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  1. "The things I did for Domarus huh? You must have been to caught up on yourself if you believe I even got to do anything. I didn't work for Domarus. I simply worked with him to get what I want. I didn't even do anything for him. By the time I was even a high enough level to do anything, this mess began. As far as I remember, the only thing I did for Domarus was help thwart some criminal guild." "If you really are so innocent and haven't done anything wrong, then why don't you get rid of that orange cursor and talk to the APF? I know Itzal and Hestia. They wouldn't lock anybody away who is really innocent." He answered in a slightly sarcastic tone and sighed as she mentioned how she couldn't understand how he betrayed her about something trivial as this. "Either way... I needed to find LC... And through Dom I did. They made an offer to me. I got the chance to kill two a**holes in return for them to capture me. I took the offer... Killed them and was held captive ever since then. So I didn't sell you out to the APF." "I also used Domarus. And he used me. There never was anything else behind my relationship with him. His underground network was very useful for me and I did some dirty work for him in return. But I would never blame him for my actions. The only one responsible for my actions was me." "...but the only thing they were willing to clear my name is for me to return Adrian to prison. Which I refuse to do, because the kid owes me a promise that I am not going to let slip." "You are greedy. You are way too greedy. On the one side you want to have a cleared name and be a respected person, but on the other side you want to use a psycho killer kid to do some dirty work for you." She wanted everything... "And if you want something from him, remember that everything has a price. And I don't know if you will be able to afford such a price." It was worrying. "This kid is dangerous. You are putting yourself and everybody close to you into danger by relying on him. You could die. Sey could die... Is that 'favour' really worth the risk?" Aereth said calmly. He didn't particularly feel bad for Hidden, but somehow he could understand where she was coming from. She got shafted hard... "I have an offer for you. I'll tell you where LC is. But don't even think about raiding that place. Somebody already did. That's the only reason I got out of there. You should do something different. First: get rid of that orange cursor. Second: take me to the APF. Mari is right. I won't be useful for you when I'm dead. Take me to them and tell them how we have information about LC's hideout and that you want to turn me and Adrian in to clear your name... Or you can kill me here on the spot and deal with your problems alone. I got my revenge... I don't care about freedom and I don't care about surviving..." @Mari @Hidden
  2. "Damn well am." he responded to Mari before detaching the piece of his shirt from her cheek intentionally ignoring the information about her dead daughter. "And if you want to stay, I won't be throwing you out." "I don't want you to trust me, I want you to listen to me." the brunette scoffed before letting himself sink to the floor on the exact same spot Mari had been before... Ignoring the sticky substance on his a** he continued. "Do you really think it's fair to blame me for everything bad that happened to you? You made choices in your life and the consequences are now trying to catch up to you. It's like this for everyone. Nobody forced you to do the things you did under Domarus. And I had never a problem with you or blamed you for anything. I'm not even blaming you because you freed that psycho Adrian. The problem was that Domarus got too greedy. Strong and influential players were rallying against him for weeks before that final showdown. Hestia and Itzal had this planned all along. They only gave me a choice." he sighed as he remembered the last days before Domarus' fall. It left a bitter taste in his mouth. "Itzal, my former mentor, the man who made me strong, came to me, asked me to join him in order to take Dom down. Itzal of the Celestial Ascendants. Does that ring some bells? I know Sey was with them at the time, but do with that information what you want..." Aereth tried reaching up the counter in order to find some drink that survived Hiddens assault for a few seconds. Sherry immediately noticing that he wanted to grab a drink lifted up the glass closest to him, showing it to Aereth, and the proceeded to throw it against the wall all the while smiling at him. "Either way... Itzal knew that I couldn't refuse the offer. He knew that I was close to finishing my ultimate goal..." he sighed heavily. "And yes. This was the reason I betrayed Domarus, went into the battle on the side of Itzal and Hestia and left you. This is the part of the blame that I accept. This decision put you in a tight spot." "But I NEVER EVER, gave anybody information about what you did for Dom and neither did I put your face on the wanted posters. Do you want to know why I betrayed him, you, everybody?" His ice cold gaze met hers as he slowly took her dagger from its sheath. "Because I found them. I had found their hideout just a couple of days prior to the battle. Laughing Coffin. I think I never told you the story why I was always so obsessed with them, did I? I mean if its the LC I think you can already guess it but still..." he played with the blade for a few moments before asking her. "Rage clouds ones judgement. Are you calm enough to continue listen to me now? If so I will untie you and tell you why nobody was able to find me for all that time." @Mari @Hidden
  3. "Damn and here I thought I could make a restart as a girl. Shame on me..." "Maybe you would make a prettier one if you would wash yourself." Sherry replied with a cheeky smirk. "Cuz you look just like you smell... So yeah. I'd definitely prefer me as well." "Haven't had much time for that in the last couple of months so I'm sorry I guess, but I digress..." He tried to finish a little bit more on topic than he started but got interrupted by Sherry again. "Months?!?!" she almost cried out fake disgust showing on her face. She knew that the whole washing part was more of a self therapy thing to stop players from getting crazy because of their virtual bodies, but in theory it was still disgusting. "Enough now about that..." Sherry was really trying her best. She REALLY was, but at the entertainment part she lost it (a little). A loud "HAH. Maybe you should stop actin so edgy and cool all the time with new people you meet." escaped her that was accompanied with her open palm hitting the counter but moments after that she quickly tried to find a cloth to polish the glasses in order to act naturally and vanish from the situation. The brunette just glared at her for a moment forgetting or better, ignoring the danger that was approaching him from behind. The next thing he felt was a tug on his collar yanking out of harms way. The new girl took the hit for him and went to the ground. Paralytic Venom... Adrenaline rushed through his veins forcing his brain to shut down any unnecessary functions and presenting him with the same question it always did. Fight or Flee? Aereth weighed his options. He could try to use the other bar guests to flee and get away from Hidden now. "Not good. The only reason she didn't find me up until now was because LC had me locked away." He also couldn't let Sherry alone with the two. Hidden was unhinged and he wasn't sure what she would do if he got away. So only the second option. His Hiding Skill activated at the same time as he materialized his old Katana and mouthed "Sorry.." towards Sherry. There was no other way. He needed to de-escalate the situation quickly. Immediately he blended in with the crowd just to strike Hidden with the strongest Stun that he had available to him. His steps were steady and the strike was clean. The blade made contact with Hiddens shoulder and pushed her off balance. Aereth directed his momentum forward and Hidden fell to the ground. She was pinned down. For now. "SHERRY! ROPE!" He ordered not even looking at the redhead only holding out his hand towards the counter. And more was not necessary. The redhead often had brawls in her bar and ropes were always nice to use for those roughians. In one motion the rope was thrown towards Aereth and she unleashed her two handed spear from her inventory. It was nothing fancy and she clearly wasn't the strongest, hell she wouldn't even last a minute against any of them in a 1v1 situation, but she was still a T2 ready to fight for her life. The brunette didn't waste a second and immediately began tying Hidden up. Once this was finished he removed his sword from her shoulder and let it dissapear. The situation was under control for now. "Listen. I have a deal for you. We talk. We all talk. Hearing some things from Mari made me understand that there might be some.... Misunderstandings between us. Just killin me now won't help you one bit. You will still be wanted. You still won't be able to do ANYTHING. Let's just talk, and if you still think you need to kill me afterwards I will let you do so without resistance. I'm done with this world anyways..." he added before looking at Mari and helping her into a sitting position. "You ok? Sorry to have you dragged into this. This should't be any of your business..." "Everybody else: OUT." Sherry ordered, the hilt of her spear meeting the ground. "Bar is closed now. Also f*ck you Aereth for that. Sorry my a**" ID# 138256 results: Battle: 6+3-2 --> Hit Aereth uses Iai --> Hidden Stunned for 1 Turn @Hidden @Mari
  4. "You're interessting because you get IT." Aereth replied hoping the woman would understand. "Everybody makes mistakes. Most of the players I know only see black and white and nothing in between only ones and zeros. This is how this world works... Truly a mess." The banter continued and when Mari mentioned that she thought Aereth was a girl he grinned and emptied his Appletini. "I hope at least I make a pretty one?" His face twisted slightly. "I hate this taste..." "Don't take her Sherry. She surely just wants free drinks." he said laughingly which earned him a smack to the shoulder from the redehaded barlady. The next thing captured his attention though. She had a bone to pick? With him? Tense silence filled the room before Sherry put a glass of whiskey in front of Aereth with a little bit more force than necessary. "No fights in here. I hope this is clear." Her voice was strong but Aereth could clearly see some kind of nervousness in her face. He knew this woman ever since he turned orange. She had seen him on his highs and on his lows and thus he trusted her, but especially becasue she had seen him on his high and lows she knew what he was capable of when unhinged. "Don't worry. I have no intention of starting a fight wiht anyboy. Promise." The wiskey went down effortlessly and his face lit up for a moment before responding to Mari. "I don't know what she told you..." brown eyes met her gaze. "... but I most certainly never harassed her. How should I even? I got an alibi. I've spent the last couple of months with some good old friends... And before that we were like besties. But if you got stuff to give away I'll gladly keep you entertained if you pay my drinks. I can tell you the whole story if you want, but how about we just let her join the conversation?" he said feeing an aggressive aura creeping over his back. @Mari @Hidden (We are waiting for you ;) )
  5. "Fine by me. If you change your mind you know who to call." He replied jokingly. "A smart one..." the brunette then thought to himself before turning to his Appletini. "Everybody has a story. Green players just tend to ignore this. They only look at your cursor and either cower in fear or rally against you. Here nobody cares." "Fianlly." the redheaded woman said after Mari introduced hersef, reaching for her offered hand. "I'm Sherry. And I'll get you one right away." she said before opening her menu and fetching some ingredients. Inwardly cursing at Sherry for giving Mari HIS drink the Aereth turned towards the newcomer. To at least numerically one of the most dangerous players in Aincrad. What a coincidence. Number one and two in kill count in one bar... "You're an interessting one Mari. I've heard from you but this is the first time we meet. My name is Aereth. What brings you here? I didn't see you in this fine etablissement in the past." Sherry shot him a mean look before handing the drink over to Mari. "How would you know? You have been gone missing for months. She could be my girlfriend without you ever noticing." "Oh come on. I know you're not into girls." "At least SHE has manners." @Mari
  6. His train of thought was interrupted by the barowner placing a drink in front of him. "Always nice talking to you. You're a really good listener." the female said after Aereth didn't respond to her greeting and small talk. "The hell is this, Sherry?" Aereth said after looking at his drink. In front of him stood a greenish drink in a Y-shaped glass. It had a very strong apple smell.. "Don't Sherry me Max. I mean what the f*ck? First that girl trying to play tough lady on me, then you walking in this place after x freaking months without a greeting then spacing out. Just because all of you are orange doesn't mean that you are allowed to behave like total morons. I mean is it really so hard to show some manners and open your mouth to get a few proper words out before going all edgy again?" He sighed. "I'm sorry. The last months were kinda rough. So pleeeease can I have my whiskey. You've got the best in Aincrad" "Yeah I can see that. You look like sh..." she diidn't manage to finish her sentence as a new player entered the bar. "An no you'll drink that now and after that we can talk about another drink." He clicked his tounge before turning to the newcomer that just entered. "Its not required but if you want to be part of the cool kids, I have another one in my inventory." Sherry rolled her eyes... @Mari
  7. Happy Birthday my dude. Hope you are well.

  8. Raising an eyebrow at the aggressively voiced command, the female bartender replied. "Do you really think threatening anybody will get you everything you want? " The redhaired woman sighed. "Doesn't matter how sought after you are or how high your level is. If you want to kill me, please do so, since I can't and probably arent even able to stop you, but this will only earn you even more problems and at the end of the day you wont have any more information than before." It was always the same with those wannabe tought and strong players. "There are only so many player run ins in this hellhole of a game so if you kill one of them you might even make enemies on the orange side, and since I don't assume you want to have even more players up your pretty a*se I suggest you show some respect and pay for your information like anybody else." She said in a strong but calm voice which made some of the other players inside slightly raise their heads. Tense silence filled the room and was only interrupted by the entrance door creaking open and revealing our hooded brunette. With steady steps he made his way over to the counter before removing his hood and facial mask. "The usual..." Aereth said before looking down the counter and noticing a special dagger. He knew this dagger from somewhere. Looking up at the owner of the weapon, a cloaked player with a seemingly high anger potential radiating of of him or her, it made click... @Hidden
  9. Since it's boring not being allowed to work or go to university, I'll use the current situation to shamelessly advertise my OP return thread.  ^^ So pls join. :)


  10. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! 01:34 Outskirts of Taft Many months have passed since the brunette had ventured into the depths of the Laughing Coffin hideout. How he made it out, he still didn't really understand, but from his perspective it seemed like there has been a raid on the base where he was held captive... Hmmm... To be completely honest, held captive was somehow the wrong way to describe it, but this is a story for another day... Anyway, something happened and he among the other prisoners was set free. Was Laughing Coffin gone? If they weren't, would they come for him, in order to take him back? Well, he didn't really care. He stopped caring the day he finally got what he always wanted... Bittersweet revenge... His gaze was empty and his steps were slow and heavy, which made it seem like he was aimlessly wandering about, but for him his goal was clear. He needed something to drink. Something strong. And although it was unfortunately not possible for him to get drunk in this virtual hellhole, he still longed for the taste and the imaginary sensation and relief that came with that taste. And so he was making his way to the only player run bar outside of the safety of the safe zones.
  11. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Once you choose a path... You have to walk it to the bitter end. That was Aereth's philosophy ever since he picked up his first weapon. "Thank you Itzal. I'll miss you too.." he said as he got back up from the fist to his face. "Don't worry. I already visited everybody that I care for." Though he wasn't sure if they really saw him, he was sure that they knew he was there. "You were the last one... The most important one. You helped me at my weakest, and for that I'm more grateful than words can describe. Don't cry for me when I don't return. I assume you know that every day here was torture for me. I never planned to make it out of Aincrad alive. So understand why I welcome Death like an old friend. Staying alive would only make my suffering longer. Know that I finally get what I always wanted, to be re-united with my love in death. Just make sure you guys can capitalize on it. Take down that damn guild. This is the best opportunity we ever had." After that he put a hand on his old mentors shoulder. "I promise you not to tarnish its use. I will overcome that last fight with my own strength. I swear it." "Be strong Itzal. Be a burning beacon of Hope for others. Guide them and keep them save. Just promise me to do the only thing I never could. Always keep your hope." @Itzal
  12. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Aereth saw Itzal move. He closed his eyes and relaxed his body. His old teacher pinned him to a nearby tree and restrained his movement with two pikes through his arms. "While this sounds like great news, I'm sorry to tell you that I really don't care anymore." Slowly his facial features started to change. "In my time inside here I learned one thing..." Gone was his strong mask of indifference, revealing the broken human behind it. "A person can only endure so much pain before they break... Felix... I'm tired. I'm f*cking tired of this life. Kayaba took my freedom, and the player who killed..." he paused, thoughts of Alice coursing through his head. "He took the reason I want to fight for freedom. I may not be strong enough to bring Kayaba to justice, but I most definitely know that I'm strong enough to rip that bastard who killed Alice into pieces. Everything beyond that: I don't care. And you want to know why? I'll tell you why but you won't understand, and I truly and deeply hope that you never will. Because once you love a person more than anything, once you love somehow for whom you would go to hell and back, once you found this person and this person is then killed out of pure arbitrariness... Then, and only then will you, my friend, understand what turned me into the person I am right now. Then you will understand the definition of true and utter desperation and pain." Aereth didn't notice how he got louder with every word, to the point that he was practically screaming the last sentence out. "Now you have a choice to make Itzal. Either you imprison me right now, risking to loosing a big opportunity to rout out a Laughing Coffin hideout, or you leave me go. Then I will be able to bring justice to the person I hate more than anything else, as well as buying you time to gather a strike team and imprison as many of them as possible." "But in the end I don't care. Do what you think is right. I am already dead. Only driven by my last burning desire, my last duty. So I at least beg you to take these items. Keep them, and give them to somebody worthy of carrying such strong tools so at least they can help to fight free the players." @Itzal may choose between: Letting Aereth go. Imprisoning him.
  13. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    "Aaaah." He simply replied when Itzal finally revealed himself. Fake personas. Something Aereth himself had used in the last but he didn't suspect Itzal to be utilizing. Whatever... It didn't matter to him. "You are right. I wouldn't call you out here if it wasn't important." The brunette said while rising to his feet and taking in the new look his old mentor and dragon were having. "Pretty edgy if you ask me." He said tilting his head slightly. "But who am I to talk... So to business." "Recently I got my hands on important information about the laughing coffin... I found them." His lips formed into an almost unnoticeable smile as he said this and a dark determination filled his eyes. "You need to gather Hestia and everybody you can find to form a raid group and attack them. This might be one of the first and best chances for all of Aincrad to be freed of the disease called Laughing Coffin." "I placed a message with all information about their hideout at the your wife's shop. But before I can let you go I need you to do me a favor." The brunette told him before pointing to the items in front of him. "I want you to take these items. Take them and once you found somebody you deem worthy of them give them to that player. These are very powerful tools that in the wrong hands can create much destruction and pain." he paused. "But in the right hands, and I trust only you to find those, they might be able to help making Aincrad just that little bit safer." - Glittering Snowflake obtained HERE - Dimesional Shift+Delete - Goldcrest MK. 2 @Itzal
  14. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Aereth didn't move nor open his eyes as the hooded figure emerged from the shadows. He just waited for the man to finish his little speech. "The Scout..." he mentally noted, knowing that Itzal had pretty much vanished from the surface of Aincrad since their last meet and assuming that the Scout was being Itzal's alias. "Who are you? I told Itzal to come alone." he said. "But anyways, as you can see I'm completely alone, unarmored and with no weapon on me." he said, lifting his cloak to reveal his casual attire under the shine of the moonlight. "I do not intend to make any trouble, I'm just here to pass on a very important message, no. An opportunity that might be of high importance for... I don't know... him... Hestia... Maybe everybody in this virtual hell that gives half a f*ck about Aincrads safety..." "But certainly not for you my hooded friend. Because neither do I know you, nor am I stupid enough to trust a complete stranger." he said, opening his eyes and gazing into the darkness that was cast over the players face from his hood. @Itzal
  15. Aereth

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    The sun had already set. Darkness had already completely consumed the first floor as the cloaked figure stepped through the forest, making his way towards a very familiar place. A place that was home of many happy memories, but today he wouldn't add another happy one. Today he was only here for one thing. The last Davie he would ever ask anybody for. A very important thing he could only entrust one person with. Looking one last time at the message, he pressed send and fetched three items from his inventory, carefully placing them in front of him. With one swift movement Aereth then sat on the ground cross legged, while his hands rested on his knees. "I need a calm mind for the rest of this night. Otherwise..." He thought before stopping his train if thought. What would happen otherwise? He took a deep breath and dismissed the thought. He would succeed. Tonight was the night he would finally get everything he had been longing for for so long. He could almost taste it inside of his mouth... The sweet taste of revenge.