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  1. The hunter couldn't handle it anymore, as the mist seemed to have some sort of narcoleptic properties to it. His eyes drew heavy, and before he knew it, he was asle.. "Wha!" He awoke with a start after having been splashed with something wet. His face was wet and so was most of his body, though the water physics of the game would have it fall off in a few minutes. His eyes didn't need to adjust to any bright light or anything, as he found himself in a dimly lit cavern. Here and there, small torches would flicker and flare around, showing more and more of the area. With more de
  2. The dull pressure that would come about from the crooked dagger seemed to fade just as quickly as it came. The dark elf extremist that had attacked him had reeled back while spouting some nonsense about killing all of us interlopers, until he saw the small symbol of royalty upon Hirru's headband. His eyes would widen before squinting sharply, as if to say: 'there is no way'. "How do you, an outsider and intruder to our home, carry the symbol of the royal family?!" The hunter took this as a small sign that the item was good for something, but not much anywhere except the 23rd floor.
  3. The hunter sighed as they ventured closer to the runic structure. A small amount of mist was crawling out of the wood work as Randal investigated the monolith, which the hunter soon had issue with. They were nowhere near the Forest of Wavering Mist for that to happen, and it was not morning, where the morning dew would could be seen as light fog as it hung in the atmosphere. Neither conditions were met, so something else was the issue now. His search skill immediately kicked in to alert him to a new danger. Snapping his head over to where Dwayne once stood, there was now something differe
  4. It would take some time to find the lost ruins that made up quite a bit of the deserts lower array. From his old knowledge, there used to be a thriving civilization that once made these lands their home. Not much is known, except that they existed long before the desert even existed. Apparently, there was evidence to show that grass, flowers, and other foliage used to exist in some of the lower ruins. It was quite weird to hear, but after visiting quite a few sub-dungeons in his time on this floating castle, the hunter could tell that something that could have been plants were there. Thou
  5. [Enacting darkness debuff: -1 ACC unless Night Vision or Glowstone used] It was dark by the time the group was ready to go. Short words were given, but by the time they had set out, there wasn't much that would help them now. It would take some time to get to the Forest of Wavering Mist from where they were. Going south from Aryut, the party would roll through the small town of Flora. A beautiful place in of itself, but one could feel eyes upon them. Faune and Fae alike live in this village, which gave some concern to the hunter as he wasn't getting any nasty pings out of his search
  6. Walking the sands seemed like a nostalgia trip, as trying to pass the dunes without crossing between certain 'safety nets' would bring about mobs to come about and attack anyone that came near. Especially antlions that would trap people in quicksand and eat them as they came down, or the ever present scorpions that would paralyze their prey before ripping them apart with their pincers. Incredible creatures, but extremely dangerous at low levels. For the Jade Hunter though, they were nothing but a shot in the wind. Whenever there was one, the hunter had enough knowledge to cut off any poten
  7. The Jade Hunter was taken aback by the sudden question. There weren't that many that really questioned it, and most just said it was odd. This was the first time that he was properly questioned about it. He had to turn it around. "Is any of our hair real?" Taking a more philosophical approach, but he couldn't hold his smile back before waving his hand out to the taller man. While grabbing a tuft of hair, Hirru replied. "Ha! No, this is dyed. You could get some from an alchemist, if they still care to make them anymore. My hair was supposed to be green like a clover, for l
  8. The hunter couldn't help but hear shouts for some people around the area. It seemed that a player had just been taken captive by the Fae, as well as, another of the bunny race. The red headed male was trying to find some people to help him in getting their friend back. It seemed to get the attention of two separate players; one that seemed to be built for speed, that much can be seen from the brunette man's choice in armor. The other seemed to be a girl of dark long hair. This one seemed to be sporting a heavier build than the other one, while still being a dress at the same time. Rather
  9. The fifth floor of burning suns and scorching sands. How the hunter had missed this place, although it wasn't much to miss. It seemed the update did do a number on the environment, but all in all, it was mostly the same. Some places seemed to be more cavernous, with cliffs and canyons, but the desert was still the most predominant part of the entire floor. He hated it, but in a familiar way. The sand was coarse and harsh. Sandstorms would kill even the most stout of players, unless they found the Survival extra skill somewhere along the way. He was fortunate to find much more than that
  10. Never Make A Deal With A Fae Among the Faune, humanoid creatures that sport quite large rabbit like ears, there have been word of disappearances of late. Many can be attributed to the other denizens of the third floor, the Fae. Whimsical creatures of their own right, they show an air of excellence and elitism, none so higher than some elves on higher floors. These Fae are known to be quite hospitable and homely, but that is just a light ruse. Their guise is two fold. They can not outright lie, but their ways of spreading out the truth is quite remarkable. It is easy for one such cre
  11. "I've had quite enough practice to figure out this two handed straight sword, but I can say that I do need to break this new one in." Following along side his samurai brother-in-arms, they appeared to be in a den of thieves and miscreants. Apparently, Baldur had got some very important dungeon maps recently that applied to the whereabouts of this particular group of assassins. There were a few dark elves that sprung out of the shadows to stop their attempts, but the speed of Baldur's blade made them a trivial thing. As the rubble that would break from the upper terrace fell down around
  12. After talking to Anthony the final time, it didn't seem like the sun colored man seemed to have anything else for him. It disappointed the hunter, cause he wanted to continue the fishing venture; however, it seemed that one had to set their sub-profession within their shop before they could do anything else. It was a crying shame, but there was nothing else that he could do. He had used up his time on the first floor to perform this simple quest. Hirru thought that he was gonna be there much longer than he really was. Maybe there was something about his luck that his memories were more th
  13. "Wait, what?" The hunter was propositioned to join a guild that Baldur and Shield had brought together out of nearly all of the most infamous players in Aincrad, including the mass-murderer Mari. If it wasn't for the fact that Hirru had a brotherly relationship with another mass-murderer, Teayre, then the hunter would think that Baldur had lost his own marbles. Everyone deserved redemption, as the samurai stated before, and he was willing to lend people a hand with it. This man was crazier than the hunter ever thought, and it made him happy. He wasn't the only crazy one around. S
  14. Hirru listened well about what happened when he left the frontlines. It seemed that what Hestia had said was true, there was a heavy divide when he left. He gave a heavy sigh before continuing to listen in. With his recent venture with Hestia, he could confirm that whatever caused that divide seemed to faze her, but by how much he couldn't say. He dealt with his own pain first, and revealed a heavy part of him that the hunter had only told a small amount of people. He would probably have to reveal it to a few more, if his advice was to be trusted. While talking about the events leadi
  15. Hirru fought with the large fish as it tried to flip this way and that, trying to get away to the safety of the water, but Anthony was fast. He grabbed the fish by the gills, using only two fingers to hold it up. "Woo boy, that's a pretty catch there. You're fixing to be a true fisher with this luck. Maybe you'll be able to find your own Rainbow fish, some day." "Wait.. what?" As the hunter questioned it, the fisherman would take a knife and shave off a single scale off of the rainbow fish, before letting it go back into the water. Hirru's eyes widened. Didn't this man ask
  16. There was little action that the hunter could see through the water. That didn't seem to be right? He thought. The search skill with his luck based trinket should be making his luck based actions skyrocket. He checked his wrists to find that the Spirit of the Jade Dragon and Favor of the Golden Dragon were still upon his person. Hirru furrowed his brow while trying to figure this all out. It was then that he remembered something with his main profession. Throughout his time, he was not able to benefit from his own skills, mods, or enhancements. The only thing that seemed to work, was h
  17. He took the hug in kind, although much more awkwardly. There was much that needed to be caught up upon between the two, so the hunter listened well to what his old friend would have to say. They began to walk down the main street towards wherever, the destination didn't seem to matter to the two of them. It did matter to the groups of assassins and inquisitors that would stalk them, but they stalked everyone, so there wasn't much to go with that. "There hasn't been much that I can say. After our failure to secure the sahagin fight, I sort of.." He scratched the back of his head w
  18. With the little introduction out of the way, the hunter could focus on the intricacies of this fishing rod. He felt like he was giving a piece of wood that was carved to look like it did something, with a few spools and wire attached to make it look like a rod for fishing. Though, this was really the first time the hunter really held a fishing rod in his hand, that he could remember, at least. Who knew what the real Hirru had done in his life. He kind of guessed that he was at least 25 years of age now, or that's what some people thought he looked. It was hard to get a good description on
  19. Shop Post: Traveling Flame Transaction Date: 4/29/21 Cost of Transaction: 980 Col (1880 For Entire Order) Crafter's Profession: Appraiser Crafter's Rank: R4 Item Name: Lion's Gaze Item Tier: T3 Item Type: Trinket Item Rarity: Rare Item Enhancements: Luck Die (2 Slots) Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: Obtained: [ID 191089] Slot 1: ID 191454 | LD 4 | Luck Die +1 Slot 2: ID 191455 | LD 4 | Luck Die +1 Item Description: A small ring that carries a likeness to a lion with flowe
  20. It had been some time since the hunter had really visited the Traveling Flame. Placing the Emerald Torch upon the ground, a large wagon would roll along to settle next to where the torch was placed. It didn't seem to be pulled by anything, but a keen eye could see the chameleon creature that pulled the caravan along. In the coaches seat, a purple robed man would come down to greet an old friend. "Welcome, Rune Scribe. What can I do you ya?" "Set up shop, we'll be working on some appraisals." The Mysterious Merchant would bang hard onto his large wagon, and several shelves wo
  21. Baited Harder Than Diamonds One the first floor, there is told of a new quest line for Earning a Living, that allows for sub-professions; an secondary profession that can be gained along side ones own professional occupation. There were only two of them, but they seemed to be the only way to gain the appropriate unique materials to create demonic quality items and unique enhancements guaranteed. Many players were now clamoring for these sub-professions, which would prove much more lucrative in the long run to all that would apply themselves. This was an opportunity for all to expand in
  22. While waiting for Baldur to appear, the hunter would watch the activity of the people, or non-player characters that made their living here. It had only been a somewhat short time since the hunter had been shown what these people really were. Beings called 'Artificial Intelligence', that seemed to live and breath depending on how they were created. These things that could only be called NPCs, they were neither living nor dead; how could anyone believe they were living. That was what the hunter was led to believe; not by any lie or deception from anyone specific, but from himself. His memo
  23. "Thanks, but I've done enough crying for one day. I just remembered something a little important, is all. Though, I think I should turn in for the day. Too much excitement for one day. If anything, I'll probably see how the twenty third floor turned out." Hirru took the key from Hestia, not expecting to be put on the spot for unlocking the chest itself. Slowly, the hunter dug up the chest from underneath where Hestia was. When he finally got it out, the hunter put the key into the slot and awaited the bounty that it would bestow, or be attacked by a mimic. He had heard a few player
  24. He shook his head when she asked him how far he could remember. It was rather easy to pinpoint when his memories stopped, it was.. A twinge in his eye as he tried to remember to a specific point in time, but all he got was mental exhaustion. There was only one point in that that he could remember though, without any issues. "I can, at least, remember a few months in. I was standing in the fields of the first floor. Going out to hunt my first..." "..first boars. I nearly died, if it wasn't for another player that helped me out." He began recalling everything f
  25. Hirru traveled quite a bit, but he had not seen a place this far from the main town. Lots of merchants and other professions tended to keep to the safety of the walls to safeguard them from any yellow players and mobs. This place, though, didn't seem like it was hindered at all. Walking up to it, the smell of fantastically made food would fill his nostrils. He had not had a good meal in a while, but he would have to wait for a proper tavern. Looking at the entrance, he would notice the name, "The Rolling Bite." Cute name, he thought before knocking on the door. It seemed like the premis
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