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  1. Summery: Sunova: -3 SP - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) -200 Col Kyoto: -1 SP -200 Col
  2. “My friends? Oh There my guild mates. Itzal, Kaiser are here right now. Eventually I’m sure you’ll meet Hestia and a few others. Everyone are really cool. If you ever need help go to them they be glad to help you.” He smiles as he trying to remember what was next with the quest. If remember right she should be done. But since its been a while he cant remember off hand. “So what all do you have left to do?” he asked as he gets ready to move out again incase there was another thing to do. He looks around waiting for her response as he sees Itzal waving him down. He thinks there might be something going on if he’s trying to wave down everyone in the guild. He will meet up with them once he is done helping her with her quest. He looks back over and smiles as he sees her being really excited. @Sunova
  3. He smiles at her as he poke her nose. “Of corse I like you to be here with me. I don’t know what kind of person I would be to just push you to the side after this.” He smiles even more as he looks around. He sees a lot of other players that he’s seen and even some of his guild mates. He looks at Itzal and told him that he’s busy helping her with a quest before they could hang out. Kyoto doesn’t understand how he has so much time to hang out when they should be focusing on getting to the next floor boss. He didn’t mind it a chance for him to be able to have a bigger bond with Itzal and maybe Kaiser. He never really met her nor do they ever talk so hopefully soon they can hang out. He continues to smile as they approached the next destination. “Here you go. If you like I can come in or just hang out here your choice.” @Sunova
  4. He smiles as he gives her a hug after her successful attempt on making the potion. “Nice job!” he smiles as he sees her jumping on him with a big hug. He looks at Zackariah as he smiles and mouths ‘good luck with her’. Kyoto rolls his eyes as he doesn’t think she want to have that kind of relationship with him. He looks at her as he then opens the door for her when she was ready to leave. He then walks out with her as she grabs on his arm while walking very close to him. He smiles as he now sees why everyone things there dating. After all she’s really close to him which is alright with him. He looks over to her as he sees her blushing. He wonder what she’s thinking of to be blushing that bad. He didn’t bother asking her just for the fact that would be rude. He looks at her once more as he smiles then looks forward. “So where are we going next?” he smiles as he waits for the response. @Sunova
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  6. He smiles. “ Of Corse not. You’re not heavy at all.” He starts to walk for a few second as he then starts to do a full complete charge towards town. “Better hold on tight.” As he runs heading into town. Approaching the gates he quickly helps her off his shoulders and grabs her hand. Walking to the workshop she need to go he looks at her. She’s smiling as she sees all the couples walking through town. As they approach the door of the workshop he opens the door for her and walks in after. Watching her walk up he notice she still wanting him to hold her hand he smiles as he grabs it. Looking at the next workshop owner he smiles as he remember exactly what she needs to do next. Walking up with her to her he looks over at Sunova and gives her a hug while she talks to the owner. @Sunova
  7. He looked at her as he smiles. “There you are.” He then look in front of him. Knowing that they wont be able to see anything before long. He looked around and found one more material for her as he pointed where it was. He looked over at her as she looked like she didn’t want to move. He feels her grab onto his waist as she holds onto him. He wraps his arm around her neck. “You’re almost done.” He smiles once more even though he doesn’t thing she can see him. He walks closer to the material with her as he sees her going up to it. “I’ll be right here when your ready to head back let me know okay.” He smiles as he then think about what they have to do next. If he remember right she will have to go to another NPC and make them a potion. He smiles knowing that she is almost done. @Sunova
  8. He smiles as he walks back up to the city. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to walk with him. I guess he must of done something wrong. It’s alright though. After this quest he’s sure shell probably never see him again and he will be back with his group. He kept walking but slow down as he starts to look around. Hearing noises he desided to put on his gear and also equipped his sword. The sun finally went all the way down and he can see her anymore. He started to pick up speed thinking he could catch up to her. If anything happen to her he would hear her scream and then he would have to rush over there. He looks down once more as he remembers if he gets into serious issues with player killers he would just message Itzal to come in and take care of them. Kyoto has been lucky that he hasn’t seen anyone die but he doesn’t want to start now. @Sunova
  9. He sets up once more as he looks at her, “Hey come here.” He waved her over as he sat there in the grass. Watching her walk over to him he pointed at the materials that will help her get ready to the next part of the quest. He got up and gives her a hug as he watches her grab the materials. He smiles. Not in a weird way but watching her made him happy and that all what matters. “Hey. Don’t feel bad alright it was a self defense. Besides I told you I was going to protect you no matter what. No one was going to get near you even if they were stronger than me.” He smiles as he tries to calm her down and make her feel better. He gets up and dust the grass off of him he walks over and wraps his arms around her waist. “So what happen? You made it look like something like this happen to you before.” He said to her as he hold her tightly. @Sunova
  10. He smiles a little. Man she slaps hard. He says to himself as he looks at her. He sits down and starts to fall asleep once more. While sleeping he can feel the breeze of the wind rushing on his hair. He’s just wearing his casual clothing. She doesn’t know what kind of player he could be nor does he want to see until he need to protect her. He feels bad and doesn’t talk to her once he woke back up. He just stared at her as she seems to be sorry for what she did. He laid back down and start looking at the sunset sky. She should hurry before it gets dark. Its not a fun place to be at night. He looks around on the ground and realize he’s laying next to a material she needs. He looks at her and try not to give her a hint that there’s something here that shell like to have. @Sunova
  11. Kyoto wakes up after being hit by a rock. As he sets up he looks around seeing her looking for the materials. He smiles as he then gets up and sneaks over to her and wraps his arms around her waist and moved his face into her neck. Feeling her jerk after being scared she started to turn red once more. He looked up as his face right next to hers. “You know it’s a nice day out. Nothing better than sleeping huh?” he tells her in her ear as he spots a material for her to grab. Continuly holding onto her he notice she wasn’t moving. Either she like him holding her like this or she was frighten and now he feels bad. Bury his face back into her neck he starts to breath and trying to keep her up as she feels like she’s ready to fall over. He picked her up and set her to the ground looking at her. “I hope your okay there.” @Sunova
  12. He laughs a little as her face is still right in front of his. “I’m alone. I didn’t have friends that came with me on this game.” He presses his head against her head as he looked around and found out they are at the place. “Here!” she shouted. “Best place to look for materials.” He smiles as he pointed at a material right in front of her. Watching her made him happy. He hopes maybe one these days they can get to know each other better and maybe meet up in the real world. He looks around making sure they were not followed or was being hunted by mods. Seeing nothing around them he sat down little in the distance watching her look for these materials. He looks at her again and just keeps smiling. After that he lays down in the grass and starts to doze off a little. Sleeping in the grass he started to dream about his life in the real world. He misses his sister and his parents. @Sunova
  13. He smiled at her as she was being a dork. Watching her disappear over the hill he then quickly change directions as he flanks behind her. Once reaching to her undetective her picked her up off her feet as he is now carrying her. “Nothing really to know about me.” He says “I do have other friends but most of them are in the front line so they are a little busy at the moment. I’m in a guild but there all in the top floor so I just hang down here until I get high enough with the level to be with them.” He pokes her nose as he sees her trying to come closer to his face. He didn’t do anything he sat there and watch her turn even more red than before. “You blush a lot you know? By the way. Do you know anyone here or are you alone?” @Sunova
  14. He smiles as he looked at her. “Follow me I’ll take you there.” He walks towards the workshop that was a couple block away from where she was. He steps up to the door to the blacksmiths shop. Right before he open the door he hears a voice outside next to the furnace . He looks over and see’s the blacksmith standing there. He looks at her and gave her a hand over to him. “There he is.” He smiles as he looks at her walking towards her. “Are you needing anymore help” he asked her as he leans against the building waiting for her to say something. He looks up at the sign realizing it hasn’t change at all. As she walked up to the blacksmith he had the sensation to look at her walking up to him. He didn’t do it in a weird way just to make sure she’s doing alright. @Vivlia
  15. Kyoto smiles a bit after hearing there conversation. “Alright Zackariah. I’ll keep her safe.” He walks over to the door and open it for her again. Watching her walk in front of him he grabs her hand once more as he then walk behind her closing the door. “Alright follow me I’ll take you to a good spot for the materials.” He smiles as he walks towards the Town’s gates and eventually out on the field. “Don’t worry if anything attacks you I’ll take care of it but most likely nothing will happen.” He smiles once more as he continues to take her to the forest that’s in front of them. He watches her keep up with him as he see her stick her arms between his arms and his ribs. “By the way since I’m going to be company you might as well gets to know each other a little more.” He looks at her. She seems so surprise about what’s outside of the walls of the town. “You know with this sunset and you in between me and it you look really cute.” He laughs a little as he holds her hand while its inside his arm. He thinks its weird that this girl he just met makes him feel like he’s already dating her. @Sunova