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  1. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    Sai simply cocked her head to the other girl. Yuu gave her a smile as she sheathed her blade. The targets were all eliminated in an instant, so they would be able to rest for a moment. "Sai? I've never had anyone call me by a nickname like that before." She replied. Rei walked over to her and offered her a hand up from the ground. She could see that her health bar was back in the green thankfully. "Good thing I came along when I did. You looked as though you were having a pretty rough time hunh?" The girl's eyes scanned her for any weapons. Although, she didn't seem to have one on her person. "Did you lose your weapon?" "The durability broke in combat... I wasn't going to win anyways." Sai was obviously sheepish. That at least made it pretty easy to talk to her. It looked like she wanted to say more, but they were unceremoniously interrupted by a boar. "I need to get one more tusk for this quest. If you want to wait around, I can walk you back to the safe zone afterwards." Yuurei | HP: 179/180 | EN: 9/18 -(2)+1 | DMG: 5 | MIT: 18 | H.M.: 2 | REC: 2 Boar Pup 6: 5/5 | DMG: 3
  2. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    Yuurei winced as one of the boars managed to catch her by surprise. Thankfully, her armor was more than enough to tank the blows. "Saigyouji? That's pretty difficult to say. I hope you don't mind if I call you Sai for short." Rei said, focusing back on the fight. She needed to start eliminating some of these boars before they got more of their buddies to jump into the fight. If they started getting overwhelmed, Sai might be in big trouble. The green blade lit bright in her hands. She could feel the power increase from her armor modifications increasing her damage to exceptional levels. This world really made no since to her, but she could understand numbers enough to understand she was doing more damage. With swift strikes, every single one of her enemies fell to her blade. A beautiful show of swordsmanship yielded her one more tusk for her collection. Yuurei | HP: 179/180 | EN: 10/18 -(9)+3 | DMG: 5 (+2) | MIT: 18 | H.M.: 2 | REC: 2 Boar Pup 1: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 2: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 3: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 5: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Tusk Acquired: 2/3
  3. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    Another boar jumped into the fray. She wasn't scared of these things though. They would be lucky to scratch her armor at all. Turning to look at the girl she was rescuing, she would do her best to be social with her. "What is your name? Mine is Yuurei. Call me Yuu or Rei for short." The opposing girl took a moment to speak up, but sooner or later, she did. The boars were in the middle of making their attacks when the soft voice spoke up finally. "S-Saigyouji. That's my name, in the game." Of course, she wasn't going to tell her what her real name was. It was bad manners to speak about another personal life outside of a game. Meanwhile, the ghost was having a problem with landing attacks on her targets, though with each attack she would miss, she only continued to get stronger and stronger. Yuurei | HP: 179/180 -(5-18) | EN: 15/18 -(2+2) | DMG: 5 (+2) | MIT: 18 | H.M.: 2 | REC: 2 Boar Pup 1: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 2: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 3: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 5: 5/5 | DMG: 3
  4. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    The boars were mindless enough to simply focus on anything that was in front of them, which thankfully meant that she was now their next target. "Think you can beat me you little shits?! Come on then!" The samurai growled, readying her silvered sword. The boars took up her challenge, charging in her direction from all angles, but coming up way too short on all their attacks. She too was having a difficult time making her attacks land, but one of the boars was simply unlucky. With a dash of speed, the ghost slashed her target in half. It's tusk appeared in her inventory. Two birds with one stone. Turning her head back to the other girl, Yuurei nodded at her she looked scared shitless. Well, as long as she was here, Yuurei would protect her. Readying her blade for the next wave of attacks, she would be prepared for anything upcoming. Yuurei | HP: 180/180 | EN: 15/18 -(3)| DMG: 5 | MIT: 18 | H.M.: 2 | REC: 2 Boar Pup 1: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 2: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 3: 5/5 | DMG: 3 Boar Pup 4: 0/5 | DMG: 3 Tusk Acquired: 1/3 (Note: ID 166182 is unusable. I hit enter too fast.)
  5. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    Looking for an open group of boars to take on, the samurai was surprised to spot another person seemingly doing the same quest. A younger girl than her by no more than four years. She was probably fifteen, if she was basing it on her age. By now she would be 18 or so. In the distance, it looked like she was fighting with some of the boars. This wouldn't have been all that interesting, if she hadn't witnessed them knock her to the ground. It was about this time that she realized the girl had no actual weapon. Her health was in the red. Shit! Without even thinking, the samurai rushed in to help her. She was never one to jump in and help people, but she certainly wasn't going to sit here and watch another person die right in front of her. "Quick! Get out of the way!" She called out to the girl in blue, who was doing her best to scoot out of the battlefield on her rear-end.
  6. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    The feeling of leaving the safe zone used to be nerve wracking and absolutely terrifying to her. Every time you stepped out of one of these areas, you were risking your life. Though to be fair, albeit not in the same perspective, leaving your house in the real world was just about the same thing. Within minutes of exiting the safe zone, Yuurei would find the location where these boars were supposed to spawn. They were weaker versions of regular boars so it shouldn't be difficult to deal with, especially since she just unlocked her new weapon skill. With it, she could become stronger than ever. Walking out into the field, she saw the spawns of boars in all directions. There were absolutely a ton of them. Caution was needed if she wanted to ensure she didn't attract an entire group of the boars into a pack.
  7. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    With a nod she placed a hand on her hip. "Sure thing, I have nothing better to do here. Might as well hone my katana skills further. I only just unlocked them." Lyle gave the girl a smile and pulled out a map for her. He placed a finger on a forested area not far from the safe zone. "Here's where you can find the boars that I mentioned. They're weak little critters, but I only make the weapons. I'm not the best when it comes to fighting beasts." Yuurei pulled up her own map and marked the location down for exploration. Turning towards the door frame, she looks back for a moment and simply says one thing. "I'll be back in no time." The door opened and closed quickly. With a brisk walk through the Town of Beginnings, she figure that it wouldn't take her very long to get there.
  8. Yuurei

    [SP|F1]<<TFLAF:2>>A Chance to Change

    "I'd say you're lucky that they got here at all old man." She replied simply, knowing that they artificial intelligence was likely just playing games with her. Nevertheless, the man nodded in approval and looked over the goods that she had given him. Then she stood and waited for him to do the obvious: Ask her to do a favor for him. "Could I ask a favor of you, if you aren't too busy lass?" He asked, Yuurei face palmed in response, but sighed through and nodded. "I need some materials to make a few rings for a friend of mine. If you would be so kind, there are boars in the area with some fine tusks. You could easily take them out and bring me back their tusks. I'll give you some gear in return for you troubles." Yuurei took a moment to think on it. Her gear was probably about as good as it could be, but she needed the experience.
  9. After having met up with Dagger and acquiring her Katana skill, Yuurei's next mission was to start doing some of the quests. If she continued to rot away in this god forsaken game, she would go completely insane. Her friends and family were likely waiting for her out in the real world, but she also had friends here in the game that she needed to show she could become strong. Letting them carry her on their backs would be shameful. Walking through the plaza of the Town of Beginnings, she would finally pick up the second begginer's quest. Aptly named: Second Lessons. Walking into the blacksmiths shop, his name Lyle, she approached him and pulled the dusty package from her inventory, putting it down on his counter. He eyed her down with a suspicious look in his eyes. "Well, it's about time this order got here. It's been some time since I ordered these hammers."
  10. With every strike, the pace of her blows against nothing would speed up. The dark green hue that she was attempting to finalize finally came to truth. The blade hued itself in a pleasing green color. Vibrant life hummed through the air before dissipating with her next attack. She could feel the power behind the blow, only able to smile at her accomplishment. In a moment, the samurai would open her menu and check to see if her katana skill had been full acquired now. Thankfully, it was. Turning back to the roaming shop keep, she simply nodded while returning the weapon back to it's saya. "Thank you for joining me then. If you wish to talk to me again, I'm sure that we can find each other. For now, I am going to stick it alone. I'll make due with my power and stop relying on others to carry me on their backs. Have a good day."
  11. Yuurei threw her hands behind her head and rested them in her palms as she followed the girl to the new area. A new position wouldn't be a bad choice if they were having trouble finding materials. She remembers how far she had to go out just to find her first one. Not a lot of amazing memories on this quest when she had done it by herself so long ago. The girl was a little more talkative than she was used to, but Bistro was sort of the same, so she had gotten used to it. "Uh, not really. Just gonna see what I can accomplish I guess. Surviving this game would be quite the accomplishment in and of itself, honestly." Rei said, trying to look around for any materials to help the girl find anything that she could use for the quest. Unfortunately, she didn't think she could see quest specific materials.
  12. "In all honesty, I tend to have some pretty bad luck so it was probably a key factor as to why this quest in particular was so difficult for me." Rei admitted, looking at the quest material in Ether's hand. She was getting along pretty well so far, but one could hit a snag if they bragged too much, that's how karma worked. As for what other floors she's seen, she had been up to floor 24 to meet some of her guild mates, but other than that, she hadn't done many other quests on floors higher than the 5th. There wasn't much reason to risk going higher anyway. "I've been up to floor 24 once before, but other than that, I generally stay below the 5th floor. I'm still not strong enough to just be walking around on any floor that I want." She said, with a bit of a shrug, still keeping an eye out for any danger.
  13. Rei shook her head when asked if she still sees that friend. "Unfortunately no. My friend sacrificed his Nervegear and pre-order of the game to give to me. I don't think he intended to get me locked in the game and I don't blame him for it. I made the decision to play the game. I'll conquer it and become a better person." She said matter-of-fact-ly. Just because she was having a difficult time doesn't mean that she couldn't rise above it and become a better person in the process. That was the whole reason she was picking the game back up after three years of inactivity. Then Ether found her first material. "Nicely done. It took me a lot longer to find my first one, I'll admit. I was never good at this scavenging stuff." She admitted, following behind the other girl wherever she went. She would have her katana ready in case any monsters attacked them.
  14. As the duo left the safe zone, she was well aware that she wasn't going to be collecting any materials today. She could if she wanted to, but they wouldn't work like quest materials for Ether. The system wouldn't allow people to cheat like that, so Quest Materials were apparently different entities from regular ones. That being said, regular materials can't be substituted for quest ones. She could tell the other woman was having some problems. If anyone could really spot out those depressed faces, it was her. Rei's life had been anything but peachy. "You doin' alright? Seems like something is bothering you a bit." The gaijin asked, folding her arms across her chest. It normally wasn't her style to get involved in other people's business, but this seemed like the type of face that needed help. After having just shaken off the suicidal thoughts she was having, she couldn't ignore others who might need help.
  15. Well, what a question to ask someone you hardly knew. Though, she could see why she would ask such a thing. Yuurei was quiet for a moment, she didn't want to tell her the entire reason that she had gotten her own copy. "A friend bought the game and headset for me." She put it simply. Best to leave the depressive backstory out of that one. She wanted to get off that topic really quick so she made a u-turn in the conversation. "Etherial. Mind if I just call you Ether for short? Seems a lot easier to get out." One thing noticable about the girl upon inspecting her, Yuurei very clearly inspired her samurai get up off Japanese warriors, yet she had a very American accident. It was clear that even if she prided the wear of Japan, she wasn't from the country at all. "This quest is pretty easy. Just need to find some materials is all."