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    [PP-F4] Introduction to Others (Shi)

    "It's okay," Shi smiled, "stay positive and you'll see your family again." He pushed his cold hands into his slightly less cold pockets. The man thought about his family. He missed them dearly, but accepted that he'd never again see their faces. Shi wondered if anybody else was waiting for him to come back. It was unlikely, but possible. "A random conversation topic?" He thought for a moment. Generally, he was good at conversation. It was a skill the noirette had picked up over many years of speaking to people in and outside of highschool and he had only improved since then. "What did you do before Sword Art? Like, what were your hobbies?" Shi loved that question because he found that almost everyone enjoyed talking about themselves. This was the best way to do so, especially if they had an interesting hobby like surfing or underwater knitting. Of course, he also knew that talking about life outside of the game was normally not done. People, for whatever reason, didn't do so unless they were extremely close. Shi didn't really get that, but he respected it on most occasions. On this one, however, he felt as if it were okay to ask.
  4. For a moment, everything was dark. Not even the sound of the wind could be heard. There was only emptiness. Then, without any warning, Shi was engulfed in light. His eyes and mind tried to identify where he was. "I'm home." He smiled as he felt a warm arm wrap over his shoulder. "Mom." Shi mumbled, but was given no response. His gaze was averted as he noticed another figure, who sat on a brown, leather couch. "Dad too." The noirette was confused, but went along with the situation. Something felt off, although he wasn't sure what. He sat down beside his father, and his mother followed. Suddenly, the television flickered on, without even a click of the remote. Shi wasn't sure what exactly it was that they were watching, but it made him feel slightly uncomfortable. They watched from a first person view as someone drove a bright red car, he couldn't tell what kind, drove along a long--seemingly endless--highway. Every part of him wanted to turn away from the screen, but he stayed focused on it against his will. Then, as quickly as it came, the setting changed once more. Now, he was inside of the expensive-looking car, steering it along the highway. Shi's head cocked to the right for only a moment, and he noticed his mother in the passenger seat. His mind was scrambling, attempting to find an answer to what was going on. He turned back to the road ahead of him and watched as a massive truck began to swerve in the direction of his car. The charcoal-haired man could do nothing, not even move the steering wheel. Then, as he felt the impact of the truck slamming into his vehicle, Shi's eyes flew open. He looked around at his surroundings. A dream? Or maybe more like a nightmare. Shi breathed heavily for a moment, but was able to collect himself quickly. He stared into the water in front of him and noticed that he had been crying a little. He wiped a tear off of his cheek with his sleeve, and continued to look around him. The noirette was at the Waterfall of the Sage, somewhere deep in the jungles of the sixth floor. Thankfully, there wasn't another person around to see him in that state. He had come for relaxation, but recieved something much different Shi let out a sigh, before falling backwars onto the grass beneath him. "What a day." @Arabelle
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    [PP-F4] Introduction to Others (Shi)

    Shi liked the answer he was given. "Christmas has always been my favourite holiday." He stated. Of course, he had always spent Christmas with his family. They were no longer around, and he had nobody inside of the game to enjoy the snow with. But that was okay. It was only a matter of time before he found someone. The noirette listened as Spencer began to ask a question. It was one he had heard far to many times, but was still fine with answering. "I guess you could say I've been procrastinating a little bit, as bad as that may sound. But it's important to me that I face this game now. If I don't, I'll regret it later. So here I am." The snow continued to fall at a slow, steady pace. It created a sort of relaxing vibe that Shi found incredibly enjoyable. The crunching of the snow beneath his dark shoes satisfied him as they walked through the serene forest. "So, what made you want to come out of your shell?" (sorry if this isnt very long, im on mobile rn and can't really tell haha) @Spencer
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    [PP-F1] Breakeven (Ragdoll)

    It was rather nice, sitting away from all of the busy people. It was as if they didn't exist at all. Then he heard something unexpected from the right of him: a voice. One that seemed to be talking to him. His eyes opened and he cocked his head in the direction that it had come from. Sitting only inches away from Shi was a fairly young looking girl. For a moment, it had shocked the man. "Huh?" he stared, somewhat confused. The raven-haired player quickly came to his senses. "Right," he smiled lightly, "Welcome to the First Floor, I guess." Shi stuck out his hand. "My name's Shi." He introduced himself, not wanting to be rude to the girl who was obviously looking for a conversation. It wasn't something that happened often, since most players who he'd run into kept only to themselves. "Nice to meet you."
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  11. "Sorry!" came the voice of a woman, who had accidentally bumped into Shi. Before he could even say that it was no big deal, she was already rushing through the bustling crowds that covered the streets of the Town of Beginnings. Then another player, a young man who looked to be about the same age as he was, walked straight into him. After collecting himself, he too apologized. This was generally how maneuvering through the town went. It was packed with both low and high level players looking to enjoy the safety that was offered. His eyes wandered through the horde, looking for anyone he may recognize. But there was nobody. A few feet away, he noticed a tall man with short, golden hair and mistook him for someone he had met just a few days prior. However, it was just another stranger. Shi's pace slowed as he began to search for an exit. He needed somewhere quiet where he could recollect himself. The packed roads were just not cutting it for him. An empty side alley was more his type, as odd as that may seem. Quickly, he snuck out of the wave of people and entered a dimly lit alleyway. He stared in to get a better look at the few people that he could see. It was peaceful inside, as if all of the commotion outside couldn't enter. Shi appreciated it. He sat down against the stone wall to the right of him, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Finally, he could think straight. @Ragdoll
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    [SP-F1] Piece of Mind: Part 1

    "First of all, it's nice to meet you. Second, sorry for beating the hell out of you back there. And to finally answer your question, I find this floor to be incredibly nostalgic. Reminds me of life back in the real world." Cain replied. It was an honest answer, one that Shi could appreciate. He was starting to miss his home in the real world as well. "Don't worry about the fight. It's no big deal." He put his sword away, not wanting to appear as though he was looking for more trouble. Cain nodded. "Alright, if you say so. Realistically, I guess I should be asking what you're doing out here. This is a long way from the Town of Beginnings and it isn't exactly safe for you to be this far." His eyes wandered in the direction of many boars and the occasional pack of wolves. "There's no way you're doing much fighting out here, right?" That was a fact. All of the monsters around them were far too strong for him. He didn't want to risk a fight that he could easily avoid. "I want to get stronger," Shi explained, "but I'm still trying to figure out how to go about that." Cain only laughed. It didn't bother Shi, however. He'd gone for help improving his stats on more than one occasion, and each time he'd been overlooked and laughed at. It felt like he was one of the only low tier players left. Due to this, Cain's next words came as a surprise to Shi. "I like you. You know what? I'll personally train you on one condition." His voice became more serious. "Tell me what your goal is."
  13. Shi

    [SP-F1] Piece of Mind: Part 1

    For a moment, all the stranger did was stare at Shi. He still seemed as keen as ever to go in for the kill. "Cain. My name is Cain." He responded, lowering his straight sword. Maybe he realized that the raven-haired player was no real threat. Or maybe he just didn't feel like finishing the job yet. Cain spoke again. "You should be more careful out here. There are people out here who would be more than happy to take you out, here and now." Funny, coming from the man who had seemingly tried to kill Shi himself. "So what, that was all a joke then?" The noirette asked, slightly angered. The blonde was not wrong, though. Moving so far away from the safezones was definitely an idiotic idea, since he had no real way of protecting himself. Cain just smirked. "At first, you seemed like a real fighter. Now I realize that I was wrong to assume that." A fitting insult. Cain bent over to pick up Shi's sword and tossed it to him. "And you are?" "Huh?" "Your name? I told you mine, it only seems fair that you give me yours." The fair man conveyed. Shi studied the man. He wore a dark, almost black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a pair of red khakis. Over top of everything was black coat, with light grey fur along the edges. On his face was a very obvious scar that started on his forehead, moved down over his left eye, and finished at the top of his cheek. "I'm Shi." He felt oddly comfortable around the man, despite his intimidating appearance, overall strength, and the fact that they had nearly been at each others necks only moments prior. "So, what are you doing out here if it's not hunting low leveled players?"
  14. Shi

    [SP-F1] Piece of Mind: Part 1

    In a flash, the blonde was a blade's length away from Shi. Their swords clashed, creating orange sparks and a ringing sound that pierced the surrounding area. The physical strength of the stranger was shown through each and every attack. The noirette ducked a quick slash from his opponent and swung his curved sword, attempting to hit a leg. However, this endeavor was countered with the connection of the man's swift own blade. Shi eyed down the straight sword. The metal blade was silver and quite clearly well-crafted. It was a simple and clean design, yet gave it lots of character. His gaze moved down to the hilt. Pure white with a single golden lightning bolt on each side. As it suddenly caved in on him, Shi adjusted the position of his weapon in order to block the attack. What he thought had been a successful retaliation, had actually been a bit of a mistake. Before the swords touched, the blonde's became a blinding yellow flash. It smashed against Shi's sword, causing him to lose balance and fall backwards. In the chaos, Shi's weapon fell to the ground, landing with a quiet thump. He was beginning to panic. Death was an obvious risk that the dark-haired man new was more than possible. But he wasn't ready. He shuffled backwards, before standing up once again. "Who are you?" He asked the golden-haired man, in an attempt to stall the fight for at least another moment.
  15. "Maybe this is stupid." Shi sighed as he tied back his dark, charcoal hair. "No, I'm just tired." He grumbled, scanning the fields of the first floor for any possible dangers. It was empty, other than the occasional boar. It was, in a way, peaceful. In that moment, the man felt completely serene. There was no senseless violence, no reason to feel unsafe. He felt as though he could finally let his guard down. But he didn't. He knew that the tranquility was nothing but an illusion. Nobody was ever truly free from harm in a world like Aincrad, where death was always around the corner. The weather on the first floor was almost always calm and Shi appreciated it. It wasn't that he hated the rain or snow, he just somewhat disliked them. At one point, he had spent quite a bit of time with his family in the Caribbean and had become accustom to their warm temperatures and sunny skies. Not all of SAO's floors were like that though. In fact, most of them were damp, dirty, and disgusting. Lost in thought, the tall man withdrew his blade and began to play with it. It was a very basic curved sword, one of the weapons given out at the start of the game. To this day, he still had not upgraded his gear. For what he was planning, Shi would desperately need to get at least a new weapon and some armor. What he carried was sort of sad, to be frank. It took Shi a moment before he noticed the golden haired man who stood only feet away, under a large oak tree. It was a shock for Shi, as he had not seen even a hint of another player in hours. With almost uncanny timing, both players raised their weapons. The idea of a duel both scared and intrigued the raven-haired player. It was time to see how much more he had to improve to reach his goals.