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  1. Pulling out the Emerald Flame, the hunter set up shop once more as the caravan had come to town. The mysterious merchant climbed down from his seat and greeted the Rune Scribe as he normally would. Hirru had just returned from a simple job, but nothing he couldn't handle all the same. Still, he was disappointed by the lack of items he was gaining. Hopefully, his luck would change for the better. "Well, let's see what first tier consumables these will be." He said while touching each one in succession. Their little boxes would denote their rarity, these being both single box unco
  2. As Astreya was letting Randal out of his cage, the Jade Hunter was still yelling to gain as much attention as he could. He didn't have the tank skill <<Howl>>, but this would be enough for now to gain the attention of those around him. That and his sweeping AOE attack that caused quite a bit of noise, too. There were only three of the bloody Fae left to deal with, in the area. There could be more as they go along, but that was for later. This was now! Taking his time, he would watch as the one that was torturing the paraded faune to places unknown would come towards him. An
  3. Hirru pursed his lips while thinking upon the matter. Was he really happy with two handed straight sword, as it was? He would have to look into alternatives, or possibly making it better. "We've all come a long way from what we used to be. Though, practice does help. I'll certainly look into your dojo then. If I'm staying there, I might as well train myself harder while looking for new ways to improve myself." The hunter opened his menu with a swipe of his fingers, he would find the skills icon and tap it. From there, he could see his entire skills layout lay before him. Two
  4. "It doesn't help that we didn't have many two handed sword users except Mac, until now. Everyone was mostly one handed straight sword, or one of the more powerful two handed weaponry varieties. So, my only model for my arts has been Mac." He sighed while also pulling over a seat across from his azure friend. While thinking about Mac, he grinned harder and harder before a little laugh came from his lips. It must be the peaceful nature of the current situation, as they were in no real danger, but he felt much more open with Baldur around. "You know, I was planning to go two handed
  5. Hirru heared a small cracking sound coming from one of the green markers, indicating that one of them was trying to break out. He couldn't see the other two, but there was one that was near him. He couldn't make out any figure or silhouette, so he hoped it was someone he knew. Standing up fully, the hunter pulled out his sword just as the Fae that was keeping watch on him made notice. "How did you get that, you.." Before it could finish, Hirru giving a heavy grin before stomping hard on the ground, which activated his highest sword art: Galaxy Destroyer. With a large sweeping str
  6. Summary Thread Reward 800 EXP + 400 Col Quest Reward 300 EXP + 1 Gleaming Scale <<Fishing Profession>> Looted Rewards 250 Col 4 Mats [194532] T1 Uncommon Consumable <<Unidentified>> [194532] T1 Uncommon Consumable <<Unidentified>> Bonus Rewards 3% EXP= 33 EXP 10% EXP into Col = 113 Col Total Rewards 1133 EXP 763 Col 4 Mats 1 Gleaming Scale <<Fishing Profession>> [194532] T1 Uncommon Consumable <<Unidentified>> [194532] T1 Uncommon Consumable <<Unidentified>> 195142: LD16
  7. It was a very small chest, but nothing that the hunter would just pass up. Even on the first tiered dungeons, a T1 trinket would last you forever, if it had the right stats. Although he got both of his trinkets created with the enhancements that they have, he still considered them some of the most essential parts of his gear and have never changed them for anything else in this world. About the only things that had never changed in his entire repertoire of equipment, either. "Well, let's see what you got in there." He looked at the locking mechanism and kind of grumbled a little.
  8. As some time passed, the Jade Hunter found himself coming close to a weird cliffside that was giving off the same pings that the Sand Shark was giving off. When he got closer, it was evident that something had lived here for a while. Most of the surfaces were heavily scratched or gnawed on by rough scales and sharp teeth respectively. Taking his time to search carefully, the hunter found a large alcove carved into the rockface. Inside, it seemed like this was the spawning ground for the Sand Shark, as the sand seemed to be pushed around quite a bit, and several upheaved tunnel openings tha
  9. After the battle was concluded, the hunter could see that his abilities and stats were all back to normal. This stat changing ability may come into play later on down the line, so the hunter decided to take it into consideration to investigate further down the line. First, he needed to get off this floor and find a place to sleep. He would also want to look into finding that things lair, or anything else within the area. Going back into search and investigation mode, Hirru took off his armor and replaced his Favor of the Golden Dragon to up his search radius and luck. The silver bangle wo
  10. Keeping the momentum going, the hunter did not wait for the Sand Shark to dig into the sand, after the onslaught from Calamitous Disaster would claim from the creatures health. The last hit from that sword art would send the creature flying out of the sand, and in line for another attack. Hirru looked up while pointing the end of Betrayal across his shoulder, and just as the shark would reach the ground, he would let loose. A sharp thrust into the gills of the shark would push it way from diving straight in. Alternating from arcing slashes into thrusts would continue until the last thrust
  11. "I'm not letting you have another bite out of my flesh! You can taste the end of my blade instead!" Shouting that aloud, the hunter gathered his strength together to pull himself out of the sand dunes and found himself tumbling down the other side. While rolling down, he was able to see the waves that the creature was leaving behind as it swam through the grit. Taking that into consideration when he got to the bottom of the dune, Hirru found that the Sand Shark was on it's way, by the upheaval of the sand. Taking that as a sign to go off on, he took a step inward while waiting for Bet
  12. "How do you like that one, ya over grown rock fish! I'll have you for dinner, with a side of sand! Cause it's everywhere now.." Hirru yelled out at the swimming abomination of a creature. It was definitely a shark, but the hide of it was very rough and rocky. It's fins seemed more for pushing itself through the sand, while it's had was more of a wedge shape. It seemed like the head was more likely 'slicing' through the sand and the tail and fins were just to make it snake through the desert faster instead of actually swimming. Fascinating stuff, but nothing that he really needed to
  13. As the Sand Shark sand below the waves once more, the hunter tried to think of something that could really work against the field boss. With it being an underground ambush predator, Hirru had witnessed quite a few of these creatures in his line of duty, in Aincrad. Most of them had some sort of way to see you, whether it being some sort of sensory gland that could pick up vibrations, or they had heightened senses that could hear or see a creature from within a specific range. If the Sand Shark was like any other shark on the 22nd floor, then they would be sight and smell, though the smell p
  14. With the death of the final enemy within that room, the hunter could relax a little bit. Throughout the room, there didn't seem to be anything in particular that required investigation. Just a mostly empty room with a few tables and chairs here and there. There were some things hanging on the wall, but the hunter didn't know if they were really important or not. If they were, they were in a dialect that he couldn't read just yet. Over time, and a little luck, he may be able to learn it all. Turning back to Baldur, he shrugged while holding the envenomed blade. "I have one more s
  15. After dealing damage to the sand shark, the shatter skill had dealt a large crack into it's hard hide. It was visible for only a few seconds, but it was beginning to bury itself back into the sand. Taking this opportunity, Hirru dug himself out of the sand to rush at the Sand Shark, before it could return to below the loose sand bed. However, the hunter was not fast enough. The shark sank beneath the sand, which prompted Hirru to bury his sword in the built up dune which came from the burrowing. The sand crept around his boots again, making him just as susceptible to the heavy damage that
  16. While keeping his search skills sharpened, the hunter could only hope to hit the swimming land fish, as it seemed to be much faster than he was in the sand. The last attack also kicked up quite a bit of the small grained earth particles that it started to cover his feet much more. Sensing that the creature would use this to it's advantage, the hunter could only pause and wait for the Sand Shark to reveal itself. If he knew these ambush predators, Hirru figured the only time to hit it was when it was attacking. When the opportunity presented itself, Hirru plunged his Calamitous Disaster swo
  17. As the shifting sands seemed to roll around him, he seemed to find himself being circled by something big. Search skill could only show highlights and pings of where something may be, but all of its pings were coming from under the sand in different areas. It wasn't until the creature burst out of the sands that the hunter could see what it was. He thought he had fought something like this before, but couldn't remember. This was a land shark, but not just any land shark. It was the new field boss of the area: The Sand Shark. "Finally, some good meat around here!" Hirru smirked b
  18. Since the hunter couldn't find the dungeon that he 'oh so wanted', Hirru had to resign himself to finding his way back. Turning around, it seemed that the path that he took was covered in sand once more. Not that he needed the trail. Although it wouldn't be too hard, he wanted to still explore and see what else was new around the area. There seemed to be canyons near the main settlement that held some sort of significance. Maybe he could find something there that could help out, or maybe fight something that wasn't locked to a mediocre sum of health and power. He was itching for somethin
  19. [Reveal= Dungeon search on post 10] [All search mods and LD enhancements = +11 LD] Activating his search skill, the hunter would set out to look for this 'flower in the sand'. He had not heard of nor seen such a thing before, but he was determined to find it. He wanted to get something done today, other than fishing up a singular fish. Though, that fish was rather pretty. Remembering what Anthony Gill said about the rainbow fish reminded him that they were incredibly rare for a reason, and that he should be kind to nature. If he ever got to that point in his fishing career, then he w
  20. He was nearing the most recent place that he had found some ruins before, but there was a slight problem. Since the terrain had heavily changed, there was something new here. A few obelisks that Hirru could remember from another area of the desert entirely. Was he in the wrong space? He wondered before checking his map. It was weird, but he had nearly all of his map data from before, but there were a few grayed out area now. Especially where the old labyrinth was. It seemed odd, but not as much when he remembered that every floor was like this. He wasn't going to get anywhere from ques
  21. The hunter couldn't handle it anymore, as the mist seemed to have some sort of narcoleptic properties to it. His eyes drew heavy, and before he knew it, he was asle.. "Wha!" He awoke with a start after having been splashed with something wet. His face was wet and so was most of his body, though the water physics of the game would have it fall off in a few minutes. His eyes didn't need to adjust to any bright light or anything, as he found himself in a dimly lit cavern. Here and there, small torches would flicker and flare around, showing more and more of the area. With more de
  22. The dull pressure that would come about from the crooked dagger seemed to fade just as quickly as it came. The dark elf extremist that had attacked him had reeled back while spouting some nonsense about killing all of us interlopers, until he saw the small symbol of royalty upon Hirru's headband. His eyes would widen before squinting sharply, as if to say: 'there is no way'. "How do you, an outsider and intruder to our home, carry the symbol of the royal family?!" The hunter took this as a small sign that the item was good for something, but not much anywhere except the 23rd floor.
  23. The hunter sighed as they ventured closer to the runic structure. A small amount of mist was crawling out of the wood work as Randal investigated the monolith, which the hunter soon had issue with. They were nowhere near the Forest of Wavering Mist for that to happen, and it was not morning, where the morning dew would could be seen as light fog as it hung in the atmosphere. Neither conditions were met, so something else was the issue now. His search skill immediately kicked in to alert him to a new danger. Snapping his head over to where Dwayne once stood, there was now something differe
  24. It would take some time to find the lost ruins that made up quite a bit of the deserts lower array. From his old knowledge, there used to be a thriving civilization that once made these lands their home. Not much is known, except that they existed long before the desert even existed. Apparently, there was evidence to show that grass, flowers, and other foliage used to exist in some of the lower ruins. It was quite weird to hear, but after visiting quite a few sub-dungeons in his time on this floating castle, the hunter could tell that something that could have been plants were there. Thou
  25. [Enacting darkness debuff: -1 ACC unless Night Vision or Glowstone used] It was dark by the time the group was ready to go. Short words were given, but by the time they had set out, there wasn't much that would help them now. It would take some time to get to the Forest of Wavering Mist from where they were. Going south from Aryut, the party would roll through the small town of Flora. A beautiful place in of itself, but one could feel eyes upon them. Faune and Fae alike live in this village, which gave some concern to the hunter as he wasn't getting any nasty pings out of his search
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