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  1. Another day at the shop and more and more people show up as right when he opens the shop a girl walks in and asks for a request as he grabs the form and sees what he was up to today. He looks up at the girl as he gives her a nod before she walks out of his shop. He smiles as he then turns around to his workbench and starts to craft the Light Armor. After a full day of crafting he didn’t manage to make her order but he did manage to make quite a few armor he can put in his shop once he’s running low on items.
  2. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Name: Coat of Mir Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 ID: [111401 Roll: [12] Item Type: Light Armor Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [Evasion] [Evasion] [Light Momentum] Description: A white leather coat tailored from a white beast. Post Link: [Link]
  3. Another day at the shop Kyoto been getting a lot of people and he’s actually happy about it. While getting his shop ready for today a girl walks in what seems to be in a hurry to get her order done as he reads the order form. He smiles as he gives her a nod and walks over to the workbench. As he pulls out the material he didn’t seem to be able to make the armor after the first 2 tries but finally manage to make it. As he crafted the armor appeared as what the customer has asked for. He smiles as he looks back at her getting everything packed and ready to give to the customer. @Jun
  4. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Kyoto gives her a soft smile as he then helps her brush off. “It’s alright you don’t have to apologize.” He gives her a smirk as he then looks at her once more. Seeing how shes new and all he decided to be extra friendly with her. After all he looks like a swordsman with a black leather coat and black pants. That looks a little sketchy to most people. He looks at her seeing as she looks like she’s about to cry. “Hey if you want I can get you something to eat. I know its not this but it’s better than nothing right?” He looks at her with a calm look in his eyes like nothing happen. He opens up his interaction menu to unequip his sword and his coat so all he’s wearing is his compression shirt. “Sorry I figured I make me less scary with my gear on.” He smiles as he give a little chuckle. @Ghost
  5. Kyot0

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    With a big surprise a girl tragically tackles into Kyoto. A soft gloom of a voice was heard as Kyoto turns around and sees a girl maybe in her late teens laying there on the ground in front of him. “Are you alright ma’am?” He asks as he offers a hand to help her up. He looks carefully at her. She a nice-looking girl that seems to be very shy. He smiles at her. “I’m guessing you missed out on a meal?” If so, I be glad to get you something. Kyoto seemed to be a little flirty but at the same time trying to be polite to her. He notices the fact she’s wearing a lot of newer player’s gear, so she must have got out of the town of beginnings. Kyoto kept on smiling as he then turns his head just slightly to see what the time was on his HUD. @Ghost
  6. Kyot0

    Can I get some Combat Support?

    Grimm if you guys dont feel safe with the low levels you are i can join and help. i'm level 25 so i'm sure i'm well capable of doing my share of fighting.
  7. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Name: [Dunkle Materie v.2] Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 ID: 110977 Roll: 12 Item Type: [Light Armor] Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [+3 EVA] Description: [Black Leather coat with a silver stripe down both sides his arms and also have some feathers around his neck as its a winter coat.] Post Link: Link
  8. The next day has came and Kyoto went to the work table and started to craft his new armor. While he gets everything situated, he started he smiles as he pulls out a material and started to craft a new leather coat for him. He smiles even more when he realizes how easy it is for him to make thing now. He looks around as he gets ready to evaluate it and switch his gear out with better gear. While he waits for the evaluation he looks around and waits to see if anyone come in for an order as he is now on standby.
  9. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Name: [Basic T1 Light Armor] Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 5 ID: 110747 Roll: 9 Item Type: [Light Armor] Tier: [1] Quality: [Uncommon] Enhancements: [+1 EVA] Description: [when worn this light armor gives the user a reduction on die value when an enemy attacks] Post Link: Link
  10. While Kyoto opens up his shop he looks at his gear and realize it doesn’t match his skills. Who uses heavy armor when you have light armor skills? He walks over to the table and pulls out materials and tries to craft him some new armor. While doing his attempts Kyoto managet to make one set of armor and salvage two materials but still came out a lose with materials and also the wrong kind of armor he was looking for. Kyoto smiles as he waits to see what he can do the next time. He sets down his tools and then walks to the back to unload his supplies and gets ready for the next day.
  11. Kyot0

    Kyoto Tailor Eval

    Name: Kural in ti Vilunta Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: [110595] Roll: [12] Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2 Mitigation, 1 EVA Description: Post Link: Link Name: [Swift Evasion] Your Profession: tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 110593 Roll: 12 Item Type: [Light Armor] Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [+3 Eva] Description: [when worn this light armor gives the user a reduction on die value when an enemy attacks] Post Link: Link Name: [Viva la Gloria] Your Profession: Tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: 110594 Roll: 8 Item Type: [Light Armor] Tier: [3] Quality: [Rare] Enhancements: [+2 Eva] Description: [A white female coat normally for winter outings.] Post Link: Link
  12. Another day in the shop Kyoto finally has time to start working on those orders he received a couple of days ago. Getting everything prepped Kyoto then pulls out a Tier 1 Material and started to craft but fails. He looks at the failed material with a irritated look as he then pulls out another one and manage to craft the players order. “Alright one down one more to go.” He smiles as he pulls out a tier 3 material and starts to craft light armor. It not the order but it’s his first tier 3 piece. Kyoto gives a smirk as he then pulls another material and then crafts a perfect armor just for the man that ask if he can put the order in the same place as last time. Kyoto quickly sets a reminder to the girl that her order is ready. After he grabs his things and the 2nd order and closes shop just for a moment as he walks over to the same tree as before and sets the Item behind and continues back to his shop. @Shadowspear27 @Itzal
  13. Kyoto smiles as he watches her manage to hit the plant like creature once more. “Well you’re almost there you seem to be hitting him now then before.” He gives a happy chuckle as he then puts his sword back into his sheath as he sit there and watches her once again make her move on her target. “You might want to hurry up by the way. We don’t need more showing up.” Kyoto notice it being weird the fact that there was only four there at the time and figured there be more around then it hit him that maybe they were doing patrols and eventually hearing the fighting and decided to return to check out the issue. Kyoto signs a little as he then look at Su once more before eventually looking around making sure nothing else was going to intervene with there conflict. “Seriously why isn’t there anymore of them?” he said to himself.
  14. Kyoto smiles at her. Watching her finish her attack then hear her yell out “Your turn.” Kyoto pauses for a second. He just realized if he would attack she would have to find another one to fight because she needs two kills but only has one. “Hey umm Su. You need this kill so we can fight the boss. I’m not going to attack it unless your about to…” he didn’t finish his sentence as he then decided to just watch out from a distance making sure she’s going to be alright. Quite funny for the fact these two met from doing the most basic quest in the game and here they are him trying to protect her again. Kyoto looks at Su as he looks at her fighting stance. She looks more composed and more aware of her surroundings. She has gotten stronger. Nothing like him but in her own way she got stronger with the spirit to fight. When they first met she didn’t want to do combat and had Kyoto do most of the work but now she’s out fighting these things like they can kill her or something… oh wait.
  15. While Kyoto preps for the new day and getting his workspace, all cleaned up as he hears his door open with a soft creak. At first, he paid no attention to the girl as for it would be weird is he did. As she manages to walk up to his counter and ask about an order form, he gives her a smile and handed over an order form. “Sure thing. Just fill It out and you can leave it on the counter and I’ll message you when I get it made. We can discuss how much it will be once I’m done alright.” He gives her a soft smile as he then turns away, so she can fill out the form. @Shadowspear27