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  1. rolling rolling rolling WOO CERES HITS
  2. Ceres hugged his arm closer to her, seeing him not completely freaking out, she assumed it was a safe thing to do. "Aww..." He wanted to visit her shop if he lost? That didn't sound fun, and if she were being honest, it sounded like he didn't want to visit it in the first place. But Ceres had a pretty strong hunch that Raidou didn't mean it that way. "And here I thought you wanted to visit my shop." She said with a pout as she rested her chin on his shoulder, looking up at him with wide lilac eyes. "I guess..." she said with a final squeeze before letting go. "If you see it as a punishment..." she teased. Ceres took a few steps away from him and knelt down to pick at a patch of bio-luminescent mushrooms. Successfully placing a few pairs in her satchel. "Haha! that's 52 Raidou!" Ceres said as she lifted herself up off the ground and dusted her hands. "Bahaha!" She did a small dance with her feet, feeling exhilarated. "This feels so, so good! Especially when I'm doing it with others!" She reached out to 'boop' Raidou on the nose. "C'mon, you can think up of a better penalty than that! How about I pick something you have to do and you pick something you want me to do!" Ceres stood in front of Raidou now. "What would your penalty be for me?" she asked as she rocked back and forth on her heels, humming happily to herself @Raidou ID:134125 LD:12+5 2 Materials! CD 6 (2 Bonus Materials 4 Materials found! Total 1050 Col Uncommon T3 Consumable ID:135120 Uncommon T3 Consumable ID:135120 T3 Materials X 52
  3. Ceres was already lunging at him with her arms spread out, but she noticed the red in his face, and how he had quickly stammered, placing his hands up in front of him. Wait? He didn't want a hug? Why didn't he say so in the first place? She had to do a quick and awkward side step so she'd miss him. Instead she hit a stalagmite face first. "oof" She shook her head as she started to rub her face. "Oww..." She pulled what looked like a glimmering stone off her face. "Oh!" She turned to Raidou with a smile. "Look! I dove headfirst into a bunch of these opal material things!" She said with a laugh as she picked them from the stalagmite. "You're right...that was a small amount, normally I am more lucky with chests. But hey, I can't complain. Those consumables could end up being very useful to somebody." She turned to him and approached him, instead of a hug, she gave his arm a comforting squeeze. "I'm just a few away from the halfway point." Ceres said with a smile. She didn't want to upset Raidou - and if he truly didn't want her to hug him. She'd respect that. Instead, she waved one of the small shards of opal in her hand at him. "C'mon Raidou~ What's gonna happen if you let me beat you~?" @Raidou ID:134123 LD:14+5 2 Materials! CD 8 (2 Bonus Materials 4 Materials found! Total 1050 Col Uncommon T3 Consumable ID:135120 Uncommon T3 Consumable ID:135120 T3 Materials X 48
  4. Ceres

    [F11-PP] A Walk Through the Forest

    "I wish I could help people like that." Ceres admitted when Benjamin said he helped newer players out with the quests. "But I find battling things so very hard... I really don't like it." "Chests? Oh hang on!" Ceres said, as she took a deep breath and dived under the water; the water was surprisingly clear; considering it was a riverbed; she could see rocks, small fishes...Benjamins feet...Ceres reached out and 'booped' his feet with her finger before glancing around. She couldn't see any in the immediate vicinity. She popped her head out of the water, breathing heavily, oops she may have had her head stuck under there for too long. Ceres rubbed her eyes, groaning. "Ahh...no sorry... there is no chests down there, at least not from what I can see. And I'd rather not try fishing...w-what if I accidentally fish up a monster?" She said cautiously. "Uhm...I don't really have anything in my fighting skills, do you?" Ceres glanced around. "I think there would be lots of nice fishing places but uh...I mean...I guess we both could take on a monster if I fished one up, right? But I mean - Im barely above Tier 1 in terms of levels." She fidgeted as she began to ring the water out of her hair. "If you think we can take something on if it appears, I trust you." @Benjamin Bookworm #ID 135121 LD 6+ 5 = 11 No Chest Found Total Materials Found by Ceres: 16 x T2 Materials Total Consumables Found by Ceres: 2 x T2 Materials (LINK) Total Col Found by Ceres: 825 Col
  5. Ceres pulled out a golden key and gave Raidou a grin. "Okay! so your guess was 13 materials, let's see how true that is!" She opened the chest with a 'click' as she turned the golden key. It disintergrated in her hands before she opened up the chest. The haul wasn't as good as she was used to, but it was better than nothing, and nothing was better than a mimic. "Oooh..." She glanced up at Raidou was a sly grin on her face. "Tough luck friend. We got here...two materials, two unidentified consumables, and 1050 Col! You were waay off." She pulled out the items from the chest, before that too disintegrated into nothing more than particles of data. "See." She said before placing each one away into her inventory. all except one material which she chucked toward Raidou. It wasn't exactly a 'quarter' but hey, you couldn't exactly give someone a quarter of two. "You know what that means?" She asked as she pushed herself up off the ground. She held her arms out wide, "I get to hug your worries away!" @Raidou ID:135120 CD: 5+ 2=7 (Floor * 50) Col, (2) materials, (2) uncommon consumables Total 1050 Col Uncommon T3 Consumable ID:135120 Uncommon T3 Consumable ID:135120 T3 Materials X 43
  6. Ceres blinked when Oscar said she wouldn't need that thing at all. "R-really!?" she asked as she blinked. "I uhm..." She tilted her head as she stared at the item. "It seems kiiinda important though. Doesn't it?" she stared at it a few moments longer before sighing and placing it safely away in her inventory. Perhaps it'd be of use later. She shrugged and gave Oscar a wry grin. "You're just that confident aren't you?" she said with a laugh. "I'm glad I have you to rely on. I'm really not geared toward fighting..." She tugged on her hair, feeling embarassed. "I feel like I've come so far...but at the same time...its like...even with the extra skill points... I want to focus things into searching for stuff, is that so bad?" Oscar further explained the system to her, and chances were, that the Elf was just a bunch of pre recorded lines. It still...bothered Ceres but she didn't want to let it get to her. "Okay." She said with a smaller smile. "L-lets forget about that stupid elf. We got some wargs to..uhm...get rid of!" She gave a heroic pose, feeling a little silly for doing so, but it was her way of lightening the mood that hung over her like a heavy mist. Oscar had stood from his seat, and Ceres quickly followed, first behind him till she sped up her stead and walked beside him. Swinging her arms freely at her sides. "Fighting with your girlfriend..." Ceres laughed and snorted. "hahah Yeh I guess that would be a pretty good distraction...so Oscar, have you done this quest before? You probably have right? I mean you are super strong." @Oscar
  7. Ceres

    [OP-F1] I think... I'm back

    Ceres swung her legs under her chair, enjoying the gentle breeze. "A year ago huh?" Ceres said with a small grin. "Why change that, you can always come by and be a customer! You'll always be welcomed in my store." She said, possibly misunderstanding his words. To her, he was just jesting about how he'd have visited her often if it were a year ago. Atzo talked about how he ran a guild called the Emerald Harbingers...hmm good to know. That sounded important, right? "Running a guild sounds stressful." Ceres admitted. "I don't think I could really do that. I think it's amazing you did. Was it a big one? What kind of guild was it?" Wait...what state? Ceres's brows furrowed in concern. "Are you ok?" She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, debating on if she should admit it or not; she had been warned by Ronnel not to mention Mari so easily to others. "Whatever it was...you're here now. That's what matters most, I think. No matter what happened in the past. This..." She glanced up at the sky. "This place can be a prison. It is a wonderful beautiful place, but it's also suffocating and scary to others. I don't think anyone could fault you for breaking down. I'm sure if you meet your friends again and explain the situation they'll understand." Ceres lowered her gaze back to his and gave him a warm smile. ""And if not at least you have a new friend." She said as she pointed at herself. "As for waht I have been up to...ahh..I've only just recently started to do things. I was always so content with just wandering around on my own, people watching and stuff. I'm just trying to do all the quests from each floor as I go...and build up my merchant business. I really don't like fighting so want to avoid that too." @Atzo
  8. Ceres

    [OP-F1] I think... I'm back

    Ceres gave a small nod. "Yeh. I think he seems like the type of person who prefers to be alone. But I don't think there is anything wrong with that." Ceres said. "We all have our quirks, we all have a different way of looking at life - I think that's what makes us all kinda amazing." Somewhere along the line...Ceres forgot that. Her first few years she spent in Aincrad were mostly solitary, she was content in people watching and doing her own thing - and only now was she realizing just how much she had missed. It was then Atzo mentioned something about a fawn. "A-a what!?" Ceres asked, a little embarased at the comparison. "N-nawww." She laughed it off with a wave of her hand. "They're so much cuter I think all we have in common is how much we stumble around. I'm more clumsy than I like to admit!" They continued to walk till she showed him a small restaurant - it had both indoor and outdoor seating; Ceres opted for the outdoor, as it was a lovely day and they could people watch. Atzo also seemed a little lost and overwhelmed so she thought an open space may help that. "I try to learn as much as I can." Ceres said as she pulled out his chair then her own. "I wanna be an information broker after all! So I just soak up all the knowledge I can. I study movesets of monsters too!" She said with a grin. "So if you ever need help you just come find me, okay?" Ceres gave him a wink. "I'll look after you." An NPC waiter had come and asked them what they wanted, Ceres had ordered a two cheese Calzone filled with ricotta, mozerella and cheddar cheese. She snorted at the name. "They call it two cheese, but it lists like three different cheeses here - plus the tomato sauce!" She handed the menu back to the waiter, ordering a creaming soda to go with it. The NPC; a simple and plain man wearing a white shirt and black pants turned to Atzo, waiting for his order. "So Atzo, what have you been up to?" Ceres asked innocently enough - that's the sort of question people asked others, right? @Atzo
  9. Ceres

    Ceres' Evaluations

    21,000 Col has been sent to the banker in exchange please give my account 70 T1 Materials (T1 materials at 300 Each as merchant purchase) THank you!
  10. Ceres

    Ceres' Evaluations

    Name: Shi's Talon #82369 Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Item Type: Two hand assault spear Roll Id: ID Roll Slot 1 134810 LD 5 | ID Roll Slot 2 #ID134811 BD 10 CD 8 LD5 UNIQUE FOUND Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Absolute Accuracy | +1 Keen | +1 Fallen Description: A long spear made of polished maple. Its tip is a brilliant golden colour and is surrounded by tufts of white feathers.
  11. Another had come in just as she had finished identifying the item. Ceres placed it carefully to the side, still beaming with pride at her very first Unique enhancement discovery. He had also asked for mats. She scratched the back of her head, "Ahh...haahah..." She eyed the other person in the store, who had just purchased all of her spare farmed mats. "I'm so sorry, I don't currently have any farmed mats available. I can purchase as many as you want from the Aincrad Banker, but sadly they tend to be a bit more expensive, if you don't mind waiting I can-" BANG Ceres jumped. "Uhm...oh gosh hang on..." She double checked the contents. "Actually, haha - that's around 25k but the total for your request is...Offf." She winced, "It is 24,500 col...If you're happy with that, I can give you them right now." She wondered, who were all these people? How did they have so much col? Was he also a frontliner? @Macradon
  12. "Ok miss! The items are all here for you. I've also sent those materials to Dracul for you." She placed a medium sized wooden chest on the counter, it had a neat red trim and a neat silver lock. "Thank you for your business I appreciate it. As for that weapon..." She turned to it to inspect it. Ceres almost dropped it when it flashed in her hands, taking on the form of a large two handed spear. It's handle was long and polished, and a deadly blade gleaming with brilliant gold protruded from the end, almost hidden by an array of feathers. "Oh...w-wow! Hey Miss!" Ceres said as she turned to Ariel. "This has a unique enhancement called 'Fallen' I uhm Hope that's good!" She said, her heart pounding in her chest from the excitement of noticing the unique enhancement. Shi’s Talon#82369 [T2 Perfect Weapon]: Absolute Accuracy \ +Keen\ +Keen (Shi’s Talon is unaffected by Essence of Steel. Take it to a merchant to identify your other slots.) Slot 1 #ID134810 LD5 - Keen | Slot 2 #ID134811 BD 10 CD 8 UNIQUE FOUND 5 - Fallen| @Ariel - The Crowned Lion Sent 1,200 to Banker for Identification Sent 13,800 to Banker for purchased goods Sent T1 x 14 and T1 X 28 Mats to Dracul
  13. Ceres

    [NLY-F11] New Life Years Festival

    A frown played across Ceres's lips when lilac eyes danced from one splash of cocoa to the other. "Oh shoot. I made such a mess..." She mumbled as she opened up her inventory. Finding some water she splashed it over the sleeve of the thick winter coat she was wearing. "Here let me help you." She offered, and in typical 'Ceres' fashion she reached out to the man, oblivious to his personal space. With one hand on his chest for support she reached up and lightly began to try and blot away at the cocoa on his face. "I'm fine! I don't think any got on me. And the man who bumped me well it was an accident." She said with a laugh. "I suppose it might be a good accident, cause I got to meet you Meet!" Ceres gave him an earnest toothy grin, cheeks reddened by the cold air. "But I ruined your drink. So how can I help and make it up to you?" @Mewt
  14. Ceres partly wanted to go over and comfort Raidou, but she wasn't sure how he'd take it. He definitely seemed like the kind of person who'd probably literally melt. It was a shame, it looked like there was a literal battle in his brain before he spoke any word. "I guess I'd be a little worried if someone just silently sat and watched me, like - maybe at least say hello so I know yuo're there, yanno?" Ceres said, trying to make light of his words. "you can call me wrong, but so far, its doing well for me right? I mean - I got you as a friend now, right?" She grinned when he thanked her. "Maybe I'm not too oblivious after -a---ahhhhh!" She had tripped over something. Cers had gone to step over a small mount in the ground, but in her typical fashion her foot caught on it and she tripped. Falling face first into the ground. She groaned as she rolled over, rubbing her knee. "Owww....what th- OH!" Her eyes lit up when she realized what she had actually tripped over. She shuffled forward on the ground, not caring that she was now covered in dirt. Ceres giddily slapped the top of the treasure chest. "This bad boy gon fit so many materials in it!" She said jokingly. "Guess I'm gonna win after all." She said with a smirk as she stuck her tongue out at him. Another idea formed in her head, innocent enough as it was to her; it may be another 'Ceres this is too much' moment. "Hey, I Got an idea - if you can guess how many materials are in the chest, I'll give you half. If you loose you only get a quarter - and I get to hug your worries away. Either way its a win/win for you right?" @Raidou ID:134776 LD 14+ 5 = 19 CHEST FOUND Total T3 Materials X 42 -Spyglass in effect- Next chest search on post 46-