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  1. #BLM

    1. Baldur
    2. Krysta


      They sure do. Also, nice to see you again, Able.

    3. Adeux
  2. -- Abandoning Thread -- 14 Days passed since the most recent post.
  3. Thinking of routes that he could take to scale the mountain with minimal burns, PK ambushes, and hostile mob encounters he slowly came to the conclusion that travelling alone was a suicide mission. What's something that every good adventure needs? A trusty sidekick to join. Somehow his plans were falling into place as it was only minutes later a short woman by the name of Lessa, meeting no more than one or two times he was familiar enough to remember her name. Generous of him to bother. "Able, right?" Taking a moment to shift his eyes from the menus and maps he had been studying down to the familiar followed with a look up at the woman with features that many would kill for. Definitely looking more equipped for a roughening than he was though. "Lessa, your memory serves you well. I'd assume you should know travelling light is the best way in floors with these conditions." The wind had picked up for what felt like half a second, but enough to give a feeling of relief as the cool breeze rushed across the skin. Taking himself onto one knee he slowly brings his hand to pet the familiar, remaining cautious in the event it bites him in self defense. "You look miserable. You need a pick me up, feel like tagging along to scale a mountain?" Giving a smile and a wink to follow, a go to move of his. "Oh yeah, also I could use someone there to make sure I'm not another dead body."
  4. Holy cow, I've got a computer again.

  5. If anyone would wanna do a thread I'd be up for adding one or two more to my queue. Do mind, I'm just recently getting back into it.

    1. Kirbs


      I'm down, and welcome back!

    2. Benjamin Bookworm

      Benjamin Bookworm

      If you are looking for others, I'm willing to reach out and meet some new friends for quests and fun!

  6. In the moment that players of higher levels were constantly looking for ways to clear the floors and boss fights taking place one after the next, it wasn't like that for the players with the strength of Able. While his stats were low, his experience in surviving the crude and harsh conditions Aincrad propsed was definitely up there with the veterans. Any player could train and go fight the next floor boss with the frontlines, not every player was able to survive the weather, the mobs, and worst of everything else: the players themselves. Most people could be approached without the fear of your life being taken from you within the blink of an eye, but then there are those that care not for their actions in the video game of death. Taking a gulp of what was once cold water now turned room temperature, Able felt relieved. Wiping away an excess of sweat and the hair that at this point looked like he came straight out of the shower, he looked up towards the top of Mount Kazan only to see the heatwaves emenating from the mountain giving it the illusion that it was swaying from side to side similiar to when one would look at their reflection in a pool of water after making ripples of waves. In the background there was the sound of chatter between friends and the complaints about the heat from people new to the environment. Some players coated with armor from head to toe, while others loitered about in nothing more than some short cloth to make the heat more withstandable. If anything was certain, it was that water would become your best friend anytime you spent some time on this floor. Taking one last quick check at his inventory before setting out on an adventure, his index swiped and scrolled through the menus. Placing a marker on his map at the center of the large mountain depicted, he had every intention to attempt to make it to the top of Mount Kazan. "Water, check. Food, check. Equipment, check." Able whispered to himself so he doesn't forget anything before setting out. Realizing he was carrying some consumables in his inventory he popped a <<Yui's Grace>> granting him more experience for a given period of time. "Time to roll out. Let's turn this mountain into a casual stroll." Little did he know, how hot it was going to get, and how dangerous it may potentially be. @Lessa Consumed 1 <<Yui's Grace>> granting additional SP upon completion of this thread.
  7. Able

    Real Life Picture Thread

    The beards a bit thicker but this is one of my most recent pictures!
  8. Alright so I'm at work and I'm lazy and I know I missed a lot but I'll catch up. Drop a comment if you wanna do a thread. Up to 4 people per thread and I'm not doing more than 2 at once for now. Preferred to have less combat for now. Gotta get used to being in character again!

  9. Apologies to everyone for me not being active for a long time. I'm having really bad depression as well as some serious family issues right now, mainly because my mother is trying to get me out of the house because she can't stand me. So I sincerely apologize for everything and I hope I can be back soon. I miss everybody here a ton!

  10. If you play OW, add me Moundsy#1144 so we can get a 6 stack going. So far it's Beatbox (or Teion), Ariel, Macradon, Az, and I. So 1 more needed :P

  11. Able

    Real Life Picture Thread

    It was a Halloween costume of mine from like 2/3 years back, got it online on amazon XD
  12. Able

    Real Life Picture Thread

    This is from a few weeks ago, but nothing changed aside from the beard being gone due to my new job. Oh right, there's also this one, it's from a year ago, but come on, I think this is perfectly acceptable.
  13. Got my computer today, so I'll be able to do some posting again soon! If I don't do any today, I will for sure tomorrow!

  14. Won't be active for a few more days, buying a new computer Tuesday