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  1. Hakai

    PP|F08 Wasted time (Hakai)

    Hakai batted his hand with the flat of the blade as he went to poke it, wordlessly giving him a look of disapproval. She sheathed her sword. and followed him out of the tavern. "Everyone thinks that. No matter what you say that's how itll come off." She frowned , walking alongside him. "You lead the way. I have a feeling this will be a bore anyway. Im too much for this floor to handle." She looked up at the sky in annoyance, not entirely sure why she was bothering to follow the other player around. Maybe it was that he seemed interesting. Maybe it was just her realization that the only way to get over her apathy was to force herself to do things. She pulled up her HUD and sent him a party invite. Friend requests could wait until she knew more about him. "I'm guessing your a damage dealer from how proud you seem to be of that sword." She stated, glancing over at him. @Dustin
  2. Hakai

    PP|F08 Wasted time (Hakai)

    She stood up slowly, supporting herself on the table with one hand. She was so tired that the action itself felt like a struggle to her, despite her knowing that if she really wanted to she could hop up easily. Depression did that to you. She unsheathed her katana, the green and black blade shimmering as though it were wet. "This is my sword, Limbo's Fang." She supposed that Dustin was a dramatic type. She didn't usually see people brandishing their swords, let along actually name them something important enough to announce it to others as part of their introduction. She only cared about her weapons name because it was a special boss drop with unique attributes. She let out a long sigh, the fact that he has said "Used to be" not going over her head. "Most of us have lost someone at this point. Me, I used to be a wife. Things change, especially in a death game." She leaned against the table, staring off into space for a moment. "You can choose. Ive done them all before and I can do them all again without breaking a sweat." @Dustin
  3. Hakai

    PP|F08 Wasted time (Hakai)

    She let out a long sigh and let her arm collapse in front of her, her head thudding on the table with exasperation. Maybe if she poked him a bit with her katana he would leave her alone. "That's not how it works. Company invites conversation. Whatever." She looked up at him her chin resting on the table. "What brings you to this floor, besides the taverns?" She asked quietly, wondering if he was yet another player trying to hunt her down for her demonic weapon. She had fallen into the shadows, and people didn't seek her out like that anymore. Paranoia didn't suit her, and it was about time that she at least attempted to get out of this slump she'd been in, and maybe this guy was her chance to do just that. It could be that fate was throwing her a rope. Not that she had ever really believed in fate. Things changed though, especially when you had a couple of months of pondering the past and being alone. There were too many coincidences in her past for it all to have been random, right? If the pattern continued, this guy would end up dead, just like the rest of her 'friends'. Not that she cared. "I'm Hakai." @Dustin
  4. Hakai

    PP|F08 Wasted time (Hakai)

    She scowled, her dog tags jangling as she inclined her head down towards the table instead of making eye contact with him. She adjusted herself in her seat, sitting up and pulling her red and white leather jacket closer around herself. "I wouldn't know. I live on the thirteenth floor." She frowned and looked up at the other player, who was now wearing sunglasses inside for whatever reason. Maybe she scared him. Good. Maybe he would leave her alone. She raised an eyebrow as he asked her if she wanted to try his drink. "Trying to buy me a drink now? Why are you talking to me exactly? I give off the whole depressed and dangerous vibe. People don't just talk to me unless they want something." She leaned forward, propping her head up on her chin and staring at him, her hair falling like a veil in front of half of her face. She didn't bother to brush it back behind her shoulder, and instead kept looking at him expectantly. @Dustin
  5. Hakai

    PP|F08 Wasted time (Hakai)

    Hakai hated the woods, this floor specifically. It was almost always sunny and the whole place buzzed with life. She much preferred the gloom of floor thirteen. She threw her head back, taking another shot of whiskey, despite knowing full well that it wouldn't have any effect. It was more of a way of expressing her feelings than anything else. She slammed the empty shot glass back down on the table, as someone sat down in front of her. On the table. She sighed and looked away from them. She didn't feel like talking, but at the same time she didn't really have the energy to shove him off of his impromptu seat. "You like to bother strangers, or do you have a death wish? Or both?" She glanced over at him as he slid into the seat across from her, her trademark smirk lighting up her face momentarily before fading back into the sorrow that was etched on her face. "Curiosity killed more than just the cat." She muttered, ordering another shot of whiskey from the waiter. @Dustin
  6. The grey sky loomed above her as she lay against an old weather worn boulder. She didn't really care that she was lounging around outside of the safe zone. A lot of time had passed, and at this point she didn't really care what happened to her. She took a drink from the flask that had become her companion over the last few months. She lacked the motivation to do anything anymore, and the dreary skies and graveyard-like appearance of the thirteenth floor fit her mood perfectly. Apathy. That was the word for it. The sheer boredom and lack of interest in anything that had plagued her for the last long while. Depression was boring. Her katana sat next to her on her hip, a constant reminder of her goals for this game and the fact that she wasn't any closer to completing them. She was going to be someone in this game, it was a chance to become important, and she couldn't help but feel that she had thrown that all away. This was stupid. She took another gulp of whiskey, fully aware that what she wanted was just getting further and further away from her. Whatever. She was done with pursuing lofty goals. Maybe she would go start a fight, get lost in the blood and adrenaline, maybe she wouldn’t come out on top this time. That was fine with her. @Ruby
  7. Hakai walked into the shop, interested in its appearance. It was comfortable inside, despite seeming to be fairly open. To be fair it almost seemed as though the structure was temporary, with its thick canvas walls, although Hakai knew better than that. She wasn't there by luck, or because she had thought the forge looked interesting. She had gone to great lengths to get her demonic weapon back, and now that she was on her way to meet up with the man who would help her out with that, she would need an item to change it back to a katana. Her inquiries had led her to Mack, a frontliner who she was only vaguely familiar with. She tended to keep her distance from other people. He was willing to trade her a demonic egg for an old tank item that she had gotten as a boss drop. As a damage dealer it wasn't much use to her, so it was a situation that worked fairly well for her. She pulled out the item, <<Nerius Strength>>, and set it down on the counter in front of her. "I'm looking to trade this for your demonic egg."
  8. Im looking into getting a keyboard for my phone and starting to write again. How's everyone doing? ^~^

    (I'm doing great. I honestly needed this really long break and I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all again)

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      owow, she's back!

    4. Hakai


      So this keyboard actually works. XD My typing skills are a bit rusty. Sooo... Im looking to get more into the writing side of things rather than the grinding and fighting stuff. More character interaction and longer better thought out posts. Anyone want to do a thread with Hakai? 

  9. I recently graduated school. I might come back soon. Just need to find a good laptop first.

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    2. Hirru


      In terms of reliability and durability, Asur are handy.  If you're into moderate pc gaming, Asus would be there for you.  I can't remember any others that are not Alienware and such, though.

    3. Ruby


      It pretty much depends on what you are going for, if you wanting to do some gaming ASUS is a great computer to do so, however the older it gets the worse it gets when it comes to playing a game like League. However I have played League on Toshiba on Dell before, and ASUS does a much better job than those two.

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      *also owns a Asus and is pretty happy with it*

  10. Ive been gone for a month or so and now that im back apparently IC i have been forgotten by friends, acquaintances, and people who i've fought with in event and floor boss battles. Are the memories of Aincradians really so short?

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      *green hair intensifies*

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      Well, all the cool kids are doing it...

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      its pretty much a status symbol for peak coolness tbh

  11. Rip. Decided that its probably best to quit the site when im not super angry or tense about stuff. Cause then im more likely to come back when i calm down. Im very passionate about this site and the people on it, the systems and the way everything works and i want things to go well for the site. So i get angry as hell sometimes when what i percieve as bad decisions are made. Thats just proof of how much i care about this site and its well being, despite the confrontation and aggressive way that i go about complaining. 

    So thats it really. I might be back in a year, or maybe not. That remains to be seen. I hope to forget about some of you and others ill never forget. Good luck, congrats @Hikoru for the new acquisition.

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      Goodbye, You definitely will be missed.

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      Good bye @Hakai! I may not have known you personally, but I wish you well on your quests outside of SAO. ^_^

    4. Zandra


      That is sad to here Manta (yeah, you will always be Manta to me). I wont try to make you change your mind but I will miss you. Have roleplayed with many of your characters and Ive enjoyed writing with all of them(on and off site). I wish you the best of luck in your life and will miss you.

      Bye and love

      /Zandra Zvift


  12. @Nerius Little Birdie? Shoulda called me a woodpecker, cause ill be drilling some holes in you.

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      Stop dogging me.

  13. Drama? My muse just came back stronger than ever.

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      Yes... @Ariel - The Crowned Lion has so much IC angst! ANGST! ANGST! :)