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  1. Andromeda

    [OP-F03] Blooming Trust

    "Sightseeing?" An didn't echo it out of incredulity, rather the enthusiasm shining in her red eyes hinted otherwise. "Cool~. Just like me, then. I mean, I woukd be fine with a quest if I'd found one back at the safe zone and all, but I thought some leisurely exploring would do some good before I get into the actual meat of it!" A pause. Her ponytail swung to the side as she tilted her head. "...was that the right term?" Nora was accomodating enough. It did wonders to put An's initial anxiety to ease and she was grateful for that. Her cheeks still felt warm with embarrassment but the bright smile she wore earlier never dimmed, especially at the prospect of having found someone who possibly shared her interest in exploring. There were not-so-surprisingly a few people like that in SAO; clearers were so focused on the goal that they paid attention to only the necessary and the others at the extreme end of the spectrum had no interest in anything but waiting for salvation, trying to live through these days as fast as possible. "Well, I already accepted the invite, so I'll stick around with whatever you guys have in mind, if that's fine with you." This... was going good. Better than she expected-- One of the boys - the more outspoken one from earlier - turned right around and left. Abruptly. He issued them a brief farewell but didn't acknowledge her. An was hurt. He had been speaking with everyone else just fine earlier. Was it something she did...? Now you just broke their little group apart. Harriette, you dummy. She tried to keep his retreating figure in the corner of her vision, but it was impossible when she suddenly came face-to-face with the last player's glaive. An froze. Name! Or duel! Somehow, her instincts had her throwing her hands up in the air instead of reaching for her rapier or her teleport crystal. "I-I'm An! My name's An!" she yelped, practically wilting at the intensity of the glaive wielder's gaze. Probably, the woman at the other end of the weapon hadn't heard her introduction earlier. "Idon'twannaduelI'msorryI'msorryI'llneversneakuponyouagain!!" Her sheathed weapon released a miniscule blob of darkness. Somehow, that placated her. An was swept into a quick hug and the woman's voice lowered to a more comforting tone in apology. Oh... She kind of felt like Leah, and An didn't know why she was comforted by that fact. Slowly, she lowered her shaking hands to her sides but stayed still within the woman's quick embrace. Though she couldn't rid herself immediately of her unease, she let herself be let towards the rock whete the other two were already seated. An sat down beside Nora, feeling very much like a gradeschooler in a discussion circle. Shior, but her player name in the status bars displayed Azhoda... "Um..." And An didn't know what she was still doing here, but she felt obligated to continue the conversation when the rather stern woman had paused. "What were you doing here, Miss Azhoda?"
  2. Andromeda

    {PP-F24} Don't Split the Party!

    Two weeks since that entire Halloween circus fiasco. An had been working her way up the floors - venturing even further than she had dared to before. And it was an adventure! She'd walked through forests, prairies, deserts, wastelands, sailed out into the middle of Floor 22's large lake, hiked up the mountains of Floor 19, and held up a torch to stave off the darkness in Floor 23's caverns. Crimson eyes never once lost their delighted shine. This was exactly what she came here for and already, she was experiencing it in full! An could barely contain her eager smile as she walked down one of the connecting bridges that led from one of the larger isles to one of the smaller, less-explored ones. Today, she was exploring again, hopping from island to island in search of... nothing in particular. She just wanted to see the beautiful sights for herself though she stopped once to pick a flower to show to the cute little NPC kid that always followed her around when she was in Floor 1. Stepping onto the last island, An looked back the way she came with a smile, breathing in the salty sea breeze and letting the sound of the waves lapping against the rock formations beneath wash over her. Then she turned and trudged on further. What new thing would she find here, she wondered--? If it was a random hole in the ground which led far, far down into what seemed like an all-consuming void, she would steer clear of it. However, if said hole had two other players standing at the edge and staring down at it... consider An curious! "Hello. It's not everyday I see two players looking so intently down at a hole in the ground." Her calm greeting carried over to them before she stopped at the taller player's other side, close enough so she could peer in herself. Fearing a repeat of... the last time she was called out for watching a group of players from a distance, she drew closer to the two without pausing to give it much thought. Probably, they were staring at her in confusion. Long white hair, crimson red eyes, a shield seemingly made of auburn ice, and small blobs of darkness which floated around her sheathed rapier's hilt. Rather irregular in every aspect but she proved her friendliness when excitement started to seep into her previously controlled tone at the thought of adventure. "I'm An. Something interesting down there?"
  3. An didn't waste any more time. She stooped down and grabbed the nearest item which happened to be a heavy battleaxe that she tugged at once, twice, internally voiced her frustration over, then proceeded to give up and open a menu that dumped it straight into her inventory. Why didn't she just do that in the first place, you asked? ... ... ... ... She didn't know either. The clumsy newbie was out of the cave in a jiffy. She didn't even bother to look back and check if any goblins came in after she left, An was done with that area and she wanted out! Going back the way she came, she passed the rocky region that made up the distant expanses of Floor 1 and then the much safer grasslands, and she heaved a sigh of relief as soon as her feet touched the invisible divide between the safe zone and the world outside. Home free! Smiling to herself, she ventured back into the safe zone and followed the roads back to Billy's shop. She was going to have a word with that little kid.
  4. Goblin held club with its right hand. Which meant left side - her right - had to be less defended. Going by her earlier realization, maybe it did take more than just trying to poke a pointy stick at it. Less staying in one place to meet the little bugger's blows, more moving around to attack it on its left side. Pretty simple! Somehow, it sounded easier than her oversimplification earlier - it was more specific and she had a better idea of what to do, a better goal, perhaps. Her teachers always told her to break down big goals into smaller ones she could then think of a process to attain, to specify the scope and limitations of her research... and it all applied nicely to this situation. Now, her problem was the execution. Oh, boy. An was glad the goblin was starting to tire out from all the combat; it wasn't as sprightly as it had been earlier. A quick evasive maneuver which she somehow managed with her current lack of composure and awkward stances and two thrusts of her rapier. Her weapon embedded itself into the goblin's midsection and with a startled cry, it was dead. It did the exploding thing and the girl was left staring at the loot it had dropped, still holding her rapier in the same position. A big, goofy smile grew on her face and she cheered. She could hardly believe that it actually worked!
  5. Alright! An tried to psych herself up. She even hopped on one foot and then another. She could do this! The pesky little thing that was only defending its goods because it has a family to feed you monster was practically half-dead already. It was hanging onto life with an HP bar that was the equivalent of one basic attack, considering the past encounter. She could do this! Let's think a bit simpler. Maybe she was just feeling overwhelmed by it all. She just needed to poke it with the edge of a pointy stick! An thought oversimplifying the combat in her mind would work. Well, An thought wrong. Apparently, rapiers don't do well against clubs because of how flimsy they were - if they ever were to directly clash weapons, the club would always win out because of the sheer weight of the weapon and the power behind its strike. An didn't know why she was just realizing this now.
  6. "Owww...!" That went straight to the head! If she had any more brain cells left to lose-- And her second thrust... sailed right past it and she was left, very purposefully, waving her weapon at thin air. Thankfully, the goblin had lost its balance with that wild swing and sort of collapsed into an angry, growling little heap in the corner. Serves it right, An thought grumpily. She was just here to quickly grab some stuff for a profession quest and she was taking way too long just because of these stupid goblins! She grabbed her rapier and scrambled to a stand, using the momentary lapse to recompose herself. "Billy, I hardly feel like I'm cheating the system," the silver-haired player grumbled to no one in particular. "No, I feel like the system's cheating me! What was with that 'profession growing with you' crap? You never said starting this off would be way too much work!!"
  7. Andromeda

    [OP-F03] Blooming Trust

    An had gravitated closer to the tree, still mildly curious, though her clumsy attempts at stealth were quickly shattered when she couldn't resist letting out a giggle at the two boys' expense. She slapped a hand over her mouth and felt her face beginning to heat up. Oh no. One of the girls - probably, she had heard or maybe An was just terrible at keeping herself hidden in the first place - looked up and called her over. Eeeeeeep--! The silver-haired player froze and turned an even deeper shade of red. Busted! Oh jeez, oh man. This was so embarrassing. Harriette, you dummy, why couldn't you just have walked away? Now they're going to think of you as a stalker and a weirdo. She already saw you. She's probably already memorized your face. There's no getting out of it. Now the entire town's going to know but maybe you could salvage it all if you just turn tail and run away-- Party request. An blinked once. Then twice. They were-- to her--? A small part of her was glad the girl was being nice. An even smaller part had actually been looking forward to talking to them. But more importantly, what was it that brought them all here? Oh well, she thought, rather depressingly, might as well see if she could salvage this first impression. Act. Normal. Truly, as she stepped out from her shade and approached them, she proved to be anything but. Vanity effect upon vanity effect had given her an appearance far from what one would naturally see in the real world. Long silver hair pulled back into a ponytail with a red ribbon. Strikingly crimson eyes. Her attire was that of a beginner's, but the shield encased in auburn ice on her nondominant arm and the rapier sheathed at her side which would occasionally release a small shadowy bubble from its black hilt almost seemed to imply otherwise. Really though. All things considered, she was still an absolute noob. An absolute, very flustered noob. "Hello!" A cheerful greeting. Nothing can go wrong with being friendly. "What's with all this, forming a party outside the safe zone? Usually, you do it inside where it's safer, right?" ... Subtlety: 0. An turned red and verbally backpedaled. "I-I wasn't watching you all, I swear! I just... uh, caught a glimpse and made an assumption? Ahahaha..." Harriette, you idiot!! "A-anyways, I'm An. Just An..." She quickly eyed each one of them in turn, trying to place a name to their faces - she had heard them introduce themselves early on. "Forgive me for my intrusion. Oh!" And just like that, her embarrassment momentarily dissolved and her crimson eyes sparkled with interest. "Are you all here for a quest?"
  8. "Eeeep! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry!!" A series of comical crashes and a very flustered player's repeated apologies. It was safe to say that An had absolutely no idea what she was doing. Piles of goods were falling apart or being trampled underfoot as she darted in and out of the goblin's way, though to varying degrees of success. Another one collapsed - to her disappointment, that had a consumable she would've wanted to grab. She was trying not to, but they were making more of a mess of this place! The silver-haired player stepped on a shield and slipped, but somehow - somehow, she managed to spin around before her back could hit the ground and deliver a straight thrust to the goblin that had followed right after. Her heart raced with a surge of pride, but her newfound enthusiasm faltered when the goblin cackled and raised its club over its head.
  9. Andromeda

    [OP-F03] Blooming Trust

    An was starting to head out more often. ...because apparently, her weapon and shield combo was such a huge deal that even Leah was left flabbergasted. Apparently, the enhancements were supposed to be super strong at higher levels or something? That they were unique for a reason? ...that low-levels like her usually didn't start off with that kind of stuff? An didn't know enough about that - all she ever did was to redeem the equipment vouchers along with the Halloween Sticker - but she did get the impression she was no longer a one-shot out in the wilderness! An shook her rapier in its sheath excitedly. That meant many things but most especially, she could go out to explore the lower floors as much as she wanted! Floor 3 hadn't received as much of her visits as the other floors, but she thought it was pretty in its own right. Old towns, fields of flowers everywhere, and an abandoned church she wanted to look into a bit more... But what was with that group of players? She once heard someone say that the rule goes... "If you have one person staring at a spot on the pavement, they're probably just a weirdo. If you have two people, there must be something interesting." For this bunch, there was a player sleeping peacefully by a rock, another conked out beside her as if he just fell into that spot, another with a healing potion, and the lively voice of the last echoed over to her spot. Were they complete strangers who just stumbled into one another? She didn't know such a spontaneous thing was possible, with their numbers anyway. There had to be something that drew them to this clearing. An was curious! And so, the silver-haired player watched the group from under the shade of a tree. Not quite hiding, but not completely visible either.
  10. The angry goblin had her cornered. Or did she have it cornered? They had fought to a standstill, clumsy swings of a club clashing against equally clumsy rapier thrusts. She had her back to the rock shelter's side walls and the opening was just a little off to her left. Now An wasn't the type to run away as soon as things didn't go her way, but the goblin's full HP bar sure made the prospect very tempting. An kind of wanted to go home and sleep. Why did she even think this would be easy anyway? "Stay still already!" The goblin only cackled and taunted her with its club, and An puffed her cheeks out in frustration. Why was this thing so hard to hit? Why did she fail so much at combat? As far as she knew, she just needed to wave a pointy stick around until she hit something! Prepping her rapier, she pressed forward for another attempt.
  11. And there it was again. That telltale howl of rage as another small figure cast a shadow at the entrance. Needless to say, An had just been... half expecting it. "Oooh, come on! It's not like you guys can use all this stuff, anyway," she complained, rather uselessly. She picked herself up from the pile and dismissed the light armor to her inventory, only angering the hoarding goblin even more. "If you don't want your stuff to be stolen, then hide it better!" Those poor goblins just wanted some nice things to hoard and she'd killed two of them now. What a bully. But, wait! Weren't the stuff goblins hoarded also stolen? It's not like they could make these by themselves. An felt a bit more determined. She was stealing it back for better uses! Like a Robin Hood! That's not the point of Robin Hood, but An hadn't ever known anything past that story's summary. Charging up a Sword Art, she sprinted forward and thrust her blade... at empty air. The goblin cackled at her amateurish fumbling and bashed down at her with its club.
  12. "Now... where is it?" With that trouble out of the way, An was free to turn back to the piles of goblin haul. She felt proud. Though the guild leader wasn't here, she thought she showed just how competent she could be on her own! She rummaged through the pile, then frowned. "I swear it was just here a moment ago!" That was before she had that unlucky encounter with the goblin. Somewhat guiltily, she realized why it had gotten so mad when she stumbled around and made a mess of things earlier; whatever miniscule sense of order the goblins' haul had was completely gone. And so were the consumables she had been eyeing, buried beneath piles of larger weapons and equipment. An's eyes sort of glazed over. Harriette, you idiot. And they looked really good, too! Alright, what else did this place have at her immediate reach? Digging through the piles a bit more, a bundle of leather and cloth caught her interest. An tugged it free from the pile and hopped back with a cringe as the displacement allowed it to collapse even further with the signature clatter of weapon and steel. She turned it over in her hands curiously. What do goblins even want to do with something like human armor?!
  13. Oh geez, oh man. She clumsily threw herself out of the way of another attack and almost fell over. No wonder Leah didn't want her running around alone! What if it had reinforcements? Surely, if there was one of them there might just be another following behind, right? The very thought filled her with dread. She wasn't confident enough in her abilities to take two at a time. Another wild swing of a rapier -- and an enraged howl. An pried one eye open to see the goblin disintegrating into blue dust. Oh. A rewards window appeared. Right at her feet was an unidentified armor drop, which she quickly stooped to pick up. A glance at her health bar and she realized that all this time, the goblin had only dealt two HP's worth of damage. OH. Just as she thought! The silver-haired player gave a pleased, almost smug, hum. Her worries had been all for nothing.
  14. Andromeda

    Free gifts for everyone just share okay

    Thank you so much! Taking [x5] Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread)
  15. "Eeeeeee! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!" Complete panic mode. An thought she had done well the first time she encountered a goblin and she'd even felt a bit confident with the idea of future encounters, but now she realized it just went so smoothly because she had gotten the jump on it. Now that the thing was actually hitting back though? The amateur rapier-user was an absolute mess. She stumbled around the litter on the floor, knocking stacks of items over, and almost backed up into an enormous pile of trinkets she would have had trouble digging out of. A suit of armor - what was that doing in here?! - clattered to the floor, scattering more junk on where it landed and An pried one crimson eye open, dreading what she would find. "I wouldn't have knocked it over if you weren't chasing me!!" Bad dialogue choice. The goblin looked twice as angry as before! It flew into a rage, howling some sentences that ran into each other to the point of unintelligibility but she thought she at least deciphered the word 'treasure.' Somehow, her wild flailing must have had an effect; amidst their struggle, An saw its HP bar drop below half.