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  1. Kyot0

    [ET-F1] Loose Giblets

  2. Kyot0

    [ET-F1] Loose Giblets

  3. Kyot0

    [ET-F1] Loose Giblets

  4. Kyot0

    [ET-F1] Loose Giblets

    With another attack down the books Kyoto would then grab another Spider Cider from his inventory and drink is to raise his hp once more. But unlike last time both zombies landed a hit on him. With that being said he did lose hp this time and was dealt 176 damage. “Damn I’m actually taking a beating from you loose giblets now.” He laughs a little as he then wipes the slobber off his mouth. With that being said he looks around to see where would be a good place to escape from before going back and thinking about what he’s going to have for dinner tonight. “Ah what sounds good right now would be some curry from Black.” He thinks it’s funny the fact that he hung out with Black a lot while not doing quest or training to get to the front lines. But for that he did enjoy the food that he made for him.
  5. Kyot0

    [ET-F1] Loose Giblets

    After the attack of the zombies Kyoto grabbed one of the ciders from his inventory as he heals himself. With that being said the first zombie tries to attack him once more but fail to hit but the second one manage to land a hit. With a smile he realize that he’s actually ahead of the game with his hp. “Look loose giblets. I’m trying to hurry here and get this done you want to hurry and attack me again?” he laughs as he continues t o drool about food from the real world. “Man what I’d do to have some delicious food from taco bell right about now.” Next thing he notice he was thinking about some of his mothers food and how he wished he had some of that as well. With him starting to slobber everywhere he began to think about what he will do after this event.
  6. Kyot0

    [ET-F1] Loose Giblets

    With the event starting for Kyoto, he walks up without his jacket as he sees two zombies staring right at him. With a straight face he looks at the lose skin under the zombies chin as he says. “Look at these loose giblets.” He cracks up laughing as the zombies gain attention to the young swordsman. With that being said he tried to attract them to him. A few moments has passed as both zombies attack Kyoto. The first one hit him and dealt damage as well as the 2nd one. With the 500 health he had it brought him down 324. “Well that hurt little giblets.” He laughs as he looks dead into one of the zombies eyes. "Taco Bell. Ahh, Taco Bell. He had nearly forgotten the taste, the smells. How had he gone almost three years without it? This, as well as many other questions relating to fast food, would go unanswered into the foreseeable future. The only thing that was certain was that these were extremely loose giblets.
  7. Standing on the teleport on the 1st floor Kyoto heard about a Halloween event going on. He decided to go check it out. With him wearing his black coat he also has his black compression shirt under. Walking up to the tent he sees a man that what seems like the ringmaster of this tent. "Interesting. You must be the one hosting this event huh?" With a quick of listening to Jack he had a familiar voice that Kyoto could put his mind to. After agreeing on doing the event Kyoto handed him the 500 col for the ticket and also purchased some energy drinks and some cider. With a smile on his face he gets ready for the event as he starts to think of different kinds of food that Black use to give him a while ago. With the different dishes he gives made him he started to feel his stomach talk to him. -500 col for Event. -500 col for 5x Offbrand Energy Drink -500 col for 10x Spider Cider -1500 col sent to Jack the Ringmaster
  8. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    With a awkward smile on his face he sees Jade turn bright red. Hearing her respond after stubling her words to the waiter he gives her a look before hearing her give her name to the waiter. A few moments pass until she finally calmed down enough to actually talk to him. "L-lovely morning isn't it?" he sat there and though about what she said. 'Lovely morning? I guess it is alright.' but he didn't say it to her he just though it. then it was brought to his attention that he actually never said it. "Oh... uhh… Yeah it's a lovely morning indeed." he give another awkward smile before thinking about something to say. "So... Jade. I'm guessing you've never had a boyfriend before?" he wasn't trying to make it awkward as it was already but since the waitress brought it up he thought it was the proper conversation to ask. @Ghost
  9. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Kyoto scratched the back of his head as he see’s Jade slowly feeling embarrassed. He looked at the waitress as he give her a response. “Oh… I’m not hungry to be honest. But I would like to have a drink though.” She smiles as she looks back over to Jade. “And for you miss?” she said as she waits for her to respond. “Hey Jade?” Kyoto said as he looks over at her. “It’s your turn to order.” He waited for a while to see if she will respond. “Don’t worry miss nothing to be embarrassed about it normal to have a boyfriend.” She kept making things worse after saying thing about the both of them being a cute couple and how romantic it is to have them inside their restaurant. Kyoto closed his eyes and lay out a breath as he sees Jade getting even brighter red than before. @Ghost
  10. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Kyoto smiles as he walks behind her to a very old run-down building. He looks around seeing that not many people are here as they might of beat rush hour. He follows Jade into the restaurant and sat down across from her as he looks at a tired young lady. “Umm you don’t mind me sitting here with you, do you?” he have a glance over to see if anyone is going to wait on them. “Its alright if you don’t want me to, I’ll be glad to fine another table. Just got to let me know when you are ready to be paid.” He gives off a little smirk as he raises his hand trying to get the waitress attention. Finally, she walks over to the table they are at. “How can I help you two today.” She looks at both as she assumes that these two looks like two love bird on a small little date. “I see you two are a couple.” She smiles as she waits to hear what they are wanting to order. @Ghost
  11. Another day at the shop and more and more people show up as right when he opens the shop a girl walks in and asks for a request as he grabs the form and sees what he was up to today. He looks up at the girl as he gives her a nod before she walks out of his shop. He smiles as he then turns around to his workbench and starts to craft the Light Armor. After a full day of crafting he didn’t manage to make her order but he did manage to make quite a few armor he can put in his shop once he’s running low on items.
  12. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Name: Coat of Mir Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 ID: [111401 Roll: [12] Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [Evasion] [Evasion] [Light Momentum] Description: A white leather coat tailored from a white beast. Post Link: [Link]
  13. Another day at the shop Kyoto been getting a lot of people and he’s actually happy about it. While getting his shop ready for today a girl walks in what seems to be in a hurry to get her order done as he reads the order form. He smiles as he gives her a nod and walks over to the workbench. As he pulls out the material he didn’t seem to be able to make the armor after the first 2 tries but finally manage to make it. As he crafted the armor appeared as what the customer has asked for. He smiles as he looks back at her getting everything packed and ready to give to the customer. @Jun
  14. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Kyoto gives her a soft smile as he then helps her brush off. “It’s alright you don’t have to apologize.” He gives her a smirk as he then looks at her once more. Seeing how shes new and all he decided to be extra friendly with her. After all he looks like a swordsman with a black leather coat and black pants. That looks a little sketchy to most people. He looks at her seeing as she looks like she’s about to cry. “Hey if you want I can get you something to eat. I know its not this but it’s better than nothing right?” He looks at her with a calm look in his eyes like nothing happen. He opens up his interaction menu to unequip his sword and his coat so all he’s wearing is his compression shirt. “Sorry I figured I make me less scary with my gear on.” He smiles as he give a little chuckle. @Ghost