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  3. After a bit of time, Ruby had looked back to Kit as she had started to make a announcement toward everyone, Ruby had smiled a bit, she was intrigued by the competition... so she knew she was going to join it when that time is right. She had said out to her "I'll do it." then looked around. She wanted to meet someone new, she wanted to speak with a face she had never seen before, and the first person she saw she has absolutely no idea who she is was... a child? With a smile she had walked up to @Fuyuno and tapped her on the shoulder, bending down a bit to look at her in the eyes and said to her "Hey there little one, are you enjoying yourself at the party today?" she smiled and said handing out a hand for her to shake "My name is Ruby, its a pleasure in meeting you today. I am sorry you found yourself in a world like this, but hey you can make the best of it at least." Ruby enters contest, ree.
  4. Ruby had smiled to @Jomei and said to him "Eh, I suppose I have been alright. Haven't been feeling too good after all these floor bosses and other bosses, I just keep almost getting myself killed.." she had said almost with a sigh and grin, but shaking her head she had said "But thats fine! Getting back into things, and doing literally all the quests I haven't done quite yet." then she turned to face @Kityuisa. She had smiled as she went in for a hug, she had returned the hug and exclaimed out "Hello sweetheart~ been staying out of trouble?" she had asked her with a giggle. Then winking to her "Hey, you look gorgeous. The man you are dating is one lucky guy, ill tell you that." she had placed her hand on her hip and leaned forward and said "Well, we can always do more together~ if anything you can always shoot me a message and I can put clothing on you, I have like... a mountain of it in my shop right now." she had nervously giggled. Then looked towards everyone else "Wow, what a attendance we have." Then looked over to @Hydravion and gave her a hug then a kiss on her cheek "Hey dear, you doing okay?"
  5. Ruby had thought for a moment "Something... interesting?" she had placed a hand on her chin thinking what she possibly could say to her that would be remotely interesting. However before she could really say anything she had gone first, then she had giggled when it ended with mumbling. She had looked at her and gave her a flirty smile and said out "You're right, you're not pretty... you're drop dead gorgeous~" she then said out "Well... for me, I suppose the one thing remotely interesting about me is that in the real world I worked as a fashion designer... you know a fashionista. What can I say~ I love seeing women in various clothing." she giggled. She then thought for a moment with a frown looking over, she wasn't quite too sure what was all too interesting about her... maybe something would come to her mind if she had continued to ask her. @Kityuisa
  6. Ruby was ready for the day Kit's party was to fully come, and today was that day. She was excited to finally put back on her swimsuit, and well... see other women in their swimsuits. Arriving on the scene she had seen faces she surely has seen before, just doesn't recognize by name. Walking up to @Kityuisa she had said out to her "Oh my~ you look so adorable and beautiful in that swimsuit of yours~ fits you perfectly." then had looked over to @Jomei as he came up to compliment Kit as well, she had placed a hand on her hip and said out to him with a smile "Hey you~ its been a long time since I have last seen you casually. What have you been up to robin hood?" she had giggled. She then looked around to all the people that had been arriving, however she was going to leave the rest alone till she thought everyone that was coming was here. Ruby's Appearance:
  7. Ruby had smiled as she had a extreme enthusiasm and she had giggled and just stated out "Sure thing sweetheart~" then ran behind her, having fun along with Kityuisa. After a moment they had arrived at the floor teleporter and she had offered a hand to her and with a wink she had said "You sure are fast! I am impressed~" she looked towards the teleporter and said out to her "Come on, grab onto my hand or arm. We have another floor to go to." she offered a warm smile to her closing her eyes for a second. Then after she had agreed and grabbed onto something she had exclaimed out "Teleport, Floor Two Main Settlement." then in an instant they had teleported away. After they had arrived she had opened up her inventory and removed her heavy coat and her heavy armor as she didn't need it and wore a little but more of casual clothing to have on. Stretching her arms upward she had closed her eyes for a few seconds letting out a breath of air enjoying the fact it was a lot more warmer. @Kityuisa
  8. Ruby had shivered at the cold air of the fourth floor, she really did not like the temperature of this floor at all, however she had needed to get a lot of these quests out of the way. "Man... if only I had Hestia or Hydra to take along with me... however Hestia is a bit too busy and Hydra isn't high enough of a level..." she had sighed thinking to herself, she really didn't want to continue these quests all on her own she wanted to bring along a friend. However she wasn't going to get any scrolling through her friendslist, she had just accepted the fact she wasn't going to be going with a friend today. Going into her inventory she had put on her armors then was immediately colder with the metal on her body... but she just had to deal with it, pulling out her heavy coat she had put it over her heavy armor then began to walk out of the main settlement. @Kityuisa
  9. Ruby had said out to her with a smile "My advice to you, is to stay where you think you are comfortable with. If you wish for more damage, its wise to go for a two handed weapon rather than one." And after a moment looking at her, she was... a little concerned with the whimper that she released, but she had just left it be. She had nodded her head with a smile and said to her "Of course! Thank you for your help sweetheart~" she patted her head. Blinking a few times listening, she smiled to her and said out "Oh yeah! I'd love to help you out with that quest too. I will follow behind." she had followed behind her looking at her, she was interested in more about her... she was rather curious about the whimper she had and she just wanted to know more about her... maybe this boulder quest was going to be her main ticket to getting to know her a little bit better. Thread Complete - Ruby: 4 SP / 200 Col Kityuisa: 4 SP / 200 Col
  10. Ruby had frowned a little bit when she said those words, she had then stepped forward to her saying "Yes but... if you died, I could never forgive myself darling." she then looked back to the boss which was still as fearless as it was and was still wanting to fight against them. Ruby had giggled a little bit and then said to her "Would you like to find out sometime~?" she had asked her in a flirting tone. After seeing Kit attack she looked to see that she was frustrated, she had placed a hand on her shoulder and said "Relax sweetheart, damage per second only activates on critical strikes, once you gain more skill points to push into your skills you will be able to do more damage naturally." she then moved forward and again punched the King in the jaw dealing a ton of damage to a point where it was in one shot potential for Kit. Ruby had turned around to face Kit and with a smile said out to her "The rest is all yours." @Kityuisa ID: 123042 - BD: 7+3=10 - Damage: 12*15=130 ID: 123043 - MD: 7-3=4 - Miss! Party ♥ [2] Kityuisa | 520/520 HP | 44/52 EN | 10 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 12 BLD | RESTED (-1 EN for two actions) | Relaxed | Multipurpose +1 LD (Stealth, Stealth Detection, Prosperity to one post) | Filling ♥ [2] Ruby | 1200/1200 HP | 75/120 EN | 12 DMG | 35 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 4 LD | 20 FA% Enemies ♥ Nights King | 30/450 HP | 300 DMG | 50 MIT | Crit Bonus 9: 85 - 10: 100
  11. Ruby had giggled and said out to her "Okay I will hold you to it, however again if you ever need me you can always come to me sweetheart." then gave her the kiss on top of her head with the pat. Ruby had shook her head and chuckled a little bit, then the battle begun. After dodging she had looked up to see that Kit had appeared next to her, accepting her help she had said "Kitty, be more careful on how you attack. This thing can hurt you a lot if not prepared." then she had moved forward as he had eyes for Kit and she had slammed her fist against its jaw and did a good amount of damage with one punch. She had taken a step back, and another to dodge the kings attack, looking back to her "If you want to deal damage to him that is fine, but if I don't hit him you could be hurt pretty badly and I would be forced to heal you." @Kityuisa ID: 123037 - BD: 4+3=7 - Damage: 12*15=180-50=130 ID: 123038 - MD: 7-3=4 Miss! Party ♥ [1] Kityuisa | 520/520 HP | 44/52 EN | 10 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 12 BLD | RESTED (-1 EN for two actions) | Relaxed | Multipurpose +1 LD (Stealth, Stealth Detection, Prosperity to one post) | Filling ♥ [1] Ruby | 1200/1200 HP | 91/120 EN | 12 DMG | 35 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 4 LD | 20 FA% Enemies ♥ Nights King | 240/450 HP | 300 DMG | 50 MIT | Crit Bonus 9: 85 - 10: 100
  12. Ruby was a little shocked in how she had been acting, but in a way she was completely okay with it. Ruby had wrapped her arms around Kit and rubbed her back and said to her "I may be a little confused on why you feel that way towards me, however for you I will never change. I promise. Even if you fall victim to dark thoughts, I will be here for you. Always." she had kissed the top of Kit's head then patted it. She had backed out from the hug as well and confidentially said out to her "Of course sweetie~ just don't put yourself too much into harms way. He might hurt a little too much, only attack when you know you wont be in danger. Okay?" she had asked of her asking her to be safe. Then moving forward into the fortress she had said "Oh, sure! It will be on me of course, I need a inn room to stay in anyways. I don't really have a home.." she had nervously giggled. As they entered the throne room the two could hear the king laugh then stand facing the two of them ready to attack, Ruby had immediately moved forward however had slipped on ice and fell right onto her butt. "Ouch..." she had exclaimed out, then with eyes wide open she had moved out of the King's charge toward her. @Kityuisa ID: 123014 - BD: 1 ID: 123015 - MD: 5-3=2 Party ♥ [0] Kityuisa | 520/520 HP | 42/52 EN | 10 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 12 BLD | RESTED (-1 EN for two actions) | Relaxed | Multipurpose +1 LD (Stealth, Stealth Detection, Prosperity to one post) | Filling ♥ [0] Ruby | 1200/1200 HP | 108/120 EN | 12 DMG | 35 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 4 LD | 20 FA% Enemies ♥ Nights King | 450/450 HP | 300 DMG | 50 MIT | Crit Bonus 9: 85 - 10: 100
  13. Ruby smiled at the statements she had said to her, it was... rather touching and sweet, she had patted the top of her head and said out "Aw, you're sweet. But, may I ask why you'd like for me to stay the way I am forever? Oh, was I right in you in awe of my beauty~?" she had giggled. She looked forward and was a little upset, she related to her a lot except in the other gender part. She had looked over and said to her "Hey, all that matters at the end of the day is that he loves you, and you love him. Even if you don't understand why, or if you feel like you are just out of his league, just accept the fact that you two are together here and until it ends." she smiled "What else could you ask from a lover than to always be at your side? Well, maybe other than actual love of course." she giggled. She patted her head once more "And if that day comes where you need to vent to me, to cry into my shoulder, or just need a hug I am here for you Kit. No matter what." @Kityuisa
  14. Ruby had smiled and said to her "It's great to have someone like that in your life, especially in a death game such as this. Helps you become more sane in your darkest times." she had looked forward saying "I too have someone like that here, however I haven't spoken to her privately in a while." she giggled after her statement and they walked forward. She had looked over and with a intregued look she had said "What do you mean... "could say"? is there something wrong between you two?" then said scratching the back of her head lightly "You could say that I am... we just really like doing... "couples" stuff, but id much prefer someone that can help me in battle and I could see a lot more often..." she had sighed "Its just been a little more hard to find a female you know... into females like I am." she had said with a bit of a frustrated tone. Then looking over she had offered a wink back and said "As long as these fun flirty comments stay the same then we'll very much be great friends." @Kityuisa
  15. Ruby had nodded her head "Seems like a great friend to have, if he is your friend." she turned back to face the enemies once more, then she had bounced up and down preparing herself for the next attack. Then moving forward she had performed the same attack against the two then once they connected they had exploded into crystals and disappeared into nothing. Letting out a breath of air she had stretched her arms upward then turned back to Kit and giggled seeing her look "Impressed yet? Or are you just admiring my beauty?" then turning back toward the fortress she had exclaimed out to her "C'mon sweetie, we got a boss and others to beat to get that sweet free skill points." she giggled. Stepping forward towards the fortress she had turned her head around and asked her "So sweetheart~ I just gotta know, you with someone in this world?" @Kityuisa ID: 122996 - BD: 8+3=11 it kills him ID: 122997 - BD: 7+3=10 it kills him Party ♥ [0,0] Kityuisa | 520/520 HP | 42/52 EN | 10 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 12 BLD | RESTED (-1 EN for two actions) | Relaxed | Multipurpose +1 LD (Stealth, Stealth Detection, Prosperity to one post) | Filling ♥ [1,1] Ruby | 1200/1200 HP | 108/120 EN | 15 DMG | 35 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 4 LD | 20 FA% Enemies ♥ Frost Wight 1 | Dead ♥ Frost Wight 2 | rip ♥ Frost Wight 3 | Dead ♥ Frost Wight 4 | rip
  16. Ruby had smiled back and said to her "Well, of course, not everyone's build is going to be exactly what you want and flawless at the same time sweetheart. Gotta develop it and grow it more!" she then giggled a little more and moved one of her gauntlets in front of her as it let off a dark eerie glow from the fallen damage and said "Trust me, I know how you feel. Just don't lose yourself. Nothing hurts the most than opening your eyes to darkness you have caused." she then patted her head lightly as the eerie glow went away and changed to a white glow. She looked over as she wrapped herself around her arm and with a smile she had said "Aww, you're a real cutie you know that? And you know theres many ways females can stick together to get warm~" she giggled. Then as they arrived to the fortress they were quickly greeted with monsters. She had cracked her knuckles and said out to her "Always beautiful~" then watched as she overkilled a mob, looking over and nodding her head her legs glowed a dark eerie glow coming from her gauntlets as she lunged forward and kicked her foot around hitting all the mobs as a AoE killing one of them, hurting the others severely. Looking toward them she had easily moved out of harms way, all of their attacks becoming useless. @Kityuisa ID: 122986 - BD: 8 - Damage: 21*6=126-25=101 ID: 122987 - BD: 4+3=7 - Damage: 15*6=90-25=65 ID: 122989 - BD: 5+3=8 - Damage: 15*6=90-25=65 ID: 122990 - MD: 8-3=5 Miss! ID: 122991 - MD: 7-3-4 Miss! Party ♥ [0,0] Kityuisa | 520/520 HP | 44/52 EN | 10 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 12 BLD | RESTED (-1 EN for two actions) | Relaxed | Multipurpose +1 LD (Stealth, Stealth Detection, Prosperity to one post) | Filling ♥ [1,1] Ruby | 1200/1200 HP | 108/120 EN | 15 DMG | 35 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 4 LD | 20 FA% Enemies ♥ Frost Wight 1 | rip ♥ Frost Wight 2 | 35/100 HP | 120 DMG | 25 MIT | Critical Bonus - 50 DMG (BD9), 60 DMG (BD10) ♥ Frost Wight 3 | Dead [-131 DMG] ♥ Frost Wight 4 | 35/100 HP | 120 DMG | 25 MIT | Critical Bonus - 50 DMG (BD9), 60 DMG (BD10)
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    [PP - F04] Relaxing

    Ruby didn't exactly like this floor, however today she found herself here mostly shopping for some vanity clothes to wear as she cared about her looks when she isn't in battle even if it didn't matter at all. Walking over to a bench in a circle in the center with a fire she had rubbed her hands together breathing them to get warm again looking around, things have gotten a little more quiet than usual these days on the lower floors it seems the higher we get in the game all the players just migrate to the higher floors which is a same, despite this floor being absolutely cold it was... beautiful to see at the very least. She had sighed, today would of been a good day to relax with her girlfriend or even Hestia but unfortunately both were busy today. She wondered if she could meet a new person today.. @Lessa
  18. Ruby had smiled at her cheeks blushing then gave Kit's cheek a pinch saying "Careful now~" then moved back toward their destination. With a understanding smile "Ah, that's not bad of a DPS route, I tried it before it just wasn't my style" however she looked forward a little upset as there was another reason why she had gotten stealth in the first place, she just hoped they'd never come again. She shook her head and exchanged the comment to her then saying to her "Of course~ gotta use them for combat, support, and other reasons." she looked back forward with a flirty smile. Then she had explained to her "This quest we are going to is The Night's King, supposedly your typical boss with its own minions. But you have no need to worry. I am a front liner after all." she giggled "Plus I am a support, highly doubt your HP would even come close to being red at any point like your cute cheeks all flustered~" @Kityuisa
  19. She had giggled closing her eyes and quickly reopening them in a cute nature then said to her "Aww well thank you sweetie you have quite the adorable name yourself Kitty~" she smiled to her. Joining her to rub her hands together to keep warm Ruby had blushed a little bit then with a flirty smile she had placed a hand on her hip and leaned forward a bit "Oh~? And what does that "anything" entail?" she had giggled then patted her head. She had shifted her body toward the area and said looking back at her "Of course~ I have to get stronger for the front lines. And of course just trying to be more beautiful by being all alone~" she said almost like she was singing moving forward. Clapping her hands together once she had asked out "Oh! What kind of build are you going for or have? I am currently a support dps using martial arts" then with a flirty smile she leaned backward to her and took a few steps back standing next to her "Guess that could mean I know how to use my hands in numerous ways~" she then winked then walked a couple steps in front of her giggling. @Kityuisa
  20. Ruby had begun to breathe into her hands rubbing them together to keep warm, however in the middle of this she had looked over and saw... a rather cute girl walk up to her getting her attention then fully walked up to her. She had offered her a warm smile and said out to her "Hey there sweetheart, can I help you with anything?" she had shifted her body towards her and bowed before her saying out "My name is Ruby, what is your name? Other than cute that is." she had straightened herself giggling at the flirty remark she had given her. She had looked over into the distance and looked back to her saying "I am currently alone trying to complete a quest, unless you wish to join me I should be on my merry way." she had gave her another warm smile trying to not spent too much time speaking with other girls which she can get lost into doing. @Kityuisa
  21. Ruby was still a little upset on the death of her old familiar, however she couldn't be too upset of the past right now what matters is that she finally fixes her stats and isn't lonely majority of the time anymore. Walking her way into the main settlement, she had done the usual talking to the gypsy, talking with her to get some food. Now it was just a matter of finding the familiar, while she doesn't want to do it alone... she felt like she could get more done if she went off on her lonesome. Walking out into the wilderness she had let out a exhale of breathe, it had been a while she had stepped outside of the safe zone once again, but now it was time to finally get some work done. She had wondered what kind of familiar she was going to get this time, she wanted something more... cool. Till Familiar Roll: [1/15]
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    [PP-F01] Shoping with Care (Ruby)

    For the most part, Ruby had been afraid these past few days, and weeks. She had felt utterly useless in the previous fight that had just gotten herself killed once again for the third time in a row. She was mostly just scared of dying, spending her time with her head in her hands trying to remove the thoughts that haunt her brain she had received a message from her lover someone she hadn't talked to in a long time. With a slight smile on her face she had replied to her: "Hey Toshiko, I am sorry I have spoken to you at all these past few weeks, I have just been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff and just a lot of other things. I can speak to you about them when I arrive though, I'd love to spend more time with you sweetie. I am sorry for pushing you as far as I have. Love, Cecilia" Sending the message she had stood up from her bed and stretched out a bit, she had felt a pit in her stomach still haunted from the thought of dying in the next fight she even participates in... however she just needed to take this risks, not only for her girlfriend and herself, but for everyone in the game. Taking a deep breath she had left her store/home to meet her at the given coordinates. After a good minute or two, she had made her way to where she had told her to meet her at. It only took maybe a few seconds before she had seen her lover, running toward her she had immediately pulled her into a hug and kissed her, pulling away after a few seconds and placing her forehead on hers saying "I'm so so sorry for disappearing on you..."