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  1. Prometheus was out of plans. No way in hell could he take on the mighty Hestia and the other man. Maybe he could take the other guy, but even if he was lucky and he was a low level player, Hestia would help him. Son of a b*tch. He looks back to the girls and frowns down to Pinball. "I tried to help you see. But Miss stick in the mud has different plans." He stands up and begins to walk away, looking back with his eyes revealing how sorry he was to Pin. This isn't how it ends Pin, I'll be back soon. "Well, now that I failed to save my buddy and I definitely don't want to fight the chief of poli
  2. Prometheus was trying to Close the deal When he heard it. He heard that someone had been apprehended and he just had to know. "I'm sorry miss, I have to see what I can do about that mess over there." He smiles, taking his leave and leaving the event only for a few moments, putting on his helmet and armor then moving away. Actually, I have an idea. He decides to not put on his heavy armor, completely looking and acting like a completely different person he makes his way over to the huge mess of a scene unfolding around his friend. "Oh that's not good." He runs in and stops just short of the par
  3. Katsuki smiles. An old friend had just shown up and distracted him from the beautiful woman who had already established physical contact. Man, Fae, you're awesome and all, but you're really distracting. This is when his grin appears once more. "Okay Fae, see those kids playing in the snow. I want you to start a snowball fight. And make sure you win, cause I'll buy you a cake if you do." He smiles, turning back to the girl who caught his attention with his favorite word in the entire world. Oh boy, Katsuki, you can't like this girl yet. She hasn't shown too much interest. Though physical contac
  4. Prometheus smiles. A party? Hell yeah. Being on the fourth floor was his least favorite pass time, but it was the best place to hunt. And this party made the suffering worth it. So, this is how I get arrested? Lets find out. He walks in and smiles. "Hello, I'm the god of fire." He says to a few random player, shooting finger guns at them. The two random ladies walk away with a scoff and roll of their eyes. I should've expected that outcome. That wasn't my best line. He chuckles, having fun at a party he didn't even know about until ten minutes ago. Christmas is so boring without the fireplace
  5. Prometheus walks back into the shop with a courtesy nod to the owner as he picks up the katana and walks to the store front. He examines the blade and looks at the shop owner. “Is it sharper than the smith who made it?” He asks, as a little joke to the man as he turns and walks out, sheathing the blade and disappearing into the crowd his head sticks high above, yet his body is lost in the sea of unfamiliar faces. I bet this sword holds up really nicely compared to my stupid curved sword. That one was a crap blade made by a crap smith. His bitter feelings towards the other smith rang through hi
  6. The man walks back into the shop with the sword he once had in his inventory. He walks over to the order forms once again and begins to think about what to write. It’s gonna be a katana, but I don’t know what I want on it. I wish I could get burn on there, but it doesn’t matter right now. He begins to fill out the order and nods as he fills it out. “This time I’ll pay up front. Makes it like an oath.” He says, sliding his heavily armored hands behind his back and walks outside. He sits in front of the store and awaits his new blade from the man who made his armor. A great weaponsmith ma
  7. The man walks into the shop with a tilt of the spiky helmet which covered his face. "Thanks for the help sir, I bet you run a profitable business." His mind begins to wander towards robbing the man blind and running as fast as he can. I shouldn't rob him, not after he helped me. His loyalty to the people who helped him carried over from the real world and he knew it. He equipped the armor and turned to walk out, transferring the col as he left. I might need these materials later. Besides, why not use what I have more of to spare? He knocks on the helmet of his new armor and nods. Sturdy as the
  8. Prometheus walked into the shop and sighed. “Where do I fill out those order things?” He asked callously. He hates shops and people who sell stuff, that’s why he always stole stuff in the real world. He had always planned to be a fence, but never had the connections. His gang (really just him and his few friends) was mainly based in violence and would rob people, but he never used the money for anything but food. And the occasional baseball bat. His armor revealed nothing but his fiery eyes and his curved sword on his back. He moves over to the request forms and fills one out, making sure to t
  9. Anyone want to take the god of fire on a quest?

  10. Real Name: Katsuki Tsuyugaya Username: Prometheus Age: 19-21 Height: 6'3" Black long hair Blue Eyes Story: Katsuki was never right in the head. He always had trouble making friends and had a bit of a short temper. His parents died when he was young and he was forced to live on the streets, until a man took him under his wing and taught him how to fight. This man also taught him to always hide his face, as it was a means to identify him. This stuck with Katsuki into Aincrad as the first thing he did was hide his face with a helmet. Katsuki used to fight for mo
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