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  1. Doth my ears deceive me? Chatter amongst the peasants about roleplaying, but none hath yet to contact Him? How appalling.

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    2. Bell


      well, him, im sure your a nice guy, ill be leaving now. maybe we'll meet again

    3. Him


      Serendipitous. I look forwards to a promising and fruitful future.

    4. Lumiel


      "Holy high Hell! It speaks! I wonder what other phrases it says if I pull at its string?" 

  2. "The rose is red, the violet's blue, The honey's sweet, and so are you. Thou art my love and I am thine; I drew thee to my Valentine: The lot was cast and then I drew, And Fortune said it shou'd be you." - The original "Roses are Red" for your enjoyment.

  3. I feel quite indecisive. I desire the prospect of market involving Alchemy, yet I find the amusement of being a Performer far more endearing. Who wouldn't enjoy being serenaded by Him?

  4. You never truly know when you've seen the last of Him. He's always there, that fragment within your soul. There is no escape.

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    2. Kosan


      No , mayonesse is a gender..

    3. Crozeph


      I thought mayonnaise was an animal

    4. Kosan


      Mayonesse is a person ! Or no.. Its a date ! You can date mayonesse..

  5. Oh, it seems like Cupid is all the rage this month. Perhaps we should talk about Him.

    1. Raeyliff


      Him you're back!

    2. Kosan


      Hiiim , I missed you man ! I am Bored !

  6. I am still in desire of a tailor, any takers?

  7. Seeking the aid of a tailor, willing to pay in thine choice of materials or Col.

  8. Yes, he has arrived. Whom might you ask? Him.

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    2. Arekkusu Sepera

      Arekkusu Sepera

      Him Who? Whos Him? Hym? Forget who and get Him! Hym? -Ryan Higa (Or something like that)

    3. Zeke


      That lobster thing from Power Puff Girls?

    4. Pyro


      Looks like Splendorman to me. #Fa-bu-lus

  9. Him

    Him, the one and only.

    General Info » Username: Him » Gender: Male » Age: 34 » Height: 6'1" » Profession: N/A » Shop: N/A » About: So you want to talk about Him, do you? He is a rather interesting and mysterious individual after all, who wouldn't want to talk about him? Him is a man that used to go by a multitude of aliases, typically never using the same name twice throughout his time. He was a mere peasant that could do nothing more than spit at the royalty that stood above him, tearing his life into shreds as they laughed, watching it all fall apart like a theatre performance. It wasn't until he hit rock bottom that he decided to stick with a name that would stick, one that people would fear and talk about, thus he decided upon Him. He is a man of business and a man of time, if one chooses to participate in business with Him, he must pay in time. As the age old saying goes; time is money and money is time. If one doesn't pay Him when the time comes, he will pay with his life. Fear Him. Virtues His Code: He has a certain standard that he maintains, even if it may not be too evident at first. He knows how to control himself and will keep to such a standard, unless otherwise provoked or he has good reason to. For this, he could be a trustworthy man. Do you trust Him? His Heart: While some may consider his personality a flaw, he considers it one of his most prominent virtues. He's quite cold in the context of separating fact from fiction and truth from opinions, but he does comprehend the reasoning behind the lack of understanding that people have when it comes to the two. His Talent: He's quite the jack of all trades, but he isn't the master of none. He's exceptional at what he does and, for what he doesn't do as often, he's quite good at it. He's always willing to learn something that he has yet to experience so that he can add it to his ever expanding list of qualifications. Flaws The Lines: He knows where the lines are drawn, yet enjoys to cross over them with no regards to the consequences. He knows his boundaries, yet continues to push them to a frightening level. If you happen to make a line clear, he'll be more than happy to erase it and feel comfortable doing it too. The Thrills: He is quite the sensation junkie, teetering back and forth on the fence of life and death. It is quite a thrilling experience and he often dreams of drowning in the clouds, falling helplessly to the earth. He would always be facing down, counting down every second until impact. Three... two... one. The Chills: He is not one that has many restraints when it comes to life and death so he's more than willing to take a life if the need arises, business is business. Everyone has their time; some short, some long. Ending someone's time might be worth it to another, just as the pay is to Him. Statistics Level: 3 HP: 12 SP: 3/8 Utility and Mobility: » Combat: » [R1] Battle Healing [5SP] Armor/Weapon : » Inventory Miscellaneous: » 5 Materials » 400 Col Weapons: » Pointy Stick (uncommon) - While it looks like nothing more than a pointy stick and feels like a pointy stick, it's a dagger designed after a pointy stick. +1 damage. Equipment: » Clothing: » The Mask (common) - He always has this on, whether its the basic model or an modified model for combat. It may only seem like a white mask that's slightly creepy, but it does so much more hiding his identity. » The Suit (common) - His trademark style, this set is comprised of a connected jacket with three buttons on both sides, the collar flipped, and a diagonal pattern on the inside. The bottom of the jacket comes off to a split cape, nearly reaching his feet. Below the jacket is a white shirt with a multitude of buttons and another smaller collar, rounded off with a small bow-tie at his neck. Finally, his pants are a little more simple in that they have a pattern of lines going down. Of course, it only looks as marvelous as it does with the top hat to round it off. This is considered lightweight armor, but as a common item, provides no actual protection. Quests: » Pointy Stick of Dreams - 5 Materials, 400 Col, and 2 SP. » Valentine's Festival - 20 Col and 1 SP. » Breaking More Than Just a Rock - In Progress Storyline »