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  1. Neo slowly looked up at the girl, sincerely surprised at the fact that she forgot physical pain wasn't that much of a thing in SAO. He so badly wanted to laugh, and to say it was all a joke, but seeing the raw emotions on her face and the fact that she was so embarrassed as to pull her hood over her face made Neo refrain from doing so. He didn't want to make her look like a fool in the middle of the plaza. Plus, she seemed very fragile at the moment, as her first couple words to him were a hurried apology. So, Neo decided to just go along with it, and stumbled upward, pulling himself up with the help of Saige's hand, saying "T-thanks, I appreciate it." Neo dusted the remaining snow off of him, patted his supposed injured spot and replied in a more cheerful tone, "Nah, I'm fine! It doesn't hurt anymore. SAO's pain system has so that all forms of pain don't linger very long." He fibbed a little bit on that statement so the girl wouldn't feel any worse than she probably already felt. Neo looked around the plaza, taking note of some peoples eyes lingering on them or people pointing at the two and laughing. An annoyed expression glazed over his face as he stared at them, eyes telling them to move along. The people who had been staring at them and laughing suddenly quieted, and hurried along to wherever they were supposed to be. Neo let a scowl escape onto his face, irritated at the fact that people would laugh at someone they didn't even know. He quickly plastered back on a more happier expression and turned back toward the girl, saying, "Sorry about that, I just don't like it when people stare at me like that. Gets me a bit riled up." Correction, HE didn't like it when people stared at people like Saige like that. But, to try and make her feel better about the situation, Neo tried to make it seem as if all the attention was on him, not her. Neo quickly looked over the girl once he had a face on view. She was a lot shorter than himself, about five to six inches really, and her expression showed both frustration and utter embarrassment. His facial expression showed one of guilt instead of relief for a split second, but then Neo regained his composure and put back up the relaxed look. He wanted to get to know the girl more, perhaps make her feel a little bit better about the situation, so Neo asked Saige, while pointing at the center of the plaza, "Well, I don't feel like standing here all day, so how about we go grab a bench at the middle of the plaza?" Neo really didn't wait for an answer as he began walking toward the center soon after, hands pocketed, head turned upwards at the sky. If she didn't begin following him, he'd turn around and say, "Hey, you coming?" Neo then would turn around and continue his walk toward the center, hoping she wouldn't just flake out on him and run away while he wasn't looking. She genuinely interested Neo. As he finally arrived at the center, he chose the bench nearest to him. He brushed the snow off of it and sat down, sighing. Neo would turn to look at Saige, patting the spot next to him, motioning her to sit down next to him. When she eventually (hopefully) sat down next to Neo, he'd quickly open up his inventory and equip his hat and overcoat. Neo then turned his head upward once again, staring at the sky, while asking Saige, "So, what's your story?" (Appearance now: ) @Saige
  2. Neo really was quite the trouble maker, wasn't he? Even after the whole situation he had fallen into with Ruby, he still decided on doing another snowball war of sorts. After forcing himself to wake up this morning, Neo quite simply just walked out the door, grabbed a clump of snow, and threw it at the nearest person near him. They, didn't have the greatest reaction, and after about 15 minutes of running from a couple crazed guards and angry bystanders, he found himself in a dark alleyway, regaining his breath. He decided to this time plan a much more coordinated attack, more over by the towns entrance/exit. Neo leaned against a nearby brick house's wall and thought long and hard. If he were to start his gigantic snowball war here, he'd probably end up with a town full of people whipping snowballs at each other. Which was really what he was aiming for. One thing he was a bit worried about was if anyone were to snitch, and tell all the guards positioned at the town after the war that Neo was the one whom had began all the nonsensical chaos. He knew many tricks to deal with them, but he didn't want to be marked as some kind of super villain or something. He was just a guy who wanted to lighten up peoples moods. So, Neo began looking around, trying to find the most depressing looking person out there. Or just the most dejected looking. His eyes fell upon a young girl. Well, he was being hypocritical, she was actually seemingly near Neos age. Her silver hair nearly made her blend in with all the snow around her. But Neo could see the bored-out-of-hell look in her eyes. He couldn't let someone act so sad on Christmas day! Sure, there were a bunch of reasons to be sad, but that doesn't mean you should be! He began walking up to the player, slowly, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention to himself. After closer examination, he saw that she was about to take out a piece of paper of some kind. A to-do list, Neo assumed as he bent down and began balling up two clumps of snow in each of his hands, smiling mischievously. As he took aim, Neo made sure to throw it right as she began taking out her list of sorts, so he wouldn't be caught by her under any circumstance. He threw the snowball a bit over her head so that the snowball would in theory hit her back. Instead, Neo smacked the girl right in the back of her head. Seriously, he could hear the impact from where he was standing. Neo made a worried expression, and was about to run over and ask if she was okay right when she regained her balance. He stopped himself from speeding forward to help her, and instead stood frozen like a statue right behind her. The girl turned around and pulled off her hood, scanning the area until her purple pupils landed right on Neo and his guilty expression. Thankfully, the girl didn't seem TOO annoyed, but then her eyes shifted down toward his other hand. His expression then turned from one of relief to one of fear. He slowly looked down at his other hand and saw the other snowball he had made. Neo began raising his arms in a surrendering way, trying to stammer out an explanation, but it was far too late for apologies now. Soon after, the girl made her own snowball and threw it right at Neos face. But, because of both karma and her lack of aim, gravity pulled the ball lower than expected and hit him right between the legs. Now, usually all other parts of the body don't feel as much pain, but this part still hurt Neo pretty bad when hit. So, in response, he covered his hands around the injured spot and just fell face first right onto the ground, groaning. "Oh, God.." He muttered as he convulsed and wiggled around in his bed of snow, making a demented looking snow angel under him. "Why..there..?" Neo asked in a whimpering, high-pitched voice as he turned over to look at the girl, eyes full of suffering. Neo thought he was being a bit too dramatic, but might as well mess with her a little since she dared to hit him there. @Saige
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  5. I apologize for any late replies I have. I’m pretty sick right now, not as much as I was this morning thankfully, and I have a couple of Xmas parties I’m going to.

  6. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    Neo nodded, not bothered at all by the lack of work Erin put into her profession. To be honest, Neo hadn't even started that quest yet, just because the prospect of rummaging through forests looking for some well hidden items doesn't seem to turn him on in any way. He then walked over to where Erin was, rolling his eyes out of amusement when he had saw that she was nearly up, and dropped the pile of kindle a couple feet away from Erin. Neo then grabbed two nearby stones and began clashing them together, hoping for a spark to alight the pile of kindle. He grunted with frustration with each clash, his irritation rising to unsafe levels. He kept crashing them together, but nothing happened. Neo, after staring at the rocks for a couple seconds, threw them up into the air with a scoff of damaged pride. He then sat back down, raking his hair through with his hand fervently. Neo then turned toward Erin and said, in an embarrassed tone, "I-um-well-I-uh-I haven't gotten the hang of making fires yet, hehe." He then turned back toward the kindling, thinking. Neo then snapped his fingers after finally thinking of a solution. He unsheathed his sword and picked up one of the rocks once more. Before putting his plan to action however, he'd turn to Erin and ask, "Weapons don't break this easily, right?" If Erin answered no, he'd continue on without a second doubt. If Erin said probably, or a similar vague answer, he'd mutter, "Oh lordy, please don't let my literal only weapon break from smashing it against a rock like a damn neanderthal." Neo would then take a deep breath, and then smash the rock against the sharpest edge of the blade. When they had made contact, sparks did fly into the kindling and begin to light it, but he had sliced the rock in half and cut into his own hand. He grimaced from the slight dull buzz of pain he had gotten from his injury. Neo sighed and laid back onto his back, saying to no one in particular, "Was it worth trading my hand for a damn fire?" He already knew the answer was no. Neo then opened back up his inventory while on the ground next to Erin. He scrolled through the items for a couple moments and then pressed a button, which covered both of his hands in white dress gloves. Good thing there's no blood from wounds in this game. Neo thought as he tightened the glove on his injured hand, the left hand. He then looked back over to Erin, smiling, and would ask, "Anyways, got anything else to share? I'm all ears." (Yeah, I'm kinda feeling we should end this thread and use the ending as a lead into another thread somewhere else so I can use a bit more imagination and improvisation from the new details in the next thread, but whatever you want to do!) @Telrenya
  7. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    Neo looked over at Erin, laying beside him in the soft bed of grass. He laid there, staring at the girl who had found peace and serenity in her spot. She looked like someone he had seen before, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. He decided to explore this, but only after a couple more moments of small talk, calming silence, and trust gaining. After a couple more seconds, Neo finally spoke, in a quieter tone than usual, saying, "You know, my real reason for coming this close to the forests' end was to grind out some monsters, just like you." He turned over slightly towards Erin, to get a better look at her, and continued, "But, my point is, I'm pretty glad I ran into you. It's been a while since I've relaxed with anyone I actually liked. Times like these make me feel as if I can make it back." He clenched his fist and stared at it, saying in a hopeful tone, "That real life is only a hop, skip, and a level up away." Neo then looked upward, and smiled one of his most sincerest smiles he had in a while, since he ever entered this hellhole of a game. Neo then finished his point of by saying, "People like you make me feel as if we all do have a chance to make it." He then turned away, back to even sitting so that he was staring back up at the stars. The cooling air brushed his face and made his hair wave in the wind. He raked his green tinged hair, his eyes beginning to feel heavy and his mind blurring. Neo needed to take a break, but he couldn't just make Erin get up and go. So, he simply just decided to wait for when Erin was ready to move on and tough it out. To speed it up a bit more, however, he began to sit up, shaking his head fervently to hopefully get rid of the feeling of exhaustion infecting him. If Erin attempted to follow his lead, he would raise his hand in protest, telling Erin to just relax and let him take the mantle of control for a little bit. He then got fully up, stretching himself out. Neo then walked over to their abandoned weapons and picked them both up. He put away his Katana, the satisfying clanging noise filling the air. He walked back over to Erin, and knelt at her side. He slowly returned the rapier to her sheath. Neo then got up and walked over to a open space a couple feet away. He then started plucking branches from the ground, supplies for a fire, since he assumed they were going to stay there a bit. To break the incoming awkward silence, he called out to Erin saying, "So, you got a profession or something you do other than fighting? Someone like you must like to be busy and useful, right?" @Telrenya
  8. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    After Erin pulled away, Neo felt just the tiniest bit more joyful. He had helped regain Erins composure, and that's really all he wanted and needed to know. He really couldn't stand looking at her in such sorrow like that. He couldn't stand to see anyone really in such a weak form. So, of course he had to do something. When Erin tried to apologize to him, Neo shook his head, wiping away his remaining tears with his jacket sleeve, saying,' "No need to apologize, Erin. Nothing was your fault. It was mine for acting that insensitive to you. If anything I should be sorry." He took one long deep breath, and just sat down right next to where Erin was standing. He ignored the notification, which chimed its loser tone for Neo, as he had been declared the loser for the least amount of health between the two. Nothing really mattered now. It was just him, Erin, and the rest of the world was a blurred out picture of trees, dimming skies, and far away landscapes. As he finally began to feel the effects of both physically and emotionally spending himself, Neo slowly began to lay down onto the ground, staring right back up at the now dimming sky. The sun would be setting soon, in which would follow the stars. Along with that, however, came the nighttime monsters, which happened to be much more capable than the simple ones that stalked the woodlands during the daytime. But he couldn't just ask Erin to come back with him. Not in this condition. He wanted her to at least be in slightly better spirits before they returned to town. So, he simply just laid there, eyes closed, his hair blowing in the wind. Neo would, after a couple more moments, wave at the spot next to him, gesturing to Erin to lay down next to him. To refute any argument Erin had against it, he'd say in a soft tone, "Just lay down here, okay? Just for a little bit. You don't need to talk. Just rest and calm yourself along with me." Neo would then turn back towards the sky, a dreamy look now painted across his face. Not an expression of one emotion, but of infinitely many possibilities. He just laid there, and just waited until Erin said or did otherwise. @Telrenya
  9. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    Neo stared back straight at her, a stern glare unbreaking even under the fury of Erin. He calmly got up from his seat on the ground, and slowly walked toward Erin, eyes still holding their glare. He then took her by both shoulders and looked at her dead in the eyes. Neo saw hate, frustration, loss, guilt, all the things that had been in his own eyes once. Oh yes, he knew damn well how it felt. But he had managed to break away from his past and move on, not giving it a second thought. Erin on the other hand, seemingly used it as a motivation. Loss can be a great motivator at times, but in this way? It only leads to weakness and weakness leads to injury, which only leads to more loss and more hurt. Neo needed to get that through her head, along with a number of other things, before he could continue helping her in any other type of way. Once he snapped back to reality after a few moments of silence, he spoke in a controlled but annoyed tone, "This isn't just a game that focuses on numbers! It focuses on both Skill and Power! Too many people seem to think that either numbers or skill determine what the hell kind of player you are! I don't define people by that. I define myself and others by my skill, level, and my strength, not by just damn numbers on a screen or being able to trip someone in a damn SPARRING match. You need to learn that also. But It can be a weakness at times, yet you don't seem to understand that. I came here to help you, not by numbers but by strengthening physical skill and mental dexterity. Even with that though, without the power to back it up, it becomes damn near useless. So don't you even try telling me you being here doesn't make any difference in the whole scheme of things because it does." Neo looked down for a moment, taking a shaky breath, and continued, his own tears forming in his jade green eyes, "You don't think I've seen loss? Death? Somewhere in which I could've helped but didn't?! I wanted to, but I couldn't. You know why? Because of damn numbers and stats." He then dropped his hands from Erin's shoulders for a moment to grip them into tight white balled up knuckles, saying, "Skill and level go hand in hand, neither one can operate without the other. You're wondering why I can bypass the system like this? This is only the fraction of amount of skill I can possess with this kind of level. If I was a higher level like you I'm assuming, I probably wouldn't even be here right now. I'd be on the front lines fighting alongside people who also follow that philosophy. Do you really wanna know why I avoid teaching people I don't know well this method?" he stopped for a moment and then looked straight at Erin with a pained expression, saying, "The very small amount of people I had trained? They all had immediately ignored levelling up from that point on. Once they felt as if they have perfected this technique, they ignored level guidance systems and warnings and moved on to just fight the most powerful mobs or bosses there are at the time. I've seen it time and time again, both in SAO and in other games, how people just ignore the level system and end up dying." Neo then turned back toward Erin, he had his back turned to her for most of the time he had been talking to her, and then said in a softer, more fragile tone, "Point is, I've seen loss. I've made mistakes. Mistakes that could've been fixed with a higher level or more stats. You being here makes me happy. Relieved even. Relieved that you're willing to buff up both your numbers and your skill in order to be able to fight. So," Neo then looked straight into Erin's eyes, his jade green pupils speaking a thousand more words of care and concern for her than he could ever say, and then finally spoke, "Never think that any act of progression, whether it be in skill or level, be in vain. I don't want another person I know and care about dying from carelessness or by being unprepared and thinking that they'll just think of something during the heat of battle." He then did something very unexpected, but undoubtedly could lead to a very awkward situation if refused, and slowly tried to pull Erin into a comforting hug. Whether she accepts it or not, he would still say the same thing, "Like I said, I'm here to help. So, let me help you. Please. Don't be another one of my failures. I can't see someone else die again." (Sorry if mistakes start appearing more often in my posts, lol. I've been tired for the last couple days and mistakes just slip right by me sometimes.) @Telrenya
  10. Neo stood there, literally just staring at his inventory. He was trying to decide what to wear today, as he was planning on taking it easy. He had undergone multiple flashes, signaling many different outfit changes. Neo then settled on a casual bit of wear, a simple suit coupled with a black over hood. Similar to what he's wearing in his journal entry. He was about to head off elsewhere, probably to teleport to the Town of Beginnings, but then he heard a voice calling over to him. Oh lord, what kind will it be today? Neo asked himself mentally as he turned around to greet the newcomer. The guy was about as tall or maybe a little taller than Neo, but definitely showed signs of an older age than he was. His body and face were more aged and refined, built with experience and years of doing whatever the heck this guy did. He had slight blue hair, albeit it looked a bit more black. Neo greeted him though with a warm smile and replied to him, "A quest you say? Sure, why not. It's not like I was doing anything else today." He extended his hand toward him, saying, "I'm Neo, what's your name stranger?" Weapon skills:»One Handed Curved Sword Rank 1 - +1 Damage (5 Skill Points) Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Perfected Hailstrom [T1 OHCS - Rare] - Enhancements: Damage / Damage / N/A (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) @Taka Stats: HP: 20 EN: 2 DMG: 2 Damage MIT: N/A ACC: N/A EVA: N/A (If I did anything wrong, please tell me! I'm still pretty green when it comes to this role play battle mechanic!)
  11. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    Neo panted, dropping both weapons to the ground with a metal clang, the sound filling the momentary silence of the forest. Neos expression fell, and his usual relaxed face returned, albeit with a bit of pain mixed into it. He clutched his shoulder, wincing slightly in pain. Damn, she got me good, he thought as he let his body fall to the ground in a damp heap of small drops of blood and sweat. Neo didn't have to move that much ever since, well, that was a story for a different time. Point was, Neo was extremely impressed with Erins growth in just the couple of hours they had been practicing and sparring. Neo personally thought she had a knack for fighting, although she might feel the opposite. He did notice a few things that were unusual during the ending of their spar, though. Her face showed an expression of, what was it, anger? Frustration? Fear even? Her body language gave hints as well, her fists had balled up in white knuckles as he had taken over the battle and ended it. Something I did? Or was I somehow reminding her of something of her past? Neo thought as he brushed himself off. Or maybe just plain frustration of losing, not too uncommon, Neo thought as he took deep long breaths to rejuvenate his stamina and energy. His ears perked up at the sudden question of level. His face gave him away, solemn and slight disappointment showing true. He hadn't really done any true grinding for the whole time he had been here, only a couple player duels and those didn't give much exp. Only thing he gained from that was a better understanding of peoples behaviors and movements during battle. He had always relied on his skill to carry him out of situations, not just solely based on level. Sure, have a high enough level in this game and you're untouchable. But, power without skill was useless. Still, having power along with skill would help his ass in some situations a helluva lot. He looked up at Erin, while scrolling through his menu, and said in a frustrated tone, "I'm only level one. Its complete and utter idiotic how weak I am. I'm disgusted at myself for not taking leveling up more seriously." After his little rant, he got back up and put his foot under his Katana, kicking it up from the ground and catching it in his strong hand. He used the tip of said Katana to pick up Erins rapier, offering it to her in his left hand. "Here, I think this is yours," Neo said in a comedic tone as he tossed it back over to her, hoping she'd catch it before it smacked her right in the face. He then slithered all the way back down to the ground, sighing unhappily. The topic of levels was always a touchy one, no matter what MMO it was. People always thought of level being the only means of being good at a game. Neo tried breaking that stereotype multiple times, in multiple games. But, every single time he tried, he either was refuted and humiliated by higher levels who never even gave him a chance to battle, while others called him a damn beater if he managed to beat someone a higher level than him. Neo then looked back upward at Erin, saying, "Okay, one, I'm no exploiter or hacker. It's taken me a couple years to develop the kind of mind and coordination it takes for me to fight at the level I am at. Two, now I bet you're wondering a couple hundred things about me, or just what the hell did I do to get this kind of level in specifics, or maybe just some random stuff about me, whatever. Now is the time to ask. Go ahead," Neo gestured to Erin, saying, "Ask me anything." @Telrenya
  12. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    Neo made a concerned look as Erin explained her slight confusion to him. He nodded to himself, understanding that all knowledge comes with time, experience, and practice. So, he’d say before Erin went to her battle pose, “It’s alright. I know it might be hard to understand at times. But you’ll get it eventually. Just gotta keep practicing.” As soon as she began walking around him though, his mind went into a flurry of calculations and possible outcomes. Perhaps an attack on the ankles? Maybe a dash turnaround, and she uses her speed to propel herself around me and attack my front? Neo thought as soon as Erin stopped right behind him. He would begin to turn, his Katana swinging back with him, but then his eyes caught a glint of metal soaring toward his ankles. Out of Instinct, not of thinking, he tried to kick the blade out of range, hopefully also throwing Erin out of balance, open for attack. But, out of Neos surprise and frustration, she rolled out of it, turning to his blind spot and seemingly about to get a hit off on his back. He swore audibly, and nearly twisted his ankle in trying to counter her attack and refute it, giving him time to refocus. But, Neo was only able to block the blow, the rapiers tip nearly making contact with his face before his Katana was able to intervene and block the blow. He struggled for a moment, unable to fully refute the blow, and after a few still moments, the rapiers point broke through his weakly made defense. The sword shot right towards Neos face, and he only had time to tilt himself slightly right in order to have the blade pierce his left should instead of making a kebab out of his face. Neo grunted in pain, the rapier making dull gut wrenching thud when it collided into his body. His eyes momentarily flared in anger, but he managed to regain his composure after he reminded himself that it was only a friendly spar. Erin might have thought she got the upper hand, but Neo wasn’t about to accept defeat yet. “You see,” Neo said as he used his free right arm to brandish his Katana so that it pointed seemingly right at Erin’s hand. Then he finished with a tone that displayed an air of authority, saying, “Sometimes to have to take some hits in order to deal the final blow.” Neo then shot his Katana right into the handle of Erin’s sword, not however causing any harm. The actions purpose was to hook his Katana onto Erin’s rapier. He then pulled backward, using his Katana to hook into the rapiers handle and probably rip it right from Erin’s hand. Neo pulled the sword out of his shoulder with his left hand, and held both so that they were crossed by Erin’s neck. Neo, with suitably more visible exhaustion, said, “Nice try though. Your speed definitely helped in that situation.” @Telrenya
  13. Neo

    [PP-F3] Solitary Struggles

    Neo grinned, satisfied with the reaction he had gotten from Erin. He knew this was her first time facing him, but he wasn't about to let the girl get off easy. She was no stranger to combat, but was definitely one who was not knowledgable to his own kind of spin on it. Neo would extend out his hand to help the girl up, sword kept in a defensive like position. He didn't want her to pull one of those cliches where she stabs him right through the chest or something saying 'never let your guard down' or some crap like that. Neo didn't operate that way. If you were down, you were down. Taken out of the fight, KO'd. You shouldn't be allowed to do something like that. It wasn't like you'd do that during a real fight, right? As Erin hopefully took his hand, he pulled her up and began dusting off his coat. "You alright, Erin?" Neo asked as he began to check over his equipment and gear. He immediately began seeing problems in which his type of clothing might hinder his mobility in combat and lead into unforeseen consequences. Neo then reopened his inventory, and swapped out the coat for a more jacket like article of clothing, which was dark green in color, and sleeves that ran up all the way to his wrists. "If you couldn't tell by now, which I hope you have, I really like the color green. I think it suits me," Neo added as he adjusted the coat to his perimeters and shape. He dusted off his pants and boots, and after adjusting his new coat he turned to look back at Erin and began critiquing her fighting style. "Now, although you have speed and the gift of being more versatile and bendable than most male avatars, you lack a way of being able to use it as a strategic advantage, not just an attribute advantage. Speed, power, and even knowledge is useless without careful planning and skill. You've gotten the skill down quite well, but not the planning as much. Do you realize how often and how many players might use that feint hit combo on a daily basis?" Neo asked as he looked over his sword, checking its quality. Whatever her response may be, he would nod and continue on to say, "Well, for me after watching a whole lot of players and monsters fight, it's pretty safe to say that a lot of people use it. It's too predictable in real time battle. Any advanced player with a high enough level probably knows this. Now, I will say this though, being super predictable may catch a player off guard sometimes, as most do tend to over evaluate actions and movements and therefore ignore even the possibilities of the simplest moves. But, if you want to get to a point where you can be unpredictable without having to risk being really predictible, you should start with using your speed to your advantage. How about, I dunno, doing multiple fake outs instead of just the standard one? What about going for the feet and ankles like I told you? Perhaps maybe even disarming me before the real fight could even begin by going for my wrists? These are the outcomes you must be thinking about." As Neo leaned backward and got into a stance in which he held his Katana in a dagger-like way, he added one more piece of advice, "I know this is gonna sound cheesy as hell, but you gotta expand your horizon. Look at the bigger picture. Think outside of the virtual box." He then waited for Erin's first move, his muscles relaxing to offer a more intensive response time and to make Erin think as if Neo was letting his guard down. @Telrenya
  14. Neo, still examining his Katana, nodded in reply to Simbas question. He looked up, sheathed his Katana with a sharp and quick thrust, and said, "Yeah, well, I have. Enough to know that to me it seems like a finicky thing to deal with in battle. I've played lots of mmos, and never have I once seen something like the Sword Arts." He then turned back toward his menu, and equipped his default clothing, which was the one he's wearing in his journal and the one he wore to most battles. Neo tightened his collar and straightened out his cuff-links, and then walked over next to Simba, keeping at his pace. He looked at him, getting a better look at him than on the bench. 'Damn, he really is Snow White ain't he?' Neo thought as he looked over Simba as they walked side by side. He then looked over at Abyss, who was walking alongside Simba as well. He immediately turned away. He couldn't force himself to look at him for more than a couple seconds. As they exited the town, Neo took a breath of the fresh, uncluttered air that had awaited him. He had stayed way too long in that dingy old town, more then he would've usually allowed himself. Neo then opened his inventory, checking through it one more time before returning to the group. He waved his Katana over the fields that were in front of the three and asked Simba, "So, which way?" (I apologize for the lack of length.) @Simba @Abyss
  15. Neo

    A Typical Day..? [PP~F1]

    Neo's eyes slightly narrowed as Ruby decided to explain the concept of SAO to him like a child. He was no child. Hell, Ruby was only an inch or two taller than Neo. And age was just a number. But, not wanting to draw any more attention nor hostility to his person, he decided against protesting against his child like treatment. Because, if he was truly being honest with himself, he was acting similar to a child. Neo did, however, reply in a more relaxed, go-lucky tone when Ruby offered Neo to get him some food, saying, "You'd buy me food? Really? No, it's alright. I can pay for myself. I don't need it, I can provide for myself. It may not look like it, but I can.'But the fact that she would offer to pay for his food really did surprise him. Perhaps he had just gotten off on the wrong foot at the start and just need to slow down a bit. Yeah. That was probably the case. It would've been helpful to know that earlier, he thought. Neo then called a waiter over, who reluctantly began to take Neos order. He got a simple fried-rice bowl, with an iced tea as his beverage. Any sugar would just make him more irritable and more likely to boil over into an argument, as sugar always got him a bit more hyped up, even if it was a virtual game. He still seemingly felt the effects the same as if it was in real life. Something Neo really did not want nor need right now, not with this lovely ray of sunshine sitting right across from him. As he waited patiently for his order, he said to Ruby in an apologetic tone, "Okay, just for the record, I'd like to thank you for this second chance and the offer of a meal. I'm not trying to be disrespectful by refusing it, I just don't wanna be anymore of a burden I've already been to you for the past, oh I dunno-" He quickly pulled down his in-game timer with a simple flick of the wrist, and then swiped it down to hide it and continue on, "-about ten minutes. I sincerely hope you listen to me when I spout off my numerous explanations. This time," he then looked upward at Ruby and say in a hopeful tone, "Maybe without getting interrupted from snowballs this time." While waiting for his food, he began organizing his side of the table, unfolding napkins and setting utensils while asking Ruby, "So, what do you want me to start with? Its your choice, I mean, I did put you through all this crap." @Ruby