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  1. After seeing to it that the quest was fully closed, the hunter sighed heavily. Looking upon the effort of this quest compared to the reward, it felt only slightly good. The defensive version of his envenom enhancement would do well to keep a good amount of damage on the enemy, but the loss of mitigation would make the constant need to be hit much worse. Between the activation of the both of them, Hirru felt quite a bit better with Shelob's venom than this armor's version. Setting that aside for now, the hunter looked on to his cohort in crime. "Well, we still got quite a bit of daylig
  2. The hunter would nod in response as he readied his blade towards the sorcerer. Morgiana would follow with Hirru, as the damage that Freyd seemed to be doing was much too destructive for the both of them to get in the middle of. At least they got rid of the last bandit mercenary before getting to their boss. Spreading his feet once more, the hunter burst out towards the enemy sorcerer. Rushing in, the two hit combo would rip through the sorcerer, while also seeming to hit a small flaming tether that linked the two together, harming the flaming creature. The flames turned slightly green as
  3. It had been some time since the jade hunter had to venture into the first floor, but it usually wasn't for any fault of his own. He had heard of a new dungeon type that had appeared recently and was about to head into the Black Iron Palace, where this new venture would take place. Suddenly, his stomach started to rumble and it felt like he could go for something to eat. The hunter would have taken a bite out of some of his consumables that he got recently, but those were starting to taste really bad, even if they didn't expire just yet. No, he wanted to have real food; well, as real as it
  4. More and more bandits were coming out of the wood works, or more the alcoholic distillery. It was as if their entire force was here to defend someone, or something that seemed to be very important to them. As they fought, the hunter could see that the sigils around them were starting to ignite. Something was happening, and it wasn't good that they were in a place like this. Wasn't spirits a type of flammable material? Wouldn't this whole place go up in flames if they all get set off at once?, the hunter would think before looking over to Morgiana. "Did that alchemist give you any mor
  5. The hunter was not pleased to see the older brother of Ali there, and Freyd was just as concerned. However, instead of focusing on what Freyd was doing, he was keeping an eye on Cassim at all times. Making sure that the infamous thief didn't try anything stupid, again. It seemed like the man was hurrying along quite well, maybe it was Morgiana, or that Hirru and Freyd had treated him rather badly beforehand. Either way, it worked out in the end, and they got a clue to where they needed to go to. "Let's go!" "I'll join you. I may not look it, but I'm well suited to cut a rat or t
  6. Morgiana looked at the odd bits and pieces that the two of them brought over and back to them. He couldn't tell from the way the mask obscured her face, but he could tell that the woman was judging them quite harshly. Hirru had a hard time with it too. How was basalt and oil going to do anything against a sigil that creates fire? Was the rune going to set fire to the place, or was it explosive? Though, what if.. "Morgiana, do you have some some sort of alchemy background?" "No, I was going to go to one of Ali's customers that owes him a small favor, and cash it in." "How ab
  7. Following through to his words, the hunter started to scavenge through the room. For a while, it was mostly inspecting any books and documents that were spread around, but none seemed to have anything that he could easily decipher. Everything was in a runic language that the hunter didn't understand at all, as if the game didn't want to give him the answers he was looking for. Though, that did not mean that he couldn't learn. "If I had a cypher or something.." When Hirru heard Baldur talk about the council again, the hunter realized something. Each one seemed to mirror the player
  8. Sadly, while the hunter was looking through the pile of rugs, vase, and barrels; he could not find anything of value here. Checking the next area over, this one was just a dead end. Scratching his head, he was starting to think that he should have equipped Favor to begin with. If he had known there was going to be a fetching goal inside this quest. He sighed before looking over to Freyd, whom still seemed to be head first into another barrel. Sometimes, oh.. what was it called again.. Ar En Geezus, the hunter thought that was the phrase that players say quite a bit. Ar En Geezus was quit
  9. "Hmm.. If you have a better idea, I'll follow it." The hunter said before watching the Whisper do his work at using prior knowledge to fuel current expeditions. If it was a black stone, it could really be anything from coal to obsidian, as the man suggested. Trying to find something like that without tracking would be an issue, and the hunter didn't want to waste time with putting on Favor. Instead, Hirru followed the direction that Freyd had pointed out. A little alleyway that cut out from between two buildings. There was a fence wall blocking the path, but around it stood several b
  10. When Freyd finally joined them, the hunter would greet his new friend while taking a bit from the odd looking dish placed before him. It certainly wasn't the creme brulee as before, but it kind of was. Hirru didn't know what to think of it, but would take it all the same. As he chewed, the individual would step forward, seemingly triggered by the approach of both parties in the last venture. Seemingly looking to both of them, the figure only known as 'Mgrmanana' by Freyd, though he could have been eating still, beckoned them to follow and nothing more was said. The hunter looked from her
  11. Never Had A Friend Like Me <<Arabian Nights 2: Unfinished Business>> Following the business from the previous day, the hunter got a message from the young quest giver himself, Ali. This was rather strange as quest givers never directly contact the player, unless they themselves talk to the NPC quest giver. This time was different, though. Ali was having some trouble and would like to enlist their help once more. By their help, the hunter figured that Freyd was going to be contacted too about this venture. He figured that there shouldn't be too much issue, since the last
  12. Charging up the next art, the hunter waited until Nemo was near a tree and ran towards it. Using the tree to jump up at the dragon, the hunter used a four hit sword art that would rip through his wings and torso. Each hit would cause him to be inflicted with the venom that would coat Shelob's Fang, and become heavily paralyzed from the effort too. Before he could even hit the ground, the dragon had returned to his previous state. Hitting the ground with a thud, it seemed that the hunter had won. The boss's health seemed to fade, but didn't shatter, as if it was still technically alive. H
  13. Lunging out, the hunter charged out at the snout of the jade dragon boss, which the dragon did not liken in the least. Slashing out twice once more to cause as much damage as possible, Nemo was pushed back up into the air from the force of the hit, however that wouldn't keep the boss from doing anything against its pirating foe. The feather winged dragon would launch down and claw a large amount out of the hunter, however, his armor would mitigate most of it. Nemo was surprised by the lack of damage that would come across the hunter's form. "What manner of sorcery is this?" He wou
  14. After running into the forest for some breathing room, the hunter put on his red plate chest guard and arm protector, otherwise known as his proper armor set, Bulwark. A little something that he got from Shield, which the hunter figured he got for a good deal. A three mitigation armor wasn't that easy to appraise these days, and that kind of luck was what the hunter was about. If it was lucky enough to be made as such, then it was lucky enough to tank hits for him. He patted the little shield symbol that he carried on the left most breast plate. The same symbol was on Shelob's Fang, which
  15. "You say that, yet you gained another treasure chest. Another piece of map for something you require, I suppose. Well, I could say that I expected as much from you, but I didn't think you would do it all while fishing." A more angry voice rang out from above the trees, above the cavern itself. Hirru could only look up a little through the tree line and catch glimpses of what would once be a human gardener quickly change into a green feathered dragon. It seemed to surprise the hunter as he tripped over the chest, which fell apart and gave the hunter yet another map, just as Nemo had sa
  16. Pretty much ignoring the now swirling winds that were brushing the trees leaves around him, the hunter pushed on until he was at least rank two of fishing. Casting his line out, the hunter could only perch for a moment before another hard tug came from the fishing line. "Another?" "Another!" The dual sounds of questioning and anger rung out in the air before Hirru started to reel the newly fished up treasure chest out of the water. Before he could however, he noticed that all of the bubble dragons were now gone. A few signs of bubble trails leading away from their position seemed
  17. Nemo came over again just as Hirru was poking another chest into a rotting mess. It was a wonder how these chests were not disintegrating from the drag in the water, but that was probably due to this being a game world. Nemo looked upon the hunter with contempt now. This player was causing trouble in the ancient grove and stealing too much of its precious pond treasures, and needed to be taught a lesson. Nemo's aura seemed to change in an instant, and the name <<Nemo, Wind of Gaia>> would pop up over his head. The gardener was the killer all along. Hirru didn't really car
  18. Sitting back down, the hunter cast his line back out into the water, and almost immediately another hard tug came from it. Hirru was starting to understand the differences between the different tugs, and knew before it came out of the water what this thing would be. A final reel and tug would pull out yet another treasure chest. Just how much treasure was stored in this little lake? The hunter could not tell if it even had a proper bottom. It should only be a pond right? He could only imagine that this pond was yet another connection to the underground water caverns that the field boss l
  19. Pushing the hand off of his face before it could do anything, the hunter tried to imitate something that he saw Baldur do. Keeping the sword in it's sheath, the hunter would bend low while keeping his feet apart. As the hand was about to strike, the hunter pulled his sword out of the scabbard, but no art would come out. It looked like his copying other weapon's arts wouldn't work here, so he just did a simple double arcing slash at the gloved creature, and it was then no more. A bevy of loot spilled out of its ripped form before it shattered into thousands of light particles. The hunter l
  20. Something soon tugged at the line, as if to slap Hirru out of his freaky funk fest and distastefully depressive dive down depression drive. Oh lord, here come the alliterations now. The hunter thought to himself. Could this be another side effect from this said withdraw? He couldn't tell, but the most important issue was that the fishing line was now taut and ready to be reeled in. Hirru started reeling in, finding that this one was much more lively than any chest or fish that he had previously fished out before. Soon, the water around the line was beginning to thrash and bubble; as if s
  21. Tears seem to well up in the hunter's eyes as he reminisced once more upon everyone in the Blades and Knights of the Blood Oath. He had so many memories from just them alone. Mack's constant quests to find and fight Sheeptar.. er what was it he was looking for? The hunter couldn't remember quite well. There were the constant balls and dances that the mad man would host alongside those by Azure Brigade. Hirru felt that if Zelrius hadn't been killed off, then they may still be in contentions about those little soirees. Though, with Mack gone, they lost their communication with the rest of
  22. As fast as it came to be, it would soon come to a screeching halt once more. Like a banshee being revived to find a slow life of finding their lover once more. The hunter was made curious by the sudden anology that came to his mind. Where did something like that come from? Had he spent too much time in Aincrad now, as if his time on the lower floors were not enough to make him that much more insane. Though, it could also be a lack of enjoyable entertainment created and pronounced from a certain white haired individual that catered to that sort of people. It could be said that the hunter
  23. Hirru wondered why the NPC was now telling him that it was time to leave before the guardian attacks. If he wanted to finish his fishing and go, then he would have done so when he unearthed that last treasure chest. Though, something didn't feel right here. Everything was peaceful, but the hunter couldn't pick out any significant hostiles. It was like there was something hidden, but it was in plain sight. He couldn't quite figure it out That was until the warning, that came up. Why would a lone NPC warn about something that hasn't appeared yet? Could it be that they were... "I
  24. Pulling the little chest from the water, it was nearly identical to the last one to how rotten it was. A simple push of the locking mechanism was enough for the entire thing to fall apart, revealing a bit of col and another weapon. The hunter was getting quite a haul on weapons, and wondered if he would ever get as lucky to make another Maiden's Kiss or something else entirely. The thought of Opal made the hunter lower his eyes in shame. "I'm sorry I betrayed everything you gave me." He whispered towards the little weapon, as if he were holding a child. The gardener was even more
  25. Nemo had been watching the entire time, and it seemed like he was kind of pouting now. Every single time the hunter found something or did something, it seemed like the gardener was getting that much more emotional about it. Was this upsetting the guardian that he didn't want to piss off, or was it something else? Hirru couldn't say for certain but the sight of the gardener everywhere he moved was starting to freak him out. Returning to his spot at the pond, the hunter cast his line out once more. As time passed, the bobber would sway and plop a few times, but not enough for something
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