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  1. "I'm doing my best to hold on to what is keeping my alive I guess. The fact that I'm trapped no matter what I do is terrifying, but maybe at least I won't look like a wussy if I chicken out and actually continue to fight." Yuu looked up at the sky, watching all the drops of digital rain falling to the earth. This video game really was like an insanely beautiful prison. It's deceptive appeal lured so many to just walk into the bars all on their own. The only reason that Yuu picked up this game was because she thought it would take her mind off the suicidal thoughts. The girl chuckled a bit about it. "It's really weird how ironic life can be. One moment you think you can get your mind off of awful, downing thoughts, the next, you're in a game trying to fix those mental issues and they just further exacerbate horrible things. Life is pretty cruel."
  2. Yuu sat quietly during their boat ride away from the mainland as they made there way towards Baldur's estate. How she had gotten sucked along on a boat ride she'll never know, but as long as had the chance of seeing Shield once more, she would take it. If anyone could help her out of this rut, it would have to be him. Or at least he could lead her to the people that could help her. Shield was resourceful like that. He seemed to know a ton of people and have answers for just about anything. If only she herself could have that luxury. The boat skid along the water and through the tori gate a barrier to keep the evil spirits away. A common Japanese folk lore thing. Apparently, she had also heard that spirits that pass the tori moved on in the afterlife. As she passed through, she couldn't help but feel more calm. Maybe it was the symbolism of the tori but there was a sense of purity deep within her that she felt melting away slowly. @Baldur @Crozeph @Cordelia
  3. Yuurei

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    Pressure sweat down Yuurei's expression. Shield was watching and surveying her ability to fight. It had been years since she attempted any combat and she was worrying that she may have been taking it too seriously. Screwing up alone was fine, it just meant you were human, but having someone judging her while she struggled to work out her damage was worrying. The grip on her sword tightened, she would really need to unlock sword arts for the katana skill before her next time fighting in combat. "A-Alright, here I go." The emerald clad samurai choked out, raising her sword once more with a confidence boost from Shield's damage buff leading her attack. The blade made another shallow mark in the Wasp Queen's body. It recoiled in pain from her attack even though she had only accomplished lowering its HP by about 10%. "How was that then?" She asked Shield, looking for some kind of approval. [H:4] Yuu: HP: 80/80 | 8/8 | DMG: 4+1 | MIT: 18 | HM: 2 | REC: 1 | Heavy Momentum Stack: 0 [H:7] Shield: HP: 1850/1850 | EN: 161/176 | DMG: 2 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 181 | BH:92 | HB: 48 | FLA: 15 Queen: 19/50 | DMG: 20
  4. "I'm not sure you could say I'm really fit for defining what it means to live, considering I nearly just took my own life." She argued back and shrugged. Whatever Bistro was trying to get out of her, she had no idea how to respond most of the time. What was she trying to look for? Casual conversation? "I guess, if I were to try and define what it means to be alive, I would say it's something of a hell. A hell of emotions that play your heart. However, I believe you really only give into that hell if you allow it to eat you alive. I guess there are somethings on my mind I can't let go just yet, that are telling me that I'm worth something to this petty world, so maybe it isn't my time just yet. I don't think I can keep myself locked in a safe zone anymore though. If it's a choice between being trapped in here until I make it out just so I can lose my mind in the real world and kill myself, or learn to be brave and fight my own way out, then I would prefer the latter. If I die on the way, then maybe it was my time." Yuu was talking more than she normally would. Maybe it happened to be because she didn't know this person in real life and it was easier to open up to someone like this.
  5. "Are you asking why would want to jump into the danger of this world in the first place and no just wait it out?" She asked, making sure that was what she was trying to get out of her. A good question to be honest: Why was she trying? She gained nothing from just trying to become stronger. "Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I would want to put myself through the torture that is this game. When I first put the Nervegear on my head, it was actually a gift from my friend. I was close to... y'know back in the real world. They thought that if I could do something to take my mind off those thoughts, that they would soon fade away. So why do I want to continue playing a death game like this, instead of just waiting at home for everything to be over? I guess I'd rather live all the way up to the moment I die. I'm scared with every step I take away from town, but I won't truly be living for anything if I just sit around like a coward, hunh? If I die out in the field, maybe I was meant to die. However, if I can survive this game and keep up my will to live, maybe I can regain some confidence to continue living in the real world. This... This is my final stand. Everything is on the line in SAO for me." @Bistro
  6. Yuurei

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    "Um..." The samurai sweat a little thinking about how low level she was and how she couldn't have more than a single skill yet. "I have invested only in a curved sword skill so far so that I could unlock the katana skin, but I can't get it to unlock no matter how hard I try. I keep trying to activate the sword arts, but they don't work. I have also unlocked the Survival skill before we met originally. I just don't have enough time practiced with the sword to unlock my skill I guess." A slightly aggravated tone escaped her lips as she attempted to make the sword arts work again. They continued to elude her though. Heavy momentum would help her deal some decent damage at least. The more she misses, the more she damages. The glow of her katana building energy from heavy momentum was her signal to attack. She raised the blade in a moment of keen precision and sliced the hornet its back. The damage from the critical mixed with momentum nearly doubled her output from the original attack. "There we go, that made up for that crappy attack at least." [H:3] Yuu: HP: 80/80 | 8/8 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 18 | HM: 2 | REC: 1 | Heavy Momentum Stack: 0 [H:7] Shield: HP: 1601/1850 | EN: 171/176 | DMG: 2 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 181 | BH:92 | HB: 48 | FLA: 15 Queen: 24/50 (-7)| DMG: 20
  7. Yuurei

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    The emerald clad Samurai couldn't help but giggle at Shield's way of getting attention from the boss. It was clear that the mob wouldn't understand what he was saying, but still was funny enough to get a good chuckle from her. A nod of confirmation to Shield allowing her to get more practice in was nice. She pulled up her katana and tried to activate a sword art like she could with a curved weapon, but it just would not allow her to activate the attack. Frustration swelled in her brow. A katana was basically a specially made curved sword, so why couldn't she substitute a curved sword art for the katana's? She raised her blade, both hands grasping the hilt tightly, and swung as decisively as possible just as the Queen shifted it's position. Putting way too much force in the attack, the girl slipped and feel forward on her stomach. Her Katana shined with power, gaining a light glow. "Crap..." The girl muttered under her breath, picking herself up. @Shield [H:1] Yuu: HP: 80/80 | 8/8 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 18 | HM: 2 | REC: 1 | Heavy Momentum Stack: I [H:7] Shield: HP: 1601/1850 | EN: 171/176 | DMG: 2 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 181 | BH:92 | HB: 48 | THN: 69 | ENV: 18/4 Queen: 46/50 | DMG: 20
  8. Yuurei sighed and looked off to the other side. The last time she tried to get a familiar, she had wussed out and went back to the town of beginnings. She hadn't wanted to get killed out in the field trying to get stronger, and no she was here trying to get herself killed specifically. What was she going to do with herself? "I tried. I wanted a little wisp pet. I was going to name it Myon. However, I eventually gave up on the idea of trying to get stronger. The world out here scared me a lot." Yuu turned her attention back to the other woman. "Maybe I should give it one more try. Getting stronger and trying to learn how to protect myself. If I did that, I wouldn't have anything to be scared about, hunh?" An awkward smile crossed her lips through the wet curtain of pink hair. This was a weird experience for her. @Bistro
  9. Yuurei

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    A guild? She had never thought about joining one before, but Shield was right. If she truly did want to escape her mind, she would need to find friends. Friends like she had in the real world that could help her snap back to reality. "I'll join if you'll have me. I don't bring much utility or knowledge or anything really. When I asked if you'd make sure I don't die, I meant for the quest, not just in general. It would be awful to ask that of someone who barely knew me personally." Coming up on the wasp's nest. The samurai took a moment looking at the enemy. She knew it would have trouble killing it, but she would likewise with her inability to use sword arts. Shield might actually have to help her if started taking too long. Nevertheless, she turned to him, brandishing her new katana. "I might need a little help, I wanna try my chances though and see how well I can do." The light pink locks covered her face until she started running into battle, charging to fight, she swung mercilessly upward, creating a shallow mark on the Queen's body. It didn't like that very much. It's stinger reared back, ready to strike, she merely parried it off and stepped back. This was exhilarating! Fighting when she actually wanted to again. A smile grazed her lips, this was what it felt like to have fun after two years of confinement! Yuu: 80/80 | 8/8 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 18 | HM: 2 | REC: 1 Queen: 46/50 | DMG: 20
  10. Yuurei

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    "We're all just doing the best we can day to day. I'm glad you remain in one piece, though I'm saddened to know that contemplation of death was so close to your mind. I think that anything we can do to not give Kayaba the satisfaction of dying in his death game is for the best," Shield's words cut her a little deep. The contemplation of death was insanely heavy on her thoughts, but even still they continued to weigh her down. It a difficult hole to climb out of on your own, and she was starting to realize that. "I have learned that even though I thought I could handle something like this on my own, it just isn't doable. I really do need the help of others to stop this raging ocean in my mind from sending my reasonable sense overboard. Back then, I thought I could just take my time and work it out, but now I know I need help." Should she even bring up the incident from yesterday to him? Or would that just worry him further? "Yesterday, I met a person who brought me back. I was attempting to suicide via boar, and it nearly worked, but...I- I got scared. I wanted to live. Someone helped me kill it and then we talked. I think that was a turning point. The reason I asked you to join me today was because I knew I needed someone to come along and you were one of my best friends before became a recluse. I don't want you to help me fight, but please don't let me die, yeah?" The samurai led the way out of the safe zone towards the wasp's nest, making sure to keep up with Shield's longer stride.
  11. Yuurei was beginning to worry if this girl's motive was to adopt her like she was a puppy with all this talk of making her a familiar. Does she stim? Stim as in bite her thumb or play with her hair a lot? What a weird question to ask a complete stranger. "I-I don't stim. It's just a joke." She quickly turned her head to the side, trying to hide flushed cheeks behind the curtain of pastel pinked hair. "Sorry-- I'm joking, of course! I'll drop it -- it's not very polite of me to say these types of things to someone I'd just met." Thankfully, that was the end of that, though still the embarrassed blush painted her face. "It sure would be nice to find something interesting out here..." "We'll find you a nice pet out here for sure. I'll do what I can to help, but I can't remember the exact functions of finding a familiar. I know that they can be pretty rare to come by and are difficult to train as well." @Bistro
  12. Yuurei

    [PP|F02]<<Long Live the Queen>>Reunion

    It took longer than she thought it would. Fourty minutes had passed and Shield had still not made it to Urbus. He was probably busy since he was up near the front lines after all. Finding time to come down to these lower floors must be hard on his agenda. The emerald clad player took a seat near the teleporter in center of Urbus and waited to see the hazily familiar face waving her down. She waved back until they got within earshot. The player must look weird to him this time around. She had changed her appearance a bit and was much more well equipped than when they last saw each other. The gear she was wearing probably wasn't the most optimal, but it worked with what she had wanted. "Shield! It's been... well, years. I- I honestly didn't think you would even recognize me." The memories of her abandoning the quest they were doing came back to her. "I apologize for leaving back then. I- I was in a rough state of mind and in all honesty, I still am. I had been reminded of you when I helped a stranger find their familiar. I- I can't tell if I should attempt to give life one more try, but I don't think I'm ready for death yet. Can you... Can you help me again?" The girl opened her menu and invited Shield to a party, then shared the quest with him. Long Live the Queen. @Shield
  13. Floor two. Yuurei had done her best to stay on lower floors, but even she broke away from the norm and tried to get up to floors 2-4. Floor 5 always sucked because of the stupid sand. God she hated the sand so much. Actually who didn't hate sand, plus the sandstorms were annoying as [censored]. If any weather was nice, it was rain. Oh wait, rain. She recalled a few nights ago when she traveled with the girl named Bistro. They hunted to get her a familiar and it reminded her of a person that tried to help her out of her box. Shield. She needed to message him and see how he was doing. It was really unceremonious for her to just bail on him during the familiar quest when they were already so far into it. The pressure ate her alive, however, and she just had to return home. She opened the menu with Shield, displaying messages from years and years ago. Would he even recognize her? @Shield Hello? Shield? You probably have forgotten me at this point. I don't blame you, but if you do remember me, you should meet me on Floor 2. Let's catch up and talk. From, A Ghost.
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