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  1. Atzo smiled “It is a pleasure to meet you, would you prefer I call you Jinx or Alisea? You can call me either Alex or Atzo whichever you prefer.” She had stopped to check her guild info and put on her battle gear. ‘She seems awfully forgetful; I wonder if she is just nervous. I am a complete stranger, and I’m not wearing the most welcoming clothing now that I think about it.’ He went to keep walking as she had found her guild page. His feet wouldn’t move, his blood ran cold. He was speechless. ‘No way…. No, it can’t be right?’ Quickly Atzo pulled up the guilds page in his menu scrolling to the Guardians of the New Dawn. ‘There it is plain as day. Styder is the guild leader. Perhaps I should take this a little more subtly. Try not to make a big scene out of it.’ Atzo took a deep breath. “Oh Stryder, huh? I used to adventure with him back in the day. I never knew the kid had it in him. I remember when he was still level one. I helped get him on his feet. That was a long time ago now, though.” Atzo took this time to search around for some alchemical ingredients, though they seemed to be too close to the safe zone to find any. @Jinx
  2. Atzo stood back and admired Cordelia’s swordsmanship. He watched as the large bird came crashing to the ground. “You’re amazing, its astonishing to see the shear difference in ability when it comes to level. I couldn’t even scratch it and yet you destroy it in a total of two hits.” Atzo smiled, wondering just how long it would take him to get there himself. “It was nice meeting you!” He then turned to Raina. “Well, let’s go have that picnic, shall we?” He smiled at Raina, offering his hand to her. It was good that they got to see that. The power they saw was enough to light a spark in Atzo. That was his goal, get to the front lines. If Cordelia wasn’t actually on the front lines yet, then just how powerful were those on the front lines? What would it be like to make it there? He smiled to himself. ‘I need to get there; I need to prove that I am worth all the help I have been give. Shield, Stryder, Hikoru, Hydra, Eatos, Raina, Beat, and so many more that have been there for me. They helped me get this far, now I need to prove that their investment wasn’t in vain. I need to get to the front lines not just for me but for them, them and everyone else that is stuck in this game.’ @Raina @Cordelia
  3. Atzo found himself out exploring once more. He hadn’t realized how amazing this floor was, after all he quite enjoyed being in secluded locations. It gave him time to sit and meditate on everything that was going on in his life. He thought to his relationship with Raina, he never had thought he would find someone he could trust like he did her. It was nice to be able to have someone that he could be himself with. Though he began to wonder who he was. He had noticed the changes as he talked to others and walked around. Perhaps he had changed for the better, but there was always the tick in the back of his mind that he would soon regress to the broken man he once was. He walked around one of the forests, looking for alchemy materials, though he did well to make sure he was close enough to the safe zone of the city Florenthia that he could run back if something came up that was too strong for him to face alone. It had been a few hours sense he started searching, though he couldn’t seem to find anything of value. He shrugged and sat against a tree that was against the forest treeline, letting The Kings Cloth fall draped around him. His tarnished broken crown sat tilted on his head. He removed Deterioration from its spot on his waist and set it beside him, his hand still on the hilt as he sat. He could never be too careful after all. @Pinball Stats
  4. Atzo smiled at Raina, “You did fantastically! Good job!” He put his hand on her head out of affection, he couldn't get over how cute she was. He pulled up his stats to check his energy “We can’t go rushing the queen just yet. I need to let my energy boost back up, I want to make sure I can do as much damage as possible incase I miss a bit. But now is a good time to look for materials.” He smiled, they were in a flower patch after all, it would be fairly easy to find something. He took a second to look around before finding a bush with a very beautiful nightshade flower on it. Picking it and showing it to Raina he smiled. “See, they should be fairly abundant here. I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my old searching gear though. I will have to commission someone to make me new ones or get a new familiar. I need to get over Kikas anyways. It would probably be good to move on to a new animal, one that better reflects how I view the world now… sorry I’m rambling” He chuckled slightly embarrassed. @Raina Roll 135595 LD: 17 (Roll) + 1 (S&D) = 18 (+1 Mat)
  5. Atzo

    [OP-F24] Start of a New Spring

    Out of seemingly no where Atzo was confronted and dragged to the center of the group. ‘Well so much for getting my bearings’ He thought to himself. He still didn’t say anything, looking around. He saw a flash of pink go by as Raina approached him. “Hey Raina, I didn’t expect to see you here. I would have come over sooner, but I thought I saw someone that I hadn’t seen in over a year. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t wrong. Also not really knowing anyone here I was a little skeptical of just walking in, I assume most everyone here are frontliners so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t putting myself in a tight spot. Honestly, I don’t think I know anyone here beside you and my friend. Then again, I am not sure that he is still here, he did his best to get out of my sight and it didn’t really take much to do so. yeah to be honest I didn’t really know this was going on until I found the posting about it. I just happened to be on this floor to do a run this morning. Admittingly it was probably more dangerous than I expected looking back on it. I didn’t run into anything though, so it wasn’t that bad.” People started introducing themselves. “I’m Atzo, I’m a fairly low-level player.” He chuckled “I’m going for a dps build once I get to a higher level, but we will see how that goes.” He was right, they were all frontlines. ‘I am in way over my head here, I knew I shouldn’t have taken up the offer. I’ll probably just stick to keeping to myself, I am starting to feel like I don’t belong. I guess there isn’t much that can help it though, it would be more awkward if I just turned around now. I guess I will do my best to play it off. I wonder where Pinball went, also who did he kill.’
  6. Atzo smiled at Jinx. “I agree, though I’ve become a bit of a plant fanatic recently.” He chuckled slightly “I think he says that because most of the players here don’t like to talk about the real world. For the record my real name is Alexander Zevulum. I never really did care who knew, it just ends up being easier to remember usernames in my opinion. If you don’t mind me asking, what guild are you in and who is your guild leader?” Atzo wondered if it would be a name he recognized, perhaps Shield had grown his guild more. Maybe Domarus was closer to his goal of taking over the game. It was crazy how similar he was to Atzo. The old Atzo at least, they had the same goals which made them both good companions and complete adversaries “I guess we should start making our way to the edge of the safe zone, after all you never find the prettiest flower patches in the city.” He started walking to where he assumed the safe zone boarder would be, making sure he wasn’t leaving Jinx behind as he did. @Jinx
  7. Atzo followed along quietly, allowing the two to talk. He wasn’t really worried about saying anything, not that he had much to say. Plus, the two seemed to be getting along nicely so there was no real reason for him to butt in. He watched in awe as the large flaming bird rose from the ground, it took him a moment to shake off the trance he was in, he was stuck in pure astonishment, he had never encountered a mob this big before. He completely missed his chance to charge too. “I can try to attack but I don’t think I will do anything.” Atzo geared up to attack activating his <<Fight Blade>> sword art as he lunged at the phoenix. The heat radiating off of the large bird was almost unbearable. He stayed close only long enough to finish his attack before swiftly jumping back far enough to get back to where he was in line with the rest of the party. Suddenly the general air on the floor didn’t seem so bad. He smiled as the bird fell to the ground paralyzed. “Well I did maybe one damage? At least the stun set in, that should help, I can keep those coming, though that is about all I can do.” He said with a chuckle. It concerned him how powerful this thing must be, he figured that he might be able to survive one attack from it but that was probably all he could. He was more worried about the fact that it could easily wipe out Raina. Roll&DMG [1] @Cordelia: HP: 820/820 | EN: 80/80 | 17 DMG | 12 MIT | 5 ACC | 4 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY [1] Atzo: 460/460 HP | 40/46 EN | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 1 Keen | 1 Savvy | 9 BH [0] @Raina: ??? Phoenix: HP: 194/400 | 120 DMG | 50 MIT | 2 EVA | 2 ACC (Stunned)
  8. Atzo lunged at the bees feeling the power of the Blast sword art as his sword glows a crimson as he made his way back towards the bees. He enjoyed the feeling of his sword rending the drones as he struck, the drones shattering into blue shards behind him. He attempted to angle his trajectory to head towards the stunned Worker but couldn’t quite make it. I hope she can hit it this turn; I don’t want there to be a chance of it getting up and attacking her. I am not really sure she has enough health to take a full force attack, I know you said to let you protect me, but you need to get a bit stronger first. “Alright, one left! Let’s end this and gain back some energy so we can attack the boss.” He smiled at her as he assessed the situation, he was looking for a good emergency line of attack just incase he really needed it. @Raina Player Stats Mob Stats Atzo Rolls Mob Rolls
  9. Atzo

    [SP-F7] To Be

    Atzo began his trek out of nimbus. He walked slowly; it wasn’t like he really needed to be anywhere. The path was a faded dirt path that the ordinary person may not have been able to follow. It was why he had chosen it in a year ago. He laughed as he realized that he only really knew how to follow this path because he had followed it so many times. Perhaps in the real world he would have been considered the creator of the path, after all he is the one breaking the plant life around the path as he walked. Though he knew no one would know on Aincrad, they would just reset once he was out of render distance. As he walked, he figured it would be a good time to look for some alchemy ingredients, though it dawned on him that he would probably not find any once he had gotten on his knees. He was too close to the city. ID# 135477 Loot: 7 (Roll) + 1 (S&D) = 8 (Fail)
  10. Atzo laughed at Cordelia’s sentiment. “I believe that! There are a few challenging quests on this floor that I am aware of.” He thought for a moment, “Oh are you part of a quild? I think Shield was going to try and form a frontline guild, it seems like they would make it easier to level up.” Raina seemed scared about the prospect of this fight; she was right to be scared. She had hid herself slightly behind him, though from his experience with the high level players he knew they would have nothing to worry about. He smiled and put his hand on Raina’s hand. “Don’t worry, if her goal is to get to the frontlines and get everyone out of the game then her goals alien with ours, right? This will be a good chance to taste the power of a high-level player. Plus, this might give you the chance to try out your First Aid!” He then looked to Cordelia, “We are ready when you are, please lead the way!” @Raina @Cordelia
  11. Atzo smiled as Raina attacked, she really was graceful on the battlefield and watching her get exited was pleasant. He turned back to the bees in front of them. “Don’t be to hard on yourself, as long as you are prepared for an attack you are fine. Its okay to have some fun with this, I'll protect you if anything happens okay?” He gave her a coy wink before readjusted his footing. After all, footing was all it really came down to, after all this game was fairly well based off of regular fighting techniques. At least to an extent, some of them were more leaning toward the world of anime. The bees all swarmed him, he laughed as he jumped into the air out of their reach. He felt his sword shift as it begins to glow a deep crimson, then he lunged at the worker. He could feel the subtle resistance and his Deterioration cut cleanly through the worker bee. Hit after hit he was carving the bee up and down. Once Fight Blade was finished, he jumped back, watching as the bee fell to the ground, a small yellow box with a lightning bolt could be seen over its health bar. “Nice, that should help” Player Stats Mob Stats Attack Roll Mob Rolls @Raina
  12. Atzo held his hand in the air, frozen. The fact that there was someone whom he had not noticed was unsettling. Not to mention that the building was restricted to guild members only. Atzo gave an old sly smile. Though he didn't turn toward the person talking to him. He felt challenged, though he wasn't going to do anything rash. “That's interesting, I admire you all for having players to guard the property of other guild members. I must say it is very noble of you. If this was a year ago it wouldn't have mattered that the building was guild restricted. I can only blame myself, if I hadn't disbanded the Harbingers and left back then things may have been different.” He sighed, realizing that he was zoning out a little bit. He shook his head and continued “Well, I will take my leave then. If you don't mind, let Eatos know that Atzo would like to meet up. I… I may have some apologizing to do.” Atzo turns towards the man talking to him, looking at his face. He pauses for a moment, thinking that he has seen this man before, but his face was too obscured for Atzo to be able to recognise him, even though their eyes met for just a moment. Atzo put his hand on the man’s shoulder as he turned away. “Oh, and, Thank you for keeping an eye on her. And who knows maybe after I talk to her, I might even join y’alls guild as well.” Atzo smiled somewhat. It bugged him that he couldn't talk to her, though it wasn't like he had messaged her. Not to mention that with his friends list cleared off he really couldn't message her. Maybe he should visit Stryder’s shop and see if he would be willing to set up a meeting @Stryder
  13. They had walked for a little while; it wasn’t long out of the city that they came up on a field. It seemed to be comprised of wheat-like stalks that moved gingerly in the breeze. They didn’t come up to high, so it was easy to see approximately where everything was. However, this would make it a challenge to only target one drone at a time. In the distance Atzo could see a small group of Drones and one that looked slightly stronger. He smiled, now would be a good time to really find out how rusty he was. He pulled <<Deterioration>> from its strap on his side. Feeling the weight again was exhilarating. He examined the sword for a moment before getting in the stance to activate his charge skill. “Alright, remember let me get at least two hits on the big one before you attack it, the drones don't seem like they will do too much damage.” He smiled; his eyes full of excitement. Then he launched himself from the point he was standing at, activating the Rank 1 sword art Blast as he charged at the group of bee’s. Swiped his sword through the air, slamming into them each as he ran at them. He could feel the sound of a good crack as he passed through one of them, though the last one managed to keep out of his line of reckoning. As he came to a stop a drone and the bigger mob attempted to come at him but he was light on his feet and used that to keep out of their attack range. Atzo 460HP | 41/46 En | 5 Dmg | 9 BH Drone 1 8/20 HP | 6 DMG | Atzo 1 Hate | Raina 0 Hate Drone 2 8/20 HP | 6 DMG | Atzo 1 Hate | Raina 0 Hate Drone 3 6/20 HP | 6 DMG | Atzo 1 Hate | Raina 0 Hate Worker 50 HP | 25 DMG | Atzo 0 Hate | Raina 0 Hate Atzo Attack Rolls: Mob Attack Rolls: @Raina
  14. Atzo

    [SP-F7] To Be

    Atzo found his way back to floor 7 once again. The mountains seemed to call for him, ringing out through the whole of Aincrad, beckoning him back to floor 7. Though he wasn’t there to meditate this time. He was there to gather materials and potentially do some hunting. He figured this would be a good time to get back in touch with the side of himself that excelled in combat. Though he needed to keep a bit of a distance from it, after all he didn’t want to revert back to the person, he had conquered the last time he was here. He made his way down the trail to the outskirts of Nimbus, looking out to the horizon. It was familiar yet new, his eyes seemed to be somewhat new, seeing things with a far more positive light that it used to. Perhaps he was trying to be more optimistic now, perhaps he really was on the road of change.