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  1. Symphony gazed at the sword and armor of Kat as she talked, distracted by the shininess. Then she came back to reality as Kat finished speaking. "Ah, yes!" She walked side-by-side with the woman as they walked down the trail. Suddenly, she heard a rustle come from a set of bushes nearby. Hm. I wonder if that could be one of the small beast I'm looking for, Symphony thought to herself as she walked over to the bushes, dagger at the ready. As she got closer, a small grunt could be heard from the bush. All of a sudden, a little boar pup jumped out from the bushes and charged at Symphony. "Gah!" Symphony yelled as she slashed at the boar. However, she missed the speeding ball of fur and got hit in the chest, taking a point of damage. "Oof," she said as she fell to the floor. "Little hecker." ID#: 113619 BD: 4 MD: 8 Quest objective: 0/3 boar pup tusks
  2. Symphony walked out the of the Safe Zone and breathed in the fresh air of the wilderness. "Ah, it feels great to be out here again," she said while stretching. She managed to stretch completely backwards with her face facing behind her when she spotted a stranger behind her. Quickly righting herself, she called to them, "Oh, hey! I didn't know there were many other players here on the first floor! You wouldn't happen to be searching for materials for Lyle, would you? If so, that would be totally awesome if you wanted to team up." She smiled at the other person as she walked over to them. Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip, she said to herself while walking over. And just like she expected of her clumsy self, she managed to trip on a root sticking up from the ground. She landed straight on her face in front of the stranger. "Ouch..." she croaked out.
  3. Symphony walked into the old blacksmith's shop and looked around at all the weapons. Then her eyes rested on the shopkeeper, Lyle. "Hello, Lyle, I was sent here to see if you could teach me the basics about gathering and blacksmith-ing and such." Lyle looked over, saying, "Ah, yes. You came right in time young lady. I need you to gather 3 Boar Pup tusks for some armor I need to make. Come back here when you're done." He quickly turned around and went back to work, leaving Symphony to carry out what he had asked of her. "Oh. Okay," Symphony said, a bit surprised at his shortness. She quickly recovered from the encounter and set out toward the Safe Zone once again. She waved hello to the baker and alchemists as she passed by, taking her time to smell the fresh, sweet flowers in the merchant's shop as well.
  4. Symphony

    [F1-SP] Symphony <<Earning a Living: Tailor>>

    She twirled her dagger in her right hand as she pulled out a book from her inventory labelled "Materials for Tailoring". It had been written by another player, and she had gratefully given him a couple of potions in return for the lovely book. It was bound in blackened leather with the binding made of thin sinew and thread. The pages were cut evenly on old, thickened paper, and he had hand written the words using a light, cursive font. She turned to a page in the middle of the book and read aloud, "The roots of the tallest trees are the strongest for binding and mixing into lathers to bathe leather in." Hm. Interesting, she thought. She looked around for the tallest tree and spotted one over 10 meters tall just a few feet away. Taking firm hold of her dagger, she began cutting the thick roots. After a few moments of struggling, the root finally broke free and she quickly tucked it into her pouch. ID#: 113604 LD: 15 Quest objective: 2/5 materials found
  5. Symphony

    [F1-SP] Symphony <<Earning a Living: Tailor>>

    Symphony looked up from the material in surprise. "O-oh, um sure!" she replied. She quickly asked Rufus about the materials she would need to get and where to find them and then quickly hurried towards the Safe Zone gates. Luckily, the materials she needed were right outside of the gates, so she wouldn't need to worry about any large monsters or beasts that may want to attack her. And even if there were monsters who did find her rather tasty looking, she had a new dagger to test out. She stared proudly at the gleaming black and steel dagger hanging by her hip. As she approached the gates, she waved to the NPC guards and smiled, happy that she could step outside of the gates again. Only a few yards away from the gates, she spotted one of the first materials she needed. She quickly hurried over and grabbed some dried vines and grass that could be combined to make a unique sewing sinew/thread. She put the items into the brown, small pouch at her side and began to search for the second material she needed. ID#: 113590 LD: 18 Quest objectives: 1/5 materials collected
  6. "Why Hello there! My name is Rufus, and I'd love to show you around if you got the time." The man seems to know how to dress, Rufus' clothing scream fashion, and you can't help but notice the expert sewing that went into the clothing he is wearing. He beckons you back to his work station, hoping you would follow. "Now, this is where I make my latest in fashion, maybe you could use some help with it yourself,"He says and gives the player a quick look up and down, "Blast it! I have completely run out of materials to show you what I am talking about, the process is so beautiful, and the clothing that comes out is amazing... Wait! You seem like you can take care of yourself, would you mind searching for some for me? I can even show you how to craft the best fashion around the world! I would just need five materials, sounds easy right?"
  7. Symphony waited patiently and watched the blacksmith as he made her dagger, intrigued by the whole process. It seemed only minutes went buy and then suddenly the blacksmith had finished her weapon. Wow. He crafts so quickly and effortlessly. She stared in awe at his skill. She walked up to the counter where the weapon was sitting, ready and waiting. She picked it up and checked its balance. Her eyes lit up. "This is absolutely amazing quality! Thank you so much, Macradon!" she said as she smiled. She gave him 6 Tier 1 items as payment for the weapon and then skipped out the shop door happily twirling her weapon. Items removed: 6 Tier 1 materials Items earned: 1 T1 perfect dagger <Stabby Stabby>
  8. Thread summary: Symphony earned the following items - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) 2 addition skill points earned from quest 1 full page completed: 1 SP earned, 400 col earned 3 SP total earned Pinball earned: 1 SP for one full page of dialogue
  9. Symphony looked after Pinball longingly as he left. She sighed. "Well, there goes the one friend I had made," she said to herself. She started walking back to the Safe Zone, kicking rocks aside as she did so. Then a thought popped into her head, if I train hard enough, then maybe I can get to the second floor and meet him again! And if I keep training, then I might be able to help him. A hopeful smile grew on her lips as she raced back towards the gate of the Safe Zone. Finally, she entered back into the town and let out a sigh of relief. "Now to head back to Zachariah's." She walked back through the town and raced up the steps to the door of Zachariah's shop. "Zachariah! I found all the materials!" She smiled and handed him the five materials that she had gathered. "Now what's next?" she asked the old NPC. "Now it's time to make a potion," he said while putting the ingredients into a mortar. He handed Symphony the pestle. "Now go ahead and mix it young lady." Symphony began to crush the flowers and roots she had gathered into a fine mush. "I think it's working!" she shouted with joy as the mixture began to bubble and form. She poured it into a nice medium-sized glass bottle and handed it to Zachariah with glee. "Good work, Symphony," he said while looking at the potion with a smile. "It seems you've made a rare quality potion. Very good for your first attempt." He placed the fresh potion on a shelf and then looked back over at Symphony. "Now would you be able to run a quick errand for me?" "Of course," Symphony said while smiling, still proud that she had made the potion with one try. "Can you deliver this package to Lyle Leaf, the local Blacksmith?" he asked. ID#: 113585 CR: 9 Quest objective complete: 1/1 potion crafted
  10. Symphony walks into the shop and looks around. "Woah," she gasps as she stares at all the weapons and shields on display. "So shiny!" She is absolutely absorbed with her reflection on a curved sword when she suddenly realizes that the shop keep is at the counter staring at her. "Oh, hello! Sorry about that. It was just so shiny and well... um," she stuttered, embarrassed. "Oh, right. I came here to make a request for my first weapon. I'm looking to have a dagger made with a black hilt and steel blade. Would you be able to make such a thing?", she asked hopefully while looking up at the blacksmith.
  11. Symphony's face flushed red with embarrassment at her silly reaction to the boar. In her mind, it had seemed a lot bigger in the moment. She sighed. Suddenly, she looked up to see Pinball handing her back her book. "Wait. You're leaving?", she asked. She felt a bit hurt. Had she done something wrong? She looked down at the book in her hand then chased after him. "Hold on! Okay, number one, I'm still not finished with this quest. And number two: you going back to the safe zone alone as an orange player isn't the wisest idea." She smiled at herself for her clever logic. She was still curious about him and wanted to get to know him better. It seemed she may have seen a bit of his soft side. Smiling coyly, she bent lightly forward in front of him and clasped her hands in front of her nicely-sized chest. "Please? Just think about it. I'm friends with the all the NPCs and guards, and if they see you with me they're more likely to turn their heads the other way than if you were alone." She looked up at him hopefully.
  12. Symphony held in a giggle as she watched his cute, funny walk. She watched as he walked away and began to stand up and stretch before she started searching again. She leaned from side to side and turned her head. Suddenly, she saw the final material she needed! She jogged over to a tree a few feet away and trimmed a few branches from a shrub. As she was trimming the last bit of greenery from the shrub, she looked up and into the yellow glaring eyes of a boar. She tried backing up slowly as she carefully put the materials in her pouch. Then she bolted. "PINBALL!!" she yelled as she came racing towards him. Symphony was fast but she knew the boar was slowly gaining on her. She raced into the open field he was in and pulled him behind a tree as the powerful boar quickly raced past. That's the one thing about them. They're quick at charging but horrible at turning or changing direction quickly. She was panting against the tree, catching her breath with her chest heaving up and down. She looked up at Pinball to make sure he was fine and then looked back to the boar who was about 20 feet away and preparing to charge again. "Oh no. We have got to move," Symphony said with her eyes wide. ID#: 113548 LD: 13 Quest objective: 5/5 materials collected Next quest objective: go back to Zachariah, craft a potion
  13. Symphony noticed him toss the book aside and sighed. "Okay grumpy butt, what's gotten into you again?", she asked casually. He reminded her of one of her younger brothers in a way with his attitude. Always grumpy and trying to hide something because he was scared of opening up. But she was used to that kind of attitude and knew what it really meant. She picked up a blue fresh bud from a small flower on the ground and put it in her pouch. She really wished that she could get Pinball to open up or at least share some part of his pent up emotions. She took a small break from her gathering and sat down next to him. "Listen. It's less stressful if you speak your mind. For both you and me." She looked over at him and her eyes opened wide. Quickly, she flicked a small spider off his shoulder and checked to make sure that it hadn't bit him. "Hold still a second." She moved in closer and gently moved his shirt away from his neck to check that he hadn't been bitten. She made sure to be gentle. Symphony let out a sigh of relief. He was fine. "Anyways. As I was saying. You being in a bad mood isn't good for you or me." She smiled and stuck her tongue out teasingly. "Now what's got ya all bothered?" She knew it may be dangerous being so close and teasing him, but she was also reckless too and was more curious about his behavior then anything. ID#: 113516 LD: 19 Quest objective: 4/5 materials found
  14. Symphony laughed at his response. "Oh come on Mr. 'Not Much'. I see you desperately reading that book. Looks like you would rather be in that world than this one." She continued to gather materials while talking to him. "You know, at least that's something we have in common. In the real world and this one, I always chose to absorb myself in books whenever I was down or stressed." She threw away a rotted root and sighed again. Gotta keep searching, she thought. She continued to talk while gathering as it had been a while since she had spoken to an actual player and not an NPC. Symphony had not made many friends as she was either absorbed in a book or too shy to go up to groups of strangers. But somehow, this loner boy was easier to talk to. Maybe it was his terse attitude, or maybe it was that he seemed like a puzzle -- either way, she felt more comfortable with him than any other players she had encountered. "I've managed to collect these books from shop keepers and from other players. Some players actually have taken to writing and collecting information and making books to help others out." She motioned to the one in his hand. "The one that I gave you was written by another player who has more experience than you by a mile. It's nice to know that at least some people in this world still have a thirst for knowledge and reading." She smiled gently at him. Even if he didn't smile back or respond, she knew that he at least was absorbed in the book -- maybe he even liked it. To her, that was an accomplishment: to give him something that he seemed interested in. ID#: 113506 LD: 3 Quest materials: 3/5 materials found
  15. "Ah, okay." Symphony looked up at the sky, it didn't seem too dark yet. Maybe she could finish before nightfall. She was a little embarrassed at suggesting to set up camp right outside the city as well as suggesting harvesting the meat. "I'm still so new at this." She sighed. She hoped she would gain knowledge quickly during future adventures -- if she could even complete this one that is. She picked up a small blue flower that matched the one identically in her plant booklet and put it in her satchel. While searching, she tried to make conversation in order to get to know Pinball better. "So, Pinball, what do you like to do around here besides killing things?" She looked over to him to see his response. Even if he may be closed off, at least he isn't bad to look at, she thought absentmindedly while gazing at him. ID#: 133492 LD: 13 Quest objective: 3/5 materials found