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  1. Silver thought for a moment, swiftly taking out his journal and flipping to a page filled with dots and dashes, and a square of 1’s and 0’s in the corner. He took a quick look at the page before swiftly closing the journal and putting it away. “No, I never met him on the job. Which is good because if I had met him in such a time he would have more than likely been my target and died by my hand. I have, however, only really met him in passing, and from the files the bloodline stores on other blades for hire. I was never really one to be brought into a group of acquaintances, I am sure you can see why. Mr. Williams tended to be talking to someone when I would walk into a location where he was. Not that I had a reason to talk with him anyways.” Silver paused, “That is not to say I don’t have extensive notes on the man, then again I am not sure that is what you are looking for.” @Embers
  2. Silver shook his head, realizing that he had been speaking aloud. He gave an awkward chuckle, “My apologies, I thought I was reliving that memory in my head, apparently I was reliving it outwardly. I hope I didn’t say anything that would prove to be overly frightening. If you have any questions I assume I am obligated to answer at this point, to an extent. So, feel free to ask any question that may have come to you whilst hearing that and I will do what I can to give you and answer.” Silver was a hurricane internally. He had just outwardly relived a memory that could jeopardize himself and his partner. No matter how much how much he hated his partner, Silver was not one to cause harm to the family. He needed to have a firmer guard for the time being, it would be a challenge to navigate the newly placed mine field without a map. Still it was not something that would be impossible. @Pinball
  3. Thorsten

    [F2-OP] Return

    Silver smiled at Hydra. “Hydra, that is a curious name. What is the reason for your choosing of that jurisdiction, if I may ask?” Silver paused and sized up the man before him. “In fact I have a plethora of inquiries for you, should you permit me to pursue them. You see, I am a seeker of knowledge, I wish to learn the experiences of others so I may learn enough to begin to predict the outcome of various situations and perhaps be able to predict how life will show itself to someone. I believe with the correct amount of information one can do this and choose to live the most fulfilling life.” Silver looked to the river. “Do not worry with being a burden. The troubles of other are my job to carry, be they fatigue, mental, or physical. I am an adviser after all.” It was a beautiful day, not to mention the reassurance that came from finding another English native. It was not common to find such people. Silver felt a kinship with this man, one that would undoubtedly come to a disadvantage in the future. Then again this could not be guessed at yet, though kinship for Thorsten tended to relay to him having willingness to lay down his life for the other. @Hydra
  4. Silver smiled for a moment before returning to his tale. “Your willingness to assist me in finding my friend is very kind but I have found her and one of the people I used to advise. Though it was quick after our reuniting which a thought dawned on me.” Silver’s cheery demeanor immediately darkens. His smile flees and the glow about his eyes burn out. “You see, I realize that I had been around her too much in the past. She became someone that could be used as a target, she could be used by an enemy of the bloodline to gain information out of me. There is something about her that I cannot place, a feeling I cannot understand. Knowing this a thought crossed my mind which had never once crossed my mind before. As per the law of the bloodline, upon my exit from this realm I will be forced to… to….” Silver tears up, and takes a breath, “I must either convince her to join the bloodline or kill her. There is nothing that can otherwise be done. My time in this realm is the only way I can ensure her being alive in the end, or should she be forced to meet an untimely end at my hand. The only way to keep my word is to convince her.” Silver pulled his collar closer to his mouth as he stabled his emotions. It was hard to bear the thought of killing his friend, harder to bear the though of what would happen to him if he didn’t. @Kasier (My apologies for the delay, RL has been very intense)
  5. Silver smiled at Benjamin. “How simply wonderful!” Silver stated with a hint of excitement in his voice, “I was beginning to give up hope of the possibility to come across another who had an aversion to combat. I fully understand your not wanting to participate in combat. If I can avoid it I attempt to as well. It seems so many people are absorbed in their combat prowess. As if it is all they think of. How crazy is it to think that when you place people in an environment which requires fending for one’s life, as this realm is, so many people attempt to become the best at doing so? Then again, humanity is inherently evil in the end, perhaps this fact has some indication of the proceedings of those in this realm. I must say, however, the ability for the individual to form a society had far exceeded my immediate expectation. What do you think on the matter Mr. Bookworm?” Silver looked to his surroundings once more, finding a small material and tossing it to his comrade. This would be a short day of gathering should he be able to keep up with this pace. ID# 96226 LD: 13+2=15 (+1 T1 Mat Found) [Mat given to @Benjamin Bookworm] (My apologies for the delay, RL got intense)
  6. Thorsten

    [PP-F4] Expanding the Journal (Simba. Thorsten

    Silver thought to the things past and shook his head. Thinking back would indubitably lead only to a mindset of depression and loathing. Now was not the time to think of such things. He proceeded to stand on the branch and jump down. He then proceeded to make his way to the city. How odd it was days went. How is it everyone both can and can’t agree on the time of day? It was odd to him. To some whom would say it morning, others would claim it evening. Be they in different time zones or in the same. The choices of people were so very odd. Silver pulled out his journal and pen, writing in it in code. To an onlooker the journal was full of lines and dots. Upon reaching the city Silver put the journal away and made his way to the town square. He walked with an air of both being relaxed and being able to snap someone’s neck in a moment’s notice. To an onlooker with knowledge of special forces, this would be the walk most commonly assigned to such people. @Simba (My appologies for the delay, RL got intense)
  7. Thorsten

    [F2-OP] Return

    Silver sat atop a tree on the second floor. He had come across someone or may the soul had come under him. Silver used the trees to his advantage following the man. His <<Mark 1 Zevulum Combat Armour>> clutching his body, the large purple Z sitting on the collar sitting over his mouth. When the man had stopped moving, Silver decided to make himself known. He jumped from the trees and landed adjacent to the man. Silver’s very light pink hair ruffled slightly in the breeze, his heterochromatic eyes glistening slightly in the light of the sun. “Greetings, I am Silver ‘Thorsten’ Zevulum, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Silver said through a thick northern British accent, extending a hand as greeting and lowering the collar from his mouth to show his bright smile. “I have been following you for some time now, you seem to be carrying quite the proverbial burden. Is there any way I may be able to find myself of use to you friend?” Silver had always preferred to be honest with people, even though his line of work tended to push him away from honesty. Silver stood and walked with an air of both being relaxed and being able to snap someone's neck at any moment. @Hydra
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  9. Silver smiled. “I have a photographic memory. If I write things I can remember the exact page whenever I need to. It is very useful, though it seems to only be of use if I have written things down.” He smiled, it was nice to hear her joy and pride of how she helped her family. “I am sure you would do a phenomenal job at teaching.” They had found their ways to the city. Silver looked to the time. “I should be getting to Fae, I need to make sure she is doing alright. That kid always comes home with the most amazing stories. It is rather unfortunate that she is not able to join me in the original realm after this is all said and done. It has been an honor to be in your company, Ms. Hestia. I would love to be able to resume these conversations in the future. You have a good night!” With that, Silver made his way to the room which he stayed on the fourth floor. Summery Thread Hestia – 2SP, 400col Thorsten – 2SP, 400col Quest Thorsten – 2sp, <<Amulet of Hoya>>
  10. Silver thought for a moment. “I will give you my life story should you so ask. I have no reason to keep myself from you. So, please, what would you like me to tell you about? I tend to give those who wish to know everything there is to know about me three different places to start. Firstly, you may start from when I was ten years of age, from when I met the person whom I pledged my life to or from when I entered this strange realm.” He was not afraid of anything, he remembered his partner yelling at him for being to open with him whilst he was in the original realm. Silver was still quite angered about his grandfather even giving him a partner. Silver turned to the Master of Shadows. “I am not really one for fighting, I will stay right here on the edge.” He then turned to Saphira. “I have faith that you will one day be able to do what he does. It only makes sense that others would be able to find themselves at his level. Perhaps, on day, you will be able to best him, though that would prove itself to take a fair amount of time I presume.” @Saphira
  11. Silver vigorously wrote in Morse code in the journal. He was puzzled for a bit when the idea of caring for each other in a family was presented to him, but he shrugged and kept writing. “Intriguing!” Silver said, seeming, perhaps, much more immersed in the story then he should have been. “So, you served your sister as a teacher, perhaps taking the role of one of your parents when necessary. That is very noble of you.” After he finished he allowed Hestia to look through his journal. “I use my journals for a few different things. I use it to take notes on those I meet, that way I cannot forget about anyone.” He turned to a page with both Morse code and a string of 1’s and 0’s. He pointed to the Morse code. “For example, this is a coded profile of my guild leader, Stryder.” He then pointed to the 1’s and 0’s. “And this is a profile picture of him. It is coded so if I were to enter it into a computer I would be able to get the exact photo. Not that the photo otherwise exists. I code all of my notes and then enter them into Morse code so that no one can gain information on others that isn’t approved by the person I gathered the information for. Allong with this I use it a my personal journal, documenting my day to day life. It documents what experiances I have had sense joining, my feelings and worries. All of that is actually in a poetic form.” @Hestia
  12. Silver nodded. “I must apologies, I am not really one for combat as it stands. I am waiting for the ability to use my skills in various martial arts again. I will do my best however.” Silver then stands up as well, paying for the meal. “You wish to hear of my trials after having started this game. Very well. On that fateful day on realizing the situation I had found myself in I fell into something of a violent rampage. I destroyed everything in my sight. I was furious that I may have ended up here. You see there is a person who I had given my word to protect in the original realm. I pledged my bloodied hands to her after I had fought off some of her attackers. I will never break my word, you see, it is completely against everything I stand for. She very much enjoyed games like this, and whilst I never quite understood them I felt I should surprise her by joining this game. I became violent when I realized I may not be able to protect her in this situation. I couldn’t find her and that made it worse. Everything seemed to be collapsing in around me. Not only was I on the verge of breaking a promise for the first time, breaking my word, I was on the verge of loosing the only friend I had.” Silver paused @Kasier
  13. Silver smiled slightly, it was a sad smile. This was understandable from the conversation the two had just ended, however he was pleased seeing that his questions would not be taken poorly. He took a moment to think of the proper question to ask. “Pardon its vague premise, however, what was it like to have a family? You say you had a sister, I would like to assume you had contact with your mother, what was it like to have such people? Never having been born a sibling, and without any direct contact with my mother I am curious as to what it is like to have and experience such things. On the side of this, do you mind if I take notes? I have a goal to document everything there is to know about life, perhaps I can learn enough to understand the point of existence and begin to predict the outcomes of various events without fail.” Silver removed the journal and a fountain pen from his inventory to show what he had meant. He was unsure if Hestia would be curious enough to investigate the journal, though if she did she would see only three distinctly different things. First: Morse code, Second: 1’s and 0’s in various squares spread inconsistently throughout the journal, Third: hand drawn pictures of Owls. @Hestia
  14. Silver chuckled before he began to speak, his voice booming across the lake. “Perhaps you misunderstand me, I mean, Who art thou? What is it that makes you who you are? You haven’t even told me your name as it stands! So, my comrade, please enlighten me with your tales. I have been searching for experiences that differ from my own for quite some time.” Silver enjoyed the hunt for information. It was one of the many hunts he enjoyed. So many things were present in this world, he wanted to learn them all. Silver began walking, assuming his comrade was following him. The way he walked gave the impression of both being completely relaxed and being able to snap someone’s neck at any point, his arms hung loosely at his sides and he held his head up with confidence, though not with pride. He saw something glistening in the snow and picked it up, remembering what this man had intended to do whilst being out in the cold. Silver then tossed the material to his friend. “One down, how many did you intend to acquire precisely?” ID# 94466 LD: 20+2 = 22 (1 T1 mat found) [Mat given to @Benjamin Bookworm]
  15. Silver sat on his perch on the fourth floor overlooking the Frostbite Lake. The tree he sits in swaying in the wind. It appeared that today would prove itself to be fairly windy. He looked over the lake in deep thought, his heterochromatic eyes glistening in the sunlight. He thought back to the times of old, when all he worried about was his mission. Why was it he attempted to settle down? All of these intensities would be quelled. He had so much to do, his life was something which it took an iron will to sustain. Many had tried to be as he was, all had failed. That was why he was the protégé of the family, he assumed, he was the only one programed to be as he was. Save maybe his partner, though that man was far below Silver’s caliber in Silvers eyes at least. It was infuriating that he would be paired up with anyone, much less someone whom he could not puppet. What was his training for if not to be given a partner that could be properly used? What was his grandfather’s reasoning? Though neither of them would tell their grandfather of their quarrels with each other. That would spill disaster for the who family. @Simba