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  1. "Alright," she whispered, rubbing her hands together as she let out a long sigh. "Egg hunt number three." Maybe fifty or so more eggs and she could finally buy what she wanted from the. . . Egg boys. Good God, she can finally get that demonic trinket she's always wanted, in fact, needed. Ah, she can finally have max evasion enhancements again! As much as she loved being hit and paralyzing foes immediately after, it wasn't something she was super keen on doing, especially when the only mitigation she had was from her light armor skill. Well, now she supposed that she had the armor that Oscar had given her. . . so that was pretty good. She was going to need to give it another mitigation slot soon. . . especially before the next boss fight. Cordelia looked around. She never really liked gathering on floor twenty-one. It was too gloomy. Too dark, but she did need some tier three materials so she guessed that it was just going to have to do-- for now, anyway. @Shield Super Lucky Fancy Asian Cheetos: +3 LD Equipped Gloves of Caerus: +3 LD Yamata no Orochi Statue: +1 LD
  2. CORD'S NOODLE FACTORY im too lazy ill do it later [PRICES WILL BE WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT THEM TO BE] [TIER 1: UNCOMMON: 2 MATS | RARE: 3 MATS | PERFECT: 5 MATS] [TIER 2: UNCOMMON: 3 MATS | RARE: 4 MATS | PERFECT: 6 MATS] [TIER 3: UNCOMMON: 4 MATS | RARE: 5 MATS | PERFECT: 7 MATS] TIER 1: TIER 2: TIER 3: ☆ Custom Ambition Tool: +1 EXP Per Craft ☆ Hestia's Flame: +1 CD Tool ☆ TASTY: Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast. ☆ HARD-WORKING: +2 EXP per crafting attempt, +1 crafting attempt +1 CD +3 EXP Per Craft +1 Crafting Attempt Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast. RANK 7 [855/1279] RESERVED FOR NIGHT:
  3. Day 27: [Used: Super Crafty Matcha Mochi: +Ambition] 139731 CD: 9, Rare 139732 CD: 5+1=6, Uncommon 139733 CD: 12, Perfect LD: 9 139734 CD: 6, Uncommon 139735 CD: 7, Uncommon 139736 CD: 1, Fail 139737 CD: 6, Uncommon 139738 CD: 5+1=6, Uncommon 139739 CD: 2+1=3 LD: 16, Salvage +67 EXP
  4. Cordelia wiped a nonexistent tear away as she watched Mari walk off. "You have chosen a dark path," she whispered, praying for whatever was out there to watch over this poor girl. "When did you even get a wagon?" She asked incredulously as she eyed the cart as she nudged Oscar's side with her elbow. Were wagons just something you could. . . buy in the game? Where would you even buy a wagon from-- you know what, these were questions that didn't need answers. She'll just go back to living without knowing where wagons came from. She had barely taken a bite out of her taco before Baldur had propelled himself into the land of cheese and meat. "I-- wow." There weren't really words to express what she was feeling right now. . . just, wow. Good Lord, the days were getting darker and darker. "He'll be fine. If he passes out, we can just put him on the wagon and wheel him there," she said, waving Mari off jokingly before she took a bite out of a quesadilla. "Maybe you should be making more tacos more often," Cordelia commented, looking at Baldur's slouched form before she flashed Oscar a wry smile. "If this is the reaction you get from Baldur, I think people would go absolutely nuts for it," she said with a small laugh as she finished off the multiple feasts. God damn, she wasn't she if she had ever so much cheese in a single day before. Cordelia's eyes widened a bit at Mari's sudden appreciation, but it quickly melted into a soft expression. "It's no problem," she exclaimed, giving the girl a wide grin before she turned to Oscar. "Alright, I'm all ready to go! Let's go kill whatever the hell this thing is!" LVL: 51 | HP: 1175/1175 | EN: 120/120 | 21 DMG | 45 MIT | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN Consumed Super Buff Miso Ramen [+2 Protein] Habanero Taco Platter [+2 ACC Feast] Quesadilla Platter [+2 EVA Feast] Consumed Chalupa Platter [+45 MIT Feast] Consumed Chicken Nacho Platter [+135 Overhealth Feast] Consumed
  5. "Thank you," she murmured, shaking off her clouded thoughts as she picked up the cup of tea. She looked between Baldur and Crozeph quietly as she brought the cup to her lips. They must've went a long way back, maybe to when the cleared floors were still only in their teens. They must've been, right? She would've heard of Crozeph before if he had only been a frontliner a few floors back. She nodded her head along the conversation absentmindedly. As much as she loved hearing people reminisce about the past, it was difficult to keep up when it involved people she didn't know and events she wasn't particularly familiar with. Though, she supposed the topic of death in battle would've come sooner or later in a conversation like this. It was just something she came to see a lot when people suddenly see their old friends after long amounts of time. She felt herself slightly shiver. Those topics weren't something she was quite used to just yet. It was honestly a rare occurrence-- at least, for her-- to be in such a serious conversation nowadays. The last few months were mainly just. . . happy moments. That was a lie, there were a lot if bad moments, but never as serious as death, which she found incredibly odd considering she lived in a world where you could just step outside a safezone and immediately get ganked by someone twice your level. Not that she wanted death or anything, no, no. She was just. . . surprised. Cordelia returned from her dazed state just as Baldur seemed to have the life brought back to him. She smiled unconsciously into her cup at his suddenly chipper attitude. Thank God, she was not used to him being like that at all. Most of the time he was just. . . him. She wasn't exactly sure how to explain it. He was just usually. . . Baldur-y. Did that make sense? It probably didn't. Baldur was just special, let's just say that. Her humored expression suddenly turned into a deadpan, but her face softened before she let out a dry chuckle. "Yeah, sure. Let's go with that," she mused, shaking her head. Her hands clasped around the cup tightly as she nodded to Crozeph. "I do admit, we did not exactly. . . click when we first met, that was partially my fault, I admit that, but we've both come a long way from where we both started," she said quietly, smiling to herself. "Ah, I see. That sounds very. . . fun." And unsanitary. "Me? Well. . ." She trailed off, letting out a nervous laugh as she scratched the side of her cheek sheepishly. "I'm not a very inspirational leader like Baldur here. I mainly just follow whoever gives the orders," she shrugged nonchalantly. "I don't think I trust myself enough to be the person giving orders. Trust me, a lot more people are safer that way." "Is that what he's going to be recognized for now?" She mused, cracking a small grin. "'The man with the taco wagon'. I do suppose that sounds better than 'the guy that makes hotdogs'. Just a bit."
  6. "i can assure you I'd be the one to break that formation," Cordelia mumbled, shaking her head as she released a sigh. Cordelia followed after the stranger, tilting her head. If Baldur was planning to organize a guild, she would have be ready to give him a straight up no. She was perfectly fine being in The Tarot with her friends, not saying that Baldur wasn't her friend or anything, but she was sure she wasn't even familiar with some of the people he wanted to recruit-- that saying if he did want to create a guild, of course. She looked up at Baldur, sighing in relief. She guessed that he already knew she was in a guild. . ? She wondered if someone else had told him that. Perhaps Lessa? Did he even know Lessa? As her mentor listed off some of the names of the already existing frontliners, Cordelia couldn't help but ponder. She knew some of the people he had named. Calrex was vaguely familiar and so was Zandra. She knew Macradon almost too well, unfortunately. Her head had returned from the clouds as she caught a bit of Baldur's proposition. "I think that's a great idea. It'd be nice to learn from someone else for a change," she added, giving Crozeph a small smile. "I'm sure it would be an honor as well." Cordelia nearly tripped over her foot, "I-- what?" She paused, shaking her head before resuming her pace. She shouldn't have been surprised. Mari had an orange crystal after all, so it wasn't a big surprise to know that she had murdered someone. . . It was often someone she had constantly overlooked but hearing how she had taken somebody from someone else just made it. . . different. The girl pursed her lips. She had remembered seeing all of those names crossed out on the tablet, a handful of them were murdered by the girl Cordelia had come to know as a sort of older-sister figure. Her pale eyes darkened. The Monument of Life. It had been quite a while since she gone there. Not since. . . that very vivid day with Oscar and Bahr. Her thoughts came to an abrupt stop. Pinball. Her teeth gritted together under her impassive mask at the mere thought of that bastard's name. She swore, the next time she saw that boy she was going to wring his neck dry-- "I-- huh?" She asked, lifting her head to meet Baldur's gaze before she straightened up. "Oh. Err--" Cordelia murmured, scratching the side of her cheek as she averted her eyes. "She's very. . . erm. . . vivacious, I suppose. She has a very witty personality and she has a lot of fire to her, but she has a soft side, too. Sort of like an older sibling or something," she mumbled, her voice trailing off.
  7. "Talents I am not aware about apparently," Cordelia mused, following after her towards the wagon. "Are you going to abandon the whole hotdog shtick and become a master taco maker now?" She asked him jokingly as she turned her attention to the array of foods. She scratched her chin quizzically before clapping her hands together in front of her with a sheepish smile. "I don't think I've ever eaten tacos before in general," she exclaimed like it was nothing. Absolutely nothing. "Mari, you mustn't go over to that side," she whispered quickly, grabbing ahold of the girl's shoulders, a dead serious look on her face as she stared at Mari's soul. "You don't want to end up like. . ." Cordelia paused, looking at Baldur from the corner of her eye before she turned back to Mari, "a fallen friend." A very thin line was stopping her from immediately plunging her katana into her heart at the moment. A very, very thin line.
  8. Dragon Hunter Anthology. Cordelia whistled. It had been quite a while since she had done that one. . . and if she recalled correctly, it had actually been one of the first quests she had ever done with Oscar-- or series of quests, really. She mentally face-palmed herself. She had just finished one quest chain and now she was already set out to finish another one. Lord, she just hoped that this one won't be as terrible as the Scents of the Wild. Those quests left her permanently scarred, good God. Well, at least the dragon quests would be easy. . . for now anyway. Which one was she even on? The third one? Or was it the fourth? There were about nine in total, right? That was certainly more than scents of the wild, be she assumed that this line won't be as difficult as that one. "Hey, Oscar. Remember that quest chain with the baby dragons and whatnot that we did way back when ago?" @Oscar
  9. "Empress?" She echoed quietly, her head lifting tiredly to give the two a deadpan look before she shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. She had honestly had no idea what the hell was going on, but it sounded fun, sort of. "I mean, there's Oscar. . . and Bahr," she mumbled, holding up three fingers before she added a fourth. "I guess Mari will be coming along as well now that she's back, I suppose, and who knows, maybe a bunch of people will pop out from nowhere again," she sighed, lowering her hand. "I'm probably the weakest of the frontliners at the moment, so please don't compare the rest of the frontliners to me," Cordelia said nervously as she fidgeted with her fingers in front of her. "Empress-chan?" The girl let out a long sigh. Just roll with it. Cordelia's attention shifted over to the gloomy river. Her lips slightly curved. Whatever lurked beneath those waters was the bane of her existence, especially that Lich asshole and his little friends. Of course, it wasn't nearly as bad as the bloody Lightning Horse, it was still bad. Looking at this damned river reminded her of how much she hated that stupid quest line and its stupid mechanics and its stupid bosses.
  10. Cordelia tugged on the hems of her charcoal-colored jacket as walked alongside her mentor. Why they were here, she had no idea. She just kind of. . . followed him wherever at this point. Did that sound weird? It probably did. She and weird have grown very close over the past few months, so she supposed she was sort of used to this kind of stuff now? Maybe? "What is it with you and this river." What a bizarre greeting. Though, she guessed Baldur had. . . uh-- always been one for doing some incredibly bizarre things. Cough, cough, nudge, nudge. She wondered if this would be another bizarre encounter. Good Lord, she hoped it wasn't. After that whole. . . thing with Macradon, she wasn't sure what she was going to expect from him anymore. The girl peered at Baldur from the corner of her eye. Oh geez, another reunion. She wasn't sure how many of those she had witnessed in the past few months. It was a lot. Quite a lot, really. She just guessed that people who went M.I.A. were suddenly popping out of nowhere. Fun, fun, is it not? She blew a small sigh. Just another person to not piss off, whoopy doo. Cordelia tilted her head, her silver hair drooping over her shoulder before she offered the stranger a small wave. "Pleasure to meet you," she exclaimed, lowering her hand before she gave Baldur a curious. "You don't say," she said, both in mild curiosity and sarcasm. The girl intertwined her hands behind her back as she grinned at the other katana-user. "Well! Any comrade of Baldur is a comrade to me! Pleased to make your your acquaintance, Crozeph!"
  11. Day 26: 139454 CD: 9, Rare LD: 139455 CD: 8+1=9, Rare LD: 139456 CD: 9, Rare LD: 139457 CD: 5+1=6, Uncommon LD: 139458 CD: 7, Uncommon LD: 139459 CD: 4+1=5 LD: 20, Salvage 139460 CD: 6, Uncommon LD: 139461 CD: 5+1=6, Uncommon LD: 139462 CD: 12, Perfect LD: 8 +64 EXP
  12. "I-" Cordelia stared at the wagon incredulously before let out an exuberant laugh. "Alright then," she chuckled, following after him. In a beam of light, the trio and wagon were transported all the way to the twenty-first floor. "Ah, Mari!" Cordelia exclaimed, running towards the all too familiar orange-haired player. "I'm pretty sure you knew him well enough to remember his name," she noted after her interacting with Oscar, intertwining her hands together in front of her as she let out a stiff giggle. "Oh, Pacco?" She asked, tapping the tips of her delicate fingers together as she gave her a wry smile. "It's been going well. I don't think he likes being in the sword too much," she said, rolling her eyes as she shuffled over to Mari. "Plus, I've just been keeping him there so I don't have to log two birds everywhere on my shoulders," she whispered, snickering to herself as she patted the hilt of her katana. "I don't think that Oscar or Baldur has seen both of them, either," she mumbled, rubbing her eyes with a small yawn. Cordelia pointed to Mari's blade with both of her hands and nodded. "Yep," she hummed, popping the 'p'. "Pacco is now in my trusty little sword. Way easier to keep him in check now if you ask me," she huffed, crossing her arms.
  13. Day 25: 139323 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 18, [2] Duplicate 139324 CD: 3 LD: 9, No Salvage 139325 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 10 139326 CD: 2+1=3 LD: 5, No Salvage 139327 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 18, [2] Duplicate 139328 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 3 139329 CD: 8+1=9, Rare LD: 15, [1] Duplicate 139330 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 8 139331 CD: 3 LD: 15, Salvage +78 EXP
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    "I suppose I am," Cordelia mumbled thoughtfully. "I didn't realize how much time and levels had passed by since I last saw you," she exclaimed in bewilderment. It had been quite a while since Christmas, and she had only used her voucher recently. Time was an odd concept indeed. "Oh, the Valentine's Day Gala?" She asked, a small and nervous laugh escaping her as she nodded her head slowly. "Yes, I was there. It was a very. . . eventful night," she muttered, a small deadpan making its way to her face. "I'm never going to forget that day, haha. . ." It was still unbelievable how she had met once of the highest leveled players in such an odd circumstance-- She casually accepted the friend invitation. "No, I don't mind. Plus, I'd feel incredibly stupid if I said no to. . . gathering eggs with someone." The girl blinked slowly before shrugging her shoulders. A knick of orange hair in the distance caught her eye as she looked over Arabelle. "Is that Mari?" She asked to no one but herself as she squinted. "Oh, who else could it be," the girl muttered, waving her hand in the air. "Hey Mari, over here!" ID: 139233 LD: 13+7=20, +2 Materials CD: 1, +2 Eggs Total Eggs: 10 Total Materials: 5
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  17. Day 24: 139102 CD: 1, Fail LD: 17 139103 CD: 10, Rare LD: 8 139104 CD: 10, Rare LD: 4 139105 CD: 10, Rare LD: 19, [2] Duplicates 139106 CD: 6, Uncommon LD: 6 139107 CD: 6, Uncommon LD: 17, [2] Duplicates 139108 CD: 7, Uncommon LD: 6 139109 CD: 10, Rare LD: 2 139110 CD: 11+1=12, Perfect LD: 1 +65 EXP
  18. Cordelia found herself at the Garden again. Even if she had just finished gathering with Arabelle and Mari and Yuki, she figured it would be nice to have some alone time. . . yeah, nice. Gathering eggs with one's self couldn't be that bad, right? Right? She shook her head silently. No, it was going to be bad, but she knew that she needed time to think, just for a bit. With everything going on, she wasn't sure she could keep up. This new event-- Oscar's proposal, the upcoming boss raid. . .. she was afraid that the stress was just going to snap her in half. Cordelia buried her face in her hands as she let out a long sigh. She shouldn't let herself get too caught up with it. Who thinks about boss raids and marriage while egg hunting? Well, her apparently. No, she refused to get stressed now! She had some eggs to collect! ID: 139065 LD: 17, +2 Materials CD: 10, +6 Eggs Total Eggs: 6 Total Materials: 2 Consumed Super Lucky Fancy Asian Cheetos: +3 LD Equipped Gloves of Caerus: +3 LD Yamata no Orochi Statue: +1 LD
  19. ID: 139101 LD: 4+7=11, +1 Materials CD: 6, +3 Eggs Total Eggs: 42 Total Materials: 16
  20. Cordelia sat herself at the base of a tree and sighed. She needed a break. Somehow, collecting eggs tired her out more than actual combat-- which was. . . odd, to say the least. She never thought she would be more tired from collecting eggs than. . . let's say, fighting a giant mountain. She leaned her head back on a tree and bit her lip. How exhausting. . . How could picking up chocolate eggs be so physically draining? It was honestly a little bit embarrassing! Cordelia yawned, leaning her chin on her palms which were propped up on her knees. Maybe she should've asked someone to join her. It was getting a little bit lonely. You can only gather so many chocolate eggs before you start to go super crazy. She wasn't sure if she could ever look at a brightly colored ovoid without crying-- that was a joke of course. . . a very, serious joke. ID: 139091 LD: 9+7=16, +2 Materials CD: 6, +3 Eggs Total Eggs: 39 Total Materials: 15
  21. A short sigh escaped her. She shouldn't be thinking about this now, it was going to hinder her progress. She shook her head, resuming back to her very serious egg hunting. Cordelia leaned down again, examining a couple of eggs hidden away in a loose pile of leaves. Suddenly she didn't feel as motivated to do this. Hot air blew out from her nose as she shook her head. It was way too late to be going back now. She was just going to have to cheer herself up or deal with it whether she liked it or not. She gulped, scooping the eggs back into her basket again. How many was that now? It definitely had to be more than thirty by now, right? Cordelia sighed, holding out the basket in front of her. Maybe she should've asked Oscar to come with her. . . it would be nice to talk with him while gathering. ID: 139079 LD: 16, +2 Materials CD: 5, +3 Eggs Total Eggs: 36 Total Materials: 13