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  1. Is done a poof, back.

    1. Hirru


      Welcome back!

  2. [ID# 76827] [BD: 8+1=9] Hit [Sword Art: Galaxy Destroyer ] 6*(1*13) = 78-40=38 [H:1] Hirru - [679 / 680 hp // 57 / 68 en] [H:1] Beoreson - [ 360 / 360 hp //23 / 36 en] (-13 en) Byakko - [20 / 150 hp] (-38 HP) Black Ops gives a nod to Hirru and decides to use his most powerful attack. He grabs his sword and rips it from its leather sheath. The sword is a bland inordinate bastard sword that has a leather wrap for a handle and a basic cross guard. Beoreson then charges forward holding his sword in a basic long tail stance. When he gets close enough to the flaming beast he swings his sword into the monster. His attack does a small chunk of damage but compared to Hirru's attack his is clearly inferior. Black Ops than leaps back and goes into a basic at the ready stance and says to Hirru, "Yeah, I need to get a decent sword after this."
  3. Beoreson grumbles to himself looking through his inventory for all his battle items. He eventually finds what he is looking for The Cover of Night his armor that he has worn for the last year almost. He equips the partial plate and also grabs a basic sword off the shelf of his shop. "Slasher", he mutters to himself as he makes his way out of the shop. "Why would I name the sword something so dumb", He thinks to himself as he hops onto the teleporter and makes his way to the 16 floor. The 16th floor is about what he expected it to be humid and covered in water. He takes his time walking through the barbaric town and was clearly searching for his ally. Eventually, he spots Macradon and gives a wave to him and walks over. "Mornin", he mutters to the man with a smile under his helm.
  4. Beoreson

    [F4-SP]-I'm Rusty

    ID# 69131 LD:7 The warrior wonders through the caves but finds nothing that is remotely ore like. The warrior decides to himself that he is satisfied enough with what he has gathered and starts to make his way out of the icy cavern. Eventually the warrior is rewarded with the blazing sun and the freezing gust of wind that tells him he is back above ground. The warrior wonders through the snow dunes and finds one of the snow covered paths that lead back to town. He begins to walk it leaving his metal boot prints in the ground behind him and he mutters to himself, "Well, I suppose it could be worse. It could be sand not snow that surrounds my being." Summery: +1 SP to Beoreson +400 col to Beoreson +5 Mats to Beoreson
  5. And it's gone. Well I guess I will retype it tomorrow. *Lost his final post for a SP."

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      Are you certain? If you return to the page is there not a saved draft option to restore on the text area?

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      I cut it out of word and went to my shop's post and fixed a few words then tried to paste a non-existent post.

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      I always ride my posts in Google Docs, I even have the word count add-on.

      This way it's saved on the cloud, as well as I know the words of it instead of having to open and wait for Word to start up.

  6. Beoreson

    [F4-SP]-I'm Rusty

    ID# 69085 LD:6 The warrior wonders the icy cove for a few minutes and is greeted by nothing. With a sigh the warrior lowers himself against a wall and takes a swig from his heated wine skin full of luke warm water. warrior thinks to himself as he slightly gags on the drink, "Well that surely wasn't the brightest idea I've every had. I'll throw hot chocolate in the next one that way the drink doesn't make me sick to my stomach." He then finishes off the wine skin with a grimace and stands back up before dusting himself off and with a slight whistle carrying himself down the icy cavern's pathways. The warrior didn't know it but he was whistling an old tune that his father used to teach him to whistle.
  7. Beoreson

    [F4-SP]-I'm Rusty

    ID# 69083 LD:3 Beoreson wonders through the icy cavern looking for any sort of sparkle and he sadly is not rewarded with anything quite yet and has to continue along the pathways of the cave. With a slight note of surprise the warrior slips on a patch of black ice and lands flat on his back. He then mummers to himself, "Well at least that hasn't changed. Falling still hurts like a $%#@^." He picks himself back up with a grunt and notices that he put a slight crack in the frozen ground.He grins and then picks back up the torch and the ax and says to himself as he makes another turn, "Maybe this path will have some veins of iron ore or tin in its walls."
  8. Beoreson

    [F4-SP]-I'm Rusty

    ID# 69081 LD:15 (+1 mat= 5 mats) The black platted warrior wonders through the mines looking for the wonderful sparkle in the walls that indicated some sort of vein of ore. After taking a left then a right then another left the warrior finds that he is face to face with another vein of ore. The warrior excitedly takes his pickax and swings it into the rock a few times and is rewarded with a soft ding and a notification that he has gained an item. Beoreson then takes the time to look at the clock and sees that it is rather late so he decides that he only needs another mat before heading back to his shop for the night. He re-shoulders his ax and heads further into the cavern with a broad grin plastered on his face.
  9. Beoreson

    [F4-SP]-I'm Rusty

    ID# 69079 LD:16 (+1 Mat=4 mats) Beoreson wanders back through the snowy dunes looking for his entrance back into one of the frozen caves that he mines. Eventually the young warrior locates it and enters the frozen cavern. He makes sure to take a pick and a torch with him and wonders through the rocks and looks for any veins of ore. After a few minutes he comes across a veins of copper and takes a few good swings at it. The rock crumbles and a small ingot of copper pops out, the warrior quickly pockets the ore and does a rough count before continuing on and comes up with the fact that he needs at least another five before he stops for the day. So with a sigh the warrior throws the pick over his shoulder and continues on looking for any ore.
  10. Beoreson

    F7- The Iron Blade

    ID# 69076 CD:2 Rank 4 (95/160) Beoreson walks into his shop and spends the next fifteen minutes cleaning up his shop. He takes the time to wipe down all the tables and all of the display cases, then he sweeps the floor. He sits down on the table and his pup Light jumps up to into his lap and snuggles against him. Beoreson reaches down and pats the small pup on the head before he gives the pup a small treat. He then goes over to his anvill and hammers out some iron that he had been saving and is rewarded with a nice cracking noise followed by the ingot exploding into nothing. "Well, that sucks", mutters the warrior as he rubs the back of his head. The man then cleans up the forge and closes his doors for the night.
  11. Beoreson

    Weapon Re-Spec Confirmation

    Former Weapon Skill: One Handed Straight Sword Former Weapon Rank: 4 New Weapon Skill: Two Handed Straight Sword New Weapon Rank: 4
  12. So, where do I send my mats when I use them in my shop?

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      All righty, marked it in my excel sheet. Back to zero mats and I am restarting on the col counting as I quit counting back in Feb.

    3. Hirru


      Also, I've posted in that one thread.  If you need a reminder, let me know!

    4. Beoreson


      Yeah, I'm broke and don't want to bum a sword off of anyone so, I'm finishing up a SP then I'll buy it. Sorry for the wait.

  13. The warrior looks over and sees that Hiru doesn’t look to well but shrugs it off. Beoreson thinks for a moment of how to describe what Vietnam was to Hiru who probably just hadn’t heard of the country. He remembers that it is close to Thailand and china but not much otherwise about how to describe it other than there are jungles there. With a sigh he thinks for another moment and says, “It is a country in Asia, south of China that has a humid climate and jungles" “There was a war that America fought against the Korean people and we pulled out as we decided that it wasn’t worth fighting anymore.”, says Black Ops as he looks around. The lush green jungle quite beautiful. “I remember a few details here and there about the country so if you have any questions go ahead”, states the warrior as he admires the forest.
  14. *Tadah, Sorry for the delay. I was trying to make something interesting to read not cannon fodder posts. * "I've been fine. I've been holed up in my shop, not really doing anything really", says Black Ops. He pulls down his faceplate and reveals his head. He still looked the same if anything refreshed quite a bit compared to how worn he had become. Even the man’s armor looked slightly different like he had maintained it and repaired all the blemishes of its ebony surface. He thinks for a moment for a moment, regarding how to make an excuse to his old friend and says, “I was a little shaken up back then and I guess I just kind of lost my will to go out and adventure. If Opal, had betrayed us who else would do something crazy. Is what I was thinking at the time. Of Course I only thought that for a few weeks but, by then I had already said some dumb things and would rather suffer the consequences.” The warrior watches as the green jungle becomes more and more thick as they travel along the dirt path that Hirru was leading him along. The amount of vegetation taking the warrior aback quite a bit. With a slightly shocked look as he continues along and says, “It’s just like how my great grandfather would describe Vietnam.”
  15. Beoreson nods and listens to what the hunter is explaining to him and says, "Yeah, but I haven't been down to a sub -dungeon yet so... I'm not really sure what they are other than smaller dungeons with some loot." He scratches the back of his head a little awkwardly as he is pretty much clueless and says, "I figured that you would know the most about sub-dungeons as you have really good search skills. I don't have any search skills so, I'm not that great when it comes to searching or finding things of use." He then looks around town and scans it for any clear direction for the quest finding none he asks the hunter after a second, "So, which way do we go?"