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  1. "Got it," Yukiro called out to everyone, "Is everyone okay? Anyone need some time to heal up?" Nora shook her head at that, "I think we should continue and finish off whatever monsters left in this cave quickly, before more reinforcement arrives. It looks like we all still have some relatively decent health bar left, as long as we rotate between who tanks and who doesn't none of us would really be in any danger here. I haven't suffer from any damage against me yet so I can tank if needed. But remember that all of us need to pick up a gem stone too, please be sure to pick one up before we leave the cave. So...two more cave guardians to go?" Nora smirks, she was a little bit of uneasy when she first enter the fight, but it looks like everything was going along still relativelly fine. There are gem stones scatter around the cave, Nora picked up one random gem stone and throws it towards NIGHT. "Here! Take this one!" Immeditately afterwards, a cave guardian drops down from the ceiling. Nora couldn't see it but she has a pretty good guess on where it is base on the sound and vibration of when it hits the ground. Nora ready her sword and charge forward, landing a basic attack on the cave guardian. Cave guardian: Cave Guardian 3: HP 20 Dmg 5 (50 on first hit) ID# 130767 results: Battle: 8 Cave Guardian 3: HP 17/20 DMG 5: Hate Nora 1, everyone else 0 @Lonzo
  2. crafting ID# 129857 results: Battle: 6 Craft: 2 Loot: 1 ID# 129858 results: Battle: 10 Craft: 3 Loot: 14 ID# 129859 results: Battle: 1 Craft: 8 Loot: 6 D# 129860 results: Battle: 7 Craft: 9 Loot: 9
  3. Nora nods. "Sounds like a plan. And don't worry about the wasps, no a lot of people like them. I also feel a bit uncomfortable around most of the insect species except for the butterflies. Well...time to get going then, nothing gets done by sitting around." Nora drinks her glass of water in one gulp and gets up from her chair. She send over a party invite to Abalasster before getting up from her seat. "But I have to warn you...with how the loot system works in this game, the lower rank filler monsters might actually be stronger than the queen...oh well..." With the introduction out of the way, she heads out for the field. Stepping out of the tavern, she was greeted by strong ray of sunshine and a vast field of tall wheat grass. This was supposed to be the area where the other players went hunt for the wind wasp. Nora took a look at Abalasster, silently warning him to be on guard, before heading deeper into the field. Before soon, she thought she heard something moving inside the tall wheat, heading towards their way. Nora narrowed her eyes and unsheathed her sword, without giving her much time to react, something shoots out from within the grass, Nora raises her blade just in time to meet the creature, but the creature was a lot more agile then she would have thought. It flies around her sword at the very last second, Nora clicks her tongue and steps away from the creature. Wind Wasp 1: 100 HP; DMG 30 Roll ID: 129855; BD 4 (missed) Nora: 160 HP; 14/16 EN (for missing); DMG 4; ACC0; MIT 2; Equipment: Houou [Bleed/Bleed/Paraysis]; Nightmare Armor [Thorn/Mit/Mit]; Feather Pearl Charm [Eva/Eva/Eva]; @Abalasster
  4. Nora

    [PP-F03] Blooming Trust

    "That sounds like a great idea!!" Nora exclaimed happily while clasping her hands together. "I was about to suggest the same thing but you beat me to it! I guess great minds thinks alike XDDD" At that though Nora paused for a second as she tries to pick food without looking at a menu. "I like the idea of a picnic, but we probably should stay close to the safe zone just so that we don't run into any high level monsters out there. But the weather is nice and it is really the perfect floor for that. How about we each go around the "table" and say what we like to eat, and then the last person can go pick up the food. I'll go last. I haven't have the chance to really explore the safe zone on this floor yet, I wonder if they have any specialty food." Nora said. Opting to go after everyone so that she gets a sense of what people prefer. "While we are on that topic, what is your living profession and choice of weapon? I never did manage to find out, I myself am a beginner katana user, still trying to figure everything out." @Azhoda
  5. Nora took a sigh of relief and straighten herself up, she looks around the room and find that everyone is still more or less alright. That was the first cave guardian and she has got a gem stone too. If she recalls the quest requirement correctly, they each need one gem stone and they each need to defeat one cave guardian. That in a weird way is 1/4 complete. "That's good...that wasn't so bad. But I don't think we can get off from this cave so easily. Lonzo, Yukiro, remember to use your safeguard potion here, they won't be any use to you after this cave so may as well use it now." Nora examine the cave closer, trying to see if there are any other entrance or exit when Yukiro triggers another cave guardian. "What...?" Nora almost jumped when the cave guardian came to life, quickly, without much time to think, she strikes her sword against the cave guardian. Landing a basic attack against it. ID# 129852 results: Battle: 4 (+3 ACC -1 ACC) <<hit>> Nora: Nora 100 HP; 5/10 EN ; DMG 3; ACC 3; EVA 1; MIT 0 + newbie quest potion; Paraysis Cave guardian: HP: 17/20 | DMG: 50/5 (on first attack only); Hate Yukiro 0; Nora 1; Lonzo 0; NIGHT 0 @Lonzo
  6. crafting ID# 129755 results: Battle: 7 Craft: 3 Loot: 15 ID# 129756 results: Battle: 6 Craft: 9 Loot: 6 (+5) ID# 129757 results: Battle: 10 Craft: 6 Loot: 18 EXP 42 +3 (rank up) ID# 129774 results: Craft: 4 EXP 45+1+1=47
  7. When it looks like she wasn't going to investigate the source of the crying sound, the sound actually moves closer to her. It was as if the source of the sound was following her and catching up to her. That makes the hair on Nora's neck stands up and she felt goosebumps all over her arms. She motions for her eagle to fly faster, never mind about her she can catch up, but she doesn't want to remain in this forest for any longer. Whatever the source of the sound was, it was definitely not friendly and it looks like it was coming after her for some reason. For now, there's still some distance between then, and Nora took a deep breath and starts to run towards the direction where the eagle was flying towards. As soon as she started to run, something ruffles in the bushes behind her and a shadow charges out, giving her a chase. Nora didn't dare to turn back, lucky that she wasn't that far away from the safezone. Without even a glance back, Nora charges towards the safezone with her full speed, she narrowly makes it back to Town before the last ray of sunshine disappears from the horizon. --------------------------------------------------------------- Familiar mastery skill (may only have one unlocked at a time. Only unlocks first level of the mastery skill.) 1 SP (First completion only); 2 sp for 2 pages 12 mats, 1290 (1170 col +5%) + 800 for 2 pages = 2090 col
  8. It really does look like she was heading deeper into the forest and further away from civilization. Thankfully her air head nature hasn't got the better of her this time around and she realized that she was lost in record time before it was too late. She follows her eagle and turn around, narrowly avoiding the deeper part of the forest. On her way back she heard sounds in the forest, strange sounds that wasn't there before during the daytime. It sounded like howling, but it also sounded like a weak cry. She has goosebumps all over her skin as she stopped herself from thinking exactly what kind of creature would make that kind of noise. She hopes that it wasn't a player because she didn't want to investigate the noise any further. It was most likely some kind of monsters trying to lure her in, at least that was what she tries to tell herself.
  9. It was strange...this does not look like the way she came from. The scenery on both sides of the road looks strange and unfamiliar to her. Did the forest change shape while she was walking or is she really getting lost over here. That's not good...it is one thing to be left in the dark outside of the safe zone and yet another thing altogether if she is stuck in a brand new region. The second floor monsters shouldn't be that much stronger than the first floor monsters, but nevertheless, she doesn't know their levels and does not want to run into any hidden boss or anything like that. She looks at her eagle and silently gesture for it to fly high up in the air and survey the surrounding. See if it can find the way back to the safe zone from the higher altitude. The eagle let out a cry and turns towards another direction, it looks like she really was heading the wrong way.
  10. There is not a lot of daylight left for the day and Nora didn't want to fight anymore. It has been a long day after all. And she just wants to get back to the shop and start crafting some more. She has already gotten some material from her previous fights and maybe one or two random materials from out of combat search and that should have been enough for now. If she needs more materials, she could always go back to the nature's treasure to gather for more materials. Right now, it is more important for her to become familiar with the layout of the second and third floor. She has a feeling that the third floor will become more importantly later on, if only for the reason that it will be the place where she will have her shop. She pats her eagle on the head and fishes out some more treat for it, keeping an careful eye out for potential monsters.
  11. Walking with the eagle on her shoulder, she took a look at her surroundings, searching for more materials that could help her with her shop. But it doesn't look like she was going to find any here. She should have regain some energy back from the brief moment of being out of combat, but she doesn't know if she will have enough time to fight one more monster before the day time is over. She was having a really hard time in deciding on what to do. She turns to ask her eagle on its thought. "So, Aragon, what do you think? Should I pick up more fight before the day was over, or should I just head back. I might not be able to stop the fight in time before nightfall." The eagle makes a small cooing sound. Nora raised an eyebrown at that. She still can't understand eagle speech, but she was getting better at interpreting what it was trying to say. ID# 129749 results: Loot: 7 <<nothing>>
  12. There is very little sunlight left and night was about to fall onto this world. The monsters will be more active during night time and possibly more aggressive and stronger too. She needs to get back to the safe zone, but at the same time, she wants to take advantage of whatever amount of daylight that was left. This was a difficult choice to be made. At one hand, she wants Aragon to get use to the way she does combat right now. Despite how many mistakes that she was making at the moment, it needs to be familiar with the way she fights. But on the other hand, her energy is running dangerously low at the moment and she needs to take a rest outside of combat. She calls Aragon over and allowing it to rest on her shoulder as she makes her way back towards the town, looking for materials as she walks. ID# 129746 results: Loot: 3 <<nothing>>
  13. Nora steps around the wolf, careful in maintaining her distance with the monster. With the wolf already having its health bar in red, it means that she doesn't even have to attack anymore. The additional bleed effect should be enough to take care of it. Right now she needs to focus on keeping her distance so that she can regain as much of her energy and health bar back as possible. This shouldn't be hard if she can just focus on the defense. Soon, the wolf bleeds to death and disappears as digital pixels. Nora went up to where the wolf's body was and checks her loots. So far, it doesn't look like she was getting much in the way of unidentified equipment. But at the very least she was getting materials, and that will help her with her crafting. She looks up at the sky, there's still day light left. ID# 129742 results: Battle: 8 MOB: 2 Nora: 160/180 HP; 7/18 EN (-1+1); DMG 5 Wolf: 0/90 (-12 for bleed) hp dead Loot ID# 129743 results: Craft: 7; Loot: 5 <<4 materials, 270 col>>
  14. Nora withdraw back into a safer distance and eyeing the wolf carefully with full cautions. It has now becomes very clear to her that she was taking this wolf way to ligthtly. She won't hold up for much longer if it keeps on managing to land critical attacks on her. She needs to be more caution about where she lands, avoiding any more damages to her if at all possible. Right now, although things looks bad, it is actually better than it looks. The wolf is already down half of its health bar and with the additional bleeding effect, the fight should be over sooner than later. Nora carefully studied the wolf's movement, and when it begins to show sighs of attacking, she moves out of the way preemptively. Stepping to the side and avoiding the wolf's attack. When they cross path, Nora raised her sword and slice across the wolf's body. ID# 129738 results: Battle: 8 (bleed renew) MOB: 4 (missed) Nora: 160/180 HP; 7/18 EN (-4+1); DMG 5*4 (tsuji kaze) =20 Wolf: 6/90 (-12 for bleed) hp
  15. It looks like Nora's initial assessment was way off the mark. Even though the new wolf appears to be around the same level as the wolves that she has faced from earlier today, this one is packing a lot more heat and is also a lot more hyper aware of its surroundings. After Nora manages to twists her own arm away from the wolf's mouth, she manages to slice the wolf across its neck, landing a bleed effect on the wolf. But the wolf was not finished, as soon as her sword moves out of the way and Nora's body was in the clear of the weapon, the wolf jumps up and took a bite at Nora's neck. Landing a critical hit on her as well. Nora's eyes widen in shock and quickly backed away at the first opportunity, this wolf was getting criticals in like it was nothing. Now she sort of wishes that she has evasion enhancement. ID# 129732 results: Battle: 8 (bleed) MOB: 10 (crit) Nora: 160/180 (18 Mit) HP; 11/18 EN (-4+1); DMG 5*4 (tsuji kaze) =20 Wolf: 38/90 (-12 for bleed) hp