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  1. "It's good to see that we're getting somewhere with.." The Jade Hunter scrunched his nose, before covering it with his hand. Quickly going through his menu, he equipped his forest cloak to pull the extra cloth around his mouth and nose. "..And I thought I experienced enough in here." He would sigh softly before looking over everyone. Sensory issues have been a pain in his arse since he could remember. Not being able to feel pain, but know when something is supposed to hurt from memory alone? Every dull throb would register as pain, if not for the human mind taking care of mo
  2. Several things were happening all at once, and the hunter had to analyze all of the information that was taken. NIGHT had found the slums some time ago, but they still had to make sure that Cro was okay. Alone in a new floor was not something for a lone player to be in. Especially if there were unexpected variables on this floor. NIGHT had said that this entire floor was a central city-state for an empire. Hirru didn't really understand what an empire was, but the few kingdoms on several different floors would give him a slight idea. If this was a gigantic version of those, then they cou
  3. His intuition paid off, it seemed, as NIGHT acknowledged Hirru's request and went out to follow the children. To be fair with it all, he really didn't know. He barely even registered that NIGHT was a two handed sword user, like himself. So why did he call her out? He took a gamble with assumptions and relatively no information to go off of. He could have gone to a stretch of info by saying she was quite inquisitive, but the hunter had only just met her. He could have asked about their abilities before setting off to know better, but he didn't. So why did he say something now? He just a
  4. The two boys were starting to get rather worried when three new people came towards them. The green haired one was still looking at them rather quizzically. A young woman came around beside him, kneeling down to their level, and presented a pouch of col. Another two men seemed to be presenting something different than coin. There was a slight aroma coming from them, and it seemed to entice the younger, more quieter child. The older boy felt his brother leave his side, the younger one seeming to reach out to the candy. The older one grabbed his hand, but the gaze of the silver haired man
  5. Letting everyone banter to each other while they figured out what to do next, the hunter seemed to be left alone. Baldur and Lessa seemed to know each other from quite some time ago. The hunter remembered that Baldur was quite well known before they met. How far back did Hirru go? The hunter couldn't say for certain, as there as a point where even he couldn't remember much. It was still fuzzy.. too fuzzy. He could only assume he was there at the beginning, where everyone else was. Maybe, interaction with more people would help, but that would take time. It worked with Hestia. M
  6. Macradon's words seemed to cut the hunter. They felt like that had no feeling in them, as if the hunter was not worth it to him. Hirru understood that much, he guessed. The hunter did betray Macradon and everyone else on that forsaken floor. Though, the hunter wanted to clarify the reasoning, since Baldur already knew and would be a needed companion for this discussion; now was not the time or place for it. Especially when something else happened. A sudden bit of dust was kicked up in front of him before a new sight was brought to his attention. A young lady with black hair seemed t
  7. Although, the hunter was expecting a crowd, he was not expecting the ones that came. Looking back at the message for a moment, he was able to see all to whom the message was forwarded. There were two players that he did not recognize from the forwarded names: Night and Crozeph. It looked like Night was sending him some cryptic messages, but the hunter seemed to understand slightly. Since they didn't know him, it would be obvious that this circumstance would be weird. Hirru would respond in kind. While he sent his message, he would see a familiar face approach: an azure samurai.
  8. Hirru went out to find the cook that he had bought the many different consumables from before. It didn't seem to be too hard of a venture, but it seemed that the wayward cook liked to travel as much as the Merchant did. After a time of searching around, the hunter could see a familiar looking area in a small grove ahead. "I know I'm hard to find, but sheesh man!" The hunter poked his head out of the wagon before it would come to a halt before the grove. Walking over, the green haired man would grin and ask. "Might I ask you for some of your finest feasts?" Purchases:
  9. An Empirical Matter (Message on #Frontlines before joining thread) This was something new to the hunter. All other floors were much more open and spacious. The wilds were somewhere, even if the vegetation and fauna were dead, they had an area. Ruins, creatures, and the unknown were his Forte. This was none of that, exempt from the unknown. Ladonia, an empire nation that was growing quite a bit, and was hitting a new peak. Their grand vision, Imperial and opulent, would create a grand city-state the which no one has seen before. However, the stench of sovereignty was al
  10. 10 Field Rations [10000 Col] 10 Immolation Potions T4 [12000 Col] 5 Golden Keys [5000 Col] 10 Blank Map T4. [4000 col] Total Expenditures: 31000 Col
  11. This was the first time that the hunter was in such a weird place. Everyone there seemed like they were top dog and were more important than him. Even though he had never met any of them, he was somehow knew their names. What sort of place was this that could beam such thoughts into ones mind. The hunter thought about that last part for a second and remembered what Shield had said once. Everyone had some kind of helmet on their heads in real life that was giving them sensations through some sort of wavelength that could be used and read by the brain, and read back into the machine to give
  12. The two of them were exchanging hard and heavy blows to the giant troll, and it had shown. Of course, Freyd had dealt the most massive amount of damage that the hunter had seen yet, but it seemed to take a told on him. The hunter couldn't have the troll try to target his friend, so as Perci did his thing, the hunter rushed forward like he had before against the Hassan. A deadly slash would sever the shattered arm before plunging the blade deep into the trolls chest, like a spider clamping down onto a person's skin. His two handed sword may have been a small toothpick to the giant troll, bu
  13. The red skinned troll had gotten up at this point, and aimed his attack towards the dark haired, red eyed one. His fist was about to connect before a swirling light would spin around his arm, carving a path of orange scars along the whole of the arm. A large impact upon his forearm would throw the punch way off the mark, and into the adjacent wall. Looking at the wound, in a large crater in his skin, the troll could see the green haired swordsman with his blade still stuck within the creature. As it pulled its arm back, the hunter would pull out from the creatures flesh and retreat as far
  14. "Huh?" The hunter was speechless. This was really the first time that someone didn't understand what was going on, but that seemed to dawn on the hunter too. His betrayal wasn't fully going out. Could it be that Hikki boi was suppressing the information, was it all just the front liners of that day that knew of the events of that day. "Oh.. I.." The hunter pulled out a teleportation crystal from his battle ready pack. He waved it around a bit, as Hirru remembered what happened. "In the Council fight, one of the five members was a small boy called Durares. He was essent
  15. "Heh, Oikawa wasn't one of us. He was apart of another guild, but still got roped into the assassination of Zelrius. No, the third vice-commander was our good old Mack himself. The boisterous man self promoted himself the moment Opal killed Ssendom. At least he kept the ball rolling for a while, and we kept plowing through each hurdle. Until he disappeared, that is. He's didn't turn mad, or at least we don't think he did, but anyone would with little Chewie destroying your food stock." The hunter began to smile a bit more. "After some time, we got another player by the name of
  16. "I don't know who that was. He could have been a subordinate of the old Council, or he could have been part of something new. All I know was that he knew something about the last boss of the 23rd boss raid." The hunter sighed normally now, as the talking was getting him to calm down a little more. Though, the information within would put him on edge. "You're right that some of us got sentimental. One tried talking to them, which kind of worked, but only to get some information out of them. Another would try enticing the bosses to stop fighting, it never really did well either.
  17. Hirru's rage didn't seem to subside as the form of the man was destroyed, being weaved into the mass that was Freyd's weapon. The only thing he could see from the Hassan was the mask revealing a grave smile and a small mouthing of words. 'Good luck' "GAAAHH!!" The hunter pierced the ground with his sword. Another one died before giving him any information about the whereabout of Durares. He would have to get in contact with Baldur to head into another den. They were the only dungeons that seemed to give him any sort of closure. Still slightly pissed, the hunter sighed to re
  18. The figure couched from the strain to his old body, but it was nothing compared to the efforts of his predecessors. He grunted before holding his ribs, there wasn't much time left in his life to waste it on this. The dark haired one had asked him a question, and he could only cackle through the rasping coughs. A dark shriveled hand appeared from under the robes pointing towards the hunter. "I would like to say the same to him, but it is easily seen where his allegiance lies. I wonder. How is the boy?" At the mention of 'the boy', the hunter instantly knew where this was going.
  19. "Huh..? Oh.. yeah. Life does indeed suck at times, and it's been doing it quite a bit lately." The hunter found himself realizing that he was going off on one of his tangents. If he could, Hirru would talk all day and night about the exploits and antics of the Blades / Knights. They were all hilarious and precious memories for him. The hunter's eyes seemed to downcast a little before bouncing back up. They may have been his past, but all of those memories were what made him what he was now. Who knew what he would be if he hadn't have met Xion at that faithful fountain in the Town o
  20. "Oikawa has since redeemed himself, and has been an active member in the front lines. He may also be taking a break from the stress the front gives, though." He chuckled a bit before noticing two more mobs lying in wait far from the caravan itself. "Opal, however, claimed herself a member of a player killer guild named, Laughing Coffin. She still came to the front lines to help, but it seemed that she had ulterior motives. In the end, she died too." The hunter would never tell that Opal fought against Laughing Coffin from the inside and died trying. It was all in a final mes
  21. Realizing that he may have overstepped a bound that he shouldn't have taken. After acknowledging the answer to her question, the hunter noticed that the lady before him straightened up and her eyes were actually paying him far too much attention than what he called for. He would hold his hands up, palms out in a show of no harm, though she didn't seem care about that. She introduced herself as YenaZoul, but prefered Yen for short, it seemed. The hunter would oblige the introduction with his own. He was also impressed by her acknowledgement of him not being a full resident of the first flo
  22. While switching out his bangle for the armor more suited for combat, the hunter would continue recalling his past. "I've done a bit of research into it, and it stands to reason that anyone that took the Vice-Commander role within the Knights of the Blood Oath would find themselves going mad, die or go missing. Each of the five Vice-Commanders we had seemed to have one of the three things happen, if not a combination of them all. I don't know why some of them did what they did, or why. I'm still wonder if one of them will truly come back, and I'm just looking at the Monument of Life for
  23. "Oh don't worry. If I'm fully lucked out, the amount of dungeons that are seen are incredibly stupid. As long as they are within my range of sight, then I will always find one. It's just a matter of which one to pick from." The hunter would boast while slightly trying to imitate a certain two handed axe wielder. It made him laugh a little before returning his accent back to normal. "Sorry, I didn't mean to boast like that. Just recalling those guys gets me back into my old spirits. I'm sure they're all still out there somewhere." He would continue on from where he left off
  24. "The Knights of the Blood Oath, huh?" The hunter took the two potions and stared drinking them one at a time. "Well, we were one of the top three guilds to rush through the Frontline. Before I started to help around the eighteenth floor raid, I believe we've officially been around since the 13th floor boss raid. At that point in time, we were actually a merger between the KoB, and the Crimson Blades, a little guild of boisterous idiots that couldn't do no wrong. That is where I joined in." A huge smile ran across the jade hunter's face. The memories of Mack, Xion, and Beores
  25. "Thank you." He would say before sitting down opposite to her. She really didn't seem to mind, or was it that she didn't care? The hunter could not tell. Though, the sound of her voice trailing a bit was concerning. It had been a little over two years since everyone got stuck in this game. It could take a heavy toll on those that decided to keep safe in the Town of Beginnings. He wanted to say something or ask, but that was poor form. Everyone was there at some point, or another. In facts, Hirru himself.. Instead, he would take an order from one of the NPC waiters that freq
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