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    Hi My shop is the frozen cave, Im rank 4 merchant at the moment.
  2. Anise

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Anise could only stare at Zandra. Zandra, the one person she actually did respect. Actually, why did Anise even bothered coming here? What good would this make for her? Right, she came because she herd Zandra was in danger. Thou the danger seemed to be gone now, whatever it was, it had probably been defeated, driven back, or just desapeared. Maybe, it was the presence of Anise the great that had scared it away. A big smile grew on her lips when she imagined herself as a strong warrior, leading armies to battle and be feared by everyone. Then she saw Zandra head over to the closest portal and placed herself there, waiting for the others to repeat the procedure. An idea poped up in her head. ‘’Hey guys. Down at floor four outside the town, there is a cave. If there is anything you need, there is a big chance I have it. I am having good connections with the black market.’’ She said in a whisper to Tsurei and Basuke. ‘’Thou I would appreciate if you not spread it to anyone you cant trust.’’ She finished off before she grabbed Zandras hand. Objective: Close Portal ID: 133635 BD: 4 Group Members:Zandra, Anise, Tsurei, Basuke Cumulative BD: 13 Personal: 2/3 portals closed
  3. Anise

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    By some, weird reason, that was also not explained to them at all. How did this thing worked? They stood in a ring around a pool of, oil? And why was they doing it? Did the game administrators wanted to teach them to be kind to the environment? Starting some go-green event? This was stupid, so stupid. Not only that, one of the boys was all ‘hey lets be friends.’ Anise just gave him an annoying stare. She rolled her eyes and followed the others to the another, portal? She sighed. ‘’Well hello noob, mind your own business. Zandra, as soon as we are done with this, I am out ofthis stupid thing. Risking you life, for some useless NPC’s? You are even stupidier then I thougth.’’ A short paus as she moved her hands across everyone there. ‘’All of you?’’ and she turned quiet, grabbing a pair of hands. And together with the three other, another portal disapeard. Objective: Close Portal ID: 133590 BD: 6 Group Members:Zandra, Anise, Tsurei, Basuke Cumulative BD: 27 -portal closed Personal: 2/3 personal portals closed
  4. Anise

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Anise wasn’t sure what reaction she would get from Zandra when she showed up. She was also not sure what kind of reaction she wanted Zandra to show when she arrived at the place where the citizen had to protect themselves against a approaching force with skeletions and magic. But either way, it wasn’t this. She got treated like she was just a kid. A kid that had misbehaved and needed to be punished. And all she wanted was to come and save or help her. And she immedaitly got shot down. Her face turned from skincoloured to red in just a few second. She grit her teeths. ‘’I came because… They said… I did.’’ She couldn’t say a proper sentence, why did she lost it now? It was just Zandra. Must have been because they was infront of other people. ‘’Just, shut up will ya.’’ She said turned her face away. Objective: Close Portal ID: 133536 BD: 9 Group Members: @Zandra, @Anise, @Basuke, @Tsurei Cumulative BD: 20
  5. Anise

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Close Portal ID: 133464 BD: 3 Group Members: @Zandra Cumulative BD: 11 Anise sat in her cave on a rock, with her arms crossed and looking grumpy. ‘’Huh. Everyone think they sooo special. Going helping some noobish NPC defending a castle. Please, they just virtual nothings. You stupid heads going to risk your life for them?’’ she said to a man beside her. The man looked a bit scared, like he wanted to say something but was afraid to do it. ‘’Ehm, you know…’’ he started lowly. ‘’Now what! Talk so I hear you!’’. He took a breath and started in normal tone. ‘’You know that Zandra is up there? I just got a mail from someone that know I’m here that she is very wounded.’’ At first she just turned her head, looking like it was useless information. ‘’Hmmft, why should I care.’’ But it didn’t took long before her mask fell. ‘’Damnit Lingo. I kill you for making me leave the cave today.’’ Anise grabbed her sword and darted with full speed to the main settlement. ‘’Baka Zan, don’t risk yourself. You the only one I have.’’ She said lowly in a whisper. As they reached the settlement, Lingo suddenly turned right and disappeared among the houses. ‘’Cant care about that now.’’ She jumped into the portal and a few moments later she rushed out of the one at floor 17. It didn’t took long for her to spot Zandra. After, all, it was Anise that had made that iconic armor. Warmth filled her body when she saw that Zandra was still using it. She was standing all alone with arms outstretched. ‘’Why does she..?’’ she started, but soon she saw other groups doing similar things, but they was together, not alone like Zandra. So Anise ran down, to her, grabbed one of her hands, looked at her. ‘’Hi Zandra, hope Im not to late.’’ After that she quickly looked away while her cheeks got a shadow of red on them.
  6. Anise sat on a chair in her cold cave and was sipping on a cup of hot choclate. She had finally got a fire going deeper in the cave so it was a few degrees warmer in the shop then outside. But better, she could make hot choclate. She looked around in her primitive shop with a sigh. This would really need some upgrades. Looked boring now. Like a workshop. Well, it was workshop, but it was also a store so she should make changes to make it look fancier, though that wouldn’t happen today. She leaned back and continued to wait for any customers.
  7. Anise had been sitting on these unique enchanted items for a long time now. She didn’t remembered how long to be honest. It seemed that it wasn’t very easy to be a merchant if you are in charge of the black market. She would have to widen her customer range. But she didn’t knew how. That when one of the few buyers she had have appeared in her mind. Zandra probably knew. So Anise threw together a quick message and sent it to the alchemist that have shared her house with her. Which was a truly great buff for her, had made her get a lot of good stuff. Specially to Zandra. Anise left her cave and went to the warp gate. It didn’t took long until Zandra appeared. She answered her hug and as the berserk healer putted up a message, Anise sent all of the unique items she had to the black haired woman. ‘’There, I guess now we just wait for people to arrive?’’ Sent to Zandra: -Sigrdrifa -Spirit -Lebendsdrainage -Rajinto -Dragons Wrath -Plague’s Doctors Leather -Tyrfing
  8. Anise

    Anise's Smuggelgods

    Link for all items: Name: Sigrdrífa Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 72934 CD: 11+3=14 BD: 10 LD: 7 Item Type: Two Handed Straight Sword Tier: 2 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Phase I Description: Name: Spirit Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 72949 CD: 9+3=12 BD: 10 LD: 7 / 8 Item Type: Katana Tier: 2 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Phase I Description: Name: Lebensdrainage Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 72990 CD: 12+3=15 BD: 10 LD: 18 Item Type: Light armor Tier: 1 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Life steal l Description: Name: Rajinto Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 73023 CD: 10+3=13 BD: 10 LD: 16 Item Type: Katana Tier: 1 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Absolute accuracy Description: Name: Dragon’s wrath Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 73104 CD: 10+3=13 BD: 10 LD: 18 Item Type: Warhammer Tier: 1 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Life-steal l Description: Name: Plagues Doctor’s leather Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 73114 CD: 10+3=13 BD: 10 LD: 13 Item Type: Light armor Tier: 1 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Life-mending Description: Name: Tyrfing Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 4 ID: 73144 CD: 11+3=14 BD: 10 LD: 16 Item Type: One Handed Straight Sword Tier: 1 Quality: Good -> Uncommon Enhancements: Absolute accuracy Description:
  9. After that she headed to the blacksmith. She entered the homely looking shop and greeted the man that sat in a chair when she entered. ‘’Hello Macradon. Im here to place an order for some gear. Im gonna participate in that event coming up. Zandra gonna pay for them. I have her approval in mail if you wanna check.’’ She walked up to the order and filled it in. ‘’Its nice to see you again Macradon. I see your shop is going fine. If you ever need anything from a merchant, you can drop by at my place. I don’t take any extra fee from you.’’ She handed over the order with a smile.
  10. Anise

    Anise's Smuggelgods

    Name: The Silver Cresent MK. XYour Profession: MerchantYour Rank: 4ID: 72934 / 72949 CD: 11+3=14 / 9+3=12 BD: 10 / 10 LD: 7 / 8Item Type: One Handed Straight Sword Tier: 2Quality: Good -> Uncommon -> RareEnhancements: Phase IIDescription: Looks LikeLink
  11. Anise after receiving a load more of materials stare into the fire in the fireplace before heading into work appreciating the fire, she smiled as it reminded her of Zandra and how she let her stay in her home. She ate one of the last foods to improve her performance and started to head into work. She pulled out a huge handful of materials and started to work, after three tries... one appeared, with a smile she put the sword aside to work on it some more if the time arrived, and after a bit... it had improved again! In the same enhancement slot! With a smile she knew that she had done a good job, but she had looked at the materials and saw that she still had a handful left... she started to head back into work... and she was rewarded with way more! Today was a good day for Anise. ID: 72934 CD: 11+3=14 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 7 ----- ID: 72949 CD: 9+3=12 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 8 ----- ID: 72990 CD: 12+3=15 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 18 ----- ID: 73023 CD: 10+3=13 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 16 ----- ID: 73091 CD: 12+3=15 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 4 ----- ID: 73104 CD: 10+3=13 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 18 ----- ID: 73114 CD: 10+3=13 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 13 ----- ID: 73144 CD: 11+3=14 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 16 ----- ID: 73221 CD: 9+3=12 BD: 10 (UNIQUE!) LD: 19
  12. Anise

    Anise's Smuggelgods

    Name: Inferno!Your Profession: MerchantYour Rank: 4ID:72245 CD: 12+3=15 BD: 10 LD: 7Item Type: Heavy armourTier: 2Quality: Uncommon -> RareEnhancements: Flame Aura x1 -> Flame Aura x2LINK Description: Name: Raven's maskYour Profession: MerchantYour Rank: 4ID: 72093 CD: 11+3=14 BD: 10 LD: 13Item Type: Heavy armourTier: 2Quality: Good -> RareEnhancements: Life mend LINKDescription:
  13. So, today was a big day for the short redhead. Today, I was going to upgrade my friends armour to be even more terrifying to the enemies. Thou I needed to warm up a bit. So I took forth one hundred and sixty materials and placed them on the floor as well as fifty shields Ive bougth from the moneys I got from Zandra. I went over to borrow her workbench and started inspect shield after shield. I found and snchantment on the first one, thou it wasn’t a unqiue, so I threw it over my shoulder and it shattered on the floor. I went to the next. As the result wasn’t the one I wanted, I tried agaon. But it still wasn’t good. So I went to next shield. I went thru six tries until I finally found a shield with unique enchant. But as it wasn’t something I wanted, I placed it in the pile with stuffs to sell. Then I continued they the pile of defensive items. As Ive done it more then one hundred and fifty times, I decided to try on Zandras armour that already had one enchantment of flame aura on it. I really didn’t wanted to ruin it this time. And to my happieness, it was another unique enchant on it. And just the one she wanted. As this was done, I called it a day and headed away to evaluate the two unique enchantmented armour and shields. ID: 72245 CD: 12+3=15 BD: 10 UNIQUE!!! LD: 7 FLAME AURA!!!
  14. A sinister smile on my face as I saw my favourite and also only grandmaster alchemist enter thru the heavy cloth that was hanging infront of the entrance to cover the light from the fire to shine out. I didn’t wants anyone except true customers to find my hideout. I couldn’t stop my heart galopping as I listened to Zandra and what her wishes was, as well when I saw the transaction window pop up. I gratefully reciveed everything. ‘’Thank you mate. I shall just get together a few stuffs before heading out.’’ As the berserk healer had exits the cave, I quickly gathered together all my stuffs and two hours later, I left the now un-covered cave to instead live on the beach nine floors above. As I entered the beach-house, a smiled. Now my crafting would be a lot more effective. Specially yhe one Zandra needed. But before I started appraising, I sat down infront of the fireplace to calm down the exitment and focus on the task that was infront of me. +100 t1 materials+2 t2 materials+5,000 col+1 +1 CD-food rolling a hundred rolls... seriously... literally... Time to roll a hundred times... seriously.... literally... Time to roll a hundred times... seriously.... literally...