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      Hello players of Aincrad! I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc. I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
      Can't wait to see what you have in mind! Floor Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16352-a-helping-hand/
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  1. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Epsilon listened to Nova's comments... @Novafire "Thanks Nova. It's nice to meet you too. Wait, what kind of favors lead to renting out a mansion? I understand, this is actually is a good Idea for this game, bringing people together, making friends, its smart. Sorry Nova, I didn't see anyone behind me." Another player that Introduced themselves as Ben came in right after Epsilon and Nova were done talking for the moment. @Benjamin Bookworm Lindsey smiled in response. "Greetings Ben, In case you didn't already hear, I'm Epsilon, but my friends call me Lindsey. Nice to meet you." She held out a hand, as if requesting a handshake. "Potions and stuff?" Epsilon giggled. "Don't worry, I don't really do anything. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I am looking into alchemy. Its the only thing I'd be willing to do besides cooking, but of course a girl knowing how to make a great meal is a stereotype." She laughed at her own joke. Epsilon is currently wearing this, its not a normal dress, its armored, but the armor is well camouflaged:
  2. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Epsilon was wandering the first floor when she saw a message on a towns bulletin board. It read: "Interesting, I've always wanted to go to an event like this. Now is my chance." Lindsey said with a hint of excitement in her voice. She began venturing toward the area it said they were supposed to meet at, it was a large building barely inside a safe zone. She curiously entered. They were long, decorative halls that lead to a large ball room, of course there was a bathroom and a smoking room, what kind of fancy rent-a-mansion doesn't have one of those? Lindsey entered the large ball room wearing her battle dress, mainly because she had no other clothes. "Greetings, I'm Epsilon, my friends call me Lindsey..." She said smiling. "Are you the one that sent the invite to meet here and socialize? It looks so, royal..." Lindsey said, astounded.
  3. Anyone want to RP with me. I is back and I is lonely...

  4. [OP-F1] Virtual World of Secrets

    Lindsey was currently contemplating to herself wondering what the night would bring. She couldn’t sleep, she was restless, to many thoughts jumping around like a wildfire hitting a dry field of grass in her mind. Walking down the dimly lit streets of the town of new beginnings. It was unusually quiet, even for it being night, a game that started with over ten thousand people shouldn’t be this quiet. Unless Kayba decided to separate players onto different servers. She sighed, looking into the night sky, you can see where the skybox is bounding the virtual world, not allowing others to leave. Her orange gold eyes darting from star to star. Looking down, she noticed a man at a bench, he had black hair and a mask made out of some kind of thin clothes fabric looping around his head. She she was currently wearing her battle dress. A black and orange gold styled cloak with patterns running down the sides. She sat down at the bench next to him, looking around and noticing there were others nearby, two girls, and a man with, purple eyes. “Excuse me, do you know where I can find a cheap inn?” Epsilon asked politely towards the stranger. @Grimm @Pinball @Dazia
  5. (OOC: Sorry, some parts of my post are in different fonts, my device was acting weird.) Epsilon was relaxing inside of a lounge that led into a Inn/Restaurant. She was currently inside the town of new beginnings, a bit tired, and she seemed fairly quiet, she tends to do this when she is thinking about several things at a time. Then she let out a long sigh, she was leaning against a wall, she through her head back and looked at the ceiling. She looked back down, and pushed herself off the wall, not enough to fall over though, just enough to lean a little bit further forward. Then she stepped off the wall, and approached a well cut indoor shrub. She delicately felt the leaves, it FELT smooth. She was impressed, what if this game was to be able to make you feel other things: Warmth, Sore, Cold, she didn't know, she hadn't made it far enough into the game to find that out. She only knew she couldn't feel pain, but that was it. She continued to stroke the shrubs leaves, admiring how it felt so real, it looked, so real. Epsilon liked discovering things, at least on her own. She wasn't someone who would want others to solve her mysterys for her.
  6. Epsilon listened curiously about what Vigilon had to say. Future leader? Interesting, she had many times tried to join a guild, it never really worked out in the end, assuming thats what he spoke of, she found it humorous the way he spoke, almost as if saying, "We are a soon to be guild, come join." When she heard him say enmities, she understood exactly what he meant, PKers, trying to make others vulnerable, then bam. Dead. "If I had to guess, people like that either do it for entertainment or power." She commented, playing with her hair, curling it in between fingers, she does this when she gets bored, ussally, bored or scared. Its a bad habit she used to get dreadlocks in the real world, because its a game, it didn't really matter, she figured there was no way she was getting out of this game alive, so she would do whatever she wants, justified or criminal. "I'll partake in the conversation. Untill it uninterests me." Epsilon looked at everyone in the group, the was a man wishing that drinks would make him drunk, in her opinion, its half alcohol and half brain power that makes people not so sober. Then there was a kind sounding red-head girl, along with another guy, whom hadn't introduced himself and finally, the only one she knew the name of, Vigilon. "Greetings, I'm Epsilon..." She said into the group, watching most everyones movements, ahe had a natural tendency to distrust others, and I mean, could you blame her?
  7. Epsilon continued to listen, and realized she one of the players noticed she was listening, and asked if someone sent her to get info on them. She had no idea what this meant, who would want to know other players info, did they have enemies, if so how dangerous? Thousands of thoughts jumped throughout her head. Intriguing, if I truly was here to absorb information, I would be far more subtle about it, plus listening is all I need to become interested in the topic. Epsilon declared, she really wasn't her for anything involving spying, though she probably would be pretty good at it. I'm Epsilon. She continued, her voice sounding curious. ...and you are?
  8. Epsilon was walking through the Town of New Beginnings, she found its atmosphere the perfect kind to think things over. She was currently wondering what time it would be in the real world and if the time zone were the same in game and IRL. She passed a tavern and thought she could use a drink. She figured it would be an early birthday present to her. She walked inside and noticed a group of players wondering what to eat. Not sure if they were friends or not, she didn't approach them, she sat down at a bar stool, and ordered a shot. She then sat patiently waiting for what she ordered. This gave her more time to think, the only noises that came from her direction was an an occasional "Hmm...". She was always the strange calm type, always thinking, and speaking her mind. She naturally got bored and started eavesdropping on the other players conversations.
  9. Im new, I just got my journal approved, would anyone like to RP?

    1. Macradon


      Sure, I'd liek to RP

    2. Pinball


      Pick me, Mr. Krabs

  10. Profile: Username: Epsilon Real Name: Linsey Byrnne Gender: Female Nationality: American Location: New York, United States Language: English Physicals: Age: 19 Birth date: January 28, 2006 Physical Height: 5 ft 4 in Weight: 63 kg / 138 lbs Handedness: Right Blood type: A+ About/History: Linsey Byrnne AKA Epsilon was fresh out of high school when SAO was released, she loved playing these games with her friends, but none of them owned the game yet, which made her sad that she couldn't play with them.She got the game pre-ordered on her birthday. After her party, her friends congratulated her on getting the game, and she went to play it. She lived with a family of five at the time, there was mom, dad, and her two younger siblings. She was a happy girl, she wasn't spoiled, but she was curious all the time, enough that one of her most used words are "Interesting...". She is strange. But she is easy to get used to. She can instantly derail someones argument with tactful comments and facts. On the day she was trapped inside, she was web surfing, when a package arrived at her door. It was SAO! She was excited to play it. She cleaned up her apartment, did some chores. Then hopped into bed, placing the headset on her head. Suddenly her phone buzzed, she wanted to pick it up. She was responsible, but then again, she was so excited and had waited so long for this, she decided to answer it later, "Link. Start!" She said enthusiastically, this is the first time she hasn't been bored in days. What she didn't know, was that buzzing on her phone, it was her mother. After she didn't answer back, her mother called the police. The police found her in her bedroom, with nerve gear on. One of the officers picked up her phone, it was on messages. The most recent one was from her mother. It read: Lins! Have you seen the news! Don't put the nerve gear on! Even so, after a while of her getting trapped, her parents began blaming eachother for what happened. By the time she comes back, her family would have broken apart. She will have nothing to go back to. Virtues: 1) Persuasive - Linsey is persuasive, she naturally had this trait. She can find the weakness in anyone's argument. Rerail it, and sometimes make it completely backfire on them. She also uses evidence, fact, and logic to do most of her arguments. 2) Smart - Epsilon is smart, she knows what she is doing, she was a straight A students up untill her senior year of high school. She likes to use her intelligence to pick out people. Sort bad from good, and vice versa. 3) Curious - Now, why is this a good thing? Well, the main reason she talks to anyone and explore's is because of this. She likes to satisfy her curiousity. For example, if there was a fork in the road, she would mentally mark that spot. Walk down one road, and eventually turn around and try the other. Flaws: 1) Depression - Linsey has been this way sense day one of SAO. Knowing that if she might have answered her phone, she might not be here. Trapped, and doomed to die is the way she see's it. 2) Bored - Epsilon is natural bored and uninterested in most everything. It was only for the first day of SAO, when she was hyped. But now, she has nothing to do, most people she talks to are bland, except for a select few. 3) Unmotivated - She is unmotivated, remember that thing I told you about "Trapped and doomed to die"? Well, this is why she is so unmotivated, she believes that no matter what, no one will escape the death game. So, this means she thinks crime is ok, any kind. Profession: N/A Equipment: Inventory: Skills/Abilities: Roleplays: Relationships: