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    [PP-F4] Fine By Me (Telrenya)

    It was clear how shy and uncomfortable the young woman was in this situation. Her face was only just returning to it's normal colour and she seemed to be unsure of whether or not it was a good idea to explore with Aoda. He understood, of course. They didn't know each other, not really. When she gave her answer, Aoda returned a charming smile, hoping to loosen up the the tension around them. Awkward conversations were generally not for him. "Great," the man began, "I've been told that this town has some really good cafés, so we could start there if you'd like. Or we could go explore outside the safezone, if you're up to it." Actually, he wasn't sure leaving the safezone was a reasonable idea. Aoda wasn't so much concerned for his own safety as he was for Telrenya's. He wasn't interested in another life on his hands. The noirette also had to factor in that she likely did not trust him 100 percent and he thought his appearance did look similar to a player killer's, as bad as that might sound. "So, what do you say?" (thought i'd do some good for the world) @Telrenya
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  4. Aoda stepped into the lit up shop that made home in the mountains on the eleventh floor. "Shield, you around? Got something you might like." He walked forward, striding up to the front desk with a subtle grin and placing his hands on the face of it. "Not gonna cost you anything this time around. No promises for the next item I come across though." He called out with a chuckle. Waiting for the man to appear, he placed the item on the desk, unsure if he was even around to make the trade. I'll stick around for a bit just in case. He explored the shop. Shield was the only merchant the man had ever met. From what he could tell, there weren't many of them. The brown haired man was likely the best of his class, being both a middle ranking merchant and a tank for the frontlines at the same time. Aoda definitely knew who to come to when he was in need of items or appraisals. "Where is this guy." He pondered, still examining all of the items lined against the walls and shelves, before turning to look up towards the front table again. (-1 Nametag)
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    [PP-F4] Fine By Me (Telrenya)

    To his relief, the angered player turned and left the scene where Aoda and Telrenya were positioned. A sigh escaped the lad's mouth as he reached out his hand to help the woman stand. "No need to thank me, just be more careful next time." He responded, scratching the back of his head with his free hand. Much like Aoda, the girl was under-equipped. Probably a low level player, like himself. "I had planned on touring the town. Care to join me?" He inquired, knowing it wouldn't hurt to make a friend in the cruel world they were forced to live in. For the most part, he hadn't seen much of this floor. It was almost completely unknown to him, except for the few shops he had explored. It wouldn't hurt to familiarize the landscape for the future. And it was likely the blonde didn't know the area well either. It could be good for the two of them to take a look around the place together.
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