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  1. His opponent didn't back down after hearing the question. He pushed his two handed straight sword as hard as he could against the Katana of the brunette effective ending the short stall war and disengaging from the immediate range of Aereth. Slowly the brunette lowered his weapon and waited patiently for an answer. But unfortunately for him, it wasn't his target that was starting to talk. For one brief moment his prey diverted its attention to the newcomer. And this one moment was all the hunter needed. Aereth stormed forward, katana already glowing in a dark blue color and unleashed a strong stun attack upon his enemy. The weapon moved effortlessly through the armor of him and reduced his health points as close to zero as it possibly could without killing him. With a loud thud the man, not much older than 30 dropped to the ground, unable to move. Without hesitation the brunette placed his katana to the throat of his victim and asked once more. "Mind your own business. It's dangerous to stick your nose into things that shouldn't bother you." he said in a dismissive tone to the newcomer. "With my current health supplies I should be able to deal with him until I can make my escape..." he thought before turning back to the guy to his feet. "And you. You have one more chance. Where. Is. The girl?" "T-the hideout. She's there." "Stop bullsh*tting me. I was already there." "B-but there's a hidden door in the meeting room. You have to push a hidden button on the wall to access it." the almost dead player answered, a glimmer of hope that he would make it out of this situation in one piece if he would tell Aereth what he wanted to know in his eyes... Just after he finished his last word, the katana pushed down on his throat, and penetrated his virtual body, effectively reducing his health points to zero and making the body vanish in thousands of little crystals. Slowly the brunette faced the other man. He didn't notice that after he initiated his attack, the long hooded cape he wore came off, revealing the flaming set of light armor he was wearing. It was a gold and blue assassin like armor engulfed in white flames... @Lessa
  2. 08:34 pm Underground Waterfalls Slowly but surely the day was coming to a close, and with that everything inside of Aincrad usually started to get quieter and relaxed. Players closed their shops, adventurers gathered at inns for the night. And especially at the Underground Waterfalls of floor 21, the 'tourists' also started to go home, making space for some couples to enjoy the evening in peace and togetherness. Not today though. Two hooded figures were sprinting through the narrow caves and open spots. From time to time the sound of metal hitting metal could be heard, with sparks flying through the air. For Aereth this time of the day usually meant work. It was the perfect time to hunt. He recently took on an assignment from three players that hired him to find and rescue their female friend from a smaller group of thugs and PKers. It had taken him around four days to track down one of them with the help of his underground network but now he finally was chasing after a member of that group. The two orange players crossed their blades once more, thus coming to a short halt. The guy had only about 10% of his health left while the brunette PKKer was more or less comfortably sitting at 30%. "Where is she?" the brunette asked not noticing that the two players reached the Underground Waterfalls... @Lessa
  3. Aereth

    Seeking Partners

    Always in for the plot. That is if you want to have something more serious than just a usual and wholesome gathering adventure. But I’m sure we can work something out. Just shoot me a pm if you’re interested. :)
  4. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Still Aereth couldn't make himself a clear picture of the girl. He could feel somewhere deep inside of him that she was not ok with what he was doing inside of this floating hell. But why would she then offer him to become an ally, or a friend? Shaking his head for what felt like the 100th time this evening the brunette answered, while looking up to the night sky. "Like I said, this was my way of thinking back when I first became a PKKer. But now I can at least be honest to myself and others." A light breeze made some lonely strands of his brown hair dance around his head. "As of right now, I don't care about such things much anymore. You can't put an end to all the killing in Aincrad. You can't save everyone. And if you try this world breaks you. Revenge... That's the only thing I want. I will search, find and kill every Laughing Coffin member that I manage to get my hands on until I find those guys I'm looking for." "And thanks for offering me your assistance, but you seriously don't want to be associated with me. I have no doubt that YOU can protect yourself, but I'm sure many of your friends cannot. Believe me. I have quite some experience with that."
  5. Yeah would be great. You will have to carry me though, since I only have around 100+ hrs in game and my aim is pretty crappy. xD And no worries about time. Weekend should always be cool with me. xD
  6. *Kicks in door* Let's do some PUBG! .... Wait! What do you mean with: it's not 2017 any more?
  7. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Aereth just listened quietly to the response of the girl. She was pretty much just like he was before he had to kill his first opponent. But things change, especially if you have to experience how twisted and crazy some players were. How bloodthirsty they can get just because they still think this whole f*cking thing was a game. A sigh escaped the brunette. "I was talking and thinking just like you when this whole thing started. But things changed." Aereth answered with closed eyes, finally giving in to the questions and thirst for information of the girl in front of him. "I lost somebody, swore to find those players, and to hunt down pretty much any evil PKer in the game. At first I just told myself and everyone that I want to protect those who can't protect themselves. But I lost that attitude a long time ago, cause the real reason was always and will always be: Revenge. Nowadays I'm just dealing with information and doing merc work. And on the nights I go out, hunting down a**holes." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Two things: Don't tell anybody about this. And call me once you have found that prison you were talking about." The last thing was phrased more as a joke with a sarcastic tone to it. "I've been searching for something like that for 2 years and had no luck."
  8. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Aereth sighed. This wasn't going anywhere. That girl was stubborn beyond anything. She could be the best friend of Itzal. His old mentor also devoted himself to protecting the weaker ones and helping them stand on their own feet. They even shared the same naive view on this world. At least they did in Aereth's opinion. "A noble goal indeed." he answered, while slowly lowering his arms again. "But let me ask you something. How far would you be willing to go just in order to protect somebody important to you?" It was a heavy question. It was the question Aereth asked himself every day before and even much more after his first kill in this game. How much further would he go? He already outnumbered every other player in regards of kills, so there wasn't much left anymore to top that, and to become even less worth. One thing was already crystal clear. He wouldn't make it out of this game. After everything that happened, that he did inside of Aincrad, he would make this floating castle his grave as well...
  9. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Calmly listening what the girl in front of him said, the orange player couldn’t help but to wonder how naive she really was. Wanting to gather information about deceased players so they won’t be forgotten was one thing, but was she really suggesting that the two of them should become friends? “Listen. You shouldn’t even be here to begin with. And you most definitely don’t want to be associated with me. Something like that could, and most probably will end with you regretting the day you met me. If you don’t believe me, let me start to explain. Yes I did kill each and every one of those players with crossed out names and my username beside it. I hunted down most of them like they were nothing more than simple MOBs and killed them without hesitation and regret.” He crossed his arms over his chest and continued in a cold voice. “But let me ask you something. If you really pride yourself about finding out reasoning and past stories of dead players: Did you do any research on anybody that I killed? I’m curious. You say that you want to collect information about the ones that lost their lives in here. So tell me, what do you know about them? They all had one thing in common. Everybody has a reason as to why he or she is doing something, and why they are dead now. Nobody is good or evil per say. Everybody has a story. But my story is none of your business.” @Hestia
  10. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Aereth was so close to just call it a day and let the girl wait just to see her never again, but something inside of him told him that if he wouldn't give her what she wanted, she would pry even more, be even more eager to find him. But he already had something in mind where she and her work could prove to be very useful for him. That journal she carried with her all the time... "If I handle this right, it might bring me closer to finally reach my goal..." It only took him some minutes to reach the meeting point, even though he changed directions multiple times in order to loose any individuals that could have followed him. The only difference in appearance from before, was that he dismissed his coat, and was now only wearing his full battle gear. He immediately spotted the woman, and while walking up to her, he deactivated his stealth skill, and greeted. "So you really came. I was half expecting, half hoping that you wouldn't." he said as he approached her. "I didn't want to talk to you in there. Too many eyes and ears. I like to stay anonymous in public, since I indeed AM an info broker. And not many players would come to me if they knew who I was. They might know my name, but not the face to it. Anyways... What do you want?" @Hestia
  11. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Another sigh escaped the brunette as she rambled on about how Thea was defending him. That she was getting emotional about him. Bullsh*t. If she at least saw his as a friend, she would have talked with him before turning her back on him with nothing more than a quick note that was left behind in his shop. His patience was slowly but surely leaving him. "I didn't say that HE almost killed me. I said that I almost got killed BECAUSE of him. And my name is unimportant." He then opened up his inventory, quickly storing away the leftover bottle of whiskey, before paying and fetching a small piece of paper from an inner pocket of his coat. "We are running cycles around each other. You don't want my information about him? You want to talk with him in person? Fine. I'll arrange a meeting between the two of you. And even though I can't believe I'm saying this, it's free this time if you leave me in peace for now." he placed the small paper face down on the table and slid it over to her. "Make sure nobody follows you, and come to that location in about 30 minutes. But you owe me a favor for that. I'll remember you little miss frontline tank." with that he got up and began to leave the bar, immediately activating his sneak skill to vanish into the night. Aereth entered stealth. @Hestia
  12. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Holy Dragon Alliance was ringing a bell somewhere in the back of his head, and when the girl mentioned something about a purple haired girl that seemed to like him so much, he felt how his stomach turned. There was only one purple haired woman inside of this hell that, at least THOUGHT to know how he really was. If it wasn't for his impressive self control, the brunette would have attempted to smashed the table in front of them into pieces. In the end only a low and disapproving "Pah. Liked him?" escaped his lips after Hestia finished her comment. "Nobody likes that man. That guy almost got me killed some time ago." Aereth said, thinking back to his suicide attempt, so in reality he wasn't even completely lying to Hestia. He then silently watched her taking out a notebook from her inventory before she continued explaining to him how she was attempting to make some kind of a list of missing and dead players also implying that she was adding some players that she assumed would also bite the dust or disappear in the near future. "Nice..." he thought, before letting out a sigh. So all he got out of that small monologe was that she had received information about him from Thea, she was nosy aaaaas f*ck and from that last passage in combination with her confident comment about her safety from before, that she most probably was a frontliner. "Look, girl. I'm just a simple information broker. I trade information for money, so I still don't completely understand why you would want to take the big risk of searching for one of the most dangerous players of Aincrad. Just to satisfy your desire for knowledge? Enough people want his head for one reason or the other. So don't think nobody wants to kill him, that bit of info is for free, but if you want me to tell you some more tings about him, its gonna cost you." After emptying his glass he added. "Or you can provide me with information that is of equal worth as the things you want to know..." @Hestia
  13. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    “A confident one...” Aereth mentally mused as he watched how the he girl took a seat at his table. “Seems to have some information about me, but I don’t know her..” Just before the glass touched his lips, the brunette cast a glance around the bar, effectively making everyone except a few bold ones turn away as if to say that they better stayed out of his business. Ignoring the few that resisted he finally took a sip of his drink, enjoying every moment as the golden liquid went down his throat and by the time he set down the glass again all the other players that refused to stop staring also finally averted their gazes. Smiling women were always dangerous, especially when they had information they shouldn't have from people who shouldn't have told them. He needed to be careful. And he needed to find out who leaked information about him. "If you say so..." he said with a shrug before continuing. "And that depends on who is asking and what they are paying." The brunette added while leaning back against the backrest of his chair. "Assuming I would know who he is, why would somebody want to meet that cold hearted killer?" he asked before rising an eyebrow at her last statement. "Believe me girl, I know this and that about him, and you really don't even want to know..." @Hestia
  14. Aereth

    [PP-F2] A Nightly Encounter

    Taking the half empty whiskey bottle, the brunette started to refill the small glass he just set down on the table. After all this time in Aincrad, Aereth still hoped to somehow find a way to get himself drunk. Be it through a bug in the system or maybe even a little loophole purposely implemented by some crazy developer. And even if there were no possibilities to get yourself drunk, Aereth always felt a strange feeling of nostalgia and serenity when he was tasting the dry and oaky taste of the golden liquid in front of him. And hey, no being drunk means no hangover the next day. Just as he finished refilling his glass a seemingly odd player entered the room. But the odd thing on the player wasn't her appearance, or familiar. No it funnily was the fact that she was the only player in the bar with a green cursor. The other players in the bar also noticed that and started to look at her as she seemingly started to search for somebody. Was she looking for trouble? Aereth couldn't say for sure. It wouldn't have been the first time some green player would enter the bar trying to accuse somebody of a crime and wanting to bring them to justice. But he didn't recognize the armor, so she most definitely wasn't from one of those righteous guilds that tried to make Aincrad a better place. He chuckled inwardly at that memory. "Didn't end well the last time...." That brawl was quite amusing back then. But nonetheless, when he noticed the female player making eye contact, and then walking towards his table, the brunette couldn't help but to slowly make sure his weapon was ready. The phase katana was leaning against the wall just to the left of him, ready to be taken at any moment. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hurt anybody inside of the safe zone with that weapon, but one should never underestimate the psychological effect such a weapon can have at somebody... With his right hand he took the glass and slowly prepared to take a sip. "Don't you think its kinda late to be alone out at this time of the night?" he smoothly asked the girl as she arrived at his table in the corner of the bar, still with the gazes from some of the other players on her. @Hestia
  15. - 2nd floor, Outskirts of Urbus, 2022 Cage Bar, 0324am With one smooth movement Aereth set down a small, now empty, glass on the table. He was sitting in a dark corner of his usual bar at the outskirts of Urbus. It was once again that time of the day where Aereth would retreat from his daily duties of gathering information in the underground. It was a pretty rundown bar with mostly orange players walking in and out. Usually pretty dangerous, but Aereth could care less. While very well being capable of proving his strength in a fight, he knew exactly that there were many players that could easily smack his face in if they wanted, but the fact that he was the person with the highest kill count on the monument in combination with the rumors that he was working with the Laughing Coffin made them respect... no, fear the consequences of what might happen if somebody wanted to try his luck with him. Lately he had only worked to rebuild his information broker network, that had been infiltrated and effectively destroyed by members of the laughing coffin. Nowadays he wasn't relying on others as much as before, and did most of the research about matters of interests on his own. Ever since Thea decided that she didn't want to see him anymore, for reasons that he didn't completely knew and understood, Aereth was simply trying to keep his mind occupied with other things. He of course had at least... a sh*tton of guesses as to why she left so abruptly without even talking to him once. Sure, their relationship was by no means a healthy one, with: both of them relying on the other to keep themselves going forward, him being the most feared and dangerous player in Aincrad, still not being over Alice's death, still not being able to let anybody else completely into his heart, (wow, he really was a sh*tty person) but leaving without even one word... He lightly shook his head, feeling how anger and disappointment started getting the better of him. That was the past. Quite some time passed since that, and he had once again pulled up the high walls around his heart. He was back on the path of revenge, and he would never again let anything distract him from his goals. @Hestia