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  1. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Name: Basic Leather Armor Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 108891 Roll: 9 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality: [Uncommon] Enhancements: [+1 EVA] Description: [Basic Leather Armor] Post Link: [Link] Name: Dark Xavier Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 108890 Roll: 11 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality:[Rare] Enhancements: [+2 EVA] Description: [A Black and Blue Leather Jacket] Post Link: [Link] Name: Light Jace Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 108889 Roll: 11 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality: [Rare] Enhancements: [+2 EVA] Description: [A White and Red Leather Jacket] Post Link: [Link] Name: Paupers Armor Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 108956 Roll: 10 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality: [Rare] Enhancements: [+2 EVA] Description: [A White and Red Leather Jacket] Post Link: [Link] Name: Protaganist Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 108957 Roll: 10 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality: [Rare] Enhancements: [+2 EVA] Description: [A White Coat with a black strip down the arms and back.]
  2. Another day has gone by and Kyoto still stuck on this order. He’s tried everything but haven’t had any luck making that order. He looks over at the work bench and then decided to pull out a material and attempt to craft the armor but failed to do so. He looked a little disappointed as he then grabs another material and tries to craft this armor but failed to but manage to salvage the material and try again where he made something but nothing special. Kyoto sign even harder than last time as he tries again pulling out another material, he manage to make a decent armor as he then tries again. This time he’s certain he will craft it but manage to not craft it but craft another decent armor set.
  3. Kyoto woke up the next day in a happy mood. The day felt just right for him to get up and craft and try to finish that order. Kyoto doesn’t even know who even gave him that order but he’s hoping soon he’ll fine out. Kyoto walks over to his workbench and pulls our a material and starts to craft the light armor but fails to craft it. He turns around and pulls another one out and craft it once more but fails to do so. Kyoto sigh a little as he tries again but did manage to make something. Not the armor he was looking for but its better than nothing. Kyoto pulls out another material and crafts another set of light armor a little better than the last one but not what he’s wanting. Kyoto looks around before starting his next craft to see if anyone walked in. He turns back to the bench and starts to craft once more but manage to make another decent armor.
  4. After watching the shady man leave the shop Kyoto gets to work. Walking over to his work bench he then pulls out a material and starts to craft this order. Making the armor but not the armor the man is wanting. He smiles as he knows that he still crafted something which is better than nothing. As he pulls another material out and tries to make the armor once again but made something else instead. “Okay 2 for 2 today but not what I’m looking for.” He said as he pulls out another material and starts to craft but failed to craft anything but manage to salvage the material as he then tries again with the same material and yet again manage to salvage it. He looks at the material once again and tries to craft something but again manage to salvage the material. “well looks like I’m 2 out of 5 today. Not good but better than nothing. Hopefully that many isn’t to impatient.”
  5. Kyoto hears the door open while he was in the back. As he walks up to the front room where he sees a shady fellow. Listening to the man speak in a decent English accent as he then sits the request form down on the table. Kyoto gives the form a look as he then hears the man say that he will check in on the order every day. Kyoto smiles and gives him a nod as he then hears the man say to put the item next to a tree. Kyoto things that strange because the man can just walk in and grab the item with no harm.
  6. Kyot0

    [PP-F2] The Venomous Warg (Quest)

    Kyoto grabs his head as he see’s her still on his lap but finally equipping her armor. “So why are you still on me?” He looks at her as she finally slides off of his lap. Kyoto examine her and see’s that she’s not as strong as him but she’s well equipped. He smiles as he gets up and equips his battle coat and his sword. As all you can see from him now is aa black coat with silver stripes running down the arm. Also starts to appear is his sword that is equipped in a sheath on his back. Kyoto whistles as then he see’s his familiar fly down onto his shoulder. His dragon to be exact his skeleton dragon gives a small smirk to the girl as she rubs her head across his jaw like she’s a cat. “Now you know you’r not a cat, right?” He smiles at her seeing that she’s kind of sticking out like a sore thumb. How often do you see a Skeleton Dragon around here on Floor 2? “Anyways when are we heading out?” He gives her a smirk as he’s eager to get killing. @Mutsu
  7. Kyot0

    [PP-F2] The Venomous Warg (Quest)

    “Right… Well you said something about killing wolves? No matter how weird this is I’m all for killing s**t. Count me in.” He smiles as all he see is this girl sitting on him and flaunting her chest at him. Kyoto is 19 and never in his life has he witness a girl being close to him like this. He’s not sure if he really like this or not but the fact she said if he’s up for killing something turned him on in wanting to show his true power. Kyoto gives off a huge smirk as he tries to get’s up but cant as she has him pinned down to the bench. “You know this looks really awkward and I’m not sure if people are wanting to see two young adults out in public doing something like this.” Kyoto sighs a little as he looks around hoping no one looking at them as he seems to turn red. “Can you please get down off of me?” @Mutsu
  8. Kyot0

    [PP-F2] The Venomous Warg (Quest)

    Kyoto was sitting there mining his own business at the nearest park bench. Listening to the birds sing and also listening to the weird sensation of Green Day stuck in his head. Enjoying the paradise of this floor until he get a strange girl that sat on his lap. “Big Strong Hero? You must be mistaken if you want someone strong you should ask that man over there.” As Kyoto then points his finger at one of the higher-level players in the floor. “He’d be your best bet if you want to fight a strong group of monsters.” Kyoto look at this girl that was sitting on him. She seems to be wearing a lot of tight clothing with no armor. Seems strange but at the same time he has no room to talk. He’s only wearing his normal black shirt and black pants. Kyoto doesn’t like to wear his fighting gear unless he needs to. After all he’s a DPS player running around with heavy armor. It’s very uncomfortable to wear something that is heavy and covers majority of his body. @Mutsu
  9. Kyoto looks up at him. “You did this same quest with Hikoru? Geez man how many times you did this quest?” Kyoto look at him with a blank face. “I cant believe he’s done this quest another time besides when he did it himself. This guy has a lot of time on his hand just to sit here and punch a rock.” Kyoto gets up and looks at the rock. He smirks as he knows this time he will hit it. Walking up to the boulder he stands right next it but right before he goes in and punches the rock the rock moved on him as Kyoto smacks his fist into the ground leaving a dent into the ground and even a bright red mark on his fist. “You know I think I’m done. Even though this is a game I felt that.” He laughs a little as he looks over at the Irishman and moves out of his way so he can take a punch at it.
  10. As Kyoto silently was listening in on the conversation to the NPC to his left he sees a message pop up in front of him. “Hmm what’s this?” He looks to his right where the only other two players in this room is as he see’s that the girl sent him a message. Kyoto looks down at them and gives them a little smirk as he then just thinks “She must of sent it to the wrong person.” He gets up from his bar stool and walk over near the other two but not quite out of there site. He sits down in one of the lounge chairs behind them. “What do I heard about a boss? I didn’t think there was anymore field bosses out here besides one.” He says as he is behind them now. He give them another smirk even though they probably cant see him. Kyoto isn’t much of a talker but when you send him a message he’s going to ask about it. Kyoto looks at them and notice they are a lot stronger than him. They both might be in the 2nd tier of the game. Kyoto not really worry about it he’s here just to relax… Although this field boss might be good for him to get better gear. @Cosi
  11. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Account Name: Kyot0 Roll ID: #108013 LD: 12 + 3+3+2 = 20 (Success) Familiar - Fritzi der Skelett Drache. Enhancement Chosen - Familiar Master: Fighter (+1 DMG per rank * tier) Post Link -http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17077-pp14-kyotoitzal/?do=findComment&comment=561315
  12. Kyot0

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Kyoto looks at the boss with a serious look. “Now look here sir let’s make this quick. We have other things to do than sit here and fight you.” Kyoto gives off a giant smirk. Running on to the boss as he activates his sword skill. Jumping up and doing a front flip while landing in front of the boss as lightning surrounds the area as smokes clear between the two. “Now let’s finish this here and now.” Kyoto says with a serious look. “I don’t have time to play your game nor do I have time for you.” Kyoto started to sound irritated more than his normal self. Kyoto looks around for his other teammates as he then jumps back and watches everyone else to come up and fight. “Alright guys lets finish this b*****d once and for all!” Kyoto continues to smirk as he looks over near Dom to see his reaction to all what’s going on lately.
  13. Watching the girl stay and waited for her armor to be made Kyoto walks over to his workbench and started to craft her armor. Kyoto looks at her as he takes out one of his materials. Crafting the armor he sees a bright glow as he knows that he made her request. Now as for the other clothing he turns around and pulls out another material and starts to craft but didn’t manage to make her request. After missing to make her request he remembered that he had one earlier that he made and is willing to sell it to her for a good price. Kyoto turns around and hands her the armor she request. “By the way I do have a dress here already with the same enchantments with what your asking for if you don’t mind that.” He smiles as he waits for her to respond. “Oh and the price don’t worry about it. This one’s on the house.”