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  1. Welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! Here at the Blazing Typhoon, we will make the highest quality weaponry and armory you have ever seen! All these items have been created by the skilled blacksmith Macradon. We are open for requests and will look onto your ordeal right away! Buy your Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 Heavy armor or Weapons here! The shop is finely set up with a main entrance made of a wooden door with an Open/Closed sign out front. There are windows on the walls towards the road so people can take a look without having to get inside the shop. On the inside of the shop is a wooden counter where the Blacksmith usually sits in his chair and awaits customer, if he's not sitting there he's probably out crafting materials in the back room, the smithy. In the smithy is a furnace, a work bench to get designs done, and anvil and his chest full of materials for him to use, so there will be some for your items!. The Blacksmith uses a special mallet that will make sure that the quality and the speed of your request is made quick and efficient. Around the main part of the building there are multiple swords and armor hanged up around in the room with stands for the armor and montre for the weapons. There is a door at the back of the room, that door leads to the smithy. On the counter is a pile of request forms that can be filled by players and then handed to the Blacksmith to craft. On display: Good Uncommon Rare Perfect Tools Prices: Applies to players at level 15 or below. Only in pay of Materials on requests. REQUEST FORM Requests being made
  2. Griswold floor 9, the massive heat pounding down on him looking at the hot environment. Griswold enters it and sees it filled to the brim with all the tools he will need to forge. With just a pat on the chest with his fist "Perfect, Time to get to work" Looking at his shop Griswold takes inventory to make sure he isn't missing any equipment: » A Worn Down hammer on sitting on an Anvil, Griswold takes note saying "Ah look at the hunk of junk, it will do but ill need something better soon." » A pair of Mythril Pliers, made of a metal unknown by Griswold. » A Furnace with a circular open top, for easy heating and retrieval » A pair of shaping hammers, made of a green metal unknown to Griswold. Pricing: Rank 7: 1253/1279 Exp Crafts a Day: 8 ►Rank 7 [1] = Critical failure (Lose materials) EXP: 6 (+2 Trading Hall,+2 Workshop, +1 Ambition) [2] = Fail (Lose materials) EXP: 6 (+2 Trading Hall,+2 Workshop, +1 Ambition) [3-5] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 6+ [Trading Hall: +5]) EXP: 7 (+2 Trading Hall,+2 Workshop, +1 Ambition) [6-8] = Uncommon item (1 slot) EXP: 8 (+2 Trading Hall,+2 Workshop, +1 Ambition) [9-11] = Rare item (2 slots) EXP: 10 (+2 Trading Hall,+2 Workshop, +1 Ambition) [12] = Perfect item (3 slots) EXP: 13 (+2 Trading Hall,+2 Workshop, +1 Ambition) Ores left to smelt: » N/A Slag produced to date: 180 Smelting Chart: [b]Ore Used:[/b] [b]Bar Obtained:[/b] [b]Slag Produced:[/b] Materials Identified: Iron Cobalt Malachite Black Steel Blood Carbon Steel Silver Dixtonium Mythril Gold DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT NECESSARY TO DO AS A BLACKSMITH, THIS IS FOR RP REASONS ONLY
  3. Wild Rose Forge A small, brick building stands on the outskirts of town. A handful of tools line the wall, and the fire crackles merrily in the corner. It is a clean, cozy shop, and it is clear that a lot of love and care went into its creation. A wooden sign hangs above the door. In pink, cursive font, it reads "Wild Rose Forge." Level Five Blacksmith - Tier Five Items Experience/Materials: Here Daily Crafts: 6 Hammer of Dawn +1 to every craft roll. A gift from Klein. [1] = Critical failure (Lose materials) (+1 EXP) [2] = Fail (Lose materials) (+1 EXP) [3-6] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 11+) (+3 EXP) [7-9] = Uncommon item (+3 EXP) [10-11] = Rare item (+5 EXP) [12] = Perfect item (+8 EXP) Cost Per Item: To be discussed on an individual basis.
  4. Description As you approach the shop, you noticed a board hanging on the door: Welcome to the Tanuki's Workshop! Upon entering the blacksmith's, customers are greeted by the messy layouts of the objects with materials and tools frequently lying on the ground. In his small workshop, Tanoshi blocked almost the lights coming from outside to bring a mystery atmosphere to his shop. All around the shop, weapons and armors that Tanoshi have crafted so far are left hanging for customers to view. In the corner stood Tanoshi's little workspace, that is where Tanoshi spends most his time in the shop, sitting at the table crafting materials. There are times that he could be seen lying on the floor, passing out due to exhaustion. Right on the working table is a shelf where Tanoshi places his materials and tools. There are times that he clumsily drop the materials and tools, scattering them all over the ground, during times like these, he would rarely clean up. On Display Uncommon Rare Perfect Prices Order Template Current Orders: Blacksmith Stats Enhancement List Crafting Records
  5. The Town of Beginnings; the place from which everyone starts, and the place to which everyone eventually returns. It's pleasant aura and naturally adventurous feel makes almost any player feel right at home. Despite a seemingly simple layout, it is in fact a labyrinth in disguise. The number of intersecting paths and alleyways one can take is mind-bending, and that's before you consider the very real possibility of getting hopelessly lost. For those that do, however, hidden treasures tend to appear. Taverns and shops can be found within the many paths; one such place is The Lucky Armament, a relatively small and humble smithy found in a dark, narrow alleyway. A sign bearing the armory's name hangs above a plain wooden door, beyond which one can find a room with walls seemingly made of racks for weapons of varying shapes and sizes. A forge and anvil are plain to see in the back corner of the room. As you enter a tall young adult looks up from a small cot near the anvil. Quickly standing up he greets you: "Welcome to Lucky Armament. What is it you need?" Shields, Armor, and Tier 2 and 3 equipment now available! PRICES TIER 1 REQUESTS Please fill out the request form if you'd like to order something specific. CURRENT REQUESTS
  6. The Dragon's Flame On the seventh floor, on a mountain just a mile and a half from Nimbus, near the top of the peak, there is a building halfway embedded in the mountain's wall, but it stands out enough to be noticed well, despite the snow. Inside, you find that the interior of the building is decorated with stone carvings of dragons and lit torches, the largish room divided by a counter, where you can often spot a small white frost dragon sleeping on it. On your side of the room, you can see the items for sale on display, as well as the pricing listed on the right. On the other side, you see the forge itself, currently in use by Vigilon, and at the back of the room you can see a spiral staircase that leads to the building's second story, reserved for living space and storage. Upon walking up to the counter, Vigilon spots you, walks to the counter and greets you with, "Welcome to The Dragon's Flame! You looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage?" Stats/CD Result Chart: Pricing(Negotiable): Order Form: In Stock: Special Notice(s): Orders:
  7. The Royal Forge A place where only a king would step foot into...except there are no kings and I (the blacksmith) am not that picky about who purchases from me or anything like that. Typically i make weapons and armor based on royal statuses like Dukes, Barons, Kings, Lords, you name it In Stock: (Prices on all Items are negotiable) Armors: Tier 1 Armor vvv Tier 1 Weapons vvv Tier 2 Armor vvv Tier 2 Weapons vvv Tier 3 Items coming soon Tier 3 Armor Tier 3 Weapons Order Form Payments 0 T1 materials 0 T2 materials 0 T3 Materials 214 exp - Rank 5 - 6 crafts a day
  8. Made of obsidian, this large imposing building has a huge open air forge attached with a mechanism to draw lava up from the ground to be used in Blacksmithing. He can be found at any hour of the day dutifully working at the forge or ready to take on a new order. Stats: Blacksmith Rank 5 [175/320 XP] Profession Info: Available Crafts: Weapons, Armors, Shields NOT CURRENTLY TAKING REQUESTS Order Form: For Sale: Weapons: Armor: Shields: Prices: Open Orders: Crafting Modifiers:
  9. ✯The Molten Blades✯ How it was made A general ran down forage that Kosan went into, wanting to fix it up and make his own. Cobwebs mostly everywhere and dust bunnies. Though when he went into the forage, he saw in his head a new and amazing shop as he continued to fix it up and put anvils in it along with making it new and amazing. stands in the corners and walls of the shop to hang up some buy able items. You can generally get a good idea as of currently. On the outside, it looks a bit stonish with small bricks of stone here and there that build up to the conclusion of a general building. Though inside was Kosan himself, the one and only. The general layout of the shop is basically, a wooden desk in the center to take orders and/or complaints. The room surrounding the desk is a waiting room that can even hold up to 20 players. The display cases lay on either side of the room, as well as a mat disposing room in the left upper corner of the room, and a working space on the right upper corner. He looked into the shop and was amazed by the work of art he was able to fix up. "Oh my gosh... It's everything I could dream it could be, and even more!" He spoke with a smile before getting to work. Codes -15 iron ores left-890/1280 Rank 7 Blacksmithy Rank 1: Starting rank and 2 Crafts a day1=Epic fail 1 EXP (lose mats if crafting)2-4=fails 1 EXP (lose mats if crafting)5-7=bad Item 1 EXP (50% chance to salvage mat's in repeat quest)8-9=Good Item 2 EXP10=Uncommon Item 3 EXP (GM approval for enhancements)11=Rare Item 5 EXP (GM approval for enhancements)12= Perfect Item 8 EXP (GM approval for enhancements)Rank 2: 20 total EXP and 3 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2-3=fails4-6=bad Item7-9=Good Item10=Uncommon Item11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 3:40 total EXP and 4 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2-3=fails4-5=bad Item6-8=Good Item9-10=Uncommon Item11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 4: 80 total EXP and 5 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2-3=fails3-4=bad Item5-8=Good Item9-10=Uncommon Item11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 5:160 total EXP and 6 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2-3=fails3-4=bad Item5-7=Good Item8-9=Uncommon Item10-11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 6:320 total EXP and 7 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2=fails3=bad Item4-7=Good Item8-9=Uncommon Item10-11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 7:640 total EXP and 8 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2-3=bad Item4-7=Good Item8-9=Uncommon Item10-11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 8: 1280 total EXP and 9 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2=bad Item3-6=Good Item7-9=Uncommon Item10-11=Rare Item12= Perfect ItemRank 9: 2560 total EXP and 10 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2=bad Item3-6=Good Item7-8=Uncommon Item9-10=Rare Item11-12= Perfect ItemRank 10:(Master Rank): 5120 total EXP and 10 Crafts a day1=Epic fail2-5=Good Item6-7=Uncommon Item8-10=Rare Item11-12= Perfect Item
  10. A Heroes' Infinite Arsenal In a snow town with cabins and cottages of Snowfrost, A Heroes Infinite Arsenal is a stone-building that is located nearby one of the two taverns, the ‘Long Barrow’. The shop itself was only a single story and shaped in a square. From the outside, the shop didn't look very impressive, but it was not meant to be. Hanging just above the door was a wooden sign, the name of the shop etched into it. And on the sign itself, a golden circle in the middle. Entering the store, it would appear very specious with much room. The walls are a carefully carved stone, and beautifully crafted display cases line the walls showing off all manner of weapons. Near the door sat several seats, heavily cushioned near a much smaller fireplace, a min waiting area. The front counter sat opposite the door, and shortly door after the door was opened, the store owner would arrive. Eatos. The blue-haired girl had been sleeping near her forge, as was common for her. If they were observant, it wouldn't be hard to spot the girl napping her hear forge, which sat just behind her counter on display. Napping with the girl was a very large Husky, the blacksmiths familar, Angel. The large dog would get up instantly and bark, a happy one, upon seeing the person enter. Upon arriving at the counter, she'd smile, even if she did appear slightly sleepy. "Hi, how can I help you? Are you browsing my arsenal, or looking to order a custom piece of equipment?" <To purchase from store, look at posts below> [Blacksmith Info]Rank 6 - Mentor BlacksmithEXP: 479/640Crafts Per Day: 7Crafting Reset: 12:00:00 AM AESTItems Types Available:Weapons | Shields | Heavy Armor | Materials On Hand: T1: 19 | T2: 14 Prices: Order Form: On Order: Result Chart (Rank 6) Ranks and Experience: Equipment when Forging: Statistics: Records: List of Craft Types:
  11. The Platinum Dragon A little hole in the wall, the owner couldn't really afford a bigger establishment. And even with this, he was on borrowed money from an older friend. It wasn't much of a place... but it had a proper forge, and it had signs outside detailing it as a Smithy's shop, specializing in traditional Japanese style crafting, specifically Samurai blades in Katanas and Curved Blades to qualify for said Katanas. Several decorative pieces adorned the sides of the shop, not meant to be used... they were all just for show. A single hit on them would destroy them. He had other blades other than Curved and Katanas. He realized that even if he had a niche, the owner would have to be able to craft other pieces. But they're all stylized and custom-made for the individual entering and seeking a fine blade at a decent price! And that's what he promised: fine crafts for fine prices! A sign above the door reads: 'Welcome to The Platinum Dragon' with the insignia embossed below the words. The male shopkeeper bows to you as you enter. "Greetings! How may we arm you today?" Stats Prices (Negotiable) Saved spot for current Commissions
  12. A set of stone steps carved into the side of the cavern wall inside Nimbus leads to a heavy door. Above the door hung a sign that read 'Shield-Wolf's Forge'. Entering the shop you are greeted by a warm glow. Inside was lit by small crystals that lined the walls. It was shaped in a half circle with an elevated platform to the right where the forge was. Straight ahead was the counter, which completely separated the customer area and the shop area. Behind the counter to the right were stairs to the forging platform and to the left was another heavy door. The shop was sparsely decorated but did have the Shield-Wolf emblem set into the floor. There were a couple chairs near the counter and the in-stock items and prices hung on the short wall to the right. Info: Rank 2 Blacksmith 38/39 EXP 3 crafts per day Prices: Order form: In-Stock
  13. Nestled in Fortaleza on the fifth floor of Aincrad lies a humble smithy. "Forged by the Sun", the wooden sign hangs above the doorway suspended by thin chains. Upon entering, the forge looks simple but a player will find wares placed carefully on display. The violet-haired blacksmith behind the counter, though quiet and seemingly unapproachable, is always hard at work between attempting new crafts and keeping everything in order. [Blacksmith Info] Rank 8 - Master Blacksmith EXP: 1974/5120 Crafts Per Day: 9 Crafting Reset: 12:00:00 AM PST Items Types Available: Weapons | Shields | Heavy Armor | Tools Materials On Hand: T1: 0 | T2: 6 | T3: 0 [Tools in Use] [Ranking Chart] [CD Result Chart]