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  1. Dracul

    [F05 - PP] Setting up basics «The Traveler»

    "What do you mean?" I ask the blonde. It was true that we didn't pack any consumables for combat but usually when partying with her I barely got any part in the action. Next to my, I could see that Darius also had a questioning expression. We got prompted by the blonde's new protege and before we started walking, I could see the lioness fiddle with her hud and materialize two large pieces of cloth. She threw a gray piece at me and a red one at Darius: "The sand out there gets everyone, literally. You better get out of that stuffy armor and put this on top of your casual attire, to cover yourself a bit. The wind is harsh out there." I watch her follow Assassin and tugging on her own cape. I examine the item I received: a boring gray colored cloak with silver trims but what caught my eye were the five crossed out icons on it.None of them ringed any bell. I show them to my assistant that replies: "Ariel-dono's previous guilds, she once told me and sis this one. " He pointed towards the one on top, looking like a pair of wings: "The Guardians of Aincrad I think it was named, her first guild..." Before he would go into more details, I elbow him and bob my head forward seeing as the two girls already started making trails in front of us. ID# 152088 CD: 10
  2. I watched the lioness question Raidou and was about to ask what was the big idea when a hand gently but firmly touched my shoulder. Turning my head I could see Claudia looking at me and shaking her head, as if she read my mind and knew my intention. "But look at her, she's way too pushy. She looks like a bully!" I protested in a low tone. "It's Ariel-dono's way of doing things, I'm sure you also noticed his... reticence. Maybe he needs a more intrusive approach to break out of his shell, I know you've taken a liking at his character.. I see he shares a lot of similarities with milord." I wasn't sure what she was implying with that last bit but... as 97% of the times, she was right. I take a second to take a deep breath and reply. "I do find him a more enjoyable company that most of the numbskulls we bumped into." I admit, prompting a smile from Claudia who added: "Let's just pick more apples and observe them for now, if things get out of control we can subdue the lioness then." I nod and return to our current task, keeping an eye on the two, same as Claudia.
  3. Dracul

    [F05 - PP] Setting up basics «The Traveler»

    I squinted my eyes at the little brat as she didn't seem to Darius or mi presence and return the greet. I'll take pleasure on giving the blonde an earful about etiquette knowing full well who she was and having an idea on how she was raised. Nonetheless I decided to let it slide for now and blame it on the girl's overwhelming emotions. Honestly, what is she thinking with taking someone who's half her age under her care? then again, this wasn't my business and I didn't want to add something else to my list of concerns. I continued to watch Ariel who was dotting over Assassin like a mother hen. While they were setting our route, I glance at Darius: "Do you know anything about this quest? Other than what the NPC just told us?" while Claudia's talent for gathering information was unparalleled, the apple didn't fall far from the tree and her brother darius proved to be resourceful as well. Often helping his sister with the aforementioned business. The two made an impressive duo and I took pride in having them as my assistants. That's why I was seeking his council even now. But to my disappointment, he shook his head and added in a low tone to not disturb the other half of our party. "I'm afraid not, this is a pretty straightforward quest..."
  4. Raidou was on the right track, we needed to get back to the old guy and try to squeeze out more info. At the very least we needed to get the reward he promised when he asked us to slay the dragon. "Opal, the next gemstone is opal!" came the sudden voice from my assistant who was deep in thought until a moment ago. "You're probably right!" I add with a smirk. Before we head back I take another look back. "Let's grab those three big apples and some of the smaller ones. The old man clearly didn't tell us all he knew. I wanna see his reaction when we show these to him." Claudia looks at me for a second before nodding and reaching out for some of the scattered items. I grab the three bigger apples and send one to Raidou and Ariel, who seemed to be discussing something else. "If we're done here let's make out way to the old guy!" I say a bit louder, while motion Claudia to walk with me. I haven't been on many quests but by judging Ariel's reactions to our situation, I could guess that this isn't the standard format.
  5. "Wha..?." came the dumbfounded question that I didn't want to voice. "This is even more vague than what we had before." as much as I keep peering through the new pop-up on my HUD I can't seem to heads and tails of what it means. "Show me yours." I mutter and move next to Claudia to see her window. "Part 3... Opal" she says softly with a slight frown, clearly forcing the gears in her head to decipher that message. "Hey Raidou, does yours say the same thing? 'PT 3 OPAL?" I asked our red clad friend. "Mine says the same!" came the unrequested response from the blonde that was waving around a gemstone. I pull out the one that we found previously and place it next to the blonde's. They were about the same size and weight but varied in coloration, this new one more transparent than the other. I tap it and read the item info out loud so that the rest could hear:" <Zylara’s Quartz> [Vanity Quest Item] : 1 of 9, collect all 9 and meet whom that waits before you, only then will you get the grand prize." "That means we have 7 more to go!" chimed in the blonde, apparently happy at the prospect of slaying more dragons.
  6. Dracul

    [F05 - PP] Setting up basics «The Traveler»

    "So this is the little runaway girl you mentioned?" I said in a neutral tone, my eyebrow slightly upturned as I drew closer to the three women. It seemed that I did the right thing in bringing Darius with me. Having his sister come instead would've made me the only male in the party and while it wouldn't worry me much about that usually. Experience had taught me that evening out the ratio would be overall pleasant for all those involved. With a hand on my chin and the other supporting it, I look at her from different angles. "You could at least give her something better than these rags. And you proud yourself as one of the finest tailors in Aincrad?" a smirk accompanying my sharp comment. Except for the scars on her face, she looked unremarkably plain. I let out a shrug and introduce myself as proper etiquette dictates: "My name is Dracul, happy to make your Assassin. Ariel told me a bit about you." I then motion at the figure behind me that patiently awaited for my mark. He steps forward and makes a small bow, displacing some of his chestnut colored locks forward. "I'm called Darius." he said in a courteous tone. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance lady Assassin. I'm milord Dracul's servant, please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of assistance." his voice was calm but resonating, unusually mature sounding for a 19 y/o. He wore a butler's outfit that complemented his hair color and he emanated a pleasant welcoming aura that, as one time the blondie in front of us pointed out: 'was in total contrast with my black soul'. Darius then looked in Ariel's direction and I could see a small sparkle in his eyes and he greeted her. "A pleased to see you again, lady Ariel."
  7. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    For my part, I signaled the blonde to open the chest since she already had the key in her hand. My gaze however lingered on the object as it was the first time I saw one; curiosity took over. I wanted to see what was inside to see if I'd be motivated into finding such chest for myself in the future. To my, disappointment? the rewards were deficient at best, putting an end to my short lived whim of becoming a treasure hunter. It was for the better really, as such extra activities would detract me from my goal. I reach out however and pick one of the apples inside the box for close study. "This looks like a bigger version of the ones scattered around here." I muttered before a muffled noise draws my attention up. It wasn't hard to imagine what what made these sounds of slow flapping wings; a trait attributed to a small number of flying creature among which there was: "The dragon!" I mutter unconsciously, as the others cast their gazes towards the skies and verify for themselves. Claudia by my side, alternated a few times between watching the drake and the apple in my hand, before giving voice to what I was thinking: "Did it came, for the apples?" Ariel: 1450/1450 ❤ | 140/140 ✽ | 88 ♜ | 19 (+8) ⚔ | 2 ACC | 1 EVA Raidou: 500/500 ❤ | 50/50 ✽ | 27 ♜ | 2 ⚔ | 3 EVA | 9-10 ☣ V.O. 10% & Para Dracul: 200/200 ❤ | 20/20 ✽ | 27 ♜ | 7 ⚔ | 18 ☣ Thorns Zylara: 175/175 ❤ | 65 ♜ | 35 ⚔ | 1 ACC
  8. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    Joining the rest, myself and Claudia peer inside the freshly dug hole with interest. "A treasure chest!" claimed my assistant while I decided to pick up and study this apple that didn't feel like an apple. Squeezing it in my hand, my fingers were unable to even put a small dent on it's golden exterior. "Could it be gold?" I ask outloud, almost immediately willing to dismiss the notion based on the item's weight. But then again this world's physics, while emulated from the real world , could be easily altered by the Cardinal in any way to fit any narrative. I let it drop on the ground and take in the sheer amount of items. "If it were only apples I'd say that you found a mole or fox hole but I don't think your average animal would enshrine a box like that." She looked in the distance, seeing some of the village rooftops and added: "Maybe it's someone's secret stash? but why put the apples in the ground like this instead of selling them off and making a fortune to get out of this dump." I replied nonchalantly, earning myself a frown from my redhead assistant. ID# 151385 LD: 3+3 No Material Found!
  9. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    It takes a while but we get to narrow down the area even more now that every member of the team knew what out task was and why we had to do it. I too, enjoyed these types of quests that put to test more than the player's equipment and stats. The mental stimulation reminiscent to the one I feel when me and my assistants experiment and do some research outside of our order quota back at the shop. I even came to appreciate Claudia's abilities and talents that didn't seem to excel just in our work's field of expertise. "We should go out more often like this.." I mutter to myself the look at the redhead in question and add: "Drag your brother outside with us." I expected one of her usual 'professional' nods but the maid actually smiled back and said "Most definitely." Seeing her like that made my realize that I also was uncharacteristically smiling, fact that I verified upon stroking my chin and cheek; from which I traced a small smile with my fingers. In an attempt to revert to my usual demeanour, a attempt to gather another plant that had a unnatural look to it. ID# 151088 LD: 17+3 [1] Material Found! (Total: 3)
  10. Dracul

    [PP-F19] ATP's 1st Guild meeting

    It was early in the morning, my assistants and I are getting ready to open up our shop located somewhere outside the eld village on the third floor. Its been relatively quiet of late inside our establishment but that didn't deter us, on the opposite I welcomed it. The constant patronage of certain individuals mixed alongside business activities with various influent NPCs keep this shop's income relatively prosperous without it being known to many players. That's how I like it, normal work ethics tend to dictate that the customer is always right and should be treated as such but I prefer to keep a hand pick list of contacts and clientele. We were about to an order for such an individual when I hear a unfamiliar chime, already dismissing it as the entrance bell I still can't help but glance towards the spacious entrance to make sure. That's when I notice a message in my Inbox from a unfamiliar name and with my curiosity peaked I run through it. With a small dismissive gesture I redirect it towards both of my assistants so that they can be informed of its content as well. I receive a tacit nod as acknowledgement from the bespectacled redhead who was in the middle of finishing her current duties. Later, the brown haired self entitled butler nods towards me a after reading the message. "We haven't joined for long but it is good to know that this is going to be the first official meeting." I say to the red haired companion on my right which chose to keep her work attire, a dark colored maid-like uniform with an archaic design. "Despite being a relatively new guild, the ATP have well established themselves as non-combat, mercantile guild for ncrafter such as ourselves." she replied, adjusting her glasses while reading excerpts from her personal updated report, which she initially presented to me first when we started looking for a guild to join. "I wonder what kind of people we'll meet, we barely had any contact with anyone when we applied and got accepted with no difficulty." I add pensively as we almost reach our destination. Though I had to admit that going to such a higher floor brought chills on my back as a certain memory; which I tried to suppress, unfortunately resurfaced. Shaking my head to banish them for now, I open the guild's entrance and step in alongside my assistant. The interior did little to impress but on the plus wasn't tacky either, somehow I would've expected a little more of such a guild but decided not to make my comment vocal. We reach a spacious hall that seemed to be prepared for the meeting, I take a second to look around at the pinboards while making my way towards the center of the room where a round table seemed to await weary travelers. I close the remaining distance with the person who was there before us, who I assume is the person who invited us. With a small bow I greet her: "Good afternoon, my name is Dracul "The Third" Vladislav, owner of the Regalis Quinta Essencia. And this is one of my assistans Claudia, we run a small but prosper alchemy shop on the 3rd floor. It's good to finally make your acquaintance.
  11. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    Listening to the blonde's question, I let out a sigh accompanied by a self deprecating smile. After all, what else could I expect from a muscle brain like her who always sought using brute force to find her answers. I draw closer to the person in question and try to reply her as simple and quick as possible: "Finding the source of this unnatural phenomena might give us clues to discovering the dragon's location." I once again open the map and enlarge it so both of us can see clearly. "We got the quest from the end of the first Dragon Hunt pointing this whole area for supposedly the next Hunt." Next I point towards the setlement where we spoke to the old man: "It can't be coincidental that there's a 'serpent-like' beast slaying quest around here." I make a circle around the settlement where we saw the burned debris. "It still is a big area to cover for just the four of us. Plus he didn't give us much details to where to find it." I pick a nearby flower and show it to her, hoping that she didn't take it as a romantic gesture. "We've noticed that the plants around here seem to unnaturally grow so we're trying to pinpoint the source." I make a small pause hoping she would follow the logical line and get to a conclusion of her own now. So far her replies have been monotone nods so I thoughts that I might've put too much faith for a second. ID# 150838 LD: 4+3 No Material!
  12. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    It felt weird, although the branch was relatively low enough for me to pick it with minimal effort. It put up a lot a fight until it snapped after several attempts of bending and pulling. It felt young and elastic, the leaves were glistering green. I take a few steps and peer at the very top of the tree, where the most healthiest of wood and leaves would be and there was little difference from what I had in hand. For a second, the thought of chopping the tree and checking its inner rings for aging, crossed my mind but I remembered that it was virtual... "but even so..." I saw other trees and they did a extremely well job to simulate nature... but this... these trees seemed like they were young... recent? "it's like they grew overnight..." I mutter to myself before I turn my attention to the rest. I take a look at Raidou's map and smiled lopsided: "There's something rejuvenating the area isn't it?" At which, Claudia pulled out several materials and did a side by side comparison on the ground. There was no mistaking it "breadcrumbs trail" muttered the maid before adding more volume and clearness to her tone "So we need to search around for flora that seems new or out of season, I'm not sure if animals are also affected by.. whatever this is." I look at the rest for confirmation while Claudia started distancing, one step ahead of us. ID# 150612 LD: 17 [1] T1 Material Found!
  13. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    I keep look around the place but try to keep an ear on what the old man was saying, so far it was all the standard fantasy themed quest giver speech I've heard a few times until now. Noticing Raidou didn't seem particularly interested in it either I leave it in hands of the blonde who seemed to gobble this stuff up, well I can understand the appeal of it at least so I'm not judging her... too much. Even if the blonde weren't paying attention, Claudia, as always, discretely took note of the info we were being dumped on us by the NPC. "Can we?" this simple question in a different pitch signaled the ending of the evergoing droning of the elder. Not sure and not really caring what she asked. I figured a simple "Yeah" would suffice as a reply. Seeing Claudia also nod seemed enough for the blonde to continue: "Don't worry jiji we'll take care of this beast for you! Just wait for us inside with the reward when we bring back its head... heads?" the blonde tilted her own head slightly already unsure if the elder mentioned if the beasts had more heads than one or not. With a small nod once again, the ever meticulous, Claudia cleared her doubts when the uncertain Ariel looked in her direction. TL Note. "jiji" (jap.) - "Old Man"/ "Geezer"
  14. Dracul

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    Claudia takes the item she's been given with a small nod of appreciation. Through furrowed brows, she then adjusts her glasses and closely inspects the herbs. After a solid few seconds she lets out a somehow exasperated sigh as she fails to see something wrong. She then turns towards me and shakes her head as she hands me the material. "What do we have here." I mutter, more to myself than to request an explanation from my assistant. "This guy bloomed ahead of its time" I remark with little glee before the old man NPC gets in contact with us. As I listened to his warning, an uncharacteristic question welled up inside me: "What can we do to help?" this earned me a small snort coming from the blonde lioness who most likely tried to suppress a laugh on my expense. I return a sharp gaze before turning my attention to the old man that gained a golden question mark above its head. His well groomed beard started moving in waves as he told his tale reminding me a certain elder from my own past. I a sample of a white flower near the road, for such a plain looking plant it had a strong fragrance. ID# 150607 LD: 14+3 [1] T1 Material Found!
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