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  1. Im looking into getting a keyboard for my phone and starting to write again. How's everyone doing? ^~^

    (I'm doing great. I honestly needed this really long break and I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all again)

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    2. Hikoru



    3. Macradon


      owow, she's back!

    4. Hakai


      So this keyboard actually works. XD My typing skills are a bit rusty. Sooo... Im looking to get more into the writing side of things rather than the grinding and fighting stuff. More character interaction and longer better thought out posts. Anyone want to do a thread with Hakai? 

  2. I recently graduated school. I might come back soon. Just need to find a good laptop first.

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    2. Hirru


      In terms of reliability and durability, Asur are handy.  If you're into moderate pc gaming, Asus would be there for you.  I can't remember any others that are not Alienware and such, though.

    3. Ruby


      It pretty much depends on what you are going for, if you wanting to do some gaming ASUS is a great computer to do so, however the older it gets the worse it gets when it comes to playing a game like League. However I have played League on Toshiba on Dell before, and ASUS does a much better job than those two.

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *also owns a Asus and is pretty happy with it*

  3. Ive been gone for a month or so and now that im back apparently IC i have been forgotten by friends, acquaintances, and people who i've fought with in event and floor boss battles. Are the memories of Aincradians really so short?

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    2. Hirru


      *green hair intensifies*

    3. Hakai


      Well, all the cool kids are doing it...

    4. Takao


      its pretty much a status symbol for peak coolness tbh

  4. Rip. Decided that its probably best to quit the site when im not super angry or tense about stuff. Cause then im more likely to come back when i calm down. Im very passionate about this site and the people on it, the systems and the way everything works and i want things to go well for the site. So i get angry as hell sometimes when what i percieve as bad decisions are made. Thats just proof of how much i care about this site and its well being, despite the confrontation and aggressive way that i go about complaining. 

    So thats it really. I might be back in a year, or maybe not. That remains to be seen. I hope to forget about some of you and others ill never forget. Good luck, congrats @Hikoru for the new acquisition.

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    2. Morgenstern


      Goodbye, You definitely will be missed.

    3. Damien


      Good bye @Hakai! I may not have known you personally, but I wish you well on your quests outside of SAO. ^_^

    4. Zandra


      That is sad to here Manta (yeah, you will always be Manta to me). I wont try to make you change your mind but I will miss you. Have roleplayed with many of your characters and Ive enjoyed writing with all of them(on and off site). I wish you the best of luck in your life and will miss you.

      Bye and love

      /Zandra Zvift


  5. @Nerius Little Birdie? Shoulda called me a woodpecker, cause ill be drilling some holes in you.

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    2. Hakai


      Now there are tree other people here....

    3. Seul


      I would have said she's all bark and no bite! 

    4. Hakai


      Stop dogging me.

  6. Drama? My muse just came back stronger than ever.

    1. Mack


      Yes... @Ariel - The Crowned Lion has so much IC angst! ANGST! ANGST! :)

  7. Thread anyone?

    1. Wolfie


      I am always up for a thread

  8. Rank 3 merchant hype!

  9. I'd just like to announce that i'm going to be doing my best to get my merchant shop to the highest rank so that I can sell you guys materials. If anyone wants to buy anything, stop by my shop.

    1. Baldur


      I've been rank 5 for a while now and I've had one person need to buy materials =/

    2. Hirru


      Good Luck with that.

  10. Hakai

    [F09] «Bandit Camp»

    Taking this solo. Might as well if im going to be col grinding. XD
  11. Am I allowed to rage about Feeding the Enemy?

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    2. Lycan


      Only if when you finally succeed, the familiar is a Salt Elemental. Only then may you rage.

    3. Hakai


      This is my third thread attempting it and probably the 7th or eighth roll. @Baldur So it sounds like i'm entitled, at this point, to sueing for emotional trauma.

    4. Lycan


      Cyberbullying by the system itself. Br00tal.

  12. Hakai wandered into the shop, having recieved a message thatinformed her that her order had been completed. Finally. She hadn't had to wait long at all for Macradon to finish the order, he had done it very promptly. However, she had tried two blacksmiths before him. She was glad that one of them had finally fulfilled her order. She smiled to Macradon as she grabbed the two katanas and the gauntlet, trying the gauntlet on and giving the katanas an experimental swing or two. "Perfect. Thanks Macradon, i've been waiting to get these forever." She left the gauntlet on and put the two katana's in her at the ready inventory hwere they would likely stay until she needed them. Now that she had these katanas her build had shifted from alright to downright scary. She smirked as she exited the shop, wondering how Beat would react when he he heard about these new weapons. +Limbo's Claw V1 +Limbos Claw V2 +Eris Gauntlet
  13. Hakai entered Itzal's shop, there for only one purpose. Of course, she almost immediately got sidetracked when she checked up on what sort of items performers could make. She walked up to the counter. "I'd like to get a familiar call, as soon as possible. So if you can, when you finish that, could you send it to me by portable mailbox?" She asked before continuing on. "I'd also like four incarceration songs, but i dont need those as much as the familiar call, so I dont really need those for a while yet." She explained before glancing around the shop. She was supposed to go out with Beatbox and Zandra the next day to search for a familiar, so she really didn't have much time for this stuff to be crafted, and she certainly didn't have time to come pick it up when she was done. She could only hope that Itzal actually had one of those portable mailbox things. Ordering 1 familiar call, to be delivered by portable mailbox (Song: Crafters choice) Ordering 4 incarceration (song: