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  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! 01:34 Outskirts of Taft Many months have passed since the brunette had ventured into the depths of the Laughing Coffin hideout. How he made it out, he still didn't really understand, but from his perspective it seemed like there has been a raid on the base where he was held captive... Hmmm... To be completely honest, held captive was somehow the wrong way to describe it, but this is a story for another day... Anyway, something happened and he among the other prisoners was set free. Was Laughing Coffin gone? If they weren't, would they come for him, in order to take him back? Well, he didn't really care. He stopped caring the day he finally got what he always wanted... Bittersweet revenge... His gaze was empty and his steps were slow and heavy, which made it seem like he was aimlessly wandering about, but for him his goal was clear. He needed something to drink. Something strong. And although it was unfortunately not possible for him to get drunk in this virtual hellhole, he still longed for the taste and the imaginary sensation and relief that came with that taste. And so he was making his way to the only player run bar outside of the safety of the safe zones.
  2. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Once you choose a path... You have to walk it to the bitter end. That was Aereth's philosophy ever since he picked up his first weapon. "Thank you Itzal. I'll miss you too.." he said as he got back up from the fist to his face. "Don't worry. I already visited everybody that I care for." Though he wasn't sure if they really saw him, he was sure that they knew he was there. "You were the last one... The most important one. You helped me at my weakest, and for that I'm more grateful than words can describe. Don't cry for me when I don't return. I assume you know that every day here was torture for me. I never planned to make it out of Aincrad alive. So understand why I welcome Death like an old friend. Staying alive would only make my suffering longer. Know that I finally get what I always wanted, to be re-united with my love in death. Just make sure you guys can capitalize on it. Take down that damn guild. This is the best opportunity we ever had." After that he put a hand on his old mentors shoulder. "I promise you not to tarnish its use. I will overcome that last fight with my own strength. I swear it." "Be strong Itzal. Be a burning beacon of Hope for others. Guide them and keep them save. Just promise me to do the only thing I never could. Always keep your hope." @Itzal
  3. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Aereth saw Itzal move. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body. His old teacher pinned him to a nearby tree and restrained his movement with two pikes through his arms. "While this sounds like great news, I'm sorry to tell you that I really don't care anymore." Slowly his facial features started to change. "In my time inside here I learned one thing..." Gone was his strong mask of indifference, revealing the broken human behind it. "A person can only endure so much pain before they break... Felix... I'm tired. I'm f*cking tired of this life. Kayaba took my freedom, and the player who killed..." he paused, thoughts of Alice coursing through his head. "He took the reason I want to fight for freedom. I may not be strong enough to bring Kayaba to justice, but I most definitely know that I'm strong enough to rip that bastard who killed Alice into pieces. Everything beyond that: I don't care. And you want to know why? I'll tell you why but you won't understand, and I truly and deeply hope that you never will. Because once you love a person more than anything, once you love somehow for whom you would go to hell and back, once you found this person and this person is then killed out of pure arbitrariness... Then, and only then will you, my friend, understand what turned me into the person I am right now. Then you will understand the definition of true and utter desperation and pain." Aereth didn't notice how he got louder with every word, to the point that he was practically screaming the last sentence out. "Now you have a choice to make Itzal. Either you imprison me right now, risking to loosing a big opportunity to rout out a Laughing Coffin hideout, or you leave me go. Then I will be able to bring justice to the person I hate more than anything else, as well as buying you time to gather a strike team and imprison as many of them as possible." "But in the end I don't care. Do what you think is right. I am already dead. Only driven by my last burning desire, my last duty. So I at least beg you to take these items. Keep them, and give them to somebody worthy of carrying such strong tools so at least they can help to fight free the players." @Itzal may choose between: Letting Aereth go. Imprisoning him.
  4. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    "Aaaah." He simply replied when Itzal finally revealed himself. Fake personas. Something Aereth himself had used in the last but he didn't suspect Itzal to be utilizing. Whatever... It didn't matter to him. "You are right. I wouldn't call you out here if it wasn't important." The brunette said while rising to his feet and taking in the new look his old mentor and dragon were having. "Pretty edgy if you ask me." He said tilting his head slightly. "But who am I to talk... So to business." "Recently I got my hands on important information about the laughing coffin... I found them." His lips formed into an almost unnoticeable smile as he said this and a dark determination filled his eyes. "You need to gather Hestia and everybody you can find to form a raid group and attack them. This might be one of the first and best chances for all of Aincrad to be freed of the disease called Laughing Coffin." "I placed a message with all information about their hideout at the your wife's shop. But before I can let you go I need you to do me a favor." The brunette told him before pointing to the items in front of him. "I want you to take these items. Take them and once you found somebody you deem worthy of them give them to that player. These are very powerful tools that in the wrong hands can create much destruction and pain." he paused. "But in the right hands, and I trust only you to find those, they might be able to help making Aincrad just that little bit safer." - Glittering Snowflake obtained HERE - Dimesional Shift+Delete - Goldcrest MK. 2 @Itzal
  5. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Aereth didn't move nor open his eyes as the hooded figure emerged from the shadows. He just waited for the man to finish his little speech. "The Scout..." he mentally noted, knowing that Itzal had pretty much vanished from the surface of Aincrad since their last meet and assuming that the Scout was being Itzal's alias. "Who are you? I told Itzal to come alone." he said. "But anyways, as you can see I'm completely alone, unarmored and with no weapon on me." he said, lifting his cloak to reveal his casual attire under the shine of the moonlight. "I do not intend to make any trouble, I'm just here to pass on a very important message, no. An opportunity that might be of high importance for... I don't know... him... Hestia... Maybe everybody in this virtual hell that gives half a f*ck about Aincrads safety..." "But certainly not for you my hooded friend. Because neither do I know you, nor am I stupid enough to trust a complete stranger." he said, opening his eyes and gazing into the darkness that was cast over the players face from his hood. @Itzal
  6. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    The sun had already set. Darkness had already completely consumed the first floor as the cloaked figure stepped through the forest, making his way towards a very familiar place. A place that was home of many happy memories, but today he wouldn't add another happy one. Today he was only here for one thing. The last Davie he would ever ask anybody for. A very important thing he could only entrust one person with. Looking one last time at the message, he pressed send and fetched three items from his inventory, carefully placing them in front of him. With one swift movement Aereth then sat on the ground cross legged, while his hands rested on his knees. "I need a calm mind for the rest of this night. Otherwise..." He thought before stopping his train if thought. What would happen otherwise? He took a deep breath and dismissed the thought. He would succeed. Tonight was the night he would finally get everything he had been longing for for so long. He could almost taste it inside of his mouth... The sweet taste of revenge.
  7. Aereth

    Community Game Night!

    200ms ping Overwatch ranked? I'm so f*cking in boizzzz and girlzzzz.
  8. Busy streets, lots of players. It was around lunchtime so it was no surprise that there was so much going on on the fifth floor. Everybody was moving, trying to get some food, supplies or anything else except one player. That one player was out of everybody's sight waiting on top of the roofs with his brown eyes focused only on one thing. The door of a small smithy. He was waiting for someone. Someone special. It was the last unfinished business he had left to settle and after this he would be ready to bring his final operation into action. Aereth had already prepared everything, his inventory slots were stacked with potions, food as well as debuff items, and he was armed to the teeth. Everything on him was either new or upgraded accordingly for a tier three player. But he wouldn't need any of these items now. The door slowly opened and revealed the unmistakable purple strands of hair that gave their owner her special nickname. "Purple..." the brunette whispered before slowly getting up and dropping down into a dark hallway just beneath him. While still in free fall, the brunette simultaneously activated his disguise and hiding skill turning into an average sized player with black hair and leather armor, practically making him invisible in the big crowd. Yes he still had that orange cursor, but he wasn't the only orange player in the streets, so he would easily blend in while following The purple haired woman. Step by step he closed the distance between them until he was just one step behind her. Then he passed her, gently putting a small crystal in the first pocket he could find, before slowly drifting away and fading back into the crowd again, slowly but surely making his way over to the teleport gate to leave again. Even though not everything he wrote wasn't entirely true, he still had the urge to close this last issue, to cut his last ties to his old self. And with that he felt better. He felt lighter. Now he could finally start his last task without anything in the back of his head that could hold him back. Now he was ready to face his last demons. @Teion OOC: You can reply in that thread if you feel like you want, otherwise I'll just close it. :) (Also beware of typos and grammar errors.)
  9. It was getting worse and worse. With every group of them attacking for another round, Aereth got more and more disgusted with every heroic and over dramatic speech. Yes, back in the day he also was a 'lore guy', trying to get the most out of every story and character in a game. Immersion was the keyword. But in here it was something different. Immerse yourself too much into the story and you are at the risk of losing your life for real. Only one stupid move, only one heroic speech too much... Shaking his head, he simply opted to stay quiet. One: remembering how trying to give some stupid players a reality check went the last time and how everybody antagonized him for it, and two: it's impossible to to explain to somebody stupid... well that they are stupid... With that in mind he simply focused on the fight, sneaked up on the boss again, before landing a critical hit on it. His phase enhanced blade went through the avatar of the boss like a hot knife through butter, before he retreated back behind the safe spots of their group tank. ID# 108516 results: Battle: 9 Crit. Damage: (18+1)*14 = 266 DMG (PHASE activated) @Miraak the Accursed
  10. A sigh of annoyance escaped the brunette as his item got flicked out of his hands. He didn’t pay enough attention... ”Well well. Who do we have here? And here I already thought you would have been smart enough to abandon Dom. Yet here you are Hidden...” he answered but got interrupted by his ‘partner’. Itzal was slowly starting to anger him. “Me losing over half of my health fighting four players AND being attacked by my ally also wasn’t part of that f*cking plan. So give me a freaking break for once.” He shot at his former friend and mentor. Then it happened. Slowly all the pent up emotions, all the anger poured off Itzal in thick waves. He lost it. But before Aereth could react he had to take another hit to the face before he had to watch something that let the blood freeze in his veins. He knew that combo well. Soul Barrage. Itzal showed it to Aereth once while they had their first real fight as equals. The brunette tried to move out of range but couldn’t do it in time. One strike after the other hit his body and Itzal started to push him into a corner. 45%, 40%, 30% oh he must have landed a crit, and his health was slowly moving into the red area. He had to do something. ”F-Felix. Why are you doing this to me?” A very familiar sounding female voice was heard over the battlefield. Whe next time Itzal would blink the figure of Aereth was gone, replaced by an avatar of Kasier totally littered with red gashes all over it. “Why?” She said once again before bursting into pieces after Aereth cancelled his disguise skill. “You’ve earned a Timeout!” Aereth said before charging forward stunning Itzal with his Iai sword art. “I warned you that I would leave if you continue being unreasonable. And you guys really didn’t think I just brought one of those babies, or do you?” he said in a annoyed tone. Having bought a couple of seconds, the brunette fetched another teleport crystal from his inventory, not wasting any time now unlike a couple of moments ago and immediately activated it. The brunette was furious. He had been agreeing to help them. Had to risk his own life to keep THREE killers and Keres at bay. And what did he get for it? Nothing. His mentor made it his goal not only to hold him back, no. He even attacked Aereth multiple times pushing him closer to the edge than he was comfortable with. At this point he didn't even care about friend and foe, right or wrong, good or bad anymore. “This is a warning for all of you. Get in my way... one... more... time... and I'll get rid of each and every one of you. One way or another..." he said all of his hurt and hatred poured into these words. Just a high level wouldn't keep them safe. There were always ways to get to somebody more powerful than yourself. Aereth knew first hand. "This is hopefully my last farewell. At least if you are smart...” The brunette said while light engulfed him and his presence vanished from the battlefield. Undisclosed Location: Aereth's menu was already open as he materialized again. He went over to the "Social/Friends" tab in his menu and deleted the complete list, safe for one contact. He was done with all of this sh*t. The last boss fight, the event and now this battle. He tried to help, tried to get everybody to the next floor and all still everybody was antagonizing him either because of his cursor color or because of him telling everybody they were stupid for emotionally connecting to a f*cking program. @Itzal removed from friend list @Hidden removed from friend list @Teion removed from friend list @Morgenstern removed from friend list @Hikoru removed from friend list @Kooh removed from friend list "Enough..." he thought as he dismissed his menu and activating his stealth skill to make his way over to his temporary hideout. "I need to finish my preparations and focus only on my goals... If things progress the way they are right now, I will be able to strike soon..." Aereth left the thread.
  11. As the small para icon showed up in his HUD he was speechless.This was it. NOW he was really angry. He didn't even notice how his black katana moved through his left hand and only glared at the man that pinned him down. He only felt the rising pain in the front of his head, waiting for the man that attacked him to finish his monologue. By the time Itzal was done with his speech, the paralyze effect was already halfway gone. He needed to get more time... "There you go Itzal. Good job at blindsiding your ally." He answered in a sharp tone. "I haven't even done anything yet and you strike ME down. Are YOU f*cking kidding ME?" he shouted back leaving his anger rush through his veins and the flames of his armor burning away at Itzal's health. Itzal made a grave mistake. Yes he might be higher in level than Aereth, but that overconfidence would cost him. "He died. He died a very long time ago." The moment his paralyze status was gone, Aereth pulled back his impaled hand, making the katana cut through it like a hot knife through butter. The man was strong, but he hadn't nearly as much close combat PvP experience than Aereth. In one swift movement his feet retracted while pulling out a hidden dagger with his now freed hand. With all of his might, he blocked the strike of Itzal's sword, while double kicking him in his chest to knock him off him. "You always think to have absolute control over everything. Makes you quite similar to our redheaded friend over there." he said, getting up from the ground and taking his weapon again. He had already bested Itzal in the past... And he would do it again if necessary. "You shouldn't act like you are a untouchable god." he said in a calmer voice now. "Because you are not. And we are no enemies. You were the one not sticking to the plan, so stop attacking your allies and focus on the battle. Or..." a teleport crystal materialized in his hand. "I'm out..." @Itzal
  12. Even though the first hit of the brunette was a success, Aereth didn't intend to stop there. He immediately withdrew behind the front lines of his group so he could seek out the protection of his tanks. While preparing his next attack he noticed how the last sword art he had used was somehow disabled. At first confused the bunette quickly came to a conclusion. 'Sh*t. This must be a special ability of that damned event boss..." he thought before readying the next best thing he got in his arsenal. The stun sword art was quickly charged up and within the blink of an eye Aereth was already moving again. this time directly without the use of his hiding skills. He gracefully dodged a few a few blows before his blade made contact with the evil priest. The black blade moved effortlessly through the body as he executed the sword art. ID# 108268 results: Battle: 7+2 HIT Damage: 18*9(Stun) = 162 DMG
  13. Leaving Hidden rejoin the fight, Aereth simply walked back to his group and waited for his turn on the two remaining bosses. Hirru was still bullsh*tting around but at least he wouldn't hinder anybody in what they were doing. Good. As long as he was not in their way he didn't care. Once it was their turn again, Aereth simply attacked the target everybody else was going for with an amount of indifference that was very out of character for him. He didn't care what Teion said to him, he didn't care what anybody was saying. He just wanted this fight to end and to retreat back to his home. This fight drained him of almost every last bit of motivation the brunette still had in him and only made him want to rest even more... He had almost all the pieces he needed to finish what he had been aiming to do for ever since that one day. Just a little bit more preparation and he would be ready to strike. #108149 BD:4+3-1 = 6 HIT Damage: 19*14 = 266 DMG on Isaxi
  14. Aereth grit his teeth. Even though he was able to land the initial attack, things went south from there on. Hestia fought Domarus, Itzal was fighting Raven and Embers was... doing nothing, leaving him up against FOUR opponents at once. Yes he was tier three and had arguably the best light armor in the whole game combined with a phase weapon, but outnumbered four to one there was no chance he was going to win or even hold them back properly. He needed to try get Embers back into the fight. @Embers "See? I told you this stupid f*ck wouldn't be good for anything. I told you the moment I saw that she would fight on our side." He shouted into the back rows where Itzal was fighting and Embers was spacing out. "She was always this stupid, letting herself be confused with simple words no matter the circumstances she was in. A weak and stupid idiot that can't even stand to her own word." he hoped to ignite the fire in her again with the things he just said. And if not... Well it always feels good to let out aggression and tell other people how stupid they were. @Domarus Immediately after wards he had to take three hard hits from the assassins before he heard Keres' voice behind him. "Alone..." he answered, reflecting the words she just spoke. "You're right. I really don't care how this fight will end. If Hestia wins, she and Itzal will owe me something. If Domarus wins... Well then he still loses, he has already lost almost everything because of me. And maybe I will finally be able to rest then. I just know that I don't have the patience anymore to follow the orders of a person that I know I can beat without even breaking a sweat." the brunette said before pausing. "But until that I wanna have some fun. Life has been getting dull. Only grinding mobs, bosses and doing the dirty work for our redhead imperator over there is just tiring, it drains your life. Maybe I'll finally be able to cut loose again for once..." he took the handcuffs Itzal handed him earlier and threw them on the ground, slowly entering into his hunting mode and filling the air around them with a heavy and malicious aura. "F*ck Itzal and his morals. If my group doesn't act according to plan, why should I?" he thought before telling the four players in front of him one more thing. "Today you will learn that nothing is more fun than a good fight with everything on the line. Because at the moment of the kill, you are never more alive." It was time to finally get this party properly started. If Keres, who he knew wouldn't deal any damage to him, was with them he would only have to fight three people and deal with the disruption she additionally provided. If he would get lucky he could kill at least two of them before being brought down himself... With that he prepared for the next barrage of attacks striking at every little opening his opponents would give him in addition to applying burn damage to them with every hit they would land on him.
  15. Stalking around in the dark, the brunette finally decided to leave his thoughts behind and just focused on the battle. He needed the experience more than anything right now since this fight would surely push him into the tier three realm, where he would finally be able to go toe to toe with the strongest and most dangerous players in Aincrad. Sooner or later even the Laughing Coffin wouldn't be able to touch him anymore and then he would finally be able to start to lay waste on them, oh boy was he looking forward to that moment. He would assassinate his way through their ranks until he would find the two players he had been looking for ever since... In that moment an opportunity arose, and the brunette burst out of his hiding point striking the distracted boss monster directly into his back. No point in attempting to dodge. His strikes were fast, precise and deadly. After finishing the sword art, he felt the cooldown finally starting to set in and retreated behind the safe lines of their redhead tank. "Let's prepare for the counter attack, he won't be holding back." he said to @Domarus ID# 107881 results: Battle: 3 (Ignored because Surprise Attack) Damage: (18+2(Surprise Attack Ass.)+3(Charge))*14= 322-50=272 DMG