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  1. "Really think so?" Hirru was quite intrigued if he was becoming quite the linguistic speaker, but in reality, he was sure it was something that this person was already invested in. NIGHT had learned something from him, because she was actively seeking it, at least that's what Hirru could see. However, there were people that would not listen proper. Those people were those two, Hidden and Macradon. He could already tell that Hidden would be just like Opal was in the past, but there would be no hidden soft side. The part that he once knew that gave him a final farewell before their dea
  2. Hirru

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    Welcome back! Your character depends on if you want to start over. If you still have the link for your journal somewhere, please let our Admin Axios know. It's probably been archived already and needs to be usable again. Then your character needs to be converted for the new 3.x system. That would be here --> https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20787-30-conversion/ If not or you want to make a new character, then I believe you can create a new journal and go from there. New characters are already 3.x ready, so you just have to plug away and go! If you want to learn more, or tal
  3. As Hirru was tearing into the scather, the other teams had their chance to wreck the bosses house, or at least, his makeshift one. All these weapons created for mass destruction. It made the healer feel uneasy, but it was a familiar feeling. As if he had felt the pressure of this kind of situation before. Not in the boss battle sense, as he had been through more than a handful. No, there was something else about the whole situation. What was it? He couldn't figure it out. The thought would turn to intrigue as a certain sound cue would clue Hirru into something. Several of his comp
  4. "It's more what I did before, both when tried to protect the Floor Boss, and what I proclaimed before." Hirru sighed as the boy dealt a decisive blow against the Wicked Wood, but that would mean that his entire attention was on the boy again. At least, it had not engrained itself in the ground, causing them to fight this thing for much longer, but that didn't seem to happen this time. With all the damage that was being thrown out at this thing, the hunter was surprised at what Koga could bring to the party. A burn, blight, and one other that seemed to come from the man's familiar. Qui
  5. She took it without a second thought. It seems that this was something within their programming, to accept gifts. The woman would take a drink from the bottle, absolutely downing the thing. Hirru had seen plenty of people down the single bottles, but none that did so in such a thirst driven way. She was definitely thirsty, it seemed. The hunter grinned a little before the lady returned the empty bottle to the hunter. "My thanks, Challenger." "It is my pleasure." He put the bottle away, while they strayed ever closer to their destination. The ocean could be seen from this e
  6. They had to pass by another large settlement that was centralized upon the floor. How much farther was the water from here? They should be able to take a boat upon a river out to sea, if the letter was speaking the truth. A sea god would obviously want to meet upon the open sea, but they have been walking for a couple hours now. The woman didn't speak a word as they walked, but it seemed that her skin was starting to dry out as they went along. Hirru could only guess that she truly was a water being, and that this long walk was rough for the lady. Hirru would start to look into one of hi
  7. She seemed to smile towards Hirru before bowing graciously. For a second, he swore he could see.. He shook his head. There was no way that that could be a thing. He thought he saw gills on the upper part of the woman's neck, right behind the ears. This was a weird world with many different things about it. This floor may have fish people that weren't sahagin. The hunter bowed back before learning that the quest updated. "Please follow me. There is a boat awaiting us." "Okay, I'll stay close behind." Hirru replied as the woman, whom still had not given the hunter a name y
  8. As the blue light of the teleporter disappeared from his visage, the hunter had found himself on yet another unfamiliar floor, the seventeenth. He was starting to find this to be a reoccurring instance, as the hunter was trying to gain further knowledge of the new floor schemes, but the floors from the eleventh to the 19th were unexplored territory for the hunter. He had truly never stepped foot on any of them during any of his questing missions, at least, until now. He looked back at the letter that he still carried in his hand. It was addressed to him from someone by the name of Poseidon
  9. Reel In! Castaway! <<Challenge of Olympus: Fisher>> It wasn't very long since the hunter had been fishing, and working around trying to better the craft to sooner or later start catching more of those Rainbow Fish. Gleaming Scales were quite a large part of his main professions requirements for doing well, and for all that it was worth, he wasn't doing to well in his merchant job. It could be from the frequent changes that made it more about the appraisal than it did about selling things, or it could be from the constant moving around that he did. His caravan was never i
  10. A slight smirk would grace the now straight face of the hunter before disappearing once more. NIGHT had answered his question, and he couldn't quite tell, but there was quite a bit going there. This entire conversation, after her own question seemed quite odd. She sought the hunter for a reason, and it all seemed to come to this. There is something in this world that she deems worthy of her protection. He took a step forward, but he staggered. Shifting his feet to catch himself, it would look like he was slowly loosing himself to exhaustion, and maybe he was. He had talked far too much
  11. "Thanks for understanding." With that, the hunter took advantage of being hit to enact a counter attack. Bursting forward to meet the blade head on so he could absorb all of that damage, and deal back quite a bit of thorns damage against it, he was glad to be in his element. Where he could rip into his enemy without much fear for his partner. Although, that may not be partially true, as their health pools were not the most accurate tells of their strengths. He just didn't want Koga's health to fall any farther than half. Hirru wasn't a healer support, he was a scouting support. That
  12. "Damn.." He watched as the other side of the raid team was dealt a heavily decisive hit. Nearly every single one of them were caught in the erupting blue flames, and by the way team 3 was looking, they probably wouldn't make it with another. He had to calm himself a bit before he rushed off someplace he shouldn't. Zandra and Simmone were there. They could handle the healing for their teams, he was sure. Zandra more so would be able to keep their people safe. However, the attack seemed like it wasn't done, and that they were all next. Raidou seemed to have stunned the boss, but how
  13. "Well, I don't take this too bad, but try not to run in front of the boss when the hate is being set? Shield should be able to deal with the hate side, but don't go getting a fifth of your health reduced again." Hirru had to remind the boy about the little thing that happened not to long ago, back when they were taking out the Wicked Wood for his consumable item. Speaking of, where did he leave that thing? He looked around in his inventory, however, the bloody things weren't there. He must have forgotten them in his new room at Baldur's. He sighed just as Baldur was setting him up fo
  14. "The difference? Mostly what you can do with them." The hunter responded to Yona's question. There wasn't much to say, as the differences were clear. "The main branch of professions are all the crafters, those that can take materials and make equipment or consumables out of them. Blacksmiths and Cooks are basic examples of those. Merchants, or as it's known now, Appraiser, is kind of an oddball. Instead of using materials and form something out of those, we use those unidentified items as essential material and a little col. Secondary branch is for the gatherers. There are onl
  15. "Aaah!" Hirru awoke with a start. Where was he? Looking around, it looked like the final festivities were over, but there were some last minute sales coming out from the both of them. He shook his head. What was all of that? He thought that there was someone else here for a few minutes. How long was he out? Hirru checked the time, and it seemed he had conked out for a few hours. There wasn't much that he could do about it now. At least he could get in on the last minute sales. Looking upon the selection for the first time, the hunter was reminded of the last event with all of it
  16. Hirru could hear the sounds of steel against wood, and wondered what the heck was going on upon the hill side. A quick look back was akin to looking upon ones looming death, as the canopy of the tree that Yona had cut through was falling his way. There wasn't much time, and he didn't have that much speed for evasion versus some other players. He tried to get up from the river embankment, but he slipped. Foot splashed into the water as he fell to the ground. All he could do was watch as the trees limbs fell... 5 meters in front on him, shattering upon impact of the ground. What did he t
  17. "Right when I'm getting to the good part.." The hunter sighed roughly as he got up while the crashing and rumbling seemed to cause a few of the rocks to skip away and ruin his diorama. He would have to redo it some other time, he thought. "Well, at least we can look into getting more stuff for the floor raid with this." Now, he drew Shelob's Fang from it's sheath and attacked the devilish treant, but not before Koga could speed along and get hit. That was bad, as the hunter saw a fifth of the boys health disappear in an instant. This guy wanted to go into the front lines? H
  18. "It's either that, or kill mobs for it." Hirru shrugged it off. At least this quest seemed to be going in the right direction for the young woman, although she did seem to talk quite a bit about the oddest of things. Overpopulation of mobs? Players being name dropped like crazy, but the hunter couldn't make heads or tails of any of the names. Must be trying to get up to the front lines. He knew quite a few people were, but some liked more solitary lives. He tried both, and could reasonably say that the depression from falling out from the front hit harder. Although, that was all hi
  19. "Unidentified items? I mean, I have a few myself, but if you're around here.." The hunter tried to remember what was around here that would require that kind of quest. If it needed unidentified items, it must be something to do with appraising. Was the new appraiser quest on this floor now? He remembered that he found the Merchant on the fifth floor, but it may just be a coincidence. In the end, Hirru figured that they had their own agenda, and didn't want to pry any further. "..Well, normally you can find them off of killing mobs, or finding chests. Not much you'll find out in
  20. "Lizard.. folk?" The hunter looked from the girl to what she was looking at. His confusion became understanding as he saw that Elizabeth, a giant chameleon that had been the caravan's mount for as long as the hunter had known the Merchant, was now slightly visible, which only meant one thing. "Liz! You ate another ration, didn't you!? You know you can't be eating the Merchant's stock when he's gone." Hirru yelled out at the reptile, which scared Elizabeth and caused her to nearly disappear into the background. A quick eye could easily catch her outline moving, and she was st
  21. In the absense of anything to do, Hirru had taken the rest of his time from the prepping for the front lines, to getting some long needed rest. He was still on the move for more preparations, but he didn't have much else to do while traveling. He could be appraising some weaponry and armor that he, Freyd, and Ariel had procured, but he didn't feel like it. Everyone was already heavily equipped and had their own builds going. It was only the hunter that didn't have what he wanted, and even then he had already made up his mind for the current raid. He would be the support that they all call
  22. It was a good thing that the healer used barrier when he did. The second scather.. cannon.. thing had exploded all over them, leaving them in a haze of white, while a slight screeching could be heard. The wave of heat would He could barely tell what was going on, as the battle seemed to get more intense. What was that about his loved ones? As the healer's vision started to gain a bit of headway, his eyes seemed to find that everything was blue for a second. What was now the boss looked quite different from his other counterpart. Much more menacing and less forgiving. What the hell
  23. Hirru watched as the raven colored girl that had listened quietly to his tale nearly seem to vanish behind a palm tree, but it was only a trick of the light. Moving closer with his torch, the silhouette of her tracksuit would come into focus. Walking close by, he dug a little hole in the dirt to hold the torch in place. He didn't feel like holding the thing, and there weren't any low hanging branches on the palm trees. Too high up to reach and he wasn't going to climb for it. With the arrangement, if he brought a few more sticks and dry leaves, he could probably make a campfire. Though,
  24. "That's a conflicting question still." The smile that graced his face still as he relived the entire story yet again would weaken a bit. The corners coming to a weak neutrality. 'How many times was he going to have to do this?,' the hunter thought. Though the answer was as plain as the final light of the day, as it turned to dusk upon them. He was damned to retell the tale of his own disaster until the end of Aincrad. He had to, if he wanted to keep the memories of those that died safe. Their stories were tied to his now, and he would have to speak of himself, if he wanted to talk a
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