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  1. Zandra herd Baldur instucting her, Hestia and Macradon to pull the shadows away from the lights. Zandra did have respect to the samuraj, so she was prepared to listen to his orders. She was just going to aggro four of the lights when Mac spoke up. Zandra just listened as he talked. And talked, and talked. Zandra started to get a bit nervous. This was a battle, and that was an NPC, not a living player. That was someone they was here to kill, not chit chat with. Zandra looked at the rest of the party. Hestia got some of the orbs attention, Mac to as well as killing one. The other three was fixing the pillar. What would Zandra do? Hold a speach? No. Slam the pommel on her shield? No, she dont have a shield. Fix the pillar? No, Baldur told her to aggro those shadowlings. She felt the sweat on her forehead and palms. But she did, nothing. "Come on Zandra. Move! Do something!" she said angrily to herself behind gritting teeths. Then, something snapped in her. Memories flashed infront of her, scenes from the previous lab boss fights as she herd the shadow keep calling them heroes. Her heartbeats went faster. Breathing, went depper. If someone looked at her, they would see flames growing around her from her armor, like an aura around her. The fire spread to her eyes. Zandra took a deep breath, inhaling as much as she could as she charged up her howl skill, she activated it and howled. But it wasnt a wolf howl. It was a low, deep, rumbling dragon howl. ''Raaawwwwrrrgghh!!!!'' She grabbed her axe again looked at the shadow. "FITE ME!" she growled and prepared for whatever was to come. -Using howl on shadowling 5, 6, 7 and 8-
  2. Zandra

    [E3|F11|PP]Nature's Eggs, ft Zandra

    It felt nice that the pink haired girl accepted that they went for non-combat gathering as quick as she did. Zandra just hoped she didn’t do that just because she was so much higher level and a frontliner. She hated when people did that, but it felt like that wasn’t the reason here. Followed up, she asked her how it was about being a guild leader. She thought to herself if she should mention that other thing? Well,that was probably best, to make her understand better. ‘’Well, to be honest. I haven’t been guild leader over ATP for very long. It was way different to be a leader here compared to back in the real world. Since before I started playing sao, I was a guild leader over ‘The shining stars’. Don’t know if you have herd about us but not to brag but we was quite famous in several different games.’’ She gulped and looked up at the sky. ‘’The plans was to start it here too. But then I got stuck here.’’ She went silent as her mind traveled back to the real world for a bit.
  3. Mari landed the final strike on the bear, making it explode into crystals and two totems spawning. One for her and one for Zandra. Like with the fake boss, Mari gave Zandra one of the statues this time too. Zandra looked at her, but also not. It almost looked like she stared at nothing in trance. Adrop of sweat rolled down her forehead as she grabbed the statue gently and slowly nodded. ‘’Yes, lets do that.’’ She said not much more then a whisper. Then she handed Mari a teleport crystal. ‘’So you don’t have to walk back to town.’’ She had totally forgot that player killers couldn’t. Then she took up her own and crushed it, disappearing in a flash. When she was back in town she went to the nearest dark alley where sta down behind a few crates, outside anyone field of view, and buried her face in her hands. -Gives 1x Teleport crystal to Mari Thread finished Rewards: 2,200col(2,000 quest 400/2=200 one full thread) 4 SP (2 quest+1 thread+1 quarantine) Kumatetsu statue
  4. Zandra

    [E3|F11|PP]Nature's Eggs, ft Zandra

    Zandra followed to pink hair as it seemed that she had done this quest before. Or she had red up on it much more then Zandra. It was nice thou, to follow someone, to not have someone relying on her to show the correct way, the correct path and stuff like that. Zita was as usually, circling high above them, scouting the area. Then Yuki asked her what she preferred, fishing, gathering or combat. Zandra was close to say combat right away. But she guessed that the mobs would spawn to her level. And Yuki, even if she could tank her own leveled mobs, Zandra thought that wasn’t the case with a level 86 mob. ‘’Hmm, I usually going for combat. But I have done that so many times. And it is because that, when you want col, is the most effective way. But it have started getting boring, feels more like a work then something else. So I would prefer gathering.’’ A short pause before she added. ‘’If that is okay for you I mean.’’
  5. Zandra stopped as she herd Mari started to talk, but she didn’t turned around. Her hearing was focused on the young woman behind her. Three of the words made take a quick breath and knit her fists. Mari was the first person ever to say that. She called her cruel. After all she had done, after all she had tried. When she revealed her name, the reaction didn’t went as she had expected. Any way it could have been going she didn’t thougth that, would be mentioned. She turned her head and said over her shoulder quietly but loud enough for her to hear. ‘’It seems Im not the only to believe in rumors.’’ And to hear of how she said it, Macradon haven’t told her the rest. Also, best friend? … She listened to the rest Mari told her, that they should start over, exactly like Zandra had suggested a minute ago. If they started over, there was clearly a lot to repair. That was when she herd another bear. She looked over her shoulder and saw an even bigger beast at the same time as Mari’s totem shattered. ‘’Huh?’’ What would Zandra do now? Mari had told her that she didn’t wanted her there, she was sure she was more then capable to handle this on her own. But they have been there for the same reason. So she turned around, but this time she only equipped her axe, her armor was left in the inventory. She walked up to the bear at the same time as she charged up her Explode catapult, like she had done so many times before. Silently and with a plain face, she placed herself on the opposite side of the bear, to make sure Mari wasn’t hit by her aoe. Then she activated the sword art and as the dark weapon with pulsating glowing veins, it cleaved thru the bear with wide sweeps, without saying a word, nor kill it this time.And this time, the bear looked directly at her. let out a rumbling roar as he became even bigger. Zandra just looked it in the eyes, waiting for the attack. The bear swinged his paw, scratching Zandra across her chest with his claw, leaving five big red stripes a s well as dropping her health a tenth. ''You up Mari, get your totem, then I will leave, sorry for staying a bit longer.'' Mari HP 1108/1140 | EN: 110/110 | DAM: 11 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 43 | ACC 4 Zandra HP 1590/1765 | EN: 142/172 | DAM: 19 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 99 | ACC 3+1(con) ID:139688 BD:5+3+1=9-2=7 Hit! Charge activated! Bullrush triggered! Explode catapult - 19+5=24x14=336-50=286 DMG Kumetsu ID: 139690 MD: 7 Hit! Beast form triggered! DMG: 75+100=175 HP: 14/300 | DMG: 75 37 | MIT: 50 | ACC: 1 0 | EVA: 2
  6. The answer came pretty quickly, quick enough for all doubt about being a made up excuse to disappear. ‘’I see. I have never watched or herd about that serie. Well, cant really say I have herd a lot of any series. I don’t know if it’s a well known or not, but since I didn’t knew about it, you coming and shouting you are heroes felt a bit humiliating. That thing made me dislike you to be honest. Thou, I hope you can apologise me for thinking that about you. I am glad I got to know the truth.’’ She paused as she spotted a few eggs in the corner of the room. ‘’Just one sec.’’ she said as she went and picked them up. ‘’Sorry about that, you mentioned about an easter event so I guess I should take every opportunity I have to take some more eggs.’’ She closed the menu as the eggs was safe in her inventory. ‘’I feel like you have explained a lot about yourself and to be honest, I really feel like it was good I answered your call.’’ She took a sip of the teas. ‘’But do you have any questions to me that may make it easier for you to trust and rely on me?’’ Roll: ID: 139621 LD: 20+8=28 CD: 2 Eggs: +2 Total: 17
  7. Zandra focused on Shield, trying to spot anything that showed that he was trying to smooth things over. That he had come up with this to bring as an excuse just because, well, just because. There was no need for pretended excuses today. Open cards was what Zandra would be playing with. ‘’I see…’’ she started carefully with a voice sounding like it didn’t really believed what was said. She did believed it, but decided to be careful and not go in blindly. ‘’So you saying when you came there, you was just saying that as a joke? Either I haven’t watched the same series, or have forgotten that part. Would you mind telling me what serie? Im just curious, you don’t have to say if you don’t want to.’’ It wasn’t really top secret infromtation, but it would show pretty quick if it was a made up excuse or if it was true. Unless he was a veteran lier, which she doubted. ‘’I need to say thou that I am happy to hear that it was a joke and you didn’t meant what you said in the way it sounded to me.’’ She had sen Shield beend down, so she took a look as well and spotted some eggs under her chair as well. More eggs for her she thought to herself. Roll: ID: 139614 LD: 8+8=16 CD: 10 Eggs: +6 Total: 15
  8. Zandra

    [E3|F11|PP]Nature's Eggs, ft Zandra

    ‘’Oh really? Grandmastering it in a week? That is really impressive. I am happy that our services gave you such a nice boost. When we get our guild rolling and starting alliances, you maybe will give us your support with fixing food.’’ She said to the pinkette as she herd her impressive cooking skills. She saw she got an invite as well. Not only party invite, but also a friend request. She accepted both, the party invite because the pinkette was going to do the same thing as her anyway. And the friend request because not only was it good to have a friendly relation with your guild members, it is also good to get more friendly connections incase you would need help or be in trouble. After the quest she would see who this person was, maybe she would remove her from her friend list, maybe not. Only the future could tell. ‘’So, I am actually no my way to do Nature’s treasure as well. I haven’t really been in need for currencies since Ive done other farms, so hv never tried it. Have you done that? If yes, mind tell me some tips or trix about it?’’ she had already red a bit about it, but there is always best to know as much as possible.
  9. Zandra listened to the tank as he explained to her that she was just a small part in this. He was even sorry that she got bringed into the chaos that had been the frontlines back then. Shield looked at her with dark eyes, they was serious, but she couldn’t spot any anger in them. Was he really serious? She wasn’t that big of a part in this like others. This made her feel relieved as well as a bit angry. One part of her felt like what he was meaning was that she wasn’t as important in that current state to make a different so she was halfly ignored or something. One part was happy since it sounded like Shield as well wanted to get on good terms with the berserk healer. And one part just enjoyed the blueberry pie that was, indeed, delicious. As well as the tea. She took a quick glance to a shelf and spotted some more eggs that she quickly took and added to her inventory. ‘’I do hear what you are saying Shield.’’ She started. She thougth thru what to say next, since that could effect where this talk would go. But what she felt was most important was to be honest, tell the truth and not try to exaggerate stuff. ‘’I will keep an eye out for those eggs then, and I think I did the right decision to answer the request to come here. I don’t know how I feel from hearing I was not… nevermind. Since you bring the labyrinth guardian boss up. What was you thinking when you said that you was darn heroes or something? Im curious because it felt like you thought you came in and to save us because we where incapable of doing it ourself, which thanks to the games programming and stupid party size decisions, we was.’’ Roll: ID: 139612 LD: 4+8=12 CD: 6 Eggs: +3 Total: 9
  10. It didn’t took long for the tea and pie to arrive. She looked down on it for a bit. It didn’t looked as tasty as the one she had eaten so many times down at the golden horseshoe. But don’t judge the book by the cover. She thought to herself before she grabbed the spoon and took a bite of the pie as she listened to what Shield had to say. She nodded as to show she was agreeing with what her said. Yes, the situation on the frontlines between the player have been at least chaotic, if not worse. It was thanks to luck that they succeded thru the boss battle without any casualties at all. When he seemed to be done, she waited around ten more seconds to make sure he was ready to listen to what she said and dint had anything to add. ‘’To start with, things have been quite terrible for me for a long time. Even before that meeting. I have got a lot of relationships broken because reason. Thou Ive decided to repair them.’’ She took a sip of the teas. ‘’And the relation with you is one of the ones I value a lot. Don’t want it to be like, yeah you know.’’ She took a deep breath, thinking back on the meeting that was a devestation to the frontline players. Some sadness was shown in her ruby eyes. ‘’Yes, you wasn’t blameless. Same goes for me. I hope we can make sure…’’ she just saw something on her plate. ‘’Wait, did you ordered these?’’ she asked and pointed at 6 choclate eggs. Roll: ID: 139598 LD: 8+8=16 CD: 10 Eggs: +6 Total: 6
  11. Zandra saw Mari taking a couple of steps away from her. Was she? No, that couldn’t be the reason, or could it? She made a small, barely visible shake to herself. When she looked downat the totem again, she realized one of the reasons that maybe would be why she backed away from her. She was still wearing Inferno, her armor that was anything except showing a kind and caring impression. Her hand quickly opened the menu and unequipped her armor and she was back in her little red riding hood styled outfit. She listened as the orange player started talking, and she was telling her to do two things for her. Now Mari was giving Zandra orders? Zandra got confused at first, but then she understood that it was totally normal. After all, Zandra knew Mari’s name since before but Mari had no idea what Zandra’s name was. Back when Mari was told about, Zandra was still no one. Now, she just hoped no player had done the same thing about her as they had done about Mari. Zandra gulped before she started. ‘’Oh, I am sorry, totally forgot to introduce myself.’’ She paused before she continued. ‘’My name is Zandra, and you have my deepest apologise for believing those words about you. I understand that you don’t wanna see me so I will head down to the monument and look to confirm what you are saying. But I hope you can take a minute and look at it from my perspective too. No need to thou if you don’t want to. Have a nice day.’’ And she started to walk away, her voice have now been steady and friendly now that she had calmed down from the actions that had happened today. @Mari
  12. The tank answered he was fine, but it actually didn’t mattered what he answered. Almost everyone would answer with something like ‘Im fine’ or similar. It didn’t felt good being near Shield. She didn’t knew really what it was, but she just wanted to rise and leave the café. But no, she cant do that, that would probably removed the tiny bit of respect Shield had left of her. She was here not to waste time, but rather to mend a broken relationship. So the tea was good. Well she isn’t really a tea drinker. Would she take it anyway, for good manners? ‘’Well, Im not really a tea drinker myself, but I guess I can try’’. She said to the server as well as to Shield. ‘’Would be nice a slice of blueberry pie too if that can be fixed.’’ She said to her and hoped the NPC would understand. Then she looked back on the tank. ‘’Cant say Im hungry, but have been out hunting for awhile and a slice blueberry pie is never wrong.’’ She said and a tiny bit of her grumpiness had actually left, she felt a little bit better. Still annoyed over her icebear hunt thou.
  13. Three snake was down for the count, now there was one snake left to kill. Or that was what Zandra was thinking. Before she could react, three more of those tiny reptiles had appeared around her. ‘’oh [censored], will they keep respawning until im dead or something. Or maybe it is just until a set number of them that will spawn.’’ She took a quick look around, suddenly the forest had became much thicker then before. She didn’t saw any opening between the trees. Well, no opening that was covered with bushes that was filled with thorns. She gulped and a drip of sweat rolled down her forehead. This wasn’t god, this wasn’t good at all. But, there wasn’t much to do. She charged up her axe, rushed on to the fresh snakes, and delivered a powerful blow on the newly arrived snakes. The one that already was wonded attacked back as Zandra killed it. Hide contents Base col: 700x2=1,400x9=12,600+10%=13,860 Giant snake 6: LD: 14+11=25 CD: 3 Extra: 700x2=1,400+10%=1,540 +2 t3 materials -Perfect consumable x2 -Perfect armor/shield x2 Giant snake 7: LD: 15+11=26 CD: 10 Extra: 700x2=1,400+10%=1,540 +2 t3 materials -Map of intermediate dungeon(22) x1 Total loot(t3): 50,820 col 12 t3 materials -Perfect armor/shiel x5 -Perfect trinket x2 -Perfect consumable x4 -Map of intermediate dungeon(22) x2 Zandra: HP: 1,405/1,765 ENG: 101/172 BH: +88 Giant snake 5: 350/700 BD: 10 Crit! 225 dmg Giant snake 6: 0/700 DEAD Giant snake 7: 0/700 DEAD Giant snake 8: 350/700 MD: 7-2=6 Miss! Eggs: Hide contents Giant snake: 6: CD: 3=2 eggs 7: CD: 10=6 eggs Total: 22 eggs
  14. Three snake was down for the count, now there was one snake left to kill. Or that was what Zandra was thinking. Before she could react, three more of those tiny reptiles had appeared around her. ‘’oh [censored], will they keep respawning until im dead or something. Or maybe it is just until a set number of them that will spawn.’’ She took a quick look around, suddenly the forest had became much thicker then before. She didn’t saw any opening between the trees. Well, no opening that was covered with bushes that was filled with thorns. She gulped and a drip of sweat rolled down her forehead. This wasn’t god, this wasn’t good at all. But, there wasn’t much to do. She charged up her axe, rushed on to the fresh snakes, and delivered a powerful blow on the newly arrived snakes. The one that already was wonded attacked back as Zandra killed it. Zandra: HP: 1,542/1,765 ENG: 118/172 Giant snake 3: 0/700 DEAD Giant snake 5: 350/700 MD. 5-2=3 Miss! Giant snake 6: 350/700 MD: 1 Miss! Giant snake 7: 350/700 MD: 8-2=6 Hit! 258-35=223 Eggs:
  15. ’’GAAAAHHHH!!!’’ Zandra shouted as her big, two-handed battle axe flew thru the air, cleaving into the digital fur of a big icebear down on floor four. There was a new potion recipie she wanted to try out, but one of the ingreThere was a new potion recipie she wanted to try out, but one of the ingredients was the fat from the fur of a bear. After twenty, she lost count of how many she had slain by now, but still not. She took a look at the latest reward screnn. ‘’Nope, nothing this time either.’’ She said with a sigh and started getting so annoyed she swung her axe into a nearby tree with full force. Just in last second she dodged the snow falling from the branches. Then she got a message. She thougth if she should check it now or continue. She really wanted that fat. But no, in these times it could be something important. So she red thru the mail that, came from a person she haven’t talked with for a long while. And to be honest, she actually did wanted it to continue that way. She glanced at another group of bears that just respawned a bit away. But no, she had to, anything else would be childish. ‘’Well, I can take one more group.’’ She charged up her explode catapult and charged. ‘’DIE!’’ … … Zandra exited the warp entrance at the twenty second floor with a grumpy look on her face. As she cursed the bears and the fats low droprate she headed to the café. As she approached the café, she stopped outside for a few moments, took a deep breath, and entered. It didn’t took long to find the correct table so she walked up and sat down. Her face was still grumpy but at least she succeded with putting on a fake smile. ‘’Hello there Shield. Everything fine?’’ she greeted the tank.