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  1. Grave's words seem to strike the hunter in an odd way. Yes, all of them were young adults, he guessed. Even some children here and there, but that was it. Most of them had proven themselves to have grown past their physical age. He was pretty sure of that. Though, to call all of them heroes, may be a stretch. They were all doing it to survive, but knew that they couldn't sit still to do so. If they stayed here, they would all die slowly. Hirru had been told as such, as they were all just wasting away on beds or what not. Sooner or later, someone would pull the plug. It was all a matt
  2. "Yeah, the Knights are no more. The guild is still there, but there is only the Commander now. Although, no, I haven't joined anyone else yet. Had too much on my mind." Hirru sighed the response as they passed more burning lava. The flames that scorch out would seem to singe the hunter a bit, but not by much. Although he may not have <<Survival>> equipped anymore, his health pool and regen would disregard the minor environment damage. At least, for this floor. He wouldn't have the capacity to do the same on the highest floors, if they ever brought out a reason for it.
  3. Hirru would follow after NIGHT, slipping out of the wagon without too much issue. He had plenty of time around wagons to dismount them without falling from his heavy armor setup. Putting the book away, he didn't want it to be the primary concern at this moment, although, he may have let on more than he thought. When asked about the origins of the book, the hunter would give an honest answer. "Oh, that? I found it in a dungeon on the 22nd floor. In the Forest of Memories, I asked a friend to help me with dungeon that I found. Though, the place was covered in fog, the fog seemed to pu
  4. Hirru shook his head as NIGHT asked if she should switch out her weapon. "No, although this is for observation, I can always revisit this dungeon multiple times to learn more. I prefer our safety over information. We may be powerful as we are, but that can change quite easily, especially if the enemy has something we don't know about." He nodded down to her hand as the weapon would disappear. "Whatever is your preferred method of fighting would be better. Especially for the next part of this place. We've taken care of the dungeon's guardians, so let's enter and deal with the
  5. "So, right before I fully joined the front lines." Hirru would say as Grave would start eating the ration that he gave him. Still as happy-go-lucky, as ever it seemed. The feeling and want of reminiscing upon old times would make him start to walk. "Let's get going, and I'll talk about it all along the way." Walking out of the main gates of Yogan Village, the two of them would be heading westward towards the Iron Wrought Ruins, where this quest would take place. For most, they would be take the shortest route through the lowlands, but the area was known to shift and changed d
  6. Seeing everyone starting to come in to the kitchen, the hunter was reminded of the glory days of the Knights of the Blood Oath. Grave making food for everyone in his café, especially for the ever hungry Chewie, as all the blacksmiths of the guild would come down to eat their fill. Hirru really had to think back on it, and there were far too many of Blacksmiths in the guild. Of course, there was Opal and Mack's constant pranks using Opal's or Petra's potions that would paint someone purple for an hour, or make sounds follow them for a time. Although they kept everything rather strict, that
  7. Flipping through the book, the first couple pages seemed to have instructions, or more like a warning. NIGHT was going through it rather quickly, so Hirru wasn't able to see exactly what it was pertaining to. The next couple pages seemed to have, what looked like poems of sorts, or were they riddles. Again, NIGHT was flipping through the pages faster than what he could read. Though, after the three pages, they seemed to have little to no writing what so ever. Not really much to go on, unless one actually read it. He took the book back while NIGHT was asking him questions. "Huh..?
  8. Unlike his venturing partner, Hirru had no proper power against these creatures. NIGHT's barrage would send all but one back to their digital prisons, or what ever the hell this place would call the after life, if ever a things was reasonably viable. Her movements mirrored many others that would use the sword arts, though, he could swear that some of her own movements were being thrown in. Though, the darkness that came out of it was something he had been seeing a lot more of lately. "Fallen, huh?" He had seen similar effects quite a bit more recently, mostly from when Hirru was v
  9. "I'm.." He lets go of the book enough to allow NIGHT to access the inner workings of the problematic book. "I've been looking for this quest for some time, to the point of nearly going mad. I would venture around the floor that it used to be on, only to claim nothing but the exhaustion of a sleepless day." He would be embarrassed to say it, but there are many things that he could not say about the matter. At least, he was trying not to. It was such a burden to lie to people about it, but it was a reasonable thing to not talk about. What would the world think, if one person d
  10. "Note that floor bosses are not always the equivalence of the mobs upon which the floor has made clear. However, more so concepts that we can see within each area." He backs away from the two trees, and it seems that the elementals that were keeping watch were slowly fading back into their trees. "Back when I was first starting to raid, one of the first things I started notice a bit more, was that the bosses had a key theme, or something that could be seen within the entire floor." Hirru started to explain a bit. His face would slightly relax as they were no longer in the dang
  11. "The wood required would exceed the limitations of this floor. We'll have to deal in trade with the sixth and eighth floors. I'll front some of the col for this venture, but we're going to need further help from other guild for this venture." Hirru exclaimed as he talked to multiple NPC merchants within the area. Some would not know what he talked about as they only existed upon the 26th floor, but others would know as they were player owned. They would flock to their masters to relay the news of the 26th floors reclamation. The news would bring out business which would know no paral
  12. Hirru was glad to find that he was not imposing too harshly, as he was the one invited to this little rendezvous. He didn't really think about what was going on. He wasn't really tired, at least not yet. He was fine with only a couple hours sleep each night, but knew better than to let that go one forever. He would have to head back to the Baldur's estate, when he was ready. It was the only home that he had left now. He didn't have anywhere else to go. Taking to NIGHT's questioning, Hirru responded. "No, I haven't seen that yet. I'm trying to make it a habit to not venture out alo
  13. "Let's look at it like this. Everything has a territory, a range in which they claim dominion. Some things have a specific area that whole range takes up. An aggro range some people like to affectionately call it, to keep the game from getting too real. Even the NPC's understood that, as they never built a shop any closer than four feet from any given tree. Everything obeys the laws of nature that are presented." Hirru would explain while moving his arm to one of the trees, encroaching on that 4 foot range. Suddenly, four aggressive pings would erupt from behind several of the trees
  14. Hirru: Well, what a coincidence. Hirru: I'm already there. Hirru: Just in the northern providence, so I'll be there in a few minutes. After sending the messages, the hunter stood up from the mound of dirt that he had made his perch, for the time. He was only there to help some of the villagers with the Earth Elementals that were causing trouble nearby, as they claimed more territory for themselves. Quite odd for these elementals to be acting so different from each other. It may be a regional difference, or something along those lines. The climate and environment is causing varyin
  15. "Even in a game, the laws of nature apply." Hirru said before lowering the spyglass a bit and starting to walk slowly towards one of the smaller forests that populate the Srona area. "You can find quite a bit of information from talking to NPC's, and quests. Though, everyone does that, and coming up with the same information time and time again, becomes dull. Barely anything changes. What we're looking for is something slightly more." They walked past many shops and NPCs, most hawking wares while others were busy gathering and crafting. Some of them that were settled in or
  16. The Jade Hunter waved over to the darkened fighter as she approached. This would be a fairly simple task, although possible difficulty may be apparent. He had already dealt with the issue of dungeon hunts before with his new build. The venture with Jomei showed just how useless he was, if Hirru was only just healing and buffing his party member. The elite mobs that would fair through the second portions of most dungeons were quite capable of destroying an opponent with ease. That was why he decided to take a little incentive that this Orion had proposed onto them all. A custom skill, as
  17. What is it that we fight for? A question that many have to ask themselves through out their lives. Some only have to question it once and are set for life; while others have to repeat the question to make sure that they're on the right path. Does their answer ever change, and if so, does it feel wrong? What is the right answer and what is the wrong one? The choices one makes can not be taken back, so to repeat the question after committing the action, would that not be akin to doubting or regretting the decision made previously. Would you still choose the same decision, when you've seen
  18. Hirru got the message and had to flip himself once more for leaving out specific information as to where they were going to meet up. Shaking his head several times to the point where his helm was not keeping up with the movements, he sent a message back. Message: Head to.. He had to look around to figure out where the hell he was before he could send the information. He had literally walked east from the portal town, and wandered into an area full of green gems. Although the area was foreign to him, the ethereal power of nature seemed to be where he liked to venture the most. So
  19. A smile spread throughout the hunter's face as he pulled the helm off to show the signature green hair of the Jade Hunter. Although the face and hair would seem the same, there was a deep difference in the eyes, as they shown a long history of loss and regret. It was nearly enough for tears to well up, just to see someone among his old brothers-in-arms. Whether that was good or bad was up to interpretation, as Hirru nodded to his former guild mate. "Sorry there, Grave. You disappeared so long ago with several others. I wasn't sure that was really you until the name came up." Hir
  20. Where The Elements Thrive A land surrounded by the bountiful spoils of nature, while also cast into darkness. Separated, but equal in all ways. A land that would be cherished by all that choose to strive their path into its domain. It used to be called by many names before, but it is now known as the Twenty Seventh Floor of the Flying Castle, Aincrad. Five lands that was separated, not by walls, but by the sheer force of nature itself. Water breaths life and claims the center lands. Fertile earth prospers among the lands of the north. High winds tear through the countryside of the
  21. Spirit of the Powerposter Body of the Casualposter Mind of the Shitposter Eh, I guess I post often enough for a powerpost, as long as the other person posts as often
  22. The day before: There was a great feeling of urgency. Everyone was scrambling around, mostly plowing into Hirru's room, which also doubled as the storage for most of the equipment for the dojo. Hirru was sure that the guild kept the treasury separate from the dojo, but what the hell did he know. Waking from another nightmare of drowning once more, the hunter found that a few of the students were trying to find some things for the trip of their sensei. He grumbled as he pulled his clothes on. This time, he would apply his proper paladin set, as they were about to head out to the new
  23. Walking (probably with @Baldur) towards the main kitchen, the sounds of another familiar voice would come to him. If the hunter remembered right, that was the sound of the gourmet of the guild. Stepping through the threshold, he saw that it was true. The black haired personification of gluttony himself, Crozeph, was already raiding their food stores once more. Hirru sighed as looked over to Snow whom seemed to be cooking up some breakfast. He was glad to always have a smiling face, even if they are not that familiar to him yet. "Morning, Snow! Don't indulge that one too much now. H
  24. "Huh? Oh!" The hunter tried to feign knowledge, but in the end, it would not work. This quest was notorious for a simple plot point, which was that the broker was actually going to attack the questing player in the end. Depending on how the player reacts, they were slapped with the orange symbol at the end, if they attacked first. Although, that was back before the flood of Shadow. After the flood, entire floors seemed to change. Quests became slightly different, with NPC's being more vocal with backgrounds now. The hunter figured that there may be another change here, but he wasn'
  25. It had been some time since he had ever seen the like, but the face was indescribably his. The jaw line, the hair, the pure lack of weaponry upon their body. There were many people like him, but he knew far too well this one. *** Hirru had remembered that he was going to meet the others on the ninth floor, to get the last TECH art for a few of the other members of Jacob's Ladder. The Jade Hunter had not been to the lower floors as often as he used to. Since he didn't live in the guild hall of the Knights of the Blood Oath anymore, he mostly stayed up on the higher floors where hi
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