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  1. "Squishy? I'm pretty sure that I have the second highest mitigation, if I'm wearing everything properly." Hirru would quip, but it made a smile come out of the healer's near gloomy face. The whole thing was rather odd to him, and the commotion above wasn't helping much. The group as a whole seemed to mostly follow the fallen king to where ever he was taking them. Several corridors before passing over large encampments that filled the more open rooms. People were still scrambling around, even after they had all left the slums behind. The bright light that blinded him as they exited t
  2. It seemed that there was much more to it than what he was seeing. Yona had talked about her own experience with things like this, but it was brief compared to the sudden commotion of one man and his two animals. Suddenly, it seemed like the place got a bit livelier, as he brought in a reason to move around a bit more. Apparently, the little bear that had gone to town on the deviled eggs had come over with a small cherry, as an offering to @Yona. "Well isn't that nice of you. You're a lot nicer than another bear cub that I know. He would have destroyed the table by now." Hirru wa
  3. Stepping out of the match, Hirru stretched his arms and legs outwards. Although it wasn't that long since he stopped using sword arts and really using his blade, it meant a good deal for him. It meant that he could still work on his fighting skills, even if he couldn't do much. Even if.. His mind started to wander as he too wandered. His solemn face would give a feint smile before walking out of the dojo and onto the outer walkways. From there, he would follow the walkway towards the back, where the bridges and walkways that connected all of the other rooms of Baldur's estate would b
  4. Appraisals 8/8 Total Expenditures = 108560 Col Total Exp Gain = 192
  5. It had been some time since the hunter had last been in this neck of the woods, or so that saying went. Hirru couldn't quite remember the last time he had ever walked his happy little ass over to Zandra's. It was probably long before the issue on the 23rd, but that was not his concern anymore. He wasn't a proper hunter anymore, and that was showing in his inability to do.. well.. anything productive. He couldn't farm, nor could he gather as quickly as others could. Instead, he left himself in an odd place, but that didn't mean he couldn't use what he had to help those that need it. W
  6. "Jomei!" Hirru shouted out as the speedy player was knocked quite hard out of the area. Slamming against a tree, Hirru had to run after him to do anything. Damn this heavy arse and armor, he didn't need to be this weighed down. Running over to the downed saber user, he would rub his hands together. Sliding into range, the hunter would slap a hand upon Jomei's chest while performing his First Aid single target healing. Green light would flow out from the hand to the other, healing a bit of the damage, but not all of it. The rest would have to be done through his own battle healing ca
  7. Hirru couldn't recover in time, as the attack from Morning Star swept inwards. He couldn't move backward, as he was already within slashing distance, and the slightly movement would still bring the tip level for a poke. He figured that he would have time to deflect it, but.. A light slap against his side would make the third strike. Baldur called out the strike and that was that. Hirru sighed before chuckling a bit at the thought of it all. Was this to cheer the hunter up? Was that why someone put his name into the ballet? It must have been, as the past few days have been rough for
  8. <<Round 2 was Morningstar's point. Score will reflect that here>> Before his bokken could connect, Morningstar had deflecting his blade, in doing so had slightly tapped the hand of the hunter. Baldur caught on this and called out a second point to Morningstar. After stepping back and readjusting, there was much that Hirru had to rework for this to work. He would have to use feints to bring out the guess work and.. 'Why am I trying so hard?' This was supposed to be a friendly tournament, and the hunter was looking through each movement to see what he could do to a
  9. As Jomei headed out to attack the fog boss, Hirru was readying his actions according to what would happen. It appeared that his previous observation was true, and that Jomei was using more TECH arts than anything else. Was his shift truly of the TECHNICAL variant? This intrigued the hunter, as he had only known one other that actively chose that shift, and that was the Ultramarine himself, Calrex. Everyone else that he knew had the AOE shift for optimal mob burning potential. Only a few really cared for SINGLE TARGET, but he knew which ones it better suited. This was going to be interest
  10. Hirru didn't understand why he was participating in the first place. Did someone put his name into the bracket as a joke? Wasn't this for the coveted safeguard? Why was there a 'romantic dinner for two' also there? The hunter was assaulting himself with too many questions to notice that his opponent had already started. Seeing the attack in time to defend, his sword arm would react in a defensive manner, however, that cost him. This wasn't a fight where shielding one self with an arm was available to him. Instead, he had given his opponent the point, by using his old combat experience.
  11. "I'll get you started with an accuracy booster. Dungeon bosses have been getting near floor boss levels of accuracy and evasion, so keep yourself moving. I'll keep you going for as long as I can, but I'll probably be setting Hyperactive on myself to keep up." Hirru planned out what he was going to do with Jomei. This wasn't like his bouts with Freyd, as they both were dealing damage. This would be a battle of attrition, and it was not looking good in their favor. Hirru held his shield up to the sky and activated the Leadership skill: Rally. A purple haze would envelop Jomei before t
  12. Looking down at the registry, Hirru found something odd. "Baldur? Why is my name on here?"
  13. Hirru groaned as he was awakened by the sudden commotion from above. Slowly creaking out of bed, the hunter looked around his little room that he now called home. It was essentially the basement of the dojo, where some of the equipment was kept, but that didn't bother him much. As long as he had his privacy, he would be fine. Though today was a special day for Baldur and the rest of the dojo. It would be in due practice to help out where it was needed, and it would definitely be needed. After getting dressed in the robes that Baldur wanted him to wear, the hunter felt heavily odd. H
  14. As he opened the door, he was greeted by someone that he ventured with some time ago. A rumor that people and NPCs were being taken from the nearby forest, on the third floor. It got quite hairy near the end, but the party of three seemed to handle themselves quite well. This girl was.. "Ah, Astreya. Hell.." Before he could continue, a purple haired individual whom was being dragged along by Astreya, had bumped past him to get outside. "..Oh?" He didn't understand the reasoning, until Astreya explained that they needed some air. Hirru understood that, as he needed tha
  15. It wasn't very often that he got these invitations, in fact, he never really got any that didn't pertain to the front lines. At least, not since Mack's disappearance. He never really participated in any of Mack's functions, but he heard that they were all very fun. Though, in the end, he wish he had joined in on the festivities. He probably would have gotten to know more people. He sighed while looking at the message. There had to be a point to go, and one not to go. Hirru had neither. -------- As he rounded the next street towards the destination, he started to notice that th
  16. "Huh?" Hirru looked up to find that Yona had returned, and some time had roughly passed. How long had he been fishing for? He couldn't quite remember. All he had been doing for the longest time was watch that bobber go up and down.. up and down.. up and down. He shivered as he got himself out of another loop. It was starting to become an ever growing thing with his fishing habits. Hirru thought that it may be good to just fish at the ponds of Baldur's house. "Oh hey there! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Did you get that thing you needed done?" As he asked that, the
  17. Ask for peace and watch the blood flow. Man's insatiable urge to grow. Aggressive to a fault. Yet, kindness that would make one halt. Passion, to will through anything. Cowardice, to know ones being. Bravery, to fight at a cost. Sacrifice, for those that are lost. They had only just finished the boss fight and survived from nearly starting another feud between the front lines, but they couldn't rest now. Hirru was only just coming out of his funk when he was told to follow. Their next fight would bring them back to the surface, as they moved through the lower slums, on thei
  18. "Yeah, this is getting too.." Once more a face that Hirru was not willing to see, but this one. This one was of an older man, much older probably around his 50's or so. He seemed strong of jaw but eyes filled with kindness. At least, they should have, if not for the face being more solemn. His expression being that of peace. It would not do the same for the hunter though, as that face was one that he knew far too well. One that he knew long ago, when Mack first asked him to join the Crimson Blades. The oldest member of the guild.. ..whom died alone in a cave.. ..whom they
  19. "Oh right.." The small reminder of where they were gave the hunter a small pause to look around them. The clearing that this odd rock formation made seemed weird, as if it was made to keep the trees out of the way; or, was it that something was keeping the trees from growing here? Hirru was going to start speculation when he snapped back to reality and thought of this as a game, or what a game should be considering Shield and Baldur's explainations. This was supposed to be an area of battle. Dungeons were not always delving underground, some of them have been situated in a single area
  20. "Ah! Thank you. I'm glad my apprentice isn't just guarding Elizabeth." The purple robed merchant said as he heard that his apprentice had been looking for him. Walking over to the large pack, it seemed to be positioned in a way that the mysterious merchant could slap some buckles and clips. Enough would be strapped to him before he was able to hoist it up. "Leaving already old friend?" "Ay, I got an apprentice of my own to get back to." The quest NPC was quite surprised by the thought, as it's eyes widen by the news. Who knew that someone else could read the runic lang
  21. Purchasing the following items: 20 Field Rations [20,000 Col] 20 Immolation Potions T4 [24,000 Col] Total Expenditures: [44,000 Col]
  22. Hirru's eyes seem to fall a little more into the flames as Baldur spoke. It was the right thing to do, to fight for the front. Even under the pressure of keeping everyone well stocked and survive, Baldur seemed to keep his spirits high. Freyd was always an enigma to the hunter, as he never really got his story ever when they went out to quest or farm. Though, the little that he did give coincided with his reason for being here. Koga, although it seemed funny at first, but his other reasoning warranted concern. Did the guy not think he had any worth? Where was his self-worth? Surely he
  23. "That sounds good to me." Hirru bent over while grabbing the meat of his thighs. This was the first that he had used so much energy that wasn't helped along with the support of a sword art. He was really running in to touch Jomei each time there was a need to heal or regen health and energy. It felt like he was out of breath, of sorts. How did Zandra do this AND fight way better than he could? There was a slight thought about getting rid of the Leadership skill, as that ate up far too much skill points for it to be useful. He then looked back at the boss fight and figured that the e
  24. There was noise all around him, but it felt like static. There was so much going on, but the healer had had enough. His mistakes kept on piling up and causing everything and everyone to fall apart. His ideals were nothing more than a fallacy that none would really care about. He was flawed and it was more than just his memories, as no one except two would know the truth. The one known as Simmone had seemed to speak to him and then to everyone, but all he took out of it was.. 'What would he pay for this kind of trade..' What was he willing to give? His friends, his memories,.. .
  25. They didn't take long to reach the slums area that NIGHT had found during their labyrinth search. It was an unfortunate state that this place seemed to be in. The buildings seemed to be ramshackle huts and tents that seemed to cut along sewer lines. Some bridges seemed to be slapped together with ticky tacky, or what not. Hirru couldn't tell much, but these people were suffering in nearly the same way as the Galteans, except that they had a chance to get out of it, maybe. The Galtean Refuges wouldn't be able to do that ever. Hirru spied two people sporting those yellow bands, signif
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