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      <<The Gemini>> Quest Rewrite:
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        New Skill - Energize: Spend energy to restore another target player's energy. New Mod - Hyperactive: Increase a target's passive energy regeneration for a short time.
        Focused Howl: Now generates 5 hate on a single target. Fighting Spirit: Increases Hate generated from attacks by 1. Missing an attack will generate 1 Hate, successful attacks will generate 2, and critical hits will generate 3 before other modifiers. Picking: No longer has ranks. Provides a flat LD bonus to opening chests. Dismantling (Mod): Reduced SP cost to 8 from 9.
        Enhancement List Update:
      The Enhancement List has been completely rewritten. We recommend checking out the link above and reviewing the full list. For some quick notes, the following has been significantly changed: Cook/Fisherman enhancement names have been normalized. Light Momentum: Gives temporary Accuracy instead of damage after an unsuccessful attack. Regen: Reworked. Now provides a healing over time effect after taking damage. No longer stacks with Battle Healing. Recovery: Now scales with Tier. Taunt: No longer unique. Can be applied to weapons, shields, and trinkets. Skill Rank: Renamed to "Expertise". Alcoholic: Renamed to "Protein". Reworked. Now reduces mitigation instead of evasion. Energize: Renamed to "Vitality". Now scales with Tier. Monster Call: Reworked. Monsters spawn at minimum loot requirement stats. LD bonus scales with slots but does not stack with other consumable LD bonsues. Misperception: Damage reduced from enemies changed to 10% (rounded down) from a flat 4. Fallen Damage: Now triggers on successful attack rolls of 6-8 (before modifiers) rather than any non-critical attack. Phase: Reduced the slot cap to 1 down from 2. Removed the second slot effect. Freeze: Attacks against frozen enemies now removes the effect and deals additional damage. Life Mending: Reworked. Now increases the user's healing done to other targets through the use of skills and consumable items. Absolute Accuracy: Reworked. Allows natural attack rolls of 1 to no longer automatically miss. Gives +1 to the BD when attacking (stacks with regular Accuracy). Caps at 1. Flame Aura: Reduced the mitigation received to (6 per slot * Tier) down from (9 per slot * Tier). Reduced the damage dealt to (5 per slot * Tier) down from (8 per slot * Tier). Combat Craft has been removed. Paralyze Water has been removed.


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  1. Able had considered this fight riveting. It wasn't nearly too difficult, but it wasn't easy either, for a single attack from it would surely chunk his pool of health quite rapidly. He stood back for a moment as he watched the cycle of the party go through and Telrenya had landed herself a stun on the monster. "Nice job, gorgeous", he called out to her as he gave her that usual grin and a look of approval. When it came about to Vigilon's turn, he couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the player for missing a stunned target. "No worries, if it makes it better I got stuck in a series of me being unable to hit a goblin as it mocked me, so don't beat yourself up over it." He took a look at the scene of the battle, the monster still unable to move for perhaps one more attack to go through. Able had heard the whisper almost as if it where in his own head, up until Vigilon had called out to everyone apologizing for his charm's whispers. "Although creepy, it does mix up the battlefield sometimes, making us have something to listen to, even though it seems rather-- spontaneous." Charging in with another Sword Art at his disposal, he took his knee once more at the torso of the boss that stood before them, and finished his attack with a chop. He fought in combat with grace and smooth motions, making his attacks appear fluid. His hair waved in front of his face as each attack went towards the skeleton, and his shirt wafted in the motion that he went. "This fight is seeming too easy almost, anybody else thinking the same thing yet?" he asked as he made his rotation back beside Tel and Vigilion, the two players that had accompanied him on a hunt for something stronger. "Just think guys, this is the weakest enemy I can fight in order for me to earn loot from something. I'd rather not make this enemy a regular." The health bar above the Skeleton had shifted from the original green color, to being down to almost a third remaining and it's now nearly red, more like an orange hue than anything else. "Not much more and we'll have this thing dead in no time!" Able cheered on the party so that they didn't feel bad about anything they did or didn't do. In combat, he had the idea of making sure to keep everyone thinking positive rather than negative. ID: [86377] | BD: 10 [7 * 4 = 28 Damage] | MD: 9 [Stunned] Able: 180/180 HP | Energy: 11/18 (+1 Regen / - 4 Sword Art) | Hate: 4 (+2 For Crit) @Telrenya: 40/40 HP | Energy: 0/4 | Hate: 0 @Vigilon: 160/160 HP | Energy: 15/18 | Hate: 0 Molten Skeleton: 36/90 HP | Damage: 27 (Stun Immune / 2 turns)
  2. He scoffed at the player, "Please, it's not like we're going up ten floors. You realize this is only the first floor. Plus Telrenya and I have already done a small touch of training together, on the third floor. I'm not looking for a death sentence, I'm looking for experience." He slid his hand into his pocket and relaxed his posture, knowing that he has nothing to worry about. Especially since this player seemed to be concerned with going past the first floor. "But, if you'd rather stick around here on this floor then sure." He noticed also that Telrenya hadn't taken a liking to his last choice of words and he ought to slow things down. "Also, Tel, my sincerest apologies, I was only joking. I had no intentions to insult you with that statement or to irritate you. You shouldn't take the things I say to heart, that's when feelings get hurt." Able chuckled as he always did, it was a signature of the sort of him, as well as his clothing statement that he seemed to always been seen around in. The talking about exploring the first floor made him think of how much map coverage he had, and when he checked, he had a fair portion but not nearly all of it, the floor had been too large for him to explore ALL of it within the short amount of time he's been training himself. Though he didn't exactly like the idea of exploring more of the map, he wasn't entirely against it either. Instead of voicing another opinion however, he remained quiet this time around and allowed the two to discuss their opinions on the matter further and what they wish to do. Last thing Able wanted was conflict with anyone because they don't like the things coming out of his mouth.
  3. With slight hesitation, Able brought his attention back to the Molten Skeleton. The flame coated bones and the heat waves that fluttered over it altering the way the world looked behind it, made it seem far more intimidating. "I mean, at least you two have ideas. I've got nothing, so either I'm brave or I'm stupid, because I'm going in." He said as he prepared himself for his first attack on the target. He considered of all the methods he can use to approach the enemy, should he attack from behind or just go head on? He clenches his fists after adjusting his hair once more and then began to charge in, his fists began to obtain a glow to them, initiating the combat charge with a sword art had to have been a smart idea because before he could think of anything else, he went through with the attack. His right leg came up towards the chest of the skeleton, and although flames coated the mob, they didn't catch onto his clothing. After his kick had connected, the skeleton appeared to have been stunned for only a brief second, because with enough time, he was able to send his hand flying towards the skeleton's head and chopping it once more before leaping back. "Well looks like I'm brave because I executed that pretty close to flawlessly! Proud of me Tel?" He said as he grinned towards her and winked with his left eye, and returning his head towards the mob with a hair flick. ID: [86259] | BD: 9 [6 * 4 = 24 Damage] | MD: 5 [Miss] Able: 180/180 HP | Energy: 14/18 (-4 Sword Art) | Hate: 2 (+2 From Critical Strike) @Telrenya: 40/40 HP | Energy: 4/4 | Hate: 0 @Vigilon: 160/160 HP | Energy: 18/18 | Hate: 0 Molten Skeleton: 66/90 HP | Damage: 27
  4. Taking her words of warning as a true warning, he now knew what he had been messing with. As intoxication wasn't real, he could simply pretend how he would act when he was drunk. The woman had accepted the arm wrestle, even though she had already been fatigued from the previous ones, clearly hadn't kept in mind for conserving energy for future attempts to beat people. Able knew that all he'd have to do is wear her down by stalling out enough, slowly pressuring her to exert more and more energy and eventually she'd give in. If she were at full stamina, he was sure that he'd lose as he never really has been an upper body type of person. "It's not that I'm strong, it's that my condition is better than yours." He let out a slight chuckle and heard the chanting and banter of the men around the two, some cheering for him, some taunting him, others booing him, regardless it was all the same to him. A crowd was a crowd nonetheless. "So tell me your name, gorgeous, as for me-- I'm Able, or if you'd rather be human about it, the name's Tobias. I'd shake your hand, but I'm too busy holding it right now." The words flowed freely from his thoughts as he hadn't ever really been threatened by a woman and although it was new to him, he wasn't too concerned with actually being in harm's way. While he noticed she had struggled more and more as time wore her out further, eventually he noticed his hand shifting hers to the table slowly but surely, though not quite there yet. "So how about this, if I win, I buy you a drink and we talk more. You win, you get whatever you want." He let out the bet with a smile to follow him and his eyes narrowed at her. The woman had a great complexion to her body that suited everything about her. It seemed he found every woman just as attractive as the other, or perhaps it was because every woman in this game appeared to be far more attractive than the ones he knew in the real world. ID: 86257 | BD: 3 | LD: 19 (Higher BD wins arm wrestle, in case of tie, include the LD with it) @Daniella
  5. If anybody needs posts from me later on (since I'm all caught up at the moment), I'll be posting later tomorrow, since I gotta work a 5 AM shift, so time to get some sleep for me to get up at 3 AM... I'M NOT EVEN A MORNING PERSON!

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  6. Hearing the chanting and roar of a group of men, he downed another shot that came his way, already having been his third by that point. A fourth one before him, he lifted it up and downed that one too. When he had set it down, he noticed a woman had walked past him with a great form to her body and looking slightly winded from whatever she had been doing over there. Buying a few bottles, she gave him a wink before heading back over to the table. Being four shots into his drinking, he had already noticed a slight buzz. Able had already been a flirt when he was sober, but it was a fair statement nonetheless that things only got exponentially worse the more he drank. Going over to the crowd, he found a way to hide among them without standing out too much. He asked one of the guys whom had been hooting and hollering, one of the loudest of the group, what exactly was going on only to be informed she was destroying the man sitting down in an arm wrestle. He raised an eyebrow and had a grin on his face. Began to push his way to the front of the group and whispered in the seated man's ear. The man looked at Able with a smile and rose from his seat with a pat on the back. Before being able to take a seat and get comfortable, he leaned himself forward towards the woman and looked at her with a flirty grin. After a moment, he gave the man a look, "So, should I say it, or would you rather announce it?" The crowd fell in silence for a moment, almost as if the tension was too thick for them to scream through it. The man gestured that it would be up to Able to ask, which he found more than fair. He brought one hand towards her cheek, which he rested the back of his hand against, before he ran a finger across her lip and then returning his hand to himself. "So you clearly beat him in an arm wrestle, what about taking me on?" Able stretched his arms and rolled up his right arm sleeve, and placed his elbow on the wooden table. By now, the crowd almost seemed to have grown bigger and the men began cheering once more, some for the woman, others for Able himself. It was a pleasant feeling to have an audience to cheer him on, it reminded him of his high school athlete years, which he enjoyed truly. "Unless you're afraid, sweetheart." Able stated as he looked into her eyes by narrowing his own and turning the grin into a challenging smirk. @Daniella
  7. [OOC: Figured that we should fight something that can give us loot, so this way we're not just doing combat for nothing, if you feel this enemy is beyond our limits and I can tweak the stats pre-combat since we haven't actually initiated in combat just yet.] Able overheard the two having their conversation, meanwhile he was noticing the sky had grown darker with each moment passing. The temperature had cooled down slightly since the past few hours have passed, as sunlight was no longer heating their skin. Instead, the moonlight caused them to shine in a sense, reflecting off their eyes and their hair appearing shinier than it was earlier as well. Grass waved back and forth with small breezes passing over, while the dead spot he was nearby had no motion. Noticing that there was a flicker, he turned his head to the left to see that the location that they had been waiting on formed a red ring on the ground and a portal seemed to have appeared. Stepping out of the portal was a creature that stood like a normal person did, but the phsyique of the enemy had been entirely different. Coated in red, which dripped from it, the body was made of what looked like fire and bones. A molten skeleton had spawned, as a field boss that they would fight. The skeleton had a bone scimitar equipped, but no armor. The body eminated heat from it, which could be felt from several feet away. Once entirely out of the portal the field boss stood before them. "I was told this enemy was more than capable of being taken out by lower level players", Able informed the two "However, I hate to break the small talk, but we have an enemy to fight. I suggest that the two of you stay back until I can attract aggro from the enemy so you aren't in harms way." Able had made sure to become the first priority for the enemy just so it doesn't go after Telrenya or Vigilon, as he didn't even know what level the player had been. Able put seemed to have found his fire because once again, he wore a smirk on his face, the one he always had on. "Don't burn yourself" Able told Telrenya "On me, not the field boss" he added to put it as a joke. "Any ideas on how we want to approach this boss? I feel for this enemy we should to slightly more planning than we did for the last mobs we fought Tel." The enemy definitely had a higher health pool than the last and not just this, but Able had a strong feeling that this enemy would prove to be a bigger challenge in terms of damage as well. Able: 180/180 HP | Energy: 18/18 | Hate: 0 @Telrenya: 40/40 HP | Energy: 4/4 | Hate: 0 @Vigilon: 160/160 HP | Energy: 18/18 | Hate: 0 Molten Skeleton: 90/90 HP | Damage: 27
  8. The dry and arid heat of the fifth floor had no effect on Able's condition. While the ninth floor appeared to be too hot, this was tolerable. With the temperature at a reasonable heat, he had learned that hydration would be a struggle on certain floors. He had recently been out grinding monsters to potentially level up further, but noticed he ran out of water for him to consume while he was to be out there. Being in the town of Fortaleza, he felt as if he were in a real desert city. The city walls were made of bricks to hinder the sandstorms that appeared what seemed out of nowhere from damaging the town or harming any of the people in the town. Arriving at local tavern, the Rattlesnake, he rested for the night that had recently settled upon the floor. The building was made of brick as well, and stood approximately three stories tall, the first floor had been a diner, a place where people can rest at ease to consume food, the second floor was a resting location, a player could rent out rooms for the night or days that they spend their time there, and last but not least, the third floor, which had been a bar. Able had been sure the reason why the bar was on the third floor and not the first was so the building could be player friendly towards those of a younger age and anyone who was older could go upstairs to get further away from the people. Going in to sit at a table, instead of the actual bar, he poured down a glass of water into his mouth to re-hydrate quickly. Feeling quite a bit better, he kicked out his legs under the table and brought them up to the seat across him so that he could almost lay on them comfortably. Few players were around, but there were some, most of them looked many years older than him, or they were just dirty and exhausted, probably from being out in the wilderness on the floor. The bartender had called out to his table to ask if he needed a drink with that water, and Able had decided it was more than fair to treat himself. He let out a chuckle and requested shots. Of all things to ask for, why had he chosen shots. It wasn't that he didn't like them, it was that he loved them. He had never been a heavy drinker or a party type of person, as he was always focused on athletics, but he did have a drink and a party every now and then. Even less often did he get drunk, since he normally ended up driving home later that night, so he always was aware of his surroundings, but with not a plan in his head for what he would do for the rest of the night, he awaited the drinks to show up at his table. @Daniella
  9. [OOC: Got it, you already mentioned that it's in your signature in your previous post. It was an honest mistake. I know that Tel isn't used to it, he's just being reluctant as he noticed she wasn't taking them as he had expected she would. He's used to getting his way when he wanted it from women.] Able looked at the Dragon that had taken a liking towards Telrenya with a quick glance over his shoulder. He didn't say much, in fact he kept quiet. He continued walking on listening for anything that sounded possible to fight at the time. The sun above had begun to set further and further and the sky was a navy blue and orange mixture now, nearly being coated in black entirely. "We're still outside, you won't be dealing with difficult times seeing unless you have legitimate night blindness." Able had an empty expression, not one of joy, or one of anger. It was a blank face, he had determined eyes and a straight mouth. Taking quick glimpses of the scenery around him, he checked for mobs, but none had shown yet. Finding a spot that had been coated in grass with two trees that stood tall in the fields. In the center was a burned grass patch, one that looked oddly enough like a mob spawn. Taking a seat, he rested his back against the tree with his hands behind his head for comfortable seating. "We'll wait here for a while until the enemy spawns, I'm sure we'll get something to spawn here. @Telrenya Able: 180/180 HP | Energy: 18/18 | Hate: 0 Telrenya: 40/40 HP | Energy: 4/4 | Hate: 0 Vigilon: 160/160 HP | Energy: 18/18 | Hate: 0 [Unknown Mob Spawning Soon]
  10. [OOC: For God's sake the declining of the Vigilon was to be read as a joke... not a legitimate declining of him being part of the team.] Able watched as the avian-- Correction, Dragon had gone hostile towards the player as if it were trying to voice its opinion. "Apologies, thought from the distance and in the sky your familiar was a bird. Now that I got a closer look, I can clearly tell I'm just blind." He looked over at Telrenya as she clearly doesn't look entertained by his remarks anymore, therefore he said nothing to her and smiled. This smile had been different, instead of his classic smirk that he wore about him all day long, he wore a friendly and gentle smile this time. "Vigilon... Interesting name, but sounds good. So a party it is." Sending a request to Vigilon to the party that Telrenya and Able had already formed prior to the previous training session they had. Able placed his finger on the menu and opened up his map, to find a spot which they could train. An area where the three of them wouldn't be too weak, nor too strong. A healthy balance was optimal, though a challenge would be interesting. He began to appear rather focused on a location and figured out a location. Saying nothing to follow the footsteps he began taking, he simply nodded at the players. Able knew he had began to get far too boisterous with his flirting, and even he could tell enough was enough for one person. The wind of the floor struck his skin, causing goosebumps to form along his arms, but quickly going away as the sun heated him back up to comfortable temperatures. His hair wafted with the wind from side to side, sometimes going straight up as a gust seemed to have picked up. Nothing heavy, but enough to make him wish he had a pair of warmer clothing. The sky had already began to settle to a dusk state, where the sun wasn't nearly as high it had been before. "You alright with some night hunting?" He asked the pair of players behind him.
  11. BEHOLD IT ONLY TOOK ME 17 Hours after saying i'm posting to actually go through with my actions.

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      I'm sure that that was not a personal record.

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      I mean if you count my several month hiatus then no.

  12. Able noticed a fellow player had approached him nearby requesting if he needed help. Considering his offer for a moment, he then attacked the mobs with a Crescent Moon, a sword art that can be used by players who have the Martial Arts skill. Dealing a good portion of the two enemies health at the same time, he looked towards the player as they seemed to almost have been dazed by the hit or perhaps, were afraid to go in on him. "Feel free to finish them off if you'd like, got them pretty low if you ask me with one attack. If you'd rather leave this to me, then that's fine too. I'm alright with either or at this moment." Gesturing at the player that he may finish them off if he so desired, he took a stance that only prepared for what was to come, for all he knew the player may have been preparing to turn tail, or even attack Able in return. He had to be ready for anything right now, even though a player looks friendly, doesn't mean they are. Also, that green icon above their head was only a sign showing that they have yet to do something, or they've redeemed themselves before. One blink of an eye and that icon could go orange and his life would be over. [ID: 86135] Wild Boar: [MD: 1] [Miss] Able: [BD: 6] [5(3*1) = 15 Damage to 2 Targets] Able | HP: 169/180 | NRG: 4/18 | Hate - 1 Wild Boar | HP: 5/20 | DMG: 6 Wild Boar | HP: 5/20 | DMG: 6
  13. Turning his head over to the man whom had just approached them, he noticed the avian he had nearby. "That's what I saw. Your familiar. It caught my eye just a few moments ago." He examined the bird that was near him only to make sure that this is what he had seen flying up above, which had happened to catch his attention. The man in fact seemed to have appeared out of nowhere as the plains were relatively empty and the players had been quite scarce throughout the floor, especially this part. "As for help? Nah, we're just about to go look for some mobs to grind out on to gain some experience. Working our ways through the levels is all. Well that was until those pesky Goblins felt like ridiculing me mid combat." He turned around towards them with a look of disdain and anguish. The world of Aincrad was incredible in a way that everything worked so realistically. Sometimes he pondered on the thought of all of the other functions of the human body and interactions with life worked, but never bothered with an effort to experiment the truth. Dropping the rock, which he had picked up from the ground, he looked towards Telrenya. "So, what's the plan Tel? Up for another training date?" He laughed at his joke inside of his head, but outside in physical appearance, he only had a kind smile on his face. "If you'd like to make it a three-way date, feel free to tag along." Expanding the joke so it wasn't just a target towards Telrenya, he included the newly appearing player so it was also a friendly gesture. Stretching out his hand towards the male, "The name's Able, or Tobias. Whichever you'd feel free to call me, both work. Pleasure to meet you." He said with a chuckle among his words.
  14. The idea of waiting for the mob farmers to return sounded interesting, it could potentially work, however what if they were hostile and killed anyone who bothered taking their farming grounds away from them? Noct had followed up asking Telrenya what she had been doing around here, after shaking Able's hand. "She's out here with me, training, because I kidnapped her and forced her to in a nice way. Plus I couldn't help but wanting to see her eyes again, wouldn't you agree?" Able had a way with words that seemed to make everything that came out of his mouth turn into a compliment for not just Telrenya, but anyone he took an interest in. Looking around the terrain, he realized that there wasn't a single mob in sight. "Perhaps we could go to a different part of this floor, or we could go to a higher up floor, since we have more people, we should be more than strong enough to take on the tougher enemies above this floor." Both suggestions proved to be wise, as he wanted to make caution for any hostile players that were looking to hog the farming grounds. He let out a yawn, as standing around bore him. He needed to practice some sword arts with his Martial Arts skill to perfect it, not much longer until he knew he'd level up and potentially gain some new skills or even gain some damage, plus the extra needed health would be greatly appreciated as it would just make him tankier and a better leader to aggro the enemies that they would train on. @Telrenya @Nocturn
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