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  1. Digging up the chest the rest of the way is the hard part from finding a chest. Sometimes, one would find a chest so underground, you needed to find the cave that connected to it to get to the bloody thing. Thankfully, that kind of chest was very rare, and Hirru wasn't going down to the floor that they were more common to appear at. Still, this one that was dug down a bit, so it took a bit of time to unearth the wooden chest. Taking no time to worry about traps, as there shouldn't be with his luck level, Hirru took a golden key he bought to unlock the chest. Added to his new lockpicki
  2. While walking through the grove, one could be mistaken to find that everything was rather peaceful. Even the predatory insects didn't seem to attack the hunter, though it could be said that he was slightly higher leveled than all of these creatures. Nearly all of them had their little crystal cursor indicator showing pink, except a few that were slightly red, but not were deep red or black. This sort of soothed the hunter's worries about dealing with the guardian any time soon. While searching around, a couple of the little bubble dragons would swim close by, using their bubbles to gli
  3. Satisfied by at least one catch and a treasure chest, the hunter decided that it was time for a little stretch and possibly find a proper treasure chest to plunder. He was a Jade Hunter for a reason, and that was to find and procure the top tier gear available to him. Although, that meant that he needed to really work on what was required of him. So far, he had gotten used to working with someone with higher dps than him, while also gaining their trust. Two of his old front line members were also visited, and had a little heart to heart with too. Though, he still had more to do. Adding t
  4. Throwing his line out once more into the, now bubble covered, lake; Hirru sat back down to have the long wait once more. He would sigh a bit before settling in, but his line seemed to have a small tug to it. Once. Twice. Three times! He pulled the jig and suddenly a fierce battle would be held. The chest was solid and heavy, but didn't really struggle against the hunter's reel. This did, however, and fight for its life, it wanted to do. Pulling his line to and fro, this was one of the first ones he would actually catch, other than the first ever fish he caught, which was a Rainbow Fish
  5. "My luck must be shooting back up from that, huh?" The hunter said as he hauled the little chest out of its watery tomb. The beaten old thing seemed to be very weathered and mostly barnacle eaten. Nearly rotting apart from the hunter's touch. He gave it a little push on the lock and it seemed to come open fairly easily. Though, it didn't seem like his lockpicking skill came into play there. Maybe, the fishing mechanics were extensively different due to the Gleaming Scale, but it still didn't matter as a lucky hunter could easily nab one from a mob or two before this skill seemed to h
  6. Hirru slowly started to snap out of it as Nemo finally fell to his side to make sure the hunter was alright. Nemo shook the green haired adventurers shoulders, to bring him back to his senses. What had happened to the hunter? The NPC didn't understand at all, it wasn't a Mental Health unit. The tremors and shock finally left the hunter's eyes before he noticed that the fishing pole was slowly being dragged into the water. He jumped for it and pulled it back, reeling as he would. He finally caught something other than a migraine. The gardener sighed in relief, though he seemed quite abho
  7. His head began to hurt a little. That wasn't quite right, as there was something else in there that would stir whenever it grew nearer to the specific memories he had lost. However, these were not of the outside world. They were of something else within.. There shouldn't be pain in this world, but mental fatigue was still an issue, and it could overload a mind even from within a digital space. Hirru was starting to gain quite a bit of it. He tried to stop remembering.. "AAAAHH!!" "Wha! What's going on?!" Nemo had run over to investigate what was wrong with the gre
  8. Hirru could remember the first time that he had met anyone in this game. He had ventured out into the fields outside the Town of Beginnings to finally start finding his memories of the outside world. He knew they were out there, but that didn't mean that he would understand this world as a game. No, it was just as if he had actually lived in it proper. All the functionality of using a sword seemed like he was learning first hand. While facing the boars of the first floor, he nearly died, if not for the efforts of a player. His name was Ignalo, and he helped the young Hirru learn how to f
  9. Getting distracted from his thoughts and getting aggravated from the constant loss of time due to this fishing venture, the hunter was about to call this a lost cause. There was no reason to really go through with this fishing venture, as there were easier methods for him to gain the fabled Gleaming Scale than just fishing. Reports are coming in that high end mobs and chests are starting to drop them now. There really wasn't any good reason for him to still be here. However, here he was, setting another worm on the hook before flinging it into the water and letting the bobber settle.
  10. From the beginning of the Knights of the Blood Oath, or at least when Hirru started, Macradon was always there. He was much stronger than the hunter was, and was already helping Mack, their Vanguard Leader, and Opal, their Vice Commander, to face through each floor boss from the 12th floor, all the way to the twenty third. Although, the faces of the Vice Commanders would change and the members would leave, Macradon would always be there for Hirru. "If only I didn't muck things up.." "What was that? I didn't hear you, were you talking to me?" "No, Nemo! Sorry, I was just thin
  11. He wondered if there were some people that could really forgive him for what he had done. Saving Durares had earned him some ill content from some unsavory folk, especially a certain silver haired demon of a girl, Hidden. He hadn't met her personally, and he frankly didn't want to meet her ever again. However, she was a capable attacker on the front lines, so her involvement would be unavoidable. Morgenstern was another he would have to look into. The man was already pressed for issues with the deaths of many of his comrades, and then the hunter would spit on their sacrifices by savin
  12. The hunter began to think about his current situation, including all of the things that had happened before the 'Great Darkness', as it was. After the twenty third boss raid, and the revealing of his mental issues, Hirru had found himself in a deep dark place, and that was before the darkness swallowed everyone and reset the world. Though, that could be part of the issue too. Ever since the reset, Hirru had to go out and make his own way once more. Meeting his old friends and confronting a truth that he knew would hurt, his memory loss would have to come out into the open if he was ever to
  13. His eyes began to wander here and there, looking upon the quiet grove with a sense of awe. It was quite breathtaking how peaceful the grounds really were. The little bubble dragons that seemed to foam and froth up the water around them seemed to have fun with their little play. Though, their little playtime would probably be stirring up the fish, and making them all swim away for safer waters. The hunter would sigh as he readjusted himself for the long haul. He couldn't harm any more of these creatures, as he didn't want to bring out the 'guardian of the grove', as it were. Hirru just wa
  14. "How would you go about doing that? It doesn't seem like you would just let them go, now." "I wouldn't say that I'm going to kill them, but I'll see about gaining some scales from each one that I catch. That should be quite a bit better of a deal than slaying each and every fish I get." The bobber was still as he said this. Not even a nibble could be felt and no more could be guessed if there were even any fish there to begin with. "Do they normally shy away from food given so easily?" "Did you put any bait onto your hook?" The hunter sort of squinted at the gardene
  15. Returning back to his previous position, the hunter cast out his line. The bobber swayed in the water as the ripples pulled and pushed upon the pond's edge. This was the time to relax and let the fish come to him now. He really didn't have to wonder if they would be there, or if there would be anything looking at the hook. He just had to wait for the tug and that was it. Of course, that didn't mean that it would be utterly boring after some point in time. "Nemo!" "Oh, yes. Is there something you want from me?" "Yes, what is this guardian like? Do I really need to worry
  16. Getting his sword out, the hunter did a quick two strike sweeping sword art that seemed to be enough to rip the golden glove in half. It must have been incredibly rare in loot, as it spilled out quite a bit of col, materials and a weapon. While the hunter was going over the sudden creature that came out, he lamented that he still couldn't find a place to fish without fighting something. It must be the curse of a fisher, it seemed. Gatherers didn't really have to deal with that, they could do whatever they wanted. Though, the hunter did want a challenge. Soon after closing out the window,
  17. Passing through the mountains, into a little cave system that Nemo seemed to know quite well by now, they emerged into light once more. Shielding his eyes, the hunter could not believe his sight when his eyes seemed to adjust. A secret grove full of exotic flora and the occasional fauna. Large insects seemed to try and camouflage into the greenery around them and tiny dragons could be seen frocking among tiny bubbles that they made. What peaked the hunter's interest was the large pond in the middle of it all. "What would the guardian say to me fishing for scales?" "Scales? Not t
  18. "Oh no! It isn't really a monster per se, but a great power that protects Little Eden from any trespassers that come around it. I have seen them for myself, and they were quite nice to me. I didn't seem to have a possessive soul, or want to harm anything. All I wanted to do was to help things grow. I feel that there could be someone out there that looks at the world in a similar gaze than I do." "So that is why you lead people to this special place of yours, so that you can share in the experience with them." Nemo chews on the thought before nodding a bit. "That would seem
  19. The hunter didn't understand the statement. Did someone find out about the grove and destroy it? That sounds like it would be too cruel to be true, but he has seen how viciously players will attack one another for good gear and loot drops. If there was an area that had rare finds, then it would be natural to assume that people would be clamoring for it. It was really weird then, that this NPC was going to take him straight to the ancient grove. There must have been some kind of catch. "I'm guessing someone or something cause some trouble, if you're looking towards adventurers in a da
  20. Upon figuring that out, the gardener named Nemo started to walk along a little path into the woods. He gestured for the hunter to follow him as he rounded group of trees. Hirru didn't have much else to do, and this man was the one that apparently knew where this Little Eden was, so he followed nearby. They seemed to be walking quite a bit, and the woods were growing thicker and thicker as they went along. "So, what is this Little Eden? I've heard that it is quite the paradise for things big and small." Nemo smiled to Hirru and began to explain. "It is a secret grove that hou
  21. Approaching the young man, he would turn around with his little sunhat upon him. He seemed to greet the hunter warmly, as if he was quite the kind soul. "Oh, hello! Are you here to visit my garden?" "Not particularly, but I'm here for something that I'm sure you know about. Are you Nemo?" The man seemed to be slightly saddened by the news that Hirru was not there for floral tips and gardening. He set his tools into a his apron, which seemed to house quite a few different things within. Nemo wiped the sweat from his brow before continuing. "I am Nemo? Did you need some
  22. What Do You Call Paradise? <<Nature's Treasure: Little Eden>> There have been many areas that one could call paradise, but the twenty second floor seemed to be a haven for all. It was one of the most peaceful with creatures that didn't seem to become very hostile to players. Well, except for the fish, those things can **** off. However, the hunter had gained the fishing profession, and had not touched it since. He had heard that there was a place that even the field boss and King of the Lake couldn't reach. The only prerequisite was that a specific guardian had to be de
  23. Yet another display of the sheer power that Freyd sent out as an entire health bar was nearly decimated before his eyes. Whatever strength that the man had, the hunter wondered if an entire six man squad with equivalent power couldn't do the same with a labyrinth guardian, or floor boss. If they could look into it, their ascent up the castle Aincrad would be that much more faster. They could relive the golden months again, where seven floors were found and their bosses destroyed. They could possibly begin a new golden age. The thought tickled a certain nerve in the hunter, as if his old t
  24. The hunter would follow the whisper's suggestion as it seemed to be a fairly powerful maneuver. He could say so from personal experience from boss battles and being on the wrong end of a stun / paralysis combo. He still hated bugs for that one reason. Even still, it was something that was quite practical, and Hirru could actually see the brilliance that Shelob's Fang could become. Was Shelob a bug? he thought, as worked his way to the other ankle. Thinking 'stun', the hunter flew into a five slash art that formed a star around the target's wound. The big oaf didn't really seem to notice
  25. Hirru had been to many different floors, with many different things going on in each of them. Players that ranged from calm peaceful creatures, to murderous psychopaths that want nothing more than the demise of everyone in Aincrad. Floor bosses ranging from humanoids to colossal titan. There were some things that he had not seen yet, and would love to see it all. Hirru had seen some shit, but this seemed to top it all off. "Well, if Persi and yourself are good, I'm sure that we're good enough for whatever is next. Let's head back down and find this field boss." Freyd had taken
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