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  1. Dominion

    Domion's Domion

    list of further threads (79 total) http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14316-op-f1-a-new-life-in-sao/?page=3#comment-511218 (+2 SP, 44 col) http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14300-pp-f1-what-does-it-take-to-cook-stryder-atzo-dominion-complete/?page=2#comment-512232 (+2 SP) http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14408-op-f1-resolve/?page=3 (+2 SP, 100 Col)
  2. Dominion walked into the shop again with none of his battle gear equipped, but this time he entered with a bit of curiosity. The request he put on the order form was by no means an easy request. Two near perfectly enhanced items for both the neck and head were requested, not to mention they had some strange affects. Either way, it had been a few days and he would need the equipment sooner rather than later. Dominion looked to either side of the shop to take in the aesthetic look, his hands also at his sides. Dominion then turned and greeted Hydra with an accepting smile, "Hello friend, I was wondering how far you have gotten with the creation of those two items that I ordered". Dominion didn't mean to sound rude, nor did he have the intention of rushing him. However, Dominion turned his head slightly to the side and caught sight of an amulet, it's appearance was strikingly familiar. "have you already finished the order?!", Dominion spoke with disbelief as he gazed at the amulet +Solomon's key (both immediately given to @Solomon) +Moon Crescent
  3. Dominion had overhead some comments at the weird mansion that lead him to this shop. He had been up there due to combat training and having a good time in the forest. There was some talk about equipment being bought, and he had a special order, and as a gift to his soon to be brother, Dominion wanted to pay. He had few people that wanted his equippment, his col, or really any of his items. Solomon was the one person Dominion wanted to help most of all in this game. Dominion walked up to the counter, seeing Atzo as he was ordering other equipment. "Hey Hydra, I am in need to 2 rather custom items from your shop. One of which is a small pendent, the other is a moon shaped crescent to adorn the forhead. If either of these can be done, I would greatly appreciate it... Also, could you put a special insignia on front of each of these respectively?". Dominion handed over a page with the inscription written on, one that hadn't been seen by anyone except Dominion.... besides Solomon. Name: Solomon's Key Your Profession: <Leave blank> Your Rank: <Leave blank> ID: <Leave blank> Roll: <Leave blank> Item Type: Amulet/Pendent Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 Skill Rank (picking), +1 LD Description: Made of a black Zirconian Alloy, this amulet is about the size of Solomon's palm. However, an inscription is engraved upon the outside in this manner, one that is only known by scholars of the ancient world. In short, Solomon is able to use this amulet to open a chest like affect, able to keep track of things in a simple categorized manner, but only Solomon's mind can open it. Otherwise, it remains unreachable to any person, even the closest of friends. Name: Moon Crescent Your Profession: <Leave blank> Your Rank: <Leave blank> ID: <Leave blank> Roll: <Leave blank> Item Type: Trinket/lucky charm (turban like head-ornament with a Crow Eye jewel) Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 Acc +1 Loot Dice Description: Made of a Golden Hued Alloy, this amulet seems to be attached to Solomon's forehead. implanted upon the outside of this piece is a Crow's eye, Which would only be known by scholars of the Animal world. In short, this device tones down the idea of fear to a minimal level, making it easy for him to discern matters as he would regularly do otherwise. This device, upon choice, may calm Solomon's nerves when distressed, like that of cigarettes but without bad aftermath. -2,000 Col -20 t1 mats
  4. Dominion

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Dominion and Domarus are taken on these minotaurs.
  5. Dominion

    Domion's Domion

    A bit more on the Backstory: Father: Hearlimnygo was a renown martial artist from the Shaolin Temple in China. He had come on a mission to teach Buddhism to the some of the areas in Japan. However, Hearlimnygo was coming into his sixth city when He met Sarah. When the two of them got intimate with one another and Sarah bore Dominion, Sarah had to return back to the country she was touring from. Hearlimnygo returned to his temple, allowing for Dominion to grow as a martial artist. However, when word spread about Hearlimnygo having a child, some people who disliked him began to follow him. Therefore, Hearlimnygo was asked to leave the temple, taking Dominion from place to place, until they settled down in America.
  6. Dominion

    [F02] «Long Live The Queen»

    Solo this quest
  7. Dominion

    Face-Claim Thread

    I would like to claim Sun Wukong from RWBY for my character Dominion
  8. Dominion entered into the shop again, this time very eager for the item. A ring that would improve his searching ability was just the item he needed. When he entered the shop this time, he notices keres and waved. However, it would be to the counter that Dominion would see his ring. It was a stunning item, made really well by Domarus. Dominion swiped open his inventory and withdrew 1500 Col and 7 Mats. He then exchanged the currency for the ring. "Hey, I thought I saw someone the other day in the forest on this floor. Any guesses to who that could have been?" Dominion only caught a glimpse of the moving body as he was in the forest and could not describe with any detail. Whoever... or whatever that thing was, it was definitely quick. Dominion just shrugged his shoulders as he remembered and picked up the ring. "Anyway thanks for the craft. I will hopefully see you soon." Dominion turned and exited the shop. -1500 Col and 7 Mats +Monkey Ring
  9. Dominion entered the familiar store, considering it had only been a couple days prior that he found it. Dominion entered the building with a profound smile, his armor and fist wraps were now shining clean. Dominion immediately took notice to the fine furniture and decorative dragons. Dominion had a purpose now, one that he needed a different trinket to claim. He walked over to Keres, asking for Domarus. "Hello Keres, could you get Domarus? I have another order I would like to fill out." Dominion filled out a order form asking for the following trinket: Then Dominion, after having written on the form and placed it on a counter, swiped open his inventory and withdrew 1500 Col and 7 mats. "Well it looks as though I am short a couple of mats again. Will the extra col be able to pay off what I lack in mats?" Dominion was truely eager to recieve the item and leave for his journey, but he had to listen and make sure the form of payment would be accepted by Domarus.
  10. Dominion

    [F04] «The Essence of Steel»

    Dom the monk and Domarus take the quest
  11. Dominion swiped open his menu and inventory, finding and handing over 4 mats and 500 Col. He then took the item which Domarus handed over and smiled back. "Thanks Domarus. Whenever you need me, just send a PM. I am sure to get stronger and become more of an assistance soon. This Item will surely help alot." Dominion equipped his item and realized that he was filling his inventory rather quickly. "Looks as though I will need to get rid of my old armor. Anyway, I guess I will see you later." Dominion raised his head to look up at Domarus. Dominion turned his body toward the door and waved back at Domarus and Keres as he exited the shop. He walked casually back to his alleyway spot with both hands in his jean pockets, the place where he stayed and began to filter out his inventory, placing his older armor as it materialized onto the ground. -4 Mats and -500 Col +Monkey King Semblance
  12. Dominion was just finishing his day run around the entire first floor, and happened to stop by a shop he had never entered before. Dominion entered the Catfish Sundries on the first floor. Upon entering, he met a person he honestly didn't expect to see. "Hello Baldur. It's Dominion the monk" Dominion greeted the front-liner. "I was wondering if I could get an instrument here. I have searched several shops in the first floor, but most people just look at me funny. I know this may seem weird, but I need an embellished red wood lute. Also, I have heard that a recording crystal is supposedly a wise choice to buy with the instrument, so if you have one of those I will buy it as well." Dominion took out the col required for both items and moved it toward Baldur. Dominion waited to hear, if he were wrong or made a mistake, the font-liner respond. -2800 Col
  13. Dominion entered into what he thought was Domarus's Shop. He had looked all over the fourth, third, and second floor for the shop with no luck. He took notice to an Emblem outside a floor 1 shop and decided to enter. Inside were comfortable chairs and on the wall held pricing for items and order forms. When Dominion saw Keres, he knew he was in the right place. Dominion stepped inside the door and immediately was greeted by Keres "Hello Keres. I was wanting to get an order form for buying an item." Dominion rested his hands in his pockets, his white tee-shirt somewhat stained with dirt from recent endeavors. As she retrieved for him a form, he began scribling words down at a very quick pace, but then erased it. Woops, wrong language. Dominion rewrote everything, and then fixed a couple mistakes and handed the completed form back to Keres. "I need to talk to Domarus about a plan for payment. I have enough Col, but I lack the materials at the moment." Dominion shrugged his shoulders as placed his arm back in his jean pocket.