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  1. Crafting: Roll ID: #135870 CD: 5 (fail) Roll ID: CD: 8 (salvage), LD: 7+5=12 (keep materials)
  2. Tanoshi

    [PP-F1] A New Beginning? (With Violet)

    Tanoshi felt lucky because he was having Violet with him. If, by any chance, he went out in the fields all by himself and somehow met a Red Player, he would had been killed. This is one hell of an experience, isn't it? Tanoshi remained serene, not panicking because he knew that Violet would be able to take care of the "evil guy". The boy slowly looked at the red-haired player, shaking on the ground because of the wound inflicted by Violet. A smile of satisfactory formed on the face of the boy. Even though killing wasn't a right thing to do, this guy truly deserved it, he'd probably killed several weak players, those that couldn't handle things by themselves. If he was killed by Violet, she would be doing Aincrad a big favor. As for Yvelxis the player-killer, he just couldn't believe what had just happened, he just seriously messed with a high-level player, standing guard here wouldn't be a sensible choice. The red player slowly stood up, backing away, trying to find an escape route. Yvelxis was panicking, realizing what he'd gotten himself into. It was likely that he needed to fight his way out. He backed away, raising his sword, concentrating on Violet's movements so that he could lock her attacks. Tanoshi | HP: 20/20 | EN:2/2 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 0 | BLD: 12 Violet | 219/220 HP | 19 - 4 + 2 = 17/22 EN | 3 DMG | 14 MIT | +1 ACC (+2 w/ Dahlia) | BLEED | +1 LD | 1 RECOVERY | KEEN (deactivated for next turn) DMG: 3 * 4 = 12 Yvelxis | HP: 60 - 12 = 48/80 | EN: 2/8 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 3
  3. Of course, Tanoshi chuckled, wondering what he had been thinking. Indeed, Solei seemed to had mentioned an orphanage recently in the conversation, but Tanoshi was too focused in gathering materials so he didn't pick every pieces of information up. A job in the orphanage sounded like a really nice job, you would get to help children whose parents are long gone. He wanted to apply to a similar job when he get to leave this death game. He should stop thinking too much about the future and focus on the road ahead instead. So Tanoshi kept walking, paying close attention to materials. "Hey so, how old are you?" Tanoshi asked Solei in curiosity because the boy claimed that he was too young to have children on his own. Tanoshi paid attention to his surrounding, fear that he might lose a few pieces of material by accident and so far, he had only found one of them, he seriously needed a skill, a buff of some sort.
  4. Crafting Weapons: Roll ID: #135706 CD: 4 (fail) Roll ID: #135707 CD: 3 (fail)
  5. Tanoshi himself also had a "great friend" as well, didn't he? The one that was willing to show up whenever Tanoshi needed him most. The one that cheered the boy up whenever he was unhappy. Hiroto was also the one that gave up his life for Vanessa and Tanoshi. He wondered what would change if Hiroto was still around. The only thing that Tanoshi wanted was to revive Hiroto, let him live a life he deserved to have. However, Tanoshi still had Vanessa, a girl he hadn't seen much since Hiroto's death, sometimes, she would appear and assist Tanoshi in several things. Memories were flooding back as Tanoshi take his steps into the field because it was also in this exact same area that the tragedy happened. Anyways, Tanoshi needed to be on high alert for the materials required for this quest. He was listening to Solei throughout the path as he looked around for materials. Suddenly, there was a part in Solei's words that troubled Tanoshi. "I don't have much at the moment, I'm always busy with my kids and stuff so I barely have enough time to craft anything," Kids, he has kids...?! No way, he looked so young! Or it could be the player I am talking with here is 30 or 40 years old already...? "Y-You have kids?!" Tanoshi asked in disbelief. "No way!"
  6. Tanoshi

    Blacksmiths (1)

    Tanoshi Rank 1 Blacksmith ^-^ Workshop of the Tanuki @Zandra
  7. Crafting: Roll ID: #135650 CD: 4 (fail) Roll ID: #135651 CD: 1 (fail)
  8. Tanoshi

    [PP-F1] A New Beginning? (With Violet)

    Tanoshi was flinching, shaking he would say. What could the boy possibly do in this situation? Watch Violet fight for his and her life while he was all here, backing away like a true coward? Unacceptable... However, he remembered that smile of Violet, when she realized that the guy was level 4, which would possibly imply that she was stronger than him, she had a chance of winning. Then, he blinked a few times that she was acting as a shield for him, the girl that wanted to kill him just about fifteen minutes ago. Tanoshi might not want to be a burden for her, so he backed away, opening his inventory and did what was considered a sensible option at that moment, to drink a health potion. Just as the liquid was shoved down his throat, his HP bar was swiftly going up. Then, the red player attacked Violet, trying to knock her down before killing Tanoshi. "Stay away you filthy little b*tch...!" Upon hitting her, the red player backed away, realizing she overpowered him... Tanoshi | HP: 20/20 | EN:1/2 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 0 | BLD: 12 Violet | 219/220 HP | 19/22 EN | 3 DMG | 14 MIT | +1 ACC (+2 w/ Dahlia) | BLEED | +1 LD | 1 RECOVERY | KEEN (activated) Yvelxis | HP: 60/80 | EN: 2/8 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 3
  9. Tanoshi

    [SP-F6] Dirty Clone <<The Gemini>>

    "Is that so? Or you were trying to ignore me Tanuki?" Tanoshi gave Vanessa an innocent smile, it was true after all, the boy genuinely didn't perceive a single word from the woman. Did he? Now that he thought about it, he must had heard something, a strange voice asking if he was ready or not. Could had been Vanessa. Jesus. That daydream was so awesome, it put him at ease. "Yeah...I truly didn't hear you. I was kinda, you could say distracted." Vanessa raised one of her eyebrow in disbelief, but she would kinda just ignore that for now, Tanoshi could had been truly distracted, however, she knew Tanoshi. He had never been the kind that could go off inattentive that easily. Then, she took a look at the equipment he was wearing, the beginner's equipment. It seemed that he hadn't worn the armor he bought. "Change into your newly bought armor please, Tanu-kun!"
  10. A soothing breeze blew pass Tanoshi, moving his violet-colored hair to the left. He figured that she might as well was just a rookie like him as well based on the equipment she was carrying. That was one benefit of being a blacksmith, knowing the strength, durability of a piece of weapon or clothing on a slight glance. He sighed, motioning his left hand to the empty space several inches away from his chest. Then, he put his thumb and index finger together, pulling them downwards. Following his actions, a ringing sound was heard and a window popped up from the middle of nowhere. That was the menu. Tanoshi played around with the <<Menu>> for a while before opening his stats screen, flipping it over to the girl. Despite the level of the boy, he was well-equipped. He wanted Kashima to see his stats with her own eyes so that by any chance, if she intended on hurting her, it wouldn't work. While she was reading it, he explained with a smile of friendliness on his face: "I suppose you can call me new as well, have just been going around, killing and doing quests for a week or so. Prior to that, I was kind of, scared." Tanoshi would give this girl benefit of the doubt. She seemed to just be a social butterfly, he didn't really need to stress himself out. That would just worsen the situation and he might as well lose a potential friend. His contact list was kind of limited at that moment. He should better find more reliable people so as to add them to his Friend List, and as a result, he would have more choices when seeking for help in danger times. @Kashima
  11. I never had to worry about resources and my allowances back in the real world... The teenage boy opened his menu, scrolling through his materials and currency. The boy frowned at just a slight sight of it. Disappointing he would say, so far he had spent quite alot of materials and what had he managed to craft so far? If he didn't count his sword, that would be nothing. Nothing... such a terrible blacksmith he was. He really needed to gather more materials for the sake of his career. "Low on materials aren't you? I know a quest..." Vanessa told him about a quest that ranged through many floors. The quest made looting easier. Tanoshi was glad that the developer of the game actually made quests that would boost the survival chance of the players. Kayaba wasn't a bad guy after all, was he? The boy slowly approached the quest location. A building with a giant garden. Throughout the path he walked, there were flowers being planted on the sides of the place with trees of different heights. Then, he was greeted by an NPC, a Quest Giver one. He was told about the details of the quests and several side things. Tanoshi was smiling, appreciating Vanessa because she told him about this quest. "Some extra materials never hurt anyone. Mind if I join you? My name's Kashi." A girl approached him and introduced herself, which put him on alert. He couldn't trust people that just suddenly go up to him, if this was in the real world, he would believe that they wanted his money, his wealth. It seemed like that she wanted to accompany him on this quest, however, he believed that she was asking him for some free protection. Let's talk for a while to see what kind of person she was.... "Is that so? You can call me Tanoshi, a pleasure to meet you. Would be great to have you keep me company." The boy replied Kashima with a professional voice, keeping his facial expression neutral. When playing games, he'd always disgusted gold diggers, those were people that were either girls or pretending to be girls. They tend to make gorgeous, cute avatars to flirt men into giving them money. Stupid people. After all, being gay kind of gave Tanoshi a fair advantage when seeing those gold diggers, never got tricked by those pretty girls. @Kashima
  12. Tanoshi

    [PP-F1] A New Beginning? (With Violet)

    Tanoshi was here, facing a Red Player. He would never expect like that exist, those that would kill players despite knowing that respawning wasn't a thing. He held his sword tightly, ready to strike. He gave the Red Player a death glare, Tanoshi hadn't wanted to kill anyone this bad. That Red Player over there, he could had been the cause of a few deaths. Thinking of deaths as numbers, it wouldn't be that much. However, thinking of deaths as the disappearance of souls that once existed on this world, a death was a lot. Souls that used to belong to people, people with emotions, with their own dreams, ambitions. All of those crushed under the hand of one trash bag. That guy in front of Tanoshi looking at him with a desire to kill, he shouldn't even be considered as a human, unlike Violet, it seemed as if he actually took killing people as an amusement, a hobby. Tanoshi just wanted to eradicate the guy from this world already. He would be doing it a favor. He kneeled down, his sword shining blue as he prepared himself to activate the sword skill <<Straight>>. He was shaking, not because he was scared but because he was furious. Furious of this cold-hearted killer. The guy was truly insane. Tanoshi dashed foward, holding his sword tightly, feeling the cold breeze of the wind as he moved foward, as he was running through the green grass. Slash. His sword made a satisfying sound as he striked it at the killer in black. It hit the killer, reducing his HP slightly. However, Tanoshi couldn't foresee what came next. The man held his sword and leapt toward Tanoshi, activating a sword skill... It was too fast for the boy to react... The player hit Tanoshi, sending him back a few feet, his HP reaching the yellow zone. <<Straight>> on Yvelxis: 4*2=8 (damage) <<Snake Bite>> on Tanoshi: (2+2)*3=12 (damage) Tanoshi | HP: 8/20 | EN:0/2 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 0 | BLD: 12 Violet | 220/220 HP | 22 - 4 + 1 = 19/22 EN | 3 DMG | 14 MIT | +1 ACC (+2 w/ Dahlia) | BLEED | +1 LD | 1 RECOVERY | KEEN (activated for next turn) Yvelxis | HP: 60/80 | EN: 5/8 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 3
  13. Crafting: Roll ID: #135638 CD: 3 (Fail) Roll ID: #135639 CD: 1 (Critical fail)
  14. Tanoshi

    [PP - F6] Why'd It Have to Be Snakes?

    In the middle of the thick layers of trees and tropical flora stood a teenage boy, stumbling blindly through the pouring rain, makung it extremely challenging to see anything ahead. As the heavy raindrops hit his skin, he felt as if he was being stabbed by millions of little knives or swords. It hurted. Tanoshi himself had never been a fan of rain, rain was wet, it got people sick, rain also had an immense amount of germ along with bacteria going alongside them. Gross, he would say. Along the muddy path, every steps were difficult for him, it was also annoying and filthy. He bit his lips wondering about the distance between him and the nearest settlement, Tanoshi just wanted to get himself a place in the inn, lying comfortable on a bed and drink the water from a coconut. If he didn't move faster, the rain might get worse. In fact, it got worse... The wind was shrieking, a creepy sound he heard, it felt as if a woman, or someone was laughing in the rain, a mystical voice, inviting the boy to go deeper... Had someone died from a storm so far? So far, the only way to die in this game had been having your HP dropped to 0. The storm didn't seem to reduce his HP though so he might as well just sleep right there and ignore this stupid storm. That was such a risky thought he had. As he moved, the rain was flowing into his mouth. He spit it out immediately, it felt as if he was tasting mud with some water in it. Why must the game be so real?! He hated it. Not only was the taste but also the scent of possible animals' droppings was discomforting him. He didn't know that mobs do in fact, answer the call of nature. He reached for the trees, treading alongside them. Soon, he noticed something, a temple not so far in the distance. If he was to guess, he would believe that it was some sort of dungeon, or maybe it would be a quest location. A grin of satisfaction formed on his face as he made his way for the building.
  15. Tanoshi

    [SP-F6] Dirty Clone <<The Gemini>>

    His little gorgeous daydream was soon wrecked by a slight punch to his shoulder, dragging him back to the harsh reality. That he wad in this forest to perform a quest that Vanessa told him that was very beneficial and yet, he hadn't gotten to learn about the details of the quest. Everything that the girl told him was asking him to get himself an armor that provided good defense and a potion of immolation. Why though? Would they make this quest easier? He hoped so. He had costed a fair amount of materials and Col buying those just to come here with Vanessa today. "Ey, what's wrong Tanuki?! I've been asking if you were readied for this!" The boy widened his eyes and blinked a few times. She did? He didn't remember hearing her saying anything along those lines. Maybe because he was busy daydreaming... The boy turned to Vanessa and smiled, saying: "Didn't hear ya!"