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  1. If anyone needs help with quests, dungeons, or just looking for an rp buddy for social threads, mob grinding threads, or gathering threads, Itzal is now offering assistance to anyone who needs it ^-^


    While it's mainly directed to low and mid level players, I'm happy to help anyone who wants it!

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    2. Itzal


      I'm open for a thread if you're up with it!  And one of the best thing about quests, is that low leveled quests aren't effected by leveled players.  I can help you with any quest you need help in (save for high level ones...  Still working on them myself :P  )  I'm not too busy, but warning for everyone.  The more threads I have, the less often I'll post.  Minimum will be 1 post per day if I can

    3. Zanne


      Well lets organize a quest then! @Morgenstern @Itzal Would you guys like to do a quest the three of us or separate quests? I will have a look at some low level quests now (I really only know the quests on the first two floors) but if you have any fun ones in mind let me know!

    4. Morgenstern