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    Roleplaying has been a factor in my life for a very long time but doing so over the internet is a new found addiction of mine I don't plan on getting rid of anytime soon...

    Gaming is in my blood though I don't consider my self...what was it now...'MLG'? I don't know whatever that was I am not a part of. I am more along the lines of a classic gamer enjoying the simple sidescrollers or 2D RPGs though I still love playing the new generation games but I always seem to fall back onto previous generations.

    I can go on and on when it comes TCGs but there is one particular card game I have put a small fortune into collecting...Magic The Gathering, in my own opinion it's not about the price of the card it's about how it is important to you...though I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Black Lotus haha.

    Every once in a while I spar with my friends in sword fighting, it's fun finding out the skills of the ones close to me and developing my own skills.

    I enjoy discovering new things and finding new friends...if anybody wants to just chat send me a message in the form of a PM and we can just talk or just Mini RP for fun :)

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  1. @Xion, please for the love of all things don't get stunned again X'D Takneil can only survive 9 hits from Asterios. 

    1. Xion


      We'll see what happens with the roller

  2. And completed first sketch :3

  3. Wanna post some cool art? or see some cool art? TASTE SOME COOL ART!!!!!!!!!!?. Then come here? ^3^ 


  4. Need a little pickmeup in the morning? or a great drink to help you break noobs? try this mixture!. Mountain High Gear. Mountain Dew High Voltage+Full Throttle. Simple yet delicious depending on the right amount you dedicate to each side. I personally enjoy equal but to each their own :3

    1. Xion


      what the actual hell tak

    2. Takneil


      what? don't fancy it? that's okay. TRY THE ALL NEW 'Hawaiian Monster!'. 1/2 Haiwaiian Punch 'Orange Ocean' and 1/2 Monster. 

    3. Rain


      try 1/2 capt morgan and 1/2 full throttle.... well I think that was proportions. ._.

  5. Confirmed!, I can message myself using this PMing system. 

  6. So many 'will edit laters' in the asterios fight @,@ 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Rain


      phase goes through 50% right? yeah that's sound pretty worth. 3 ACC is enough already, since I rarely miss. and I have mind built as raw damage. Only thing that stops me is Mit. -3-

    3. Seul


      1 slot of phase passes through 50% on natural  9+ rolls

      2 slot of phase passes through 100% on natural 9+ rolls :,D

      (Except mitigation from Block can't be phased)

    4. Rain


      :o sounds hella worth and with damage for 3rd. dayum.

  7. For those who remember Takneil's Calming the Soul quest the first inner demon has been defeated!, Lovlass is down with hardly inflicting any serious harm upon him, though her Perilous Shadow ability kept her alive...for a small time. Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter into Takneil's descent into the madness that is his own mind!.

    1. Takneil


      The thread if anyone new wants to pick up the read :)

  8. Two Words. Familiar. System. 


    this has been locked away in my google documents for a long time now so I figured before I head to work I might as well wipe the dust off of it and put it here XD

  9. @Argentia: Come on luv? don't you want some fun?~ 

    ((Keep in mind Crimsa cannot make status updates, don't know why but she never has been able to.))

  10. Well turns out I managed to push past my insane lack of motivation as of late and made some recommended edits. SO!, GUESS WHAT'S BACK?


  11. Does anyone have a crafter's respite potion or whatever you call it? Dice roller just made my day about 10 times worse =-=

    1. Zandra


      If you checked out the in the shop section, youd see I have 14 :)

    2. Rain


      ^ starting to run low. buy from her.

  12. Does anyone have one of those magical equipment altering eggs from the Easter boss way back when I could purchase?.

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    2. Rain


      defunct? how so?

    3. Aster


      It just doesn't exist anymore. It was replaced with the Appraisal system, so any vouchers still in existence can be used, but Merchants can't make them anymore.

    4. Rain


      Sounds like a big nerf. -3-


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    2. Life


      @Baldur Glad to see someone else gets it. But no, this wasn't about player vs staff, it was turned into player vs staff because players weren't happy with what we decided. Never mind that 3 of the votes for UR rewards was from the same person. And yes we volunteer, and no that doesn't make us morally superior, but you guys seem to think that we're A.I on demand 24/7. Done on this topic now. If you have any further complaints regarding this issue, feel free to PM me.

    3. Life


      Also, Hakai. Baldur isn't staff, he is your community rep, chosen by the players.

    4. Hakai


      It was a simple mistake to make. I saw his name under "staff online"

      Also, I have nothing against the ruling, just the opinions presented along with it. I just felt like I needed to clarify. I understand that you guys have limited manpower and resources, and I appreciate the work you guys do to keep the forum running.