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Where are you from?

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19 minutes ago, Takao said:

Born in Pittsburgh, and currently living in Philly! (somebody please send help)

O_O Woah! You live kinda close to me. I live at the Jersey Shore in NJ. O_O Don't ask.

3 hours ago, Zandra said:

Im a crazy viking from Sweden. Atm Im living in the capital :)

:o what's it like up there? I've always wanted to travel around europe. I've only bee around asia and eastern north america.

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On 6/23/2016 at 9:10 PM, XWuZHeAR said:

CHI-TOWN REPPIN!!!!! but no seriously I'm from the city but now I live like more in the country in a town called DeKalb which is a college town so hey its not all bad.

OH YEAH!! Another Illinois person! I'm just north of you and just south of the Wisconsin border by a couple minutes.

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I, like my good friends Kain and Eibon, am from Utah. The state with the weird blue mountains, strange religion, and even stranger state nickname. We are also one of the 4 states that contribute to 'The 4 Corners' landmark. We just celebrated Pride week beginning of june, and are gearing up for Independence Day (YAY NO WORK!!! TAKE THAT!), and I have got to say... It is too hot here...

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