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    [OP-21] A Gathering (Open to All)

    ID: 89145 LD: 15 (+1 T3 Mat) Aoda stared out at Floor Twenty-one's oddly vibrant terrain. Without the lights covering his surroundings, it was unlikely he'd be able to see a single thing in his path. It was quite possibly the worst floor he could be looking for materials in, however to his knowledge, the higher quality materials were able to be found there and only there. Is the demand for these really worth it? He let out a sigh, clearly tired of the endless and lonely search. The noirette could only tell himself that "it'll all be worth it when I come back with all kinds of high-tier materials" so many times before he'd begin to stop believing it. "Where are they anyway?" He muttered, kicking over a rock in anger. To his surprise, a hidden material lay silently underneath, just out of his view. "Lucky, I suppose." Aoda chuckled, placing the item in his inventory. "But still," He began, "there must be someone else out here who'd be interested in searching with me. It would be a lot safer that way as well." He looked ahead of him at the unknown path. Who knows what was lurking in the depths of the floor. "Nothing I can handle alone, that's for sure."
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  4. Aoda stepped into the lit up shop that made home in the mountains on the eleventh floor. "Shield, you around? Got something you might like." He walked forward, striding up to the front desk with a subtle grin and placing his hands on the face of it. "Not gonna cost you anything this time around. No promises for the next item I come across though." He called out with a chuckle. Waiting for the man to appear, he placed the item on the desk, unsure if he was even around to make the trade. I'll stick around for a bit just in case. He explored the shop. Shield was the only merchant the man had ever met. From what he could tell, there weren't many of them. The brown haired man was likely the best of his class, being both a middle ranking merchant and a tank for the frontlines at the same time. Aoda definitely knew who to come to when he was in need of items or appraisals. "Where is this guy." He pondered, still examining all of the items lined against the walls and shelves, before turning to look up towards the front table again. (-1 Nametag)
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    |~This is not a game anymore~| (Nero)

    Locking this until you've done the following: - Read all of the rules thoroughly - Created a journal for your character Do these and you're free to RP!
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    SAORPG related questions

    NPC players cannot assist you in any form of combat or quest. I personally had a short discussion about this with @Ruby and @Teion, and they did say you are free to duel against them, however.
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