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  1. Silver sat on his perch on the fourth floor overlooking the Frostbite Lake. The tree he sits in swaying in the wind. It appeared that today would prove itself to be fairly windy. He looked over the lake in deep thought, his heterochromatic eyes glistening in the sunlight. He thought back to the times of old, when all he worried about was his mission. Why was it he attempted to settle down? All of these intensities would be quelled. He had so much to do, his life was something which it took an iron will to sustain. Many had tried to be as he was, all had failed. That was why he was the protégé of the family, he assumed, he was the only one programed to be as he was. Save maybe his partner, though that man was far below Silver’s caliber in Silvers eyes at least. It was infuriating that he would be paired up with anyone, much less someone whom he could not puppet. What was his training for if not to be given a partner that could be properly used? What was his grandfather’s reasoning? Though neither of them would tell their grandfather of their quarrels with each other. That would spill disaster for the who family. @Simba
  2. Silver listened to his comrade intently. Taking in what she had to say and finding suitable mentions which he could use to potentially assist her. “If I may offer myself to your assistance. I would be honored to become someone which you feel comfortable talking with. I will let you know me in full should you so ask me to explain myself to you and would be happy for you to see me as an advisor. There are few in this world who are truly willing to listen to others and learn of their abilities, but that is where I pride myself. In fact, I have a journal which I keep everything I learn about others and document all of the stories which I find myself hearing. It is something of my passion to learn everything there is to know about life. So, if you will permit me, I would like to learn about yours, perhaps we will both learn something.” Silver paused, thinking of the comment about The Master of Shadow in front of them. “I am sure that if you asked him to mentor you he would be willing. He seems to be a master of his craft, most masters I have learned of tend to be willing to share their knowledge.” They were on the edge of the battlefield now, Silver found himself intrigued by the fighting style. @Saphira
  3. The subsequent question to follow the emotionally tasking conversation was one more closely related to small talk. Silver was, of course, glad to get off the subject of Kathrine. “I assume I will be heading back to my apartment on the fourth floor to check on the little girl I adopted. Well, I say adopted but what I mean is we have an agreement that for so long as we are present in this game I will take care of her and give her fatherly advice whenever it is asked of me.” Silver paused, “How about yourself? My apologies, it seems we have been focusing on my being this whole time, I have yet to ask you very many questions of my own. Perhaps another time I can get to know you and your life better, or we can do so now. It is, in the end, up to you.” The two had left the labyrinth and were headed back to the main settlement on the floor. It had been a very interesting time, being on this quest. How odd it was to find someone so willing to listen to him and his quarrels. Life seemed to weave itself in strange ways, he wondered if he could learn to predict it. @Hestia
  4. Silver smiled at the man, kindness in his eyes. “Perhaps I can assist you on your quest to gather material.” Silver thought for a moment. “I, indubitably, shall be getting an owl as a pet once I have finished improving my searching abilities. Though until then I shall stick to bird watching. So, my blue-eyed friend, please tell me about yourself. I am always looking to gain knowledge of experience from others. It allows me to better strengthen my knowledge of the world, both the one in which we came from and the strange realm which we find ourselves in today.” Silver knew that few could add to the list of experiences that he himself had, though he never wanted to pass up the opportunity to find out the possibility of experiences which he could never have. Thus, he perused every opening to learn about others as he possibly could, silently piecing life together through the eyes of others. It was so grandiose to hear of such things that could be done, understand the things that others had gone through. Perhaps with the intelligence that he would gather through others he could begin to accurately predict scenarios in this strange realm or in the original that he found himself in. @Benjamin Bookworm
  5. Silver gave a more conservative smile, his heterochromatic eyes glistening in the lantern light of the shack. “My sincere apologies, I have never really been one to have the ability to get my point across to those outside my family. Even so with some of the people in my family for that matter.” He chuckles. “So, you wish to know of my story. Where do you wish for me to start? You hold yourself as someone I would have warranted confidence in trusting. I shall offer you three places for me to start. I can start from when I was ten years, when I was seventeen years, or when I entered this strange realm. Each by itself is bountiful with experience both that would make most pleased to hear, though my further history tends to make people hesitate while partaking in conversation with me.” He left it with that. He was happy to give the spiel that was his life story. Though he had lived a lot of life, even at ten years he had lived the life of twenty five men and women. It was rare for others to be at all interested in his being. He was seen by most as an advisor, thus he was rarely listened to when pertaining to topics that were of his own personal needs. @Kasier
  6. Anyone interested in doing a little RP?

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      maybe with Kairi?

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      Wait, we're the same level? Let's RP :)

  7. Silver looked at Saphira with slight concern in his eyes. “My apologies, I did not intend to give you the impression of feeling misplaced. I am very aware that there are many people with experience in this world. I intend to learn about all of the experiences. You say you don’t believe the world will listen to you when you talk. Why is that? If you don’t mind me asking. It seems that you may find that if you just talk, ignoring what others will think you may find yourself in the presence of those who will listen. I would love to hear the many different experiences that you have endured, should you ask I would be happy to inform you as to the experiences that I have found myself in as well.” Silver paused. “You see, I am an advisor. I find that I do my best work helping others with decisions and choices. Helping others when they need advice. Should you need help with anything I would be honored to assist you, regardless as to the task.” The two kept walking, Silver could see the first wasp kill in the distance. “It seems our comrade has begun his fight. How amazing it is to see him come out of the shadows. I remember when I was like that, leaking in the shadows, waiting for my prey. But that was a long time ago” @Saphira
  8. Silver heard the footsteps approaching, he wondered what the result would be of this interaction. He had high hope, however. The light pink haired man looked to the man asking if he was okay. Silver gazed at the man with a warm smile, light still glistening in his heterochromatic eyes. “Indeed! I am quite well!” He said through a thick Northern British accent before swinging down from the tree and landing perfectly in front of the man. He extends a hand. “Greetings, I am Silver ‘Thorsten’ Zevulum. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!” Silver brought the collar of his <<Mark 1 Zevulum Combat Armour>> to his mouth so that the Purple Z was directly over his mouth. “I come here often, I was searching for a snow owl to record in my journal.” Silver handed his journal to the man to see. The open page was of a perfect rendition of a snow owl in pen. If other pages were turned to the man would only see pages of mores code and a square in the upper right corner of 1’s and 0’s. “How may I be of assistance?” @Benjamin Bookworm
  9. Silver thought on how to explain the relationship between himself and Kathrine. “We are friends, and I am her advisor. I give her advice to get through the things she has been through, good or bad. She sees herself as selfish with the amount I have given up to her. She would be correct to believe I have sacrificed a lot, my entire livelihood in fact, to help her. Though I don’t see it as a true sacrifice, I gave it up for the opportunity to have a life no one in my family has ever experienced. Perhaps I was wrong to do so. To think I, the Prodigy, would end up in this situation. I guess, even with everything I have learned, there is much I haven’t experienced. Perhaps I should have listened to my partner when I had the chance instead of blowing him off.” Silver thought for a bit. “I have been with her as a friend for nearly 3 years before we entered this realm. Hell, I’m only in this realm because I wanted to surprise her. Who knows what life would be like if I hadn’t found that young woman crying on the bench.” Silver shakes his head. “It’s better not to dwell on what could have been.” @Hestia
  10. Silver shook his head. “I wish that were an option. My grandfather will not be passing away any time soon, not to mention that I took an oath to my family. I’m not a man to go back on my word ever. I also made a promise to protect her, though I realize now that I was naive to do so. If I could only convince her to be with me and join the bloodline she may have a chance. If not then I must either kill her or have us both killed. At least if I am the one to kill her I can dictate how quick it is that she dies. Its unfortunate that this is the outcome. But its not like I can tell her, it would just lead to fear of me. This game is the only way I can convince her before its too late, however I am not knowledgeable on how to partake in the game of romance. I can’t say I ever really was. My mind is useful in every situation outside of romance that I can think of. Even if my job is to seduce my target I can succeed. However, when it comes to real romance I find myself at a loss.” Silver shrugs. He is defeated here. She would never want to be with him and he would be a fool to attempt to navigate it. He would wind up flat on his face without hope of return. @Hestia
  11. Silver smiled at the woman kindly and sat. “Greetings, I am Silver ‘Thorsten’ Zevulum. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He waited for the psutoperson to return to the table and ask what he would be having. “Surprise me” Silver said before returning to the person in front of him. “I hope I do not offend with my speech, however you seem to be someone of experience in this strange realm. If you do not mind me doing so, I am interested in inquiring as to your may trials and tribulations since your beginning in this realm.” He waited patiently for a response, he wanted to show her the upmost respect. He thought back to the time he spent gathering intel for the family, it was a common feat for him and not one he undertook lightly. He had the mindset of always treating others with the upmost respect, regardless as their spot in life. It was the proper way to do things. The ramen arrived together, it was his intent to get as much information out of everyone as possible, though he understood the potential problems with this mindset. He would need to be careful not to delve to deep into the past of others, though he knew that his hunger for knowledge would never be satiated. @Kasier
  12. Silver sat in the trees surrounding Frostbite Lake. He was watching for a snow owl, wondering if it were to be possible to acquire one as a companion. He recalled how he had seen others with companions and wondered as to their origin. This was his favorite place to be, the area was reminiscent of his hometown. He thought to the days he spent wondering as to what it was his mother did, where she went. Others he spent wondering where his father would take him next. His life was non-stop travel. It was amazing to him that it all started for him in that British town. The life of someone like him was a quiet one, so he swiftly learned how to be at peace with himself. Not much bothered him anymore. It was hard to be bothered when in his line of work. Silver’s heterochromatic eyes glistened in the light reflected off the lake. He heard the sound of an owl, getting silently excited. Soon the bird flew before him, the blackish specks of the wings captivating his attention. He swiftly recalled the sight and started to draw an exact replication in his journal. @Benjamin Bookworm
  13. Silver sat on top of the buildings of the town, sitting and observing the goings on in the Town of Beginnings. He had watched the town go from bustling to almost dead sense the start of the game. It was almost becoming peaceful. He thought to what the little girl he adopted must be doing. They didn’t talk much outside of him giving her advice when it was needed. He planned to shape her into a wise young woman, or at least as well as he would be able to before the game ended. He decided to make his way to get some food. He elected to stop at the first establishment that served food that he could find. He ran atop the buildings until he came across a ramen stand. It would do. Silver equips his <<Mark 1 Zevulum Combat Armour>>. The graphene armour hugged his figure well. He raised the collar over his mouth, the large purple Z directly over his lips. He then got a running start and jumped from the top of the building. He did a flip before landing in front of the stand. He approached the psudoperson running the stand, lowering the collar as he did so. Silver looked around and saw a table with a tired looking woman. He approached her with a kind, warm smile. His Heterochromatic eyes glistening in the sunlight. “Do you mind if I sit here, ma’am?” He motioned to the chair across from her. Silver spoke with a thick Northern British accent. He had very light pink hair and stood/walked with confidence that gave both a vibe of relaxation and the ability to snap someone's neck at the same time. The kind of posture that is owned by those in Special Forces. @Kasier
  14. Silver chuckled, “I don’t know about ‘super assassin’. I just have a talent for the job. Not many make it as far as I have with the ability to be content. Its all about mindset, I choose to be content and make others content if possible. I see a world before me to be shaped and molded. There is no reason to be disdainful, plus I respect everyone who respects me. Even those I have a contract for… I guess the only person who is an acceptation is my partner but that is a story that would take far to long to tell.” He pauses when he is asked the question, it was a question he had been avoiding thus far. It was a hard to answer due to the weight of the situation. He sighs “To be honest with you, Hestia, once this game is over I either have to convince her to join the family, convince the family that she is to be trusted, or I will be forced to kill her. By family law if you have people too close to you, you have someone who can be exploited for family secretes and thus must be killed by the person who has endangered the family. Hiding is not an option for her, and I can’t turn away from the family. I am in line to take the place of my grandfather once he kicks the bucket. I don’t have the choice to turn that down.” A tear runs down Silvers face. @Hestia
  15. Silver nodded, “Very well, please lead the way, comrade.” Silver then went to follow his companion. It was interesting, observing the surroundings, so much to learn in every step. Silver found himself thinking aloud. “This place reminds me of my time in Silicon Valley. That was a site to behold. The lush trees that surrounded the area, the rolling hills that seemed to be out of a photo shoot. It was no wonder that he held up there” Silver began to recount the memory, unaware that he was doing so aloud. Something of a flashback, then again, these things were common in his line of work. “Buck up Comrade, you always look so disgruntled… Yes I realize that you would rather be home but that is no reason not to enjoy the day. We have seventeen hours until we must be set up for the mission apex, the least you can do is relax…” Silver sighs, “We have valid intel as to where his whereabouts will be, why do you insist on distrusting it…. So what if we don’t personally know the man, he is a family correspondent…” Silver begins to get heated, “What do you mean you don’t trust Grandpa on this? You are beginning to sound like that knob end Atzo. I don’t understand why we had to be partners. Just because we are the best in the business. Grandpa knows I am more than capable to fend for myself… You little… Yes I am questioning Grandpa but this is different. People working together is much more problematic and takes time, you should know this…. Fine I will see you at sundown….” @Pinball