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  1. He smiles as she catches up to him. “Don’t worry about me. I’m not going to be dying to these things.” He smirks as he charges towards the next one. Activating his sword skill he quickly attacks the Nepent with his vertical arc as the monster vanishes. He smiles as he doesn’t see the point of him attacking them anymore. They should just fall over dead once they see him. He looks over at Sunova and gives her another smirk. “Your turn finish the last one so we can go after the boss.” He’s getting more and more excited almost like he’s wanting to fight more monsters. He looks around seeing if he could possibly find the boss from where he’s at. He looks at her and says. “Hey if you like I’ll give you a shot at defeating this boss.” He didn’t want to look like he’s just going to kill everything he sees on this floor. He smiles even more knowing she probably getting annoyed with him but he’s having fun. ID# 104756 results: BD:10(Crit Hit) 2 (base)+ 3 (sword) +2 (crit) * 4 = 28 (Dead) Kyoto:240/240 16/24 @Sunova: 160/160 14/16 Nepent: 0/7 (Dead)
  2. Kyoto looks at Sunova and follows her. After stopping in front of a woman that was needing help. He quickly look around and started to head towards the noise pulling his sword fully out he charges at the nearest Nepents he sees. Using his sword art vertical arc he hit the Nepents as a big “V” is showing on its chest. Kyoto smirked as he knew that it was dead. As he turns around he sees little shard partials obliterate in the air. He looks over to see if Sunova saw him as he shouts at her “Your turn.” He smiles more as he feels more in his element. Kyoto enjoys fighting in this game. It makes things more interesting than do a search on materials or an item that is part of the quest they are doing. This he can deal with. Listening around he hears two different noises coming from each side of him knowing that there’s probably more out there wanting to take him out. He smirks and waits for Sunova to meet up with him. [H:1]Kyoto: 240/240 20/24 @Sunova: ***/*** **/** Nepent: 0/7 [Dead] ID# 104685 results:BD: 3+3(The “Holy” Cross)=6 (Succ) 2(base)+3(Verdunkenlender)*4(Vertical Arc) = 24
  3. He smiles as he looks up at her after coming back. He didn’t hear a word she said but he assume that it was time to go. He finished his Scotch and get up and followed her out the door. Once outside he looked around and asked. “So what’s your plan?” he’s not really sure about this quest as he’s never did it so it’s completely new to him. He looks over at her and see’s the she has new gear on. He looks really good with it on. He also notice that her katana to big for her. “Why does she have that bigger than her.” He whispers to himself hoping she didn’t hear him. He looks around waiting for her response as he hears things out in the distance. He quickly grabs a hold of his sword but doesn’t pull it out of it’s holster. He smiles as he then looks around waiting for someone to try and attack. The one thing that he forgot is… you cant die in a safe zone and if he remember right all towns or villages are safe zones so it cant be another player. @Sunova
  4. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Guild Bonds (Kyot0)

    Kyoto looks up and sees a red haired player. He couldn’t see her face wit the lighting in the back. He assumed it was Kasier. But now sure. If he remember right she was in a relationship with Itzal but he wasn’t sure for himself. He listen to her question and respond “Kyoto. You can call me Kyoto.” He smiles as he offers her a seat. He looks around little more seeing if Itzal was with her or not. “So…” he couldn’t think of anything else to say and he’s not sure how to talk to her. After all this is the first time he believe they’ve talked. He was kind of nervous Itzal mention that she’s a nice girl but she has her serious moments. Besides Kyoto was never really good at talking to people specially girls. He smiles as he waits and hear what she has to talk about, after all she the one that invited him here. He smiles as her as he waits for her to respond. @Kasier
  5. He looks at here trying to figure out why she constantly smiles wish a small tent of red in her cheeks when she’s around him. He smiles back at her as they approach the small village. Looking around he site an Inn to rest for a bit before heading out to the field boss. As they approached the Inn he then opens the door for her and watches her walk inside. He smiles as he glares into space thinking about his last friend he hung out with. Hetsia was a great friends and a great fighter but ever since then they kind of grew apart and don’t communicate much. Last time he heard from her she was busy with other things to hang out with him. Eventually he follow behind Sunova and sat next to her at the bar where he order himself a drink. Looking down at the counter he start to remember his other friends as well. Stryder, Atzo and even Itzal. Itzal is in his guild so he talks to him on a daily basic but the other two he haven’t talked to for the longest time since that incidents. @Sunova
  6. He smiles as he hears her saying that she is strong. He might have to agree up to a point but he doesn’t think she’s going to be stronger than him. As he listens to her asking if he can help her with this quest he agreed to as he hasn’t done the quest either so it be good for him as well. He pokes her face as he looks around making sure no one from his guild is following him. They tend to be out and about wanting him to go on adventures with them but lately he’s been avoiding them. Noticing none of them are around he ask her where they are heading. Stretching his arms and his back he starts to sit down at the bench that’s next to them. He smiles as he looks around once more just to enjoy the area before heading out. Smiling more as he is happy to see everyone in this floor happy he looks back at Sunova. @Sunova
  7. Kyoto was sitting around in his shop as he received a message from someone. I was Sunova. He seem to be needing help with another quest. He quickly gets up and locks the door as he walks over to the teleporter and teleports to the first floor. Once reached he steps off the pad and walks around looking for Sunova. Reaching over to where she was he looks at her. "You said your strong. You look the same like last time." he smiles as he sits next to her. "So what's the quest this time around?" he looks over to her as he waits for her response. Looking at her noticing she's already waiting her combat gear. "Well from you wearing that I'm guessing you're doing a quest that involves with combat am i right?" He laughs a little as he opens up his taskbar and equip his combat gear. Kyoto equips his sword with his Black leather coat where he now has nothing but black clothing on. @Sunova
  8. As Kyoto just finished for what he was doing today in his shop he started to close it down. Seeing as if he hasn’t have any customers yet. He’s still new to it so he wasn’t expecting a lot of people to show up. While closing the shop he received a message from Itzal. He was wanting to hang out. He quickly locked up the doors and head to the teleporter to travel to the 21st floor. Approching the pad to teleport he unequipped his equipment besides his basic clothing. After teleporting to the 21st floor he walked off the teleport pad and looked for Itzal or Velnia. Out of the blue he found Velnia rushing towards him. He smiles as he know Itzal isn’t far. Following Velnia he spotted Itzal standing there waiting on him. “How it going Itzal.” Last time he saw Itzal he was only level 7. Even though hes still a low level he definitely level up a lot since then. @Itzal
  9. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Guild Bonds (Kyot0)

    While on the 21st floor in his shop Kyoto receives a message from someone he’s never seen before. It was from Kasier. He knew she was in his guild but he doesn’t recall meeting her. He know that she’s Itzal’s mate but that about it. He replies letting her know that he will be there as soon as possible. While locking up his shop he walks over to the teleporter and teleports to floor 1 where she was waiting. Finally reaching to the floor he walks off the platform as he looks around seeing if he can spot her out. Looking around he couldn’t seem to see her so he walks over to the Inn and wait for her there maybe she will go there. Walking towards the Inn he sets up on one the bar stools as he asked for a drink from the bar tender. He looks around making sure he didn’t miss her but he’s pretty sure that he didn’t. @Kasier
  10. Summery: Sunova: -3 SP - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) -200 Col Kyoto: -1 SP -200 Col
  11. “My friends? Oh There my guild mates. Itzal, Kaiser are here right now. Eventually I’m sure you’ll meet Hestia and a few others. Everyone are really cool. If you ever need help go to them they be glad to help you.” He smiles as he trying to remember what was next with the quest. If remember right she should be done. But since its been a while he cant remember off hand. “So what all do you have left to do?” he asked as he gets ready to move out again incase there was another thing to do. He looks around waiting for her response as he sees Itzal waving him down. He thinks there might be something going on if he’s trying to wave down everyone in the guild. He will meet up with them once he is done helping her with her quest. He looks back over and smiles as he sees her being really excited. @Sunova
  12. He smiles at her as he poke her nose. “Of corse I like you to be here with me. I don’t know what kind of person I would be to just push you to the side after this.” He smiles even more as he looks around. He sees a lot of other players that he’s seen and even some of his guild mates. He looks at Itzal and told him that he’s busy helping her with a quest before they could hang out. Kyoto doesn’t understand how he has so much time to hang out when they should be focusing on getting to the next floor boss. He didn’t mind it a chance for him to be able to have a bigger bond with Itzal and maybe Kaiser. He never really met her nor do they ever talk so hopefully soon they can hang out. He continues to smile as they approached the next destination. “Here you go. If you like I can come in or just hang out here your choice.” @Sunova
  13. He smiles as he gives her a hug after her successful attempt on making the potion. “Nice job!” he smiles as he sees her jumping on him with a big hug. He looks at Zackariah as he smiles and mouths ‘good luck with her’. Kyoto rolls his eyes as he doesn’t think she want to have that kind of relationship with him. He looks at her as he then opens the door for her when she was ready to leave. He then walks out with her as she grabs on his arm while walking very close to him. He smiles as he now sees why everyone things there dating. After all she’s really close to him which is alright with him. He looks over to her as he sees her blushing. He wonder what she’s thinking of to be blushing that bad. He didn’t bother asking her just for the fact that would be rude. He looks at her once more as he smiles then looks forward. “So where are we going next?” he smiles as he waits for the response. @Sunova
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