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  1. Able

    Real Life Picture Thread

    The beards a bit thicker but this is one of my most recent pictures!
  2. Alright so I'm at work and I'm lazy and I know I missed a lot but I'll catch up. Drop a comment if you wanna do a thread. Up to 4 people per thread and I'm not doing more than 2 at once for now. Preferred to have less combat for now. Gotta get used to being in character again!

  3. Upon nearing the two players, he noticed the flash of blue as she changed outfits to a black latex suit that showed her curves rather... nicely. To go along with it she put on some sort of robe or cloak that seemed it wasn't her size, in fact it looked far too big for a girl her size but then again who was he to judge another person? He didn't hear much of what the two were talking about, all he managed to catch was that she called him a friend of the stranger before him. As she made her way past the other player, she neared Able and wiped her hand on his clothing, leaving hints of red glimmer from the river of blood. Turning towards the pink haired player, he knew it was best not to piss either of them off, they were clearly more equipped for a situation like this than he was. "Sorry, but I don't even know this man. Nor do I care to either. I was just here for a casual stroll until you caught my eye to be fair." What was the point of saying anything other than what the truth was. "That is until you decided to get all touchy with my clothes. If you want them off just say so." Leaving a chuckle behind his last statement he turned his attention to the other player, the one with golden hair. "And you are?" Able wasn't known to be brave all the time, some might even call him stupid for how arrogant he was. It was probably his most disliked feature about him. The only other people that didn't mind it were others that carried themselves about so much higher than he did. He checked her out from behind as she passed, raising an eye brow peaking his interest. For being the only player among the three that didn't have an orange icon, he didn't feel left out the slightest. He always told himself that he would kill a person if it came down to it for his own survival. (OOC: Still feeling super rusty, didn't wanna post too much since @Oikawa hasn't posted yet)
  4. Able heard the tapping of his feet with every step, leaving nothing but a tiny dust trail to follow and nothing else. Often in times of boredom, he had a tendency to roam floors with no regards to the dangers that lie within each one, but rather just to get out of the place and take a look at the landscape and how every floor is designed. The tenth floor appeared to be a wasteland, what once was most likely filled with monsters and active players is now empty. He would look around to see nothing but a stream by his left and open land on the right. He had thought about just going to the front lines one time and simply telling them they need to train him and he'll do whatever they want, but that would just seem childish and immature. Instead, he'd rather grow in strength on his own. Once in a blue moon, a player crossed his path and took a look at his attire which consisted of a dress shirt that was half buttoned, dress pants, some nice shoes, and some wraps around his hands to resemble that he's hand to hand fighter. His red hair went over his eyes at times, making it tough to see every so often. "Interesting. This floor is so empty, it's almost.... sad." He spoke to himself often, mostly for entertainment purposes as he was a solo player and people haven't exactly grown too fond of him quite yet. Mainly because of the way he carries himself, but that was besides the point. Trailing further along the stream, two very unique colors struck his eyes. Gold and pink. While some would think that's the colors of some items, this was different, these were hair colors of two players he had never seen before. He couldn't see much, all he could see was the orange cursor above their heads, meaning they have had a history of killing another player. To many that might be enough information to leave them alone and not get involved with anything, but instead, he wanted to go talk to them. If he were to die, then so be it, but he wasn't ultimately concerned for his safety much. One of the players was male and heavily geared out, but was still shorter than him. The other was a feminine player with armor that wasn't as heavy, but still enough to show. Appearing small from the distance, he couldn't distinguish much more about her until he got closer.
  5. Apologies to everyone for me not being active for a long time. I'm having really bad depression as well as some serious family issues right now, mainly because my mother is trying to get me out of the house because she can't stand me. So I sincerely apologize for everything and I hope I can be back soon. I miss everybody here a ton!

  6. If you play OW, add me Moundsy#1144 so we can get a 6 stack going. So far it's Beatbox (or Teion), Ariel, Macradon, Az, and I. So 1 more needed :P

  7. Able

    Real Life Picture Thread

    It was a Halloween costume of mine from like 2/3 years back, got it online on amazon XD
  8. Able

    Real Life Picture Thread

    This is from a few weeks ago, but nothing changed aside from the beard being gone due to my new job. Oh right, there's also this one, it's from a year ago, but come on, I think this is perfectly acceptable.
  9. Able

    [Event - F16] Summer Beach Party

    Able rose from the waters of the shore, with his hair swinging back and water flying through the air. His face had been dripping water, and his breath came heavy as he had to have been underwater for a full minute or more. Losing track of his sense of time, he stepped out of the water. Many people would see him usually dressed in his typical attire, but this time around, he lay back in the sand on the shores of the beach in a pair of red and white swimming trunks. Even though he couldn't stand the sand sticking to his body after he had gotten wet, it was summer and it was about time he took some enjoyment in his life for a change, after all, if he was going to die at least he should have some good memories to go along with him. Around him, he came across many unfamiliar faces, however a few faces were recognizable as he had either seen them before, or he actually was involved in a party with them at some point. The sun was hot and bright, while the water was cool to the touch, yet refreshing. He shook his head to try to release some of the water that was inside of it so that it wouldn't look so ragged and would instead look as it usually did.
  10. Got my computer today, so I'll be able to do some posting again soon! If I don't do any today, I will for sure tomorrow!

  11. Won't be active for a few more days, buying a new computer Tuesday 

  12. Able

    [PP-NK-F3] A Trio of Training

    Able had considered this fight riveting. It wasn't nearly too difficult, but it wasn't easy either, for a single attack from it would surely chunk his pool of health quite rapidly. He stood back for a moment as he watched the cycle of the party go through and Telrenya had landed herself a stun on the monster. "Nice job, gorgeous", he called out to her as he gave her that usual grin and a look of approval. When it came about to Vigilon's turn, he couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the player for missing a stunned target. "No worries, if it makes it better I got stuck in a series of me being unable to hit a goblin as it mocked me, so don't beat yourself up over it." He took a look at the scene of the battle, the monster still unable to move for perhaps one more attack to go through. Able had heard the whisper almost as if it where in his own head, up until Vigilon had called out to everyone apologizing for his charm's whispers. "Although creepy, it does mix up the battlefield sometimes, making us have something to listen to, even though it seems rather-- spontaneous." Charging in with another Sword Art at his disposal, he took his knee once more at the torso of the boss that stood before them, and finished his attack with a chop. He fought in combat with grace and smooth motions, making his attacks appear fluid. His hair waved in front of his face as each attack went towards the skeleton, and his shirt wafted in the motion that he went. "This fight is seeming too easy almost, anybody else thinking the same thing yet?" he asked as he made his rotation back beside Tel and Vigilion, the two players that had accompanied him on a hunt for something stronger. "Just think guys, this is the weakest enemy I can fight in order for me to earn loot from something. I'd rather not make this enemy a regular." The health bar above the Skeleton had shifted from the original green color, to being down to almost a third remaining and it's now nearly red, more like an orange hue than anything else. "Not much more and we'll have this thing dead in no time!" Able cheered on the party so that they didn't feel bad about anything they did or didn't do. In combat, he had the idea of making sure to keep everyone thinking positive rather than negative. ID: [86377] | BD: 10 [7 * 4 = 28 Damage] | MD: 9 [Stunned] Able: 180/180 HP | Energy: 11/18 (+1 Regen / - 4 Sword Art) | Hate: 4 (+2 For Crit) @Telrenya: 40/40 HP | Energy: 0/4 | Hate: 0 @Vigilon: 160/160 HP | Energy: 15/18 | Hate: 0 Molten Skeleton: 36/90 HP | Damage: 27 (Stun Immune / 2 turns)
  13. He scoffed at the player, "Please, it's not like we're going up ten floors. You realize this is only the first floor. Plus Telrenya and I have already done a small touch of training together, on the third floor. I'm not looking for a death sentence, I'm looking for experience." He slid his hand into his pocket and relaxed his posture, knowing that he has nothing to worry about. Especially since this player seemed to be concerned with going past the first floor. "But, if you'd rather stick around here on this floor then sure." He noticed also that Telrenya hadn't taken a liking to his last choice of words and he ought to slow things down. "Also, Tel, my sincerest apologies, I was only joking. I had no intentions to insult you with that statement or to irritate you. You shouldn't take the things I say to heart, that's when feelings get hurt." Able chuckled as he always did, it was a signature of the sort of him, as well as his clothing statement that he seemed to always been seen around in. The talking about exploring the first floor made him think of how much map coverage he had, and when he checked, he had a fair portion but not nearly all of it, the floor had been too large for him to explore ALL of it within the short amount of time he's been training himself. Though he didn't exactly like the idea of exploring more of the map, he wasn't entirely against it either. Instead of voicing another opinion however, he remained quiet this time around and allowed the two to discuss their opinions on the matter further and what they wish to do. Last thing Able wanted was conflict with anyone because they don't like the things coming out of his mouth.
  14. Able

    [PP-NK-F3] A Trio of Training

    With slight hesitation, Able brought his attention back to the Molten Skeleton. The flame coated bones and the heat waves that fluttered over it altering the way the world looked behind it, made it seem far more intimidating. "I mean, at least you two have ideas. I've got nothing, so either I'm brave or I'm stupid, because I'm going in." He said as he prepared himself for his first attack on the target. He considered of all the methods he can use to approach the enemy, should he attack from behind or just go head on? He clenches his fists after adjusting his hair once more and then began to charge in, his fists began to obtain a glow to them, initiating the combat charge with a sword art had to have been a smart idea because before he could think of anything else, he went through with the attack. His right leg came up towards the chest of the skeleton, and although flames coated the mob, they didn't catch onto his clothing. After his kick had connected, the skeleton appeared to have been stunned for only a brief second, because with enough time, he was able to send his hand flying towards the skeleton's head and chopping it once more before leaping back. "Well looks like I'm brave because I executed that pretty close to flawlessly! Proud of me Tel?" He said as he grinned towards her and winked with his left eye, and returning his head towards the mob with a hair flick. ID: [86259] | BD: 9 [6 * 4 = 24 Damage] | MD: 5 [Miss] Able: 180/180 HP | Energy: 14/18 (-4 Sword Art) | Hate: 2 (+2 From Critical Strike) @Telrenya: 40/40 HP | Energy: 4/4 | Hate: 0 @Vigilon: 160/160 HP | Energy: 18/18 | Hate: 0 Molten Skeleton: 66/90 HP | Damage: 27