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  2. write later. Selling these here 3 rare trinket Roll ID: 129171, 129158, 129152
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    Name: Nora Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 Roll ID: 128594, 128594-1 (additional copy) Link: Roll Result: 10+1 (from heaven's tear trinket); LD 18 Item Type: HP Recovery (Slot II) Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: HP Recovery rank II Description: Standard salve Name: Nora Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 Roll ID: 128783 Link: Roll Result: 12; LD 17 Item Type: Salve Toxic Venom Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Toxic Venom Description: Standard salve Name: Nora Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 2 Roll ID: 129205, 129205-1(additional copy) Link: Roll Result: 12; LD 20 Item Type: Salve Toxic Venom Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Toxic Venom Description: Standard salve
  4. November 15, 2019 It took her a long time to prepare for this, but Nora thinks that she is finally ready to open up her shop now. She got the place fully renovated, her pet eagle is well feed and ready to look after the shop when she is away, and she even has something in stock for the customers. She just need to get the request form up and that's all the preparation needed. She hopes that this is ok for now, even though she has so little in stock. With a deep breath, she set up her work table and prepares to craft one more time. She ranks up on her first attempt, which allows her to craft 3 times per day now. On her second attempt she got something good, the third attempt was a fail though. ID# 129204 results: CD 7; LD 10 (+5 from Aincrad Trading Post) <<salvaged material>> ID# 129205 results: CD 12 (perfect) , LD 20 (1 additional); 129205-1 ► Toxic Venom Cost: 3 Slots Cap: 1 Slot Effect: Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal (8 * Tier) unmitigatable poison damage on each enemy turn for 3 turns. Effect lasts for one thread. Poison damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. Applicable to: Salves ID# 129206 results: CD 7; LD 19 <<salvaged material>> EXP: +2 (+19) + 8 +2= 31 RANK UP
  5. roll ID# 129201 results: Battle: 1 Craft: 6
  6. let's roll ID# 129200 results: Battle: 9 Craft: 3
  7. <<Nora Level 9; 180 HP; 18 EN; Katana Rank 2; DMG 5; ACC 3; Eva 0; Mit 2. Equipped Houou [Bleed/Bleed/Paraysis]; Nightmare Armor [Thorn/Mit/Mit]; Eagle Pin [Acc/Acc/Acc]; Battle ready items: healing potion x 5, Feather Pearl charm [Eva/Eva/Eva]; Clover Pin [LD+2]; Heaven's Tears [LD+1, CD+1]>> Ok!! This is now the time!! Nora claps her own face and whistles towards the nearby tree for her eagle to come over to her. Her new eagle barely bats an eye or noticed her in any matter, shape or form. This is going to take a while...I already know it... Nora thoughts to herself before reaching into her pocket and pulls out a small square container. She picks up some bird feed from the small container and waves to her eagle again, this time reaching her hand to show the bird the pet food, trying to catch its attention. It seems to have work as the eagle flaps its wings and flies down, landing on her outstretched arm. Nora frowned at the weight of this bird and picks up some bird feed to give him some treat. "Please...learn this quickly, no causing trouble ok..oww!!!!" She hissed and dodged when the bird pulls on a strand of her hair and pulled. She thought she was gonna lose that hair then, but lucky that the bird lets go of her hair. She sighed. It looks like they still have a long way to go. This is what you get for getting a large predator for a familiar. Seriously...why didn't I go for the cute little cat again...?
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    Familiar Name: Aragon Description: A large white tailed eagle with white head and tail feathers and dark brown brown feathers everywhere else. It is very interested in combat and will naturally be more affectionate towards those who exhibit sufficient combat abilities. This eagle has an otherwise nonchalant personality and does not seem to care about much else, does not pay attention to food either. When Nora is away, this eagle will temporarily watch over the shop and forward customer's notes to Nora when she came back. It is pretty heavy and likes to stand on people's shoulder or arm if outstretched. Familiar Mastery Skill: Dmg (rank 1) Gain +(1 per Rank) damage when fighting with your familiar. Does not stack with damage enhancement. Thread Link: