  14. Swift

    [PP-F4] Cold To the Touch [Vale]

    While everything around her appeared to be hazy and she heard vague noises nearby, but couldn't distinguish anything. She heard a muffled voice, but remained in her position. Although she couldn't hear the player trying to warn her, she new something wasn't right. The way the commotion sounded wasn't your usual passing of players. Slowly coming back to reality, she could eventually distinguish what the player was trying to tell her. She didn't ask if she was okay in a calm voice, but rather shouted it in concern. Her blonde hair was drenched and her clothes as well. Rolling onto her side, her eyelids very slowly lifted allowing her to see two silhouettes, a feminine player by figure and what appeared to be a monster of the fourth floor. Groaning and shivering both at the same time, she had no idea how long she had been out because the monster wasn't there when she initially passed out. To her own surprise she had no idea how she was even alive still, did someone save her? No, she was still near the same location. The blizzard itself seemed to have passed over and is no longer bustling up cold air that felt like tiny blades slashing her skin. Turning her head she finally noticed everything around her. She rose to her feet slowly and saw the woman before her still looking at her as if she was awaiting an answer to confirm if she was alright. "I-- I think I'm alright. How long have I been out here?" She asked with serious concern for what time it was, or possibly even day. Unsure of if it was even possible to last out here that long, but then again in a world like this anything could be possible. "What the hell is that?" Turning her attention to the Ice Elemental based on the red name that hovered above the creature. Backing up out of harms way very slowly, with a slight limp as her body was still somewhat numb from the cold to a nearby tree.
  15. As the temperature of the floor dropped to the point of freezing, Swift had decided it'd be in her best interest that she get moving. Although she enjoyed the cold, she didn't exactly enjoy the thought of dying in the cold. When she pictured dying, she imagined that it would be in a glorious way-- A way that she'd be remembered by, for the better that is. She picked up her equipment off the ground and noticed it stung her fingertips to grab things. She had began to shiver slightly, and she was sure that her lips would turn blue pretty soon. Nearby the lake, a tranquil environment she could see many foot prints in the snow, lines on the ice from the people who went ice skating and then there were people like her sitting under trees simply taking in the scenery. Although it was risky for her to leave any town alone, she figured why live a life in fear when she could live a life of adventure instead. After all, this would be the perfect place to go about doing that. Leaving a trail of tracks behind her, she began to shuffle her feet more and more as she struggled to get them up off the ground with snow up past her ankles. Swift may have been dressed for this type of weather, but the temperatures now had dropped severely. A blizzard began to whip up and before she knew it, she couldn't see anymore. Lifting up the hood that was attached to her gear, she put it over her head and tried to move on, but since she had already been struggling previously she was REALLY having a difficult moment this time around. Swift struggled more and more by the minute and at some point she ended up in the snow, nearly passed out. Everything had become echo-like sounding and her vision blurred until it went black completely, before she knew it, she had grown unconscious. Even had she cried out for help, she was sure that nobody would've heard her. Had she called for help, people would've possibly called her weak, or they would've capitalized on a low level player being on a higher floor with no method to defend themselves.