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  1. Aereth

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Stalking around in the dark, the brunette finally decided to leave his thoughts behind and just focused on the battle. He needed the experience more than anything right now since this fight would surely push him into the tier three realm, where he would finally be able to go toe to toe with the strongest and most dangerous players in Aincrad. Sooner or later even the Laughing Coffin wouldn't be able to touch him anymore and then he would finally be able to start to lay waste on them, oh boy was he looking forward to that moment. He would assassinate his way through their ranks until he would find the two players he had been looking for ever since... In that moment an opportunity arose, and the brunette burst out of his hiding point striking the distracted boss monster directly into his back. No point in attempting to dodge. His strikes were fast, precise and deadly. After finishing the sword art, he felt the cooldown finally starting to set in and retreated behind the safe lines of their redhead tank. "Let's prepare for the counter attack, he won't be holding back." he said to @Domarus ID# 107881 results: Battle: 3 (Ignored because Surprise Attack) Damage: (18+2(Surprise Attack Ass.)+3(Charge))*14= 322-50-272 DMG
  2. Aereth

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    "Understood." Aereth answered Domarus as he gave out orders for the groups before vanishing into hiding again. Fully buffed and the event item dangling from his neck, the brunette was more than ready for this event boss. He didn't care very much about leading a group and was happy with leaving the responsibility to others. With him being level 49 there shouldn't be much in this tier one and two event fight that could harm him anyways. So yeah, no problem in letting noobies play leader. He pretty much didn't care much for their safety. If they f*cked up the raid, he could still step up and take the lead before anyone died. But in all honesty? He cared less with each passing day in this hell about the fates of other players. If they died, they died. Aereth was only focused on reaching his own goals, and these goals didn't involve saving incompetent players anymore. It was a much simpler goal... But one was slowly becoming a thron in his side. A certain redhead that permanently tried to drive his controlling fangs into him to make him his puppet. It seemed like Domarus was slowly forgetting the reason why Aereth was at his side to begin with. They were partners. Aereth would offer his services to Domarus in return for using the cover of his big guild to operate freely in the dark. The time would come when the partnership would end, and this time was very close... ID# 107707 results: Loot: 18+7 = 25+ LD needed to spot Aereth.
  3. "If you know me so well then you should have expected my betrayal." Aereth answered the redhead. "You were no longer useful to me so I decided to discard you. And now look at you." He then unsheathed his phase weapon and pointed at his remaining forces. "A handful of stupid dolls that followed your call was all that was left of your little underground organization. Even Hidden left you. You never should have trusted me. Just like I never trusted you. But enough talking now. Let's get serious." With that he ended his little speech and prepared his first attack. Flames erupted from his armor and his strongest area of effect sword art was already charged. He only waited for the raid leader to start her charge. As soon as she had taken her first few steps, the brunette accelerated, staying close behind Hestia seemingly aiming to use an opening she would surely generate. Obviously having a different plan, Aereth activated his <<Charge>> skill to leave Hestia and Domarus behind him. Placing himself between his backup force and himself the brunette started to unleash his AoE sword art, hoping Itzal would stick to the plan and back him up..
  4. Aereth

    [OP-FX][MM] What to do next?

    After a couple minutes filled with discussion, mainly with the party leaders, they seemed to have reached a conclusion. They wanted to go to the farming grounds, which was reasonable. Dangerous, but still reasonable. But like he promised, he was silent all through, listening to everybody that was talking, until Dazia spoke up and everybody fell silent. "Exactly." Aereth added, now stepping forward in order to share his thoughts. "So I think the course we will be taking, is fixed now. We will head to the farming grounds. But Dazia is right. This is a very dangerous place especially for the lower leveled players. The Laughing Coffin doesn't consist of weak players. At all. So let me propose this: I will message @Lessa for a quick update on her end as well as a meetup location. Everybody that feels like they shouldn't visit the hunting ground for whatever reason can swap groups and join her. We will take a break, I'd say around three hours to rest and prepare for the trip to the farming location. Any objections or suggestions?" he asked before opening his messenger and starting to type. @Outlander @Froppy @Dazia @Sharr @Hikoru @Sunova @Teion @Jevi @Pinball @Oxand @Hidden @Macradon @Shi OOC: Just shoot me a PM if you want to switch so Lessa and myself can coordinate the changes.
  5. Aereth

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Following the redhead, Aereth and Domarus met up with Hidden, and went over basic instructions for the upcoming fight. "I will hold back, but if they are behaving like idiots and won't listen to your way to 'handle' situations like the one in the raid, I will speak up and show them their place." Aereth answered. He was slowly getting fed up with being ordered around all the time. The kind of relationship Domarus and Aereth had could simply be described as a 'one hand washes the other' deal between them. Aereth could use the facade of the big guild to vanish if necessary and using the infrastructure of his underground organization to gain access to information and manpower at times. In return Aereth would stand by his side and fight for his cause. On paper a pretty good deal for both of them, but lately Aereth felt that Domarus was starting to make mistakes. Two frontliners had already caught a trail of his doings, and approached Aereth for help... When he heard another player call out to every tier one and tier two player, Aereth simply nodded to Domarus and went over to @Zandra to take the offer she just put on the table. "A very generous move of you. But the question now is what you will want to have in return?" the brunette asked before buying a damage potion and a teleport crystal. "I'll take these, the generous lady over there will pay for me." he then told the NPC before consuming the potion and placing the teleport crystal in his battle ready inventory. "Still. Thank you and hope to see you around sometime again. Might save me a ton of money." After that he walked off, vanishing in the crowd with the help of his stealth skill. ID# 107355 results: Loot: 13+5(Hiding R5)+2(Blindside) = LD 20 required to spot Aereth
  6. Aereth


    Col, Material and SP Balance Income: Expenses: Total Balance: SP: 200 (209)
  7. He took a deep breath. They were right. The curvy redhead was easy to trigger. He knew it and the easy jabs he took at her weren’t going to get them anywhere. Especially since it seemed that nobody had a plan on how to approach the upcoming fight. Somebody had to take the lead... “You’re right.” He said to Hestia, he just threatened another ally of his with killing them. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, many frontlines he respected turning out to be a bunch of morons, permanent issues with LC and now this war. Slowly the cracks in his strong facade and sanity were beginning to show. “Sorry Firecracker. If you like we can settle that issue after we’re done here, but for now....” he stepped forward and turned to face his allies. “For now we will stop Dom and finish what we started.” “First we need to take a look at the tasks each one of us will have to tackle. Hestia, Since you are the beefiest of us I would say you focus on Domarus. He is the strongest of them damage wise and you need to make sure he won’t get any of his devastating AOE’s off. Second task will go to you Embers. You will be tasked to handle Hestias sister. She should be around your level maybe a bit higher since the last time I saw her is already some weeks ago. But you can take her on if you are careful. Make sure to separate her from the big fight.” He did turning his attention to Itzal. “Get her out of the way of me and Itzal. We will be taking on Keres and the rest of remaining forces. I have an idea for ending the fight early, that might or might not work depending on the situation. We are also going to keep the others away from Hestia and Embers, while trying to capture Keres. She is very important to Dom and there might be a slim chance that he will surrender once we get her. But that is not sure. If it doesn’t work out we need to win the fight and defeat the henchmen before joining Hestia and ending the battle as a whole.” He then paused. “There are a couple of uncertainties to keep in mind though. Namely, Hidden whom I hope to have abandoned Domarus as soon as she would have noticed that his underground network got routed. In case she joins the fight Itzal and me should still be able to hold her back as well.” He hoped for her and their own sales that she wouldn’t show up to make their fight any harder run necessary. “And lastly: Adrian.” An ice cold shiver ran down his spine as he spoke out the name. “Small boy, insanely big threat. If he comes.... Grab your teleport crystals and retreat. Once he starts wrecking havoc nobody is safe anymore. He is as unpredictable as he is uncontrollable. He could very well attack his own allies if he feels like it. And he it would at least take three or more top level players to keep him at bay...” Commandig a private and independent platoon of spies certainly paid off in the end. Being able to take out most of his underground network and giving out details about almost every member of Domarus scheme was one of the main reasons they could win the biggest fights before they even started properly.
  8. "Yes sir." Aereth said to @Itzal in a dismissing tone. Over the course of the last few days and weeks their friendship seemed to crumble apart with each passing day. He knew that the man had a problem with him but it didn't matter to the brunette player. Itzal called, and true to the promise he made way back when he was still Itzal's apprentice, Aereth came. Though it seemed that nobody really wanted to have him here but at the same time they needed his knowledge about the inner workings of Domarus' guild as well as his unmatched PvP experience. "Well... I can only confirm that. With me also another one of his higher commanding players left him. This should only leave him with a handful of mindless players at his disposal. They'll most probably outnumber us slightly, but with three frontliners and a sidekick we should be able to even out the odds as good as possible. I won't suggest a battle plan since I have no idea if you guys already have something planned, but one thing you need to take into consideration is that he and his group might fight until the very end." His voice was serious. This might as well be a death battle, so all participants should be very clear about this. "So if push comes to shove remember that we are only four players. Even one casualty on our side could mean the failure of the operation and maybe even the doom of all of us."
  9. The time had finally come for Aereth to tie up loose ends. After seeing for months how the ever rising thirst for power in Domarus finally brought other, powerful players on his trail, the brunette PKKer had decided to ditch him. Yes. His network of spies and the ability to work hidden behind a big guild was very useful for him, but in the end Domarus had outlived his usefulness. Add this to the fact that Itzal had aproached Aereth after the last boss fight and asked him to aid them in the battle and it wasn't very hard for him to choose the side on which he would be fighting today. Even though he had all of his stealth skills and mods activated it was pretty much impossible for him to approach the battlefield they choose for the confrontation discretely. So he simply didn't try. He walked straight up to the group around Itzal and stopped a couple of steps behind him, before sighing at the naive and childish chatter of the redhead. "Words are meaningless without the intent and capabilities to follow through with them. Are you really sure that it was a good idea to bring her to the fight?" he simply stated addressing @Embers' strong words before turning his attention back to @Itzal. What followed then was his usual pre combat 'ritual' in removing the cloak he was wearing up until now and equipping his PvP gear.
  10. @Teion Aereth didn't have to turn his head or even look at the woman who was stepping up to him. The sound was the same, but the confidence and strength behind them was new. The black blade slowly moved away from Jonathans throat before it stopped moving just a couple of inches above the ground. "And that's the difference between us. I know exactly where we stand. And I never ran away. If you think there is a lot to talk about, you know where I am." His free hand, previously clenched to a fist, slowly opened and with a swift motion he pointed at the remaining bosses. "This is a boss fight..."he said trying to finish his reply, before stopping as another burst of pure anger and disgust shot through his body. His eyes went wide and the grip on his blade tightened. That green haired boy was... helping... no protecting the boss monsters. Just some moments of surprise passed before the blade of his weapon started to glow, preparing a stun sword art, but Hidden beat him to the move. "At least not everybody has lost their minds..." he mumbled, finally looking at Teion. "This is a f*cking boss fight. Not a place for personal problems to be solved or a place to embrace the inner AI-code lover in you. Everybody acting like that in a situation like this IS beneath me." His words were brutal and honest but they reflected exactly what he was thinking. From the corner of his eye he could see how Pinball was starting to charge. At first he didn't pay much attention, but as the trajectory of the attack became clearer to him, his instincts overtook his body. Rushing past Teion, he tried to intercept Pinball... Effortlessly. The other frontliner had already reached her and unleashed a strong charged attack at the cloaked woman. "Sh*t!" @Pinball Moments after the attack died down, Aereth reached them and confronted Pinball with as much self restrain as he could muster. "Charge and Bullrush? Are you insane? She never was a threat to the raid or the player she attacked. She just made sure to properly restrain an obvious weak link of this fight. " Killing intent rolled off him in thick waves as he moved past Pinball, bumping hard into his shoulder to drive home the point that he was pretty p*ssed. "Attack again, and I'll make sure you won't walk out of this boss fight. Are we clear?" The only way to completely restrain someone inside of his wasn't simply tackling and holding them in hope they wouldn't be able to break free. Paralyzation and stunning were the only things. "Didn't you have something weaker to stun him @Hidden? Let's get you away from the raging bosses and naive a**holes." "Stryder, was your name?" he asked before helping a stunned Hidden from the ground. "We need to make sure these two won't get caught in the still ongoing fight. Let's get them out of here." @Stryder
  11. "What the actual hell is happening here? Is everybody already so fried in their heads that they legit start to feel pity for those bosses?" he thought, the grip on his blade tightening to a unhealthy degree. The more he was watching that bunch of i*diots the more he was getting upset at them. This was a goddamned boss battle. Everybody here was putting their lives on the line and they were treating AI's like real people? "How hard have I been working to be able to stand here? To fight with the strongest players in Aincrad in order to help everybody getting out of here..." And now that he was here he would have to live with the fact that the frontlines were mainly consisting of over-emotional morons? "This is such a joke..." But as he had to watch Jonathan, the player that taught him so much, helping a boss to its feet Aereth had to take a step back. "What the hell have I been doing up until now? I'm going out night after night to find out information or rid this place of thieves, killers or even worse and these clowns are pulling off sh*t like that while being celebrated as heros?" As the anger rose within him, a dark aura started to coat his blade. He lowered his body and charged forward, ducking under a lackluster attempt to harm him before unleashing his strongest sword art. The black blade effortlessly cut through the weak armor of Duares before retreating and rushing to Jon as he halfheartedly attacked the other remaining boss. With a spinning cut he interrupted the fight between the two, pointing his blade at @Morgenstern and facing Isaxi after they dissengaged. "ENOUGH!" he shouted, addressing everybody in the room. "Are you guys insane, or did the Nerve Gear already fry some parts of your brains?" His voice was stern and serious. "This is a goddamned boss fight! So treat it like one. Jonathan! You had the chance to finish that stupid thing but you decided to help it back so it could continue fighting? What kind of terrible leader and stupid leader are you? These thing are god damned AI's, chunks of code, zeros and ones. Nothing more." he was fuming. "Everybody! You should better stop wasting your seemingly limited mental resources on feeling pity or pretty much anything for those god damned bosses!" ID# 105848 results: Battle: 9 Damage: [19(Base) + 3(Charge) + 1(BD 9) ] * 14 = 322 DMG / Phase activated!
  12. For now Aereth let Lessa handle their damsel in distress, staying behind in order to check over his equipment and items. It was an old habbit of him. Every time after he was done with a hunt or job he checked his inventory. It calmed him, as if sorting through his inventory and checking everything was also helping him to sort his thoughts. The girl didn't show much reaction. Still having those wide and empty eyes, her gaze stayed on Aereth for a couple of moments before it continued to move over to Lessa. "W-who? Why?" Was everything she weakly managed to get out of her mouth. Thankfully it didn't take very long for lover boy to make an appearance after Aereth had sent the message. And he didn't manage to say one word before the boy transfered the money and rushed over to his lost girl. His armes warped around her, and in a weak voice he apologized. "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for being too weak to act on myself. I'm sorry for not asking for help earlier..." Deciding to just let them have their moment, Aereth pressed a few more buttons before closing his menus, and then walking over to Lessa and slightly bumping her with his elbow. A small pop up notice materialized in front of her, containing half of the money he had received for the job. "Thank you for not serving me on a silver tray to those players following me. And sorry for leaving you there." He clearly saw that the woman was deeply troubled everything she had seen today. This was the side of Aincrad nobody wanted to look at. The dark and ugly side that only pulls you deeper and deeper into it with every moment you spend there. "I know... that not only the time you had to stay there, but everything related to it is disgusting. But look at them." The brunette then added. "Look at them AND your money count and tell me that it wasn't worth it." After a couple of minutes the heartfelt reunion was over and the boy, tightly clutching his girls hand came over one more time to the mercenary and guild leader. "Thank you again for saving her. If I could give you more, I would, but..." "Stop it. You held up your end of the deal and so did I. You owe me nothing. Now go home and take care that you guys don't get into any more trouble..." Aereth interrupted, dismissing the two and also preparing his leave... @Lessa
  13. Some of these frontliners were straight out laughable. Yes. They were all capable fighters and probably stronger players than him, but talking to the monsters, hell even having something resembling a feeling of pity... They were either plain stupid for having such feelings towards pieces of code created by a madman that trapped everybody inside here, or the time already made them go mad. The brunette didn't know, neither did he care much, so he readied his blade once more before following Domarus into the battle. Maybe he could use an opening created by his fellow squad mates to finally get some damage in. With that the orange player readied his <<Charge>> and <<San Ge>> skill and sword art. The blade of the phase weapon traveled through the air, creating a high pitched sound, before making contact with... Nothing... He missed again. It seemed like even though he didn't let himself get distracted by stupidity, the stupid players still managed to be more useful in the raid than him. A shame... ID# 103831 results: Battle: 2+3-2 = MISS EN: -2+1
  14. Up until now the brunette was simply lurking around in the background of the battle. Observing and learning. The roles inside of the council seemed to be equally distributed, creating a solid and well rounded party. But just as Domarus, the brunette also saw the weakpoint of the group. Attacking randomly wouldn't bring anything. A chain was only as strong as the weakest part of it. They needed to target the weakest link and work their way up. Aereth simply nodded at Domarus and shot forward immediately after Teion was done with her area of effect assault. Teion.. The brunette rushed past her, his katana ready to strike. Only one or two hits, and the first boss would be down. Excitement filled his whole body as he closed the distance between himself and Ratar. It had been ages since the last time he felt such a kind of excitement. Usually he only felt this excited on... his hunts... He hesitated for one moment... And missed... @Dark Elf Council ID: 103387 BD: 1 Miss