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  1. hey guys i appreciate everyone that replied to my last post about discovering this site again! back in 2015 i started a thread that ended up having like 10 people in it and it was really cool I'd like to do something like that again. I'm going to start something similar. 

    Bell is posting a notice in the main area of the town of beginnings for any and all new and experienced players to join in a group to grind out some mobs and gain some EXP and make friends. Hope to see you all there!

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    2. Bell


      @Neopolitan yeah it can totally turn into whatever and be social and story based. mostly just want something to do and have some fun meeting some new characters :3

    3. Neopolitan


      Well, let me know if you ever want to start a thread (with any of my several characters) just the two of us (or I can drag some of my other posting friends along as well). Or just let me know when you're large thread is starting up.

    4. Bell


      @Neopolitan its started! check just under this post on my profile it should be there

  2. whoa i completely forgot about this website. i hope its still doing well cuz i wanna get back into it...

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    2. Masutado
    3. Arabelle


      There can only be one Bell.

      Nah, jk. Welcome back. Site's still very active and if you need an RP partner, send me a message.

    4. Macradon


      Site's still going strong!
      I'd love to start thing out again, I even remember something we had going form back then!

      Though I can't really find the actual thread, might also be archived somewhere

  3. I feel like this site could be even better if we knew each other. At least a little bit ya know. That would make it easier to find people to rp with, and make it more fun.

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    2. Grave


      Many of us often talk to each other casually through PMs and Skype, not just for storylines and such XD

    3. Macradon


      Though beware, The Skype group chat can be addictive.

    4. Grave


      Hence why I do not partake in it XD I have too many group chat distractions as it is

  4. Is there a way to change my username to just "Bell"? Or am I stuck with what I have...

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    2. Bell
    3. Zandra


      Oh realy? I didnt knew that. Thanx for asking Bell :)

    4. Bell


      I talked to shark and he changed it. Thanks guys! :)

  5. You good now fam? Or do you still need time?

    1. Bell


      i can start posting again. i will post on the thread tonight. probably in like 20 minutes or so.

  6. i'm sorry to everyone i'm in a thread with, I'm going through some emotional crap, and I just don't have it in me to post. I'll be back at it soon, but with personal stress, plus midterms and crap, I'm just all-out exhausted.

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    2. Bell


      that sounds ok. also, is there any chance you could update my signature when I level up?

    3. Calrex


      Sure thing! Just let me know when you need it fixed up XD

    4. Bell


      awesome! Thanks

  7. I'm still having such a hard time understanding battle mechanics...

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    2. Bell


      i wouldnt worry about it now.. theyre not accepting journals in GGO for a while, not until they finish with the reboot.

    3. Seul


      Hold off on making the GGO one if you can as there's still work being done in that area and it'd suck to have to redo it if it didn't fit with what is asked once the reboot is complete. xD

    4. Bell
  8. Profile Username: Bell Real name: Daichi Yoshida Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'9" STATS: Level: 2 HP: 40 Energy: 4 SP Total: 7 SP Current: 2 "Sometimes, when I look up into the night sky... I can see the hero I was meant to be" About: History/personality History: Daichi Yoshida grew up in the Kanto region of Japan, among the outskirts of Tokyo. His parents home-schooled him until he was around 12, hoping that they could one day send him off to a great academy where he would become a brilliant scholar. His name, meaning "Great Wi
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