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  1. The hunter watched as Freyd ripped into yet another one of the spirits, really using his strength to his advantage. There was one left, and it was already dying. The only thing left to do was to do a small cut upon it and it would die. Though, it definitely had mitigation with that armor, so a single sword hit wouldn't work. He had to think of something that would be light, but strong enough to break past that armor. He thought of the shatter art again, but stopped once his sword started to glow. The shatter art was quite exhausting to use. There must have been some other one that he co
  2. "When I left, KoB was barely even a guild anymore. I don't know if my compatriots has grown the guild any, but I don't wish to dwell on it any more." He lowered his gaze. Some Vice Commander he was. Couldn't even grow a dying guild back to glory. He wished that Mack would have come back to them; bringing that charisma that a boisterous man could only do. Instead.. Azide, Opal, Lowenthal, Mack, and himself. All have either died, gone crazy, or disappeared. He could be considered the 'crazy' variant. Aside from the sudden friend request, the hunter would question what 'Janitor'
  3. Hirru had to think on the matter, but it was only to collect his scattering thoughts. He started to pace a bit through the broken room before looking to Baldur. "I don't like to admit it, but I think the game set this up. Trying to taunt us with the events of this floors boss fight." The hunter shook his head. It was too much of a coincidence to be anything but that. "You said you got the map for this from the last hit on Eva.. the council. It could be that it was originally going to lead into a event, or what not." Hirru looked out into the hallway that the Antiroyalis
  4. Hirru took the information as it was while equipping his armor, Bulwark. The boost to his mitigation was something he always loved to see. Be it while solo, partied up, or in a guild; the hunter felt that he would survive more with his half-plate. Taking a moment to readjust the armor to himself, he was taken aback by the sudden request for his own backstory. "I wouldn't know about me being apart of Aincrad's history, but I've been venturing for several months now, or has it been a year already?" The hunter shrugged before continuing on. "Was mostly alone for a lot of it, b
  5. "Thanks, I don't get compliments over my skills anymore. Not that they have been tested as often as they used to. People don't need a hunter for hire." Hirru took the time to take out a meal that he bought not too long before this last quest, while taking the other two that Freyd had offered. It had been awhile since the hunter had been fully buffed, but it would definitely be needed if Freyd thought this Ugzeke would be a huge pain to deal with. Taking a bite of the yaki hatahata and the smores, he could swear that they tasted blander than they looked. At least the liquor had some f
  6. "If you're providing, I'll only take a damage Potion, if you have any to spare. I have my own MIT food, but I didn't think I needed it until now. With A third tier dungeon, I'm positive our damage is enough, as is. Though, I don'tknow anything about this Ugzeke, so I'll take my precautions. " The hunter said as they walked towards the teleportation gate. Standing upon the blue dais, the hunter spoke. "Kalanaes!" * * * * * Upon reaching the capital of the dark elves, the hunter adjusted his headband revealing the small silver crescent emblem that was pinned upon it. The
  7. "I was considering either the twenty third or the twenty fourth. Though, I haven't been to the twenty fifth, or twenty sixth yet. Was thinking of finding both a dungeon and a field boss, but I would take your advice, if you suggest against any of those. Didn't want you coming here without profiting somehow, though." The hunter replied as they seemed to be blazing through the safe trails of the desert to reach Fortaleza. It didn't really seem like it took a couple hours at most to full go through the whole ordeal. It probably would have been worth more later, as they passed the entran
  8. It seemed that they took care of all of the bandits for now, and all that was left was to get the brother back to Ali. It would be rather simple, the hunter thought. Just trekking back through the desert, back to Fortaleza, and presenting the brother back to Ali. Afterwards, a new dungeon would be available to him. He could also look into a dungeon nearby, or move to a new floor to look there. Maybe look into bursting down some floor bosses. With that in mind, the hunter switched out his Bulwark Armor for his near matching trinket, Favor of the Golden Dragon. The silver and gold bangles
  9. "It's fancier than this one here. Fang does suit a nice niche, if it ever actually worked!" He nodded to his side, which carried the sheathed Shelob's Fang. His jade green hair fluttered slightly before settling once more, as he pat the sword's pommel. The sword was okay, but the issue came from it's one enhancement of acc, which Hirru needed. As a scout, he had to rush through mobs as quickly as possible, while keeping himself safe. That was why he carried Spirit of the Jade Dragon, a two ACC one EVA trinket. Although it wasn't much against bosses, it was perfect for regular mobs h
  10. Hirru was glad to see that Freyd would come without hesitation, at least, as fast as one can travel across a desert full of twisting sands and harsh weather. The hunter would nod to the fellow adventurer, giving his green hair a little shake in the wind. He wasn't wearing his red cloak this time. Only his red armor and clothes, while Fang hung upon his hip. Quite contrasting colors upon the beige and browns that mesh in the sands. What was quite contrasting though, was the splendid little dessert that appeared in the desert, which Freyd had brought out for Hirru to take part in. The hunt
  11. The demon lord was on it's last ropes, as Freyd and ChaseR kept the large chunk damage against Beelzebub while keeping him in a stunned stat. It was a fairly productive method of combat. If only the hunter could get Fang to properly activate the paralysis in its venomous strike, then he could probably work around that and stuns. He would shake his head at the thought. Too much was on his mind to really care for that. For now, the hunter was on the move. He didn't think he needed to stun anymore, as there was some stunning issues that would take place, mainly that a new stun could not tak
  12. Diamond in the Rough <<Arabian Nights: First of Many>> Tales tell of a dungeon that no one else can find, not even the luckiest of players were ever able to find the Cave of Wonders. However, it seemed that an NPC by the name of Ali would have the location, and would be willing to give it away too, if one can get his dumb horse of a brother, Cassim, out of a predicament. Although the hunter didn't like the fact that there was something that even he couldn't find, he was still up for some roughhousing to get his blood going. Stepping into the alleged bar that housed the fa
  13. "Let's end this!" Seeing that Baldur was doing well in ripping into the boss, the hunter would want to continue the onslaught as soon as he possibly could. When the freezing effect from the cooldown had settled, Hirru had already set upon breaking the bosses armor. With the new Shatter ability, he had been constantly trying to use it whenever possible. This situation would be no exception, as the hunter jumped forward to allow the first thrust of Calamitous Disaster to have more power. The hit was true as the thrust went straight into the dark elf's gut before the art pulled back and
  14. After a fair day's work, the hunter was travelling along in his caravan when he noticed something strange. It seemed to be a small campsite, but he couldn't tell for sure. "Merchant! Stop!" He called out to the stagecoach, whom was his merchant npc, to stop the carriage. A pull of the reins, and some tossing and turning of goods that nearly fell on the hunter, Hirru jumped off of the back carriage. It had been some time since he had seen a proper campsite that he thought it was another quest giver. Instead, it seemed to be a player, a shopkeeper actually. "Well, salutation
  15. "Baldur!" The hunter called out as the door flew open, and threw his friend against the wall. Everything happened rather fast. From having questions asked to combat initiating, Hirru wasn't sure what happened. However, what he did know was that this dungeon boss knew more than he let on. "If you wanna know, I got it for services rendered." He would then plant his foot hard into the D. Elf's foot, then used his charge ability at point blank range, using the speed instead upon his blade. Galaxy Destroyer ripped through the antiroyalist's armor, as if it was wet clay. Soon, th
  16. "I'm not saying keep it up, but.." Keeping in line with how the other two players have been, they all had brought the demon lord, Beelzebub, down quite a bit. It seemed likely that they would be able to beat it within one or two more rotations of attacks. Freyd seemed to have the good idea of things. If Hirru could stun Beelzebub, then the other two could rain down he'll upon him. They had the stronger attacks and higher accuracy. "..let's keep breaking him." The hunter knew he was at a disadvantage, but he would try all the same. His luck was spent on that last hit, so n
  17. When Astreya missed, that signaled the end of their battle as the Fae and dodged her attack and had enough time to unlock one of the cells with the Tainted Ones. He snickered before that started to grow into a maniacal laughter, as the cage door was pushed open in front of him, and the shambling mass came fumbling out. Creatures that slightly share their Faune traits, but they are twisted and shriveled. Their bodies seeming to be amalgamations of multiple faune combine in unnatural ways. They seemed to crawl out of the cage quite slowly, but soon began to get very fast. Several of them ha
  18. Was that boss really that weak? Lilith seemed to be chucked for health from each of their attacks, but Freyds last seemed 'inhuman'. Did Holy really have as much effect on her as it should have? Regardless of Hirru's thoughts, the big bad evil was no more, and he would be having a moment more to settle down. That was the plan, but there was something that had better plans. Hirru heard it speak before Detect seemed to ping it. Although he wasn't really hiding, the guy seemed to only just appear for the hunter, as if all his searchs skills were voided out. Who was this guy? The answe
  19. "I'll do what I can! No promises!" Hirru knew he wasn't as fast as the other two, but he could still pull his own when needed. Although, he had put himself at heavy disadvantage by switching weapons. Since Fang had his last point of Accuracy, his aim would be hindered slightly. He didn't want to charge in, as that has failed him more times in the past. The both of them seemed to be getting heavy damage out, but what could the hunter do. Taking a longer path around, the hunter tried to catch her from behind and deal a hit, but the art didn't go off. He swung hard downwards, but
  20. Hirru was kind of relieved to finally get both of them talking to him, not in his general direction. If only for a little bit. ChaseR didn't seem to be the talkative one of the two, while Freyd seemed to really talk your ear off. Reminded him of Shield and Beat, except more linguistic and fast. Of course, they did say that they completed every quest before the update took place. No wonder they were so strong. "Your teamwork makes me feel ashamed for my training. You guys must have pushed yourselves hard." He would say before looking over to Freyd. "Also, sorry for ignoring
  21. Although he was ignored by Freyd, it seemed the blue haired one was slightly more talkative, at least. Looking upon his party listing, it seemed this player was called ChaseR. "Glad to know." Walking through the grey toned ruins was starting to become a strain to his eyes. Most was grey, but every so often a red or orange hued object would just pop out of the background, and your attention was easily pointed towards it. Hirru was starting to notice that between the two others in this party, Freyd and ChaseR, he was about the only one that really stood out with his armor and cloak
  22. It wasn't long until the hunter was placed into a predicament that, though weird in of itself, would probably prove to be fruitful. At least, he hoped it would. He considered testing this new system out outside of this weirdly constructed camp. What came up was a straight up slaughter, as a female with very pale skin seemed to decimate the Red Cloaks. He would have joined in, but the larger man, whom seemed to be speaking to a player, charged in. Not too long after that, the hunter was set aback by the sudden request to join the unknown black haired player. A party invite was sent to him
  23. Ending the Reign of Demon Kind Following the defeat of Rohk, the fourteenth floor was reduced to ruin and rubble, as the undead forces started taking hold more and more. Soon after a mysterious wave of destruction had passed among the floors, the demons of the thirteenth floor moved up to the next floor, and found a paradise. No longer would they be oppressed and beaten by the angels that resided on the thirteenth floor. They were their own masters now, and so they took it upon themselves to claim this land as their own. Terraforming the land into a 'hell on earth', they sought to kee
  24. Purchasing the following items: 4 Teleportation Crystals [3200 Col] 4 Field Rations [4000 Col] 3 Immolation Potions T3 [2700 Col] 5 Golden Keys [5000 Col] 2 Spyglass (x6) [1600 Col] Total Expenditures: [16500 Col]
  25. Shop Post: Traveling Flame Transaction Date: 6/8/21 Cost of Transaction: 80 Col (160 For Entire Order) Crafter's Profession: Appraiser Crafter's Rank: R4 Item Name: Potion of Minor Strength Item Tier: T1 Item Type: Consumable (Potion) Item Rarity: Uncommon Item Enhancements: Damage 1 Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: Obtained: [ID 194532] Slot 1: ID 195238 | LD 10 | Damage +1 Item Description: A light blue liquid fills this bottle. When consumed, it bestows user with a small amount of s
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